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  1. Omnicide

    Vikings - not bad

    I checked out a trailer of this show on YouTube, and it doesn't look bad. What channel is it on? Netflix has run completely dry of interesting series, so I've been looking elsewhere for something to watch...
  2. Omnicide

    Spock vs Spock!

    Hold still and I will use the Vulcan 'Mind-Melt' on you, gogo !
  3. Omnicide

    Skyrim Screenshots

    My latest addition to the Dawnguard dlc, little miss vampy: Lillith DeMordrey: Thanks go to wolfie's story 'Sophia's Choice' from which I hi-jacked the last name of 'DeMordrey.'
  4. Omnicide

    Spock vs Spock!

    I'd like to make a few comments based on my logical opinion of the above video: 1. I've just lost a piece of my soul watching it. 2. They didn't do a very good job on Spock's ears. 3. The girls are kinda cute, in a scary sort of way. 4. Reminds me of something silly, like what the B-52's would do... 5. Lastly, I'm going to spend the rest of the day trying to mentally purge this video from my memory.
  5. What's on my mind? Well, some bone, hair, and a little bit of gray matter... :-)

  6. Omnicide

    Grim Dawn - Ask the Developers

    I think Knuckles pretty much hit the nail on the head for all the questions I would have asked.
  7. Omnicide

    Grim Dawn - Ask the Developers

    The dev's are pretty awesome. They are so involved on the boards and welcome all feedback and respond personally to most. I have never seen a more active/close relationship with the fans. I think that's because it's such a small group which makes communication between each other and the fans much easier. Plus they know a lot of us are supporting there game either in the way of beta testing or financial donations. Like I said before, for the price of $20 (est.), I'm in. I'm especially happy that you mentioned the loot drops will not be under/overpowered, but just right. I prefer a challenge, and I quickly become bored of games that drop too much loot, whether it's overpowered or not. Too much overpowered loot makes the game too easy, and too much underpowered loot is just a nuisance. But I guess I'll be the ultimate judge of that, but so far it sounds promising to my ears.
  8. Omnicide


    Welcome aboard, Gilberticus!
  9. Omnicide

    Is Sacred Citadel any good

    Welcome to the forum, Gilberticus! (Are you a decendent of Sparticus by any chance?) This game probably would have appealed to me when I was a teenager, as I enjoyed any kind of mind-numbingly mindless game back then (e.g. Street Fighter), but nowadays I find sleeping to be more exciting than Sacred Citadel, and sleeping is free! But all negative comments aside, if the price is right, I suppose this could be a decent game for those folks who don't have a lot of time to invest. I place Torchlight 1 above this game in both price and playability, however.
  10. Omnicide

    Grim Dawn - PC

    Any word or idea on how much this game is gonna cost? I figure if it's being offered via Steam download only, the price shouldn't be too outrageous. Either way, it looks like I will be purchasing a copy for both my girlfriend and I after the beta testing is all done.
  11. Omnicide

    Omnicide's Thread of Chaos

    Really dig the new SiG. Rock on... I remain, Thanks man; and I will definitely rock on!
  12. Omnicide

    Sophia's Choice...

    Kuan gives the gift of 'Lightening Scat' to his worshippers; usable 1/day. Now that would have been an interesting, yet morbid ability... Too bad they can't put that crazy old dragon in some form of stasis, but I'm assuming that's not possible in Ancaria.
  13. Omnicide

    Currently Watching...

    I agree with you on Benedict's acting ability, and although I liked Star Trek Into Darkness, it wasn't as good as the first movie, imho. I really wanted to see a little bit more ship-to-ship battle, but that didn't happen here. I like all of the actors though, and I think they did a fine job, especially what's his name who played Spock. I'm hopeful that Star Trek 3 will be better. I give part 2 a solid 'B.'
  14. Omnicide

    Currently Watching...

    Tron Uprising is an animated series by Disney, and so far I like it better than I liked Tron Legacy. Tron Uprising is what takes place after Tron Legacy, and since it's animated, they can get away with a lot more crazy action stunts on a smaller budget than what could have been accomplished with a live action production. Haven't seen Hansel & Gretel yet, but it looks promising. I will either check it out on Red Box (movie rental), or Netflix.
  15. Omnicide

    Currently Watching...

    Just found this on Netflix today; it's pretty good so far, even though I wish they would have done a little better job on the shapes of the bodies: