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  1. After making a level 125 character, I was pretty much stuck farming bosses only as I had no gear as well and couldnt build up any set items even with maxed out Enhanced Perception and over 500% chance to find valuables. I decided instead to start as normal at level 1 but with unlocked difficulties instead, and also to try a new character idea which is dual wield daggers on a seraphim with all points into Dexterity and just spamming pelting strikes and constitution based with just the battle stance buff. The only issue now is that I made this build with the idea of wanting to use two
  2. What I've found is that the game will not launch from Steam but it will launch from a shortcut to the EXE found in Sacred 2 Gold/system/sacred2.exe This is after installing the community patch as well.
  3. I already tried this and it didnt work, it gives ,e the XP but not the levels or points. I was able to find an example of how much of everything to manually enter for level 75 then it works.
  4. Is there a tool that will let me create me create or modify a character up to whatever level so I dont need to keep on starting all over again from level 1? Sacred 2 Character Editor doesnt really work as simply putting in however much experience and level doesnt also give you the relevant skill and attribute points, I remember there used to be a tool that let you modify a character to say level 65 and start with all 10 skill points and all the correct number of attribute points.
  5. I've never used alchemy, I'm just still levelling my defensive skills. By level 85 I reached mastery in DG focus, Tactics, Bargaining and EP first, and now I'm raising my defensive skills. I also like daggers a lot more than lightsabers so am going to respec my attribute points between Dexterity and Willpower, and I'm thinking of trying out maxing speed lore as my single skill past 125 or 75 to have super defense and attack. With daggers I could leave Swords at 1 point too as they are super fast and raise two skills up to level 200, maybe Speed lore and DG focus.
  6. I've spent ages looking for a ring with those two stats to spped up my levelling without gimping myself, but still cant find one. Im able to cleave through all enemies now with my offensive skills one, but still need to spam space bar at bosses.
  7. I've always found it annoying that while mounted my character is too far towards the top centre of the screen, it would be much better at the bottom centre if this is possible.
  8. I found +6.5% XP and +3 offensive skills after reaching level 75 and duped the crap out it. Would be much nicer with all skills.
  9. Oh right, mastery boosts the MF bonus a lot higher. Actually recalculating my build shows that 75 in all my skills should be possible: 125 DG Lore 75 Tactics Lore 75 Sword Weapons 75 Speed Lore 200 Bargaining 75 Blacksmith 75 Enhanced Perception 75 Armour Lore 75 Warding Energy Lore 75 Toughness = 925 points. Every attribute point goes in willpower for the energy shield and lightsaber damage, and I can raise stamina / regen further with gear if needed. DG Lore could be stopped at 98 as I don't need the last mod in Combat Alert, but t
  10. That I know, but is the payoff from levelling it worth gimping the other skills?
  11. I know, but then so is starting with a high levelled character.
  12. What do I do with 128 of these rings? (I got fed up of shopping) +126.3% XP per kill, and 76.8% opponent deathblow oh my!
  13. Does maxing Enhanced perception make much difference compared to just some points and socketting all skills / valuables jewels? My options are either: 200 EP and leave 1 point in Swords and Speed lore or 50 EP and 75 in both sword and speed lore (for the attack and defense boost). I dont think that mastery in either EP and Speed Lore does anything significant, but the attack and defense from the latter seems more useful, and I'm not sure if the defense boost from 75 Speed Lore would help if I still keep taking hits. Also if it ok to leave Toughness at 1 point or
  14. Yes ofc, I'm running that patch. Rebuilding my survival bonus atm by piking on level 2 enemies in bronze while I'm not playing, I want to make a lightsaber version of the Officer's Sabre and a battery for my willpower TG build and add a set bonus too. I figured out how to run the game in borderless window using this http://westechsolutions.net/sites/WindowedBorderlessGaming/download and that seems to have stopped it freezing and minimizing so hopefully I shouldnt get squished at bosses again.
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