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  1. Good swords?

    Thanks, I hope I can reach 200 on this character then I'll probs go nuts looking for really good weapons, its annoying atm still low level with nothing good
  2. Good swords?

    Undead legion? you can do that multiple times? the one at the broken lance tavern? Yes. You can run out over and over in Free World by starting a new game every time. Ah had a feeling thats what you would do, I remem the quest now I did it once ages... I damn well hate it. well undead legion and the empty office quest, if I have to do that quest again just...
  3. Good swords?

    Undead legion? you can do that multiple times? the one at the broken lance tavern?
  4. Hello Everyone well bit different this time I know what I'm doing this time and following a good looking build (maybe change it a little dunno yet) for a seraphim posted by Antitrust, at any rate I'm wondering about blades and which are good for some general murdering of anything that moves. I'm not sure on what sort of blades to keep an eye for though I looked at a few and the Ice Flash blade I think it is looks quite nice. if anyone knows of some nice swords or how to find Ice Flash (or any other legendary/unique) I'd appreciate the help. keep up the good work everyone. p.s. took me 14 mins to spell legendary, I'm just that good atm
  5. haha looks nice, I always used to look at darkmatters when I first started the game, its odd now being part of it but funny looking at the like 4 month separations in my achievements where I got annoyed with not progressing
  6. ah I see shame they look like the most fun
  7. Keep up with the questions, Tirrus You're keeping our community on it's toes. We're the sacred fansite cuz this is our game! gogo yay lol nice to be in forums with such nice members.
  8. I remember when Ice and blood came out, thinking that it was absolutely too hard, that the devs had made a mistake...Chrona and Schot started posting info on the best neutralizing items, some were absolute blocks, but don't stack when socketed and the others were only "chance to" ... Weaving spiders ... ! Weaving Spider -. -. -. -. Damage Types: Physical Poison Weakest Against: Fire Ice Magic Region: The Swamp -. -. -. -. Damage Types: Physical Poison Weakest Against: Fire Ice Magic Region: The Swamp run! gogo Wow that is horrible and I hate the current ones still looks like ice and blood despite being filled with hatered towards players made the game alot more fun (sucks it ain't on xbox) is ice and blood also the cause for the other areas on sacred map in wiki I I can;t get to on xbox or are they other things thanks though such a shame ice and blood never came to xbox and ps
  9. Thanks for the help I would probs still make an E.P, blacksmith and shoppers separate since I find it really difficult to balance skills in games and normally end up solid in one way and weak in every other its a prob I really should fix. at any rate I'll start looking into solid bosskiller builds and begin practicing see if I can get away with bargaining or e.p. I'll look around forums first to get an idea. thanks for all the info and help great people on the forum. now then I must learn to overcome my urge to restart a character every 10 mins this will be difficult
  10. They can have be leveled up highly, but it depends what they are for. A blacksmith you would want to get as high as possible to get the blacksmith skill to give you the best socketing possible (pointless on console which is broken as you noted), whereas a shopper can only buy gear at the level it is at meaning a network of shoppers at various levels is useful. How fast they level depends on what build you follow though, something that wipes huge mobs in a single cast will level faster than the poor dude who melee's and kills one by one. Boss killers can definitely be quick to level up though and can be used successfully as a shopper or blacksmith (I wouldn't really consider an EP toon) to. If all you do is run the guardians again and again and again you get great drops, you can tailor your build very specifically for one thing only and the experience they give will always be very good. cool thanks for info, I know very little about setting up either Area of Effect builds or bosskillers annoyingly, currently working to shopper network up and a high level blacksmith (as much as its bugged there still seems to be some reduced cost for my blacksmithing, makes it nice not having to pay out bank to socket items). at any rate is E.P really not worth it? I thought it may have done somthing nice plus I like to collect as many rare weapons and armours as I can find. I dunno I'm guessing since I seem to have terrible luck for finding really nice items in any game I play. which reminds and sorry to anyone if my constant questions get irritating whats the best boss to farm? I hear the griffon is decent for lower levels but the guardians seem to be the most used, guessing thats down the point its basicly 4 bosses in one and the end boss to? thanks for reply though
  11. Thanks lujate, I think I looked at a post like that...or that one. my SW kills the orcs decently on Gold difficulty so long as my skeleies are pulling their weight to which doesn't seem to happen since normally 1 just won't fight, plus I find the cave boring as hell after a few runs. I'd like to have the last mod atleast in rallied souls to see if it will create an army in packed areas. at any rate thanks, we'll see how it goes. I dunno if theres a name for but I struggle to play any character for a long time. I'm surprised I've only got 2 atm normally I have 5 or 6 and still be making more
  12. Wow, ice and blood sounds nasty (all the more reason to want it...damn xbox) though it seems swamp is good but I may have to gear for it though since my current stuff gives 45% increase to xp and a 34% chances to find valuables (I think its not bad for a character with no E.P skill) but although I like find maybe 5 3 star items everytime I move around I'd much preffer fast leveling to get either cheaper blacksmithing in place for later levels or just to make some money for other characters, while leaving shopping to a build that can do it and rare hunting to build designed for it. thanks for help p.s. what would be a decent shopper levels I looked at your guide about the networks and noticed around level 5, 45 or so, 100 or so and 140. how come no level 200s?
  13. Wow, thanks gogo. just wondered about them since alot of people talked about them with high leveling abilities. maybe those were Bosskillers or a combo of both utility and bosskilling abilities... so many possabilities in this game I find it hard to know whats what for builds. oh well I'm wondering about the bugged blacksmithing though since all it says on xbox that I can see as doing anything is lowering the costs of blacksmithing. oh well thanks for help I'll understand something some day P.S. is it bosskillers that are quick then or boss/utility (if there are any)? as for maxing out shoppers and rare hunters would it be 75 points to get mastery and then buff with armour and relics or get 200 max?
  14. I'll say "without question" the best place that you are describing is the South-East corner of the Swamp area. You must've lit up the archway at Lizurath, so that's where you start... Platinum should do if you "cannot" do it (fast) in Niob. As long as you're encountering werewolves, olms, and spiders, those are the highest-spawn enemies. Also, depending on your killspeed, you may not have to quit and restart every time you clear that corner.... the respawn rate is quite high, so often the areas you started in will be repopulated by the time you finish a loop... or kill the dragon kk thanks, I was there earlier. seemed decent on gold but still a bit slow and that poison is annoying to at times, still good to know I always thought the jungle was better but eh I guess. plus killing a dragon is always nice thanks for reply
  15. My Shadow Warrior build problem

    hm nice to know, I didn't think much of riding since I've normally been destroyed while riding but then again I never really tried much in my early days on this game. as for weapons some nice information plus I love 2h weapons be it axes, swords, hammers and spears (<- only if this lost one is a damn good spear) fits my playstyle of 'normally' charging in headfirst with the largest weapon I can find . at any rate thanks I'm tryin to...manipulate I guess my other sw build I've got into something similar to this since he's already at level 67 in niob. I like minions alot but I feel personal combat is more important at times. definatly if you don't want to be ripped a new one by Area of Effect's with this build. thanks for the reply