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  1. I do have more pictures--and the photoshopped ones just continued to get crazier.
  2. I'm like that bad penny that keeps turning up. Had a lot of changes in my life and those changes have brought and my family from California to Minnesota. Always wanted to visit Canada and now I'm so close. I've been doing mostly casual gaming lately and wouldn't mind some RPG goodness. I suddenly remembered this site and here I am again. Think I'll stick around this time.
  3. God, this has always been my favorite part of this forum. I can slip in quietly and see new pictures of everyone. Not sure when I was here last. I was looking through my things and found my old copy of Scared Gold.... Not much into gaming these days, unless you count Candy Crush. But, since this is a picture thread.... Now I'll warn you; I don't have many current pictures that haven't been twisted in some way. But here is one, I believe I took it in December when I was making cookies for my kids. [url-http://s167.photobucket.com/user/hlmichel/media/CookieTime.png.html][/url]
  4. I started feeling the itch a week ago. It's been months since I played. I installed Sacred Gold and downloaded some level 100 toons--kind of wish I had saved my guys from when they shut down the closed servers. Well I guess you can't go home again. It bored me to tears. Next I installed Sacred 2, thinking that my shotgun seraphim or my big axe warrior would satisfy my craving. Well I can't get online. Thought I had just forgotten my password or something. I tried to reset it and got an error or something. Have they closed the Sacred 2 closed servers? I've been doing the m
  5. I can't afford Photoshop. I am using Two Corel products, Aftershot pro and Paintshop pro X4. I always shoot with single point focus, spot metering and pretty wide aperatures. I don't really like group photography so I am trying to single out one person in the group, letting the others get underexposed or overexposed. That shot also had some digital magic done to it that I have saved as a preset called 'The Henry Way' Thank's for the warm welcome.
  6. Wow, it's amazing that after all this time, there have been no new pictures. The last shots are mine, but allow me to post two more. I'm usually behind the camera, but saw the women still standing around after taking a group shot. Adjusted my settings and handed the camera to my wife, telling her to wait for me to point. A parody of an add from my work.
  7. Nice shot. You are correct, it's still hard for digital to match film but it is getting close. I could get results similar with a D3X, but I'd have to sell a couple of my kids. The good vs the bad shots I am referring to are not due to light, though. Sometimes people do strange things right as the shutter opens. My wife never stops talking and her mouth is open for the majority of pictures.
  8. Well it's been some time since I stopped by. My entire gaming world has become facebook games....lol. I recently started an online Healthcare IT course in preperation for changes in healthcare--it's supposed to give me a leg up on upcoming positions....we'll see.... The photography thing has really taken off. Bought myself a flash unit and remote triggers. I've become one of the official event photographers for my church. Every time I pull out the camera it take from 200 to 1000 photos, taking anywhere from 8 hours to 3 days to sort through them, discarding the bad and processing the
  9. Got a new toy for my birthday, the Nikon D3000. Still trying to get the hang of this thing, so here are some new pictures. First we have Alexander Then Abigail Alicia in the pool at the hotel And Alanna, who told me she wants to be a model Alexander again. Not sure what he was throwing, but he did not know I was back there.
  10. I've been into it on and off for years, but I got serious only recently. When we were going through my mother's stuff we found a packet of documents belonging to my grandfather. There was a receipt for his marriage to my grandmother, his discharge papers from world war 2 among other things. Seeing that really sparked my interest.
  11. Thank you guys. You are all right, being able to be there, talk to her.... Even though she could not carry on a conversation, she was able to let me know that she was aware that I was there. We also had two of the kids with us. She went so peacefully that it was not traumatic for them.
  12. I've got a few pictures to share-one new one and a few old ones. Been working on the family tree at ancestry.com. Of course this is me.... Here I am again. I believe this is early 70's That's me on the right and my older sister in the middle. And our dog, Georgia. Me and my younger sister.... A later shot of my younger sister. Not sure when this was taken. She passed away in 1990--three days after Christmas My mother, right out of highschool And again at her wedding..... And finally, me after my mother's memorial service.
  13. After my mother's heart attack and botched triple bypass, she has been pretty much confined to a wheelchair. The past 6 months had been bad, as she started to get weaker. She fell in the bathroom one day and never got better. She got stuck in a vicious circle of going to the ER, being shipped to another hospital for a week and then being sent home. Her friend would drive her home and she wouldn't have the strength to get out of the car. Back to ER she would go to start the process again. She was eventually placed in a board and care to wait for medi-cal to get approved so that she
  14. My current harddrive is a seagate barracuda. Good idea on the RMA. I RMA'd a WD drive years ago and ended up with a larger drive in return (I think I may still have that one) As for cooling fans, I replaced two of them last year because the bearings were going out. Couldn't find anything but sleeve bearing fans. I was more than willing to put out a bit of extra cash for dual ball bearing fans even if it meant loosing the lighted fans. I tend to clean out my case once a week. Got a real dust problem. Now, a couple of days ago, my computer stopped booting altogether. It would b
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