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  1. I've never used alchemy, I'm just still levelling my defensive skills. By level 85 I reached mastery in DG focus, Tactics, Bargaining and EP first, and now I'm raising my defensive skills. I also like daggers a lot more than lightsabers so am going to respec my attribute points between Dexterity and Willpower, and I'm thinking of trying out maxing speed lore as my single skill past 125 or 75 to have super defense and attack. With daggers I could leave Swords at 1 point too as they are super fast and raise two skills up to level 200, maybe Speed lore and DG focus.
  2. I've spent ages looking for a ring with those two stats to spped up my levelling without gimping myself, but still cant find one. Im able to cleave through all enemies now with my offensive skills one, but still need to spam space bar at bosses.
  3. I've always found it annoying that while mounted my character is too far towards the top centre of the screen, it would be much better at the bottom centre if this is possible.
  4. I found +6.5% XP and +3 offensive skills after reaching level 75 and duped the crap out it. Would be much nicer with all skills.
  5. Oh right, mastery boosts the MF bonus a lot higher. Actually recalculating my build shows that 75 in all my skills should be possible: 125 DG Lore 75 Tactics Lore 75 Sword Weapons 75 Speed Lore 200 Bargaining 75 Blacksmith 75 Enhanced Perception 75 Armour Lore 75 Warding Energy Lore 75 Toughness = 925 points. Every attribute point goes in willpower for the energy shield and lightsaber damage, and I can raise stamina / regen further with gear if needed. DG Lore could be stopped at 98 as I don't need the last mod in Combat Alert, but then it also affects CA level and regen so all my remaining points after 75 in other skills should go into DG Lore as well as only needing to keep bargaining maxed.
  6. That I know, but is the payoff from levelling it worth gimping the other skills?
  7. I know, but then so is starting with a high levelled character.
  8. What do I do with 128 of these rings? (I got fed up of shopping) +126.3% XP per kill, and 76.8% opponent deathblow oh my!
  9. Does maxing Enhanced perception make much difference compared to just some points and socketting all skills / valuables jewels? My options are either: 200 EP and leave 1 point in Swords and Speed lore or 50 EP and 75 in both sword and speed lore (for the attack and defense boost). I dont think that mastery in either EP and Speed Lore does anything significant, but the attack and defense from the latter seems more useful, and I'm not sure if the defense boost from 75 Speed Lore would help if I still keep taking hits. Also if it ok to leave Toughness at 1 point or should it be raised to 75? Id be planning on 75 in both Armour and Warding Energy lore for my main defense, and speed / toughness were just two extra skills my build could fit to help. I'm curious about the skills in general, not specific to any class.
  10. Yes ofc, I'm running that patch. Rebuilding my survival bonus atm by piking on level 2 enemies in bronze while I'm not playing, I want to make a lightsaber version of the Officer's Sabre and a battery for my willpower TG build and add a set bonus too. I figured out how to run the game in borderless window using this http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/download and that seems to have stopped it freezing and minimizing so hopefully I shouldnt get squished at bosses again.
  11. I've got a new problem when playing this game again, it keeps freezing and minimizing. I was able to tolerate it until it made me die and lose my survival bonus in a boss fight from which I could have easily ran away instead while chugging health pots (damn Succubus boss). Also does anyone know how to run the game in borderless window? Setting the fullscreen option in the options ini to 0 makes it run in a normal window, which I think might resolve the above issue but I'd like to get rid off the border. Also if anyone could help me with a thread I just made in the modding section, I'd like help with finding a guide on how to create my own custom set items (I want to take the Officer's Sabre and make a survival bonus set including all 1H weapon options plus a shield and battery, and maybe an amulet too so that all builds can access Survival Bonus).
  12. I've been trying to find one but am unsuccessful so far. I would like a guide that shows me what I need to put in each line of the blueprint file to create my own items, mainly how to make my own sets. Or more basically, I want to extend and create more Survival Bonus items, to start with I'd like to copy the stats of the officers sabre to all other 1H weapon types including a battery so I can have two on a temple guardian as well, plus add a set bonus for two of them equipped, all because I lost all of my survival bonus due to the game bugging out and forcing a minimize.
  13. My C drive died some time ago and my saves werent backed up I dont like using the character editor either, I'll just start again from scratch and keep playing SIlver difficulty forever lol. And theres a shiny new CM patch, last I played 1.5 was the latest, downloading 1.6 atm.
  14. This orc seems to like this rock.
  15. This is an old thread but Id like to give my input. I socketted my current lost fusion build full of amplified discharge runes and had it at level 15 at character level 25. The cooldown was still a bit high at 3.2s without buffs with maxed LF lore, all attribute points in Stamina so far and just 1 point in concentration, and also some stamina and reduced regen gear, also along with 1 point in concentration and ancient magic. It is still 1 shotting all mobs in the early 30s, and 2 shotting champs, levelling is also much faster with this compared to my usual approach of socketing all slots XP rings for mobs, and an all skills set for bosses. Also JT is still such an easy god mode button for bosses which is the main strength of lost fusion, and I'll want to make a second suit socketted with JT for farming bosses in LAN games.