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  1. Is my Shadow Warrior weak or strong?

    I am using two swords. The most used combat arts are Demonic Blow, Killing Spree, Skeletal Fortification and Nether Allegiance(its the only buff I`m using).
  2. Hello. I want your opinion regarding my shadow worrior. Ive read some topics here and from what I understand ive made some big mistakes. I cannot undo them now but I wanna make some improvements now. Can u tell me what can I do now? Whats the better thing to do with my character now(I dont wanna make another one, I wanna stay with this one). http://imageshack.us/f/59/61588861.jpg http://imageshack.us...34/36469861.jpg http://imageshack.us...05/88097248.jpg http://imageshack.us/f/15/10929926.jpg http://imageshack.us...52/51809604.jpg
  3. Failed quest?

    Thank you very much. Glad to be here
  4. Failed quest?

    No I never got the boneslicer...It still shows in the log book..I told u, the quest isnt checked..It is still open..but I killed the general, it even says in the quest log. I will show u a printscreen LE...I`ve done it/...it was a bug I think. But I closed the game and started it again and done it.. Thx
  5. Failed quest?

    Hey guys. I think I have a problem with "The general of the undead legion" quest. I have defeated him and I should get quest completed but it didnt. In my log book the quest shows open but the general says its dead, but not checked(with the green check sing). Whats wrong? On the map the quest is still available but when I go there the general isnt. So what should I do. Also another problem I have is with a book that is called "Parchment" , and the problem is that I cant right click it like the rest of the books. So whats the problem with this book?..Oh..and another thing, its not a problem but a question. I have a basket in my inventory and dont know what to do with it. Its called basic item and its grey. Its not armor..and I dont think its from a quest or something. Hope u can help me guyz.. Sorry for the of topic questions. Have a nice day. THx