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  1. Sacred 2 Dreadbringer set for PS3?

    Hello people, I was wondering how I can download the dreadbringer set for my PS3 inquisitor level 150
  2. Thanks for input and solutions all. You've been very helpful. I will try and trodge along and aquire the suggested items. Hopefully lv.75 will produce better success.
  3. Thx for reply, So PS3 players are left with whatever we received from the start! Then how can I increase set item, unique armor-weapons drop rate, if possible.
  4. Hi All, I recently went from PC to Console and find it more difficult in that the downloads for the PS3 version are not being read by my system. The exe files cant be read by the PS3 OS. Is there something I can do to update to the 2.43 patche. And The set items, uniques, mods that are out there cant be uploaded also. What am I doing wrong? Love the game. My char is the Inquisitor lv.65 but he is still very weak in amore and weapons. Drops are very slow for him. PLease help, hate to see him die so often!
  5. Hi All, New recruit here. I'm having problems finding the latest patches of Sacred 2 fallen Angel for the PS3 system. Am wondering if anyone out there can help. Love the game, but progress is extremely slow. Am playing The Inquisitor whic has a truly slow drop rate for set items and uniques. Your input would be greatly appreciated and anticipated thx all!
  6. Hi All, I've just recently returned to Sacred 2 FA on the PS3 but either there are very few players with the PS3 or I just cant find what Im looking for can anyone help direct me on where to go to get downloads and patches for the PS3 Sacred 2 Fallen Angel
  7. Hi All, I've just returned to playing Sacred 2 FA and love it but having a hard time getting got set pieces for my Inquisitor lv.65 I'm playing on PS3 and cant download anything recognizable from dark matters or anywhere else by the PS3 system can anyone help or give ideas as to how to aquire some of the things I need.