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  1. Sure, I can do that. I actually had two issues: First Issue: I own the retail versions of both Sacred 2 and Ice and Blood; both UK versions since I got them a few years ago from Amazon UK. The game was working fine on an older computer under WinXP but that rig has since been retired so I recently decided to install the game on my newer PC running Win7 Pro. I followed the SecureRom procedure on the wiki to revoke my license, reactivated Sacred 2 and Ice and Blood, and then patched the game to version 2.40 with the official patch. The game was very unstable at this point so I set Compatibility to WinXP SP3 for both the sacred2.exe and s2gs.exe files. This made SecureRom complain that the game needed activation so I ended up revoking and re-activating again. I then updated the game through the SecureRom Diagnostic Tool as the wiki stated. This got the game to version 2.64 and that's where the problems began. I tried to patch from 2.64 to 2.65.1 but I got an error message saying that I had the wrong version installed. Of course, the Community Patch couldn't be applied since I needed to be at ver 2.65. The game was stable though so I started a NEW play through. Second Issue: I had a backup copy of my old save games from the WinXP computer. When I tried to use them, they loaded just fine UNTIL I tried to use my storage chest. The game basically said it was a pirated version and that I needed to purchase the game. The NEW play through worked just fine UNTIL I hit level 19 in the town of Sonnenwind. The game started to complain that it wasn't a legal copy, just like it did on with the old saves. And that's what got me thinking................................. Instead of uninstalling and starting from scratch, I launched the SecureRom Diagnostic tool and tried the "restore" option. After doing this, I was able to patch the game up to version 2.65.1 and successfully applied the Community Patch. I then changed the compatibility options on the two EXE files back to Win7 and launched the game. Sure enough, SecureRom complained that the game needed to be activated. I used the act key for Ice and Blood and this solved that issue. I'm happy to say that all my old saves as well as the new ones seem to be working just fine (keeping fingers crossed). Sorry for the wall of text but I wanted to be accurate.....peace.
  2. Edit: Original post deleted - All issues resolved