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  1. So they will make a game that none of the true fans want to play.. Just dumb it down so that its just an action game instead of a action rpg. I won't buy if the game is like d3.. I will stay playing sacred 2 in that case. Just like now.. I play d2 more than d3
  2. I really hope this is like the epic Diablo 3 failure.. Deep Silver does not need to kill he feel of the game. I would still actually like to "build" a character.. Blizzard killed that factor in d3
  3. Why can't it just be like Sacred 2 just newer?
  4. It's a very fascinating game.. One of my favorites of all time! All we can do is hope they dont kill the series with the 3rd game...
  5. Yeah I actually decided not to get it from gamers gate. One week later they had it on Steam for 50% off making it 10$. So I got it from Steam.
  6. Hi everyone! I have a question.. Where do I buy this game lol? I've heard there's no more keys:) If I buy this from gamers gate will I be able to play it?
  7. I agree with not having a "level cap" or "max character level". How cool would it be to buy the game the day it came out and a couple of years down the road your still leveling the same character you created day 1.
  8. Really ready for this game. I am hoping for this to be the best sequel of all times.
  9. Shoot.. So if I decide to get I can only play single player..? I still might play anyway.. This game is awesome. I hope when deep silver makes scared 3 they don't dumb it down or the masses like blizzard did with d3. Thanks for your reply Etherian!
  10. Hello everyone! I was wanting know how many users still played on pc.. I myself have put many hours into the ps3 version. I just recently built a new pc. Mainly for D3, by wasn't impressed with the game after maxing out a barbarian. IMHO blizzard killed the rpg factor in the game.. The only thing that differs anyones character is the items, which to me is not an rpg. I like adding my own stat points and skill points. You don't get this privilege in D3. So there is no actual "build" for characters. So I'm thinking of getting sacred 2 gold collection.
  11. And my reason behind combat reflexes is to have more protection if I want to use a 2handed sword and give up some def for higher dmg output
  12. Lol well I was going to drop warding energy lore.. It adds more dmg absorption to divine protection right?
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