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  1. Thank you, that worked. I used Opera.
  2. Yes I have. But nothing happens after that.
  3. Hello First of all, thank you very much for this graet mod. I have problems downloading the file from Google Drive. Firefox 76.01, Win 7, No Adblockers, Scripts allowed. I reach the downlod site, no problem. But when clickung on download, nothing happens. Perhaps sombody could give me a tip.
  4. Will there be a german version of the mod? If not is there a way to change the Language in my installed german PC version of Scred Fallen Angel to English? Menolly
  5. Yes, DM is visible! Just tried to create a DM character. Edit: Just downloaded the latest version of the patch as I read that it was updated and went to crystal plane. Scaron Boss appeared. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. The Scaron Boss in the Lake of Dreams in the Crystal Plane area does not appear anymore. I played this area with different characters, newly created with Mod 1.60. Win XP, Fallen Angel and Ice & Blood disc version.
  7. I installed the new patch and created a DM-charakter. Everything worked fine. Did a few quest and explored the coutryside. Thank you for the quick fix.
  8. Installation is german. Original Sacred 2 + Ice & Blood - not Steam or Gold.
  9. I just tried to create a new DM-charakter. The picture of the DM aside of the chest carrying imp does not show up. I can choose all options like path, name and so on. Then I started the game and I had no picture of the DM agaiin and could not move at all. To check I deinstalled the Patch and went back to CM-Patch 1.50 and everything worked fine. So I think this must be a bug in the patch. I'm playing on Windows XP. Perhaps someone could try the creation of DM to confirm the bug. Edit: The creation of any other charakter than DM worked fine.
  10. I'm new in this forum, so at first thanks to the whole team providing the patch. It is great!! Now my Question: Has someone found a part of the Slagelamber's Relics miniset recently? I play the game for several years now. I can't remember finding one piece of the set since installing Ice & Blood. I hoped with CM.patch 1.60 pieces of the set would drop again.
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