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  1. bloodyshade

    About free world difficulty settings

    Started a SP game on silver but still had no luck with free world, the difficulty dropdown is still empty. I started the dedicated server, it appears on the server list but is grayed out, and so is the join game button, so I can't join it. Any idea why the join game button would be deactivated on a lan game? (I tried both dedicated and using the -nondedicated arg to test) EDIT: I tried with silver and bronze difficulties by the way EDIT2: Found out what the problem seems to be: changing balance.txt to open all difficulties at level 1, I set them back to normal and now it works fine, I guess there are some hardcodes in place somewhere in the game... Thanks for all the help though. Best Regards, BloodyShade
  2. bloodyshade

    About free world difficulty settings

    Yep, I did that a few times, it's always set to Bronze there Which is the reason I'm concerned about not being able to set it properly. I could try debugging it, find where the difficulty is set and create a small tool to inject there, but it's alot of work (mostly because I've never checked sacred 2's code) and I thought I might find an easier solution here. Anyway thanks, BloodyShade
  3. bloodyshade

    About free world difficulty settings

    Thanks lujate, About your questions, yes I tried a restart, no luck. It is affecting all chars I have here, nothing really specific to one of them. It stopped working on my second play. I played the first time, closed the game, some hours later I went to play again and the problem was there. Nothing unusual as far as I can relate. Best Regards, BloodyShade
  4. Hi, I just wanted to know if there is anything which would turn off the difficulty setting for the LAN free world. If I recall correctly, I could set it to silver with my dryad the first time I entered free world, but now clicking the dropdown shows no difficulty to choose from. Here is a pic of the problem: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/850/problemvw.png/ I'm running Ice and Blood v2.65.1 with CMP v0130 Best Regards, BloodyShade