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  1. Ahh. That might be just a little more than I was hoping to spend... I might have to count my pennies and see if I can do that. Although, if someone else wants it, I say let them go for it. -d
  2. Yeah, I have a funny feeling that's what I'll have to do if I want one.
  3. nope. Not here or at SIF. Haven't tried the German forum but I suspect I am too late to get one other than looking on ebay now and then. *sigh* Thanks! -d
  4. What are the SIF and GSF? Thanks! -d
  5. I'm sure it's a dumb thing to ask, but hey, doesn't hurt to ask anyway. I don't have either console and only recently got a PC that can run Sacred 2, but when I saw the figurine, man...if I could find either CE at a decent price I might buy it just for the figurine. But, before doing that, I thought I should at least ask: anyone want to sell theirs? Cheers! -d
  6. Ahh. That explains it. I was looking at the PC version. I dont have an XBOX or a PS3... Oh well, maybe I can find a copy cheap. Thanks for the welcome. I used to hang out on the official Sacred forums but just finally got a PC that can handle Sacred 2. Yay! -d
  7. That's kind of my fear. I may have to relay on finding on on ebay.
  8. This might sound like a strange question, but anyone know where to get the Seraphim Figurine from the Collectors Edition. I can't seem to find a copy thatsays for sure that it includes the figurine, and would be just fine buying it on it's own, but haven't seen it on ebay or anything. Just wondering... Thanks! -d