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  1. My C drive died some time ago and my saves werent backed up I dont like using the character editor either, I'll just start again from scratch and keep playing SIlver difficulty forever lol. And theres a shiny new CM patch, last I played 1.5 was the latest, downloading 1.6 atm.
  2. This orc seems to like this rock.
  3. This is an old thread but Id like to give my input. I socketted my current lost fusion build full of amplified discharge runes and had it at level 15 at character level 25. The cooldown was still a bit high at 3.2s without buffs with maxed LF lore, all attribute points in Stamina so far and just 1 point in concentration, and also some stamina and reduced regen gear, also along with 1 point in concentration and ancient magic. It is still 1 shotting all mobs in the early 30s, and 2 shotting champs, levelling is also much faster with this compared to my usual approach of socketing all slots XP rings for mobs, and an all skills set for bosses. Also JT is still such an easy god mode button for bosses which is the main strength of lost fusion, and I'll want to make a second suit socketted with JT for farming bosses in LAN games.
  4. bhav

    Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    Oddly I still dont enjoy the Seraphim class for whatever reason, and didnt like Dragon Mages when I tried them. Glacial Thorns has always been my favourite skill to use, and I enjoy both the Devout Guardian and Lost Fusion skills for TGs, but I dont like source warden.
  5. I tried all the info I could find online, including a command prompt to disable open gl but it still crashes. I only just found that theres a quick save key, default F7 so I'll just have to use that before entering dungeons or map porting. Also when the game crashes, it just freezes for me and ctrl - alt - del leads to black screens. The only way I found around this is with my dual monitors and keeping task manager open on the second screen so I can alt tab to it to close any such crashed games (when any game crashes for similar reasons, I tend to get stuck screens).
  6. Have people actually managed to get elite textures working without the game freezing / crashing, or do they just put up with those issues? _______ I still have my Ice Shard High Elf too at around level 35 albeit being dual aspect for the delphic buff, and just managed to level my previous main Devout Guardian TG to level 82. Im also trying to level a pair of single aspect TGs (Lost Fusion + Source Warden ofc) without devout guardian splash, each using just Armour Lore & Constitution for defence, but then Ancient Magic, Combat Discipline and Damage Lore for max damage, probably with 0 utility because I already have bargaining on both my above level 35 and 82s that can do my jewel shopping and blacksmithing. Maybe just Enhanced Perception will go on them because there should be enough room left for it.
  7. I've currently started having these issues when returning to the game, that I dont remember having before. It usually happens wither when trying to map teleport to a portal / waypoint, or sometimes when pressing M to open the map. The game freezes and trying to Ctrl-alt-del causes my monitors to go black and get stuck. One workaround I managed to find around this is to alt tab and open task manager through the start menu's search and I can then force close the game so long as I remembered to keep task manager set to open on my second monitor. I think it could be due either to now using Windows 10, or due to forgetting to disable SLI which I have now done and will also update my graphics drivers. Im using the community patch 1.50 and Enhanced Spells Mod. I already tried reinstalling the game which didnt fix it. Hopefully turning off SLI will work, and I know not to bother with the Elite textures anymore as they cause too many memory leaks, which is likely what could still be causing these crashes.
  8. bhav

    Community Patch

    Just wondering, is it possible to also host this mod on Nexus mods to provide a backup place to obtain it from?
  9. bhav

    Community Patch

    Download isnt working, it isnt loading anything on the onedrive page it links too.
  10. bhav

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Hi, thanks for trying the mod. That's an intentional nerf. Since the two spells are combined into one, it would be overpowered to keep the innate damage sensitivity for both fire and ice on the spell without any investment in the aspect itself. It's a trade-off. I disagree, how would it be overpowered to keep the games original functionality on the skill? The sensitivity has little to no impact on source warden builds as their other spells dont do fire / ice damage except for the aoes, so making the resistance debuff require skill investment is entirely poimtless if putting points into source warden skills. On the other hand, the Area of Effect itself does pretty much no damage without investment in source warden, so keping the innate resist debuff for other aspects to take advantage of as the game originally intended isnt any more powerful than the vanilla skills are, all it does is reduce resistances for the main damage skills in the other aspects.
  11. bhav

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I just tried this mod. Fiery Ember (now Icy Ember) is now actually 'nerfed' for pure Devout Focus builds as it no longer reduces fire resistance on mobs without any upgrades for synergy with Deathly Spears fire mod and a lava chunk slotted weapon. This could be easily fixed by swapping the base fire and ice resistance to the original reduced resistances on mobs instead, and having the ice / fire resistance as the mods instead. Also the same goes for using Amplifying Discharge on a Lost Fusion build with the Ice Bullets mod plus Icy Evanescence, or Furious Emblazer with Fiery Ember. The innate resistance reductions without mods made using those two skills worthwhile without any source warden skills as explained above.
  12. My hat brings all the TGs to the yard, They're like, its way better than mine! So much that were gonna cry :'( And when you have so much OCD that you must colour co ordinate your skills:
  13. bhav

    Best Overall Character In Sacred 2?

    If only I had the patience, or it wasnt so much grind to get all the way to Niob. I've still only played TG and High Elves. So far I've tried: Lost Fusion caster Devout Guardian + Sword on TG Mystic Stormite Glacial Spears Spam And my current project is Delphic + Staff build using: Delphic Lore + Focus, Combat Discipline, Staffs, Speed lore (for attack and defense buff, not the lousy insignificant speed), Armor Lore, Shield Lore, Constitution, and just using Cobalt Strike and Magic Coup, plus the teleport and debuff skills (100% instant energy shield removal on Gar Colossus oh my god!) And 5 Riding to unlock Enhanced Perception (Dont need bargaining as my main is a shopper blacksmith TG, I seriously wish that Alchemy was a primary instead for the High Elf, but since its not I'll never use it).
  14. When you find a yellow item thats actually better than any set or unique item .... like the first time thats ever happened, but bah! Only one slot (Aspect DG +2 and Spell Intensity ring was the best I had to put in there).
  15. bhav

    ReSpec in UnBended - Yay or Nay?

    Doesn't that just offer the same thing? Why make it so difficult for people without that type of program knowledge? Whether there's an earned way to do it in game or a way to edit it manually in the code you achieve the same ends. Your point makes no sense.With Sacred 2 there was a difference. There was no respec in Closed Net, but the character editor programs allowed you to "respec" other toons. Editors allow you to build from scratch. I don't think anyone has argued for that. Just a simple "erase a misclick" or "oh that was a bad choice for this build" backspace option. No one's saying they want to completely rebuild their character to try a different variant. They just don't want wasted points or to have ti start from zero after a hundred his of dedication. A point here a point there. And you can do exactly that very easily with the Sacred 2 character editor: http://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/2/?