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    Skip start up screens

    It's actually very easy, you just need to edit options.txt and where you find the line "videos = 1" you replace the 1 with 0. Of course then the game also won't play the endgame and concert videos, but it's the simplest solution. I believe there was another way around it but I can't be sure about it. Maybe Flix can help you better than me if you don't want all the videos to skip.
  2. Sorry for being late to the party, rough couple of days and a few more ahead still. Congrats mate, welcome to the crew and happy b-day.
  3. Yeah, those traps are bad, and in Niobium they're even worse! You need to keep moving around and avoiding them but it's easy to time it because of the Elite TG's cast animation. Fen Fires also do crazy damage at higher difficulties if your spell resistance is low. That's why you should either have Spell Resistance skill or make Expulse Magic a common use CA with your HE. With that in mind, and since in Niob things will get worse, I'd say that you need to level enough to have EM with gold modification in order to have some decent protection. The idea of getting some other masteries is also fruitful since you'll need them. Constitution mastery starts to seem like a necessity in your build. In short, you should develop your toon a bit further and probably upgrade some of the gear you're wearing. Spend some time in the Orc Cave (assuming you can live to tell the tale) and try to grab some goodies for instance. Or do mini-boss quests for the same effect, as not all of them are crazy hard.
  4. Thanks for the post. I put it on the section it belongs.
  5. Just read it, nice! Don't think too highly about that chance to hit though, that stat is for weapons attacks and not for spells. Otherwise you wouldn't be hitting her at all. Spells "always hit" like someone once said/wrote, but the bluntness with which they hit is dependant on the "spell intensity vs spell resistance" factor that's calculated when you strike a foe. That's why investing points on INT as a mage is always a good idea.
  6. Androdion

    In game character rename

    No idea what you're talking about, but if you just want to change the name on the save file then using the Character Editor won't count as a hack in my book. http://www.nexusmods.com/sacred2/mods/2/?
  7. Glad to see your Elf slaying again!
  8. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Exterminator Mod

    Oh Magoo, you did it again!
  9. I assume he already has +19 All Skills given the numerical difference between the skill level and character level. It's better to run shopping for +Bargaining amulets and socket them into a proper suit, and as you get more bonus points into it better stuff will appear. Less than 200-250 skill level at 99 character level probably won't show excellent stuff though. Odd that Constitution isn't mastered and that at halfway through only two skills are mastered. You could have four to five mastered skills at level 99 and that would make a lot of difference I believe. You should definitely master Constitution and the Pyro skills as soon as possible, Ancient Magic though tempting can be left for later on. One interesting thing is that you can run a shield build with a single point in SL and you'll still have around 50% block chance from melee attacks, which combined with Incandescent Skin's Revenge mod should get your defense covered. I did so with a Magic Coup HE and it works well enough and you need not stray your skill points too far. Enhanced Perception... Either char level or leave it in my opinion. Also, if you already have Concentration that high you might as well master it and use all three buffs, modifying the imp for better regen times, which will result in better DPS. Other than that just eat 200 runes into GI since it's basically a "negative penalty" (a boni). The more the skill climbs the more benefits you get so get it to 200 and raise it as far as possible. It's just about the only buff where that's true. Cool to see a full Armaments of Hell set!
  10. Androdion

    Antirats/antibugs mod?

    Actually it works both ways. Flix's Superspawn module on Enhanced Edition Mod works with those numbers to make Ancaria very populated.
  11. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    I thought that could be the case, but after a reload it's still not there which is odd. Anyway, why Bronze?! I'm pursuing a theory that Roderick put out on a Steam discussion we were having about power levelling, in that he said he rushed through Bronze with EE+Superspawn in order to be geared up for Silver at around level 40, keeping it easy because of the Bronze level cap and then rinse and repeat for Silver because now you're fully geared. And since I've had a few mishaps starting in Silver with EE+Superspawn I decided to give it a go and went back to basics. I had never played Bronze more than doing Ancaria Airlines and Feed the Poor to be honest! But ok the theory is sound and although the modifiers are what one would expect from the lowest difficulty level gearing up from scratch is more comfortable, with the added nuances that EE brings. Early 20-25 levels even in Bronze can be tricky if you get surrounded by several champions. So that's that. No idea about the Forest Guardian and I'm playing the game again because it's fun again. I hope it lasts for a while.
  12. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Went in after the Forest Guardian in Bronze (yes I'm playing in Bronze, sue me! ) and it wasn't there. I went around the whole area and it just wasn't there to be found. Does it even spawn in Bronze, I mean it should right?
  13. Oh the Spider Queen. I reckon you didn't read my comment on Steam about the Ice Hydra yet... I can definitely relate. The interesting thing in this game is that at higher levels resistances and damage types are much more important than they are made to be at the starting point. You should catch a video of user Hooyaah going against the Ice Lord with an Ice HE and you'll notice that even with hundreds of points in the skills it's hard to cause it damage because it's ice vs ice. And a Pyro HE is kind of limited to fire+physical so when a tough opponent is resistant to those you're in for trouble, and you either have a huge amount of DPS or you're screwed. Try killing the Forest Guardian on Dryad Island, it keeps casting full heal over and over again, and unless you can get its HP down fast enough you really can't kill it. That boss has been my go-to test for checking if my DPS is good or bad, if you can kill it it's good. But I agree that many mini-bosses are actually harder than the campaign bosses. Narnuil, Abishai, Ice Hydra, Forest Guardian, Spider Queen, and probably more that I don't have at the tip of my tongue are all very hard. Get frozen by Narnuil once and say good night. Drop the ball and let yourself be caught by the Abishai's traps and bye bye. Face any of the remaining three with a lower than godly DPS and it's sayonara baby. But then again, that's more to do with the actual game design that with CM Patch. Opinions may differ but I for one don't think the CM Patch is to blame for your death. PS: Do you happen to have Ancient Magic? Having it mastered should really help you cause more damage, even taking resistances into account. That skill breaks resistances on top of boosting spell damage.
  14. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    That's it! Thanks a lot for the reply.
  15. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Hey Flix, what are the differences between the standard spawn.txt and the one in Superspawn, other than the different values in spawn numbers? I assume you made changes because of the different types of creatures present in EE? If you'd be so kind as to give me some insight on that it'd be great. Thanks.
  16. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Superspawn increases the default spawn rate on different areas. If you check out the original spawn.txt and the one from the mod you'll see that most values are around double the amount of the original, which means that the number of enemies spawned on that region increase by the same reason. It's just a mode where you get a bigger mob density per area. That results in more kills and more XP, so more levels in lesser time.
  17. My family is quite small, but my lady's is big enough to compensate. They tend to get together on every possible occasion and we live very close to each other so it's easy to have 15 to 20 people together for lunch or dinner. For Christmas Eve I made a killer cod with corn bread crust and a more traditional seasoning, with bird's eye cayenne for added bite, for the typical cod with potatoes and cabbages. For New Year's day it was filet steak with pineapple, roast piglet (a classic) with oranges from the backyard, a couple of traditional soups (chicken soup, green soup) and lots and lots of drinks. White wine, red wine, green (!) wine (it's a more gassy variant of white wine), beer, muscat, old scotch... Damn, no wonder I went to bed early! There were a lot of sweets too for both weeks. Traditional king cake, chocolate king cake, queen cake, egg candy pavlova, wafer cake, sweet rice, and many others. There was also sea food and many other things that I can't remember already. I don't think I've got to taste everything, it was really too much. I guess that working twice as much made me eat twice as much too, ha ha... And the red wine from my father in law's storage is always divine!
  18. Yeah, it was lunch-to-dinner, 7 to 8 straight hours at the table... I think I only got up to cook some clams and for restroom services. And my father-in-law let me open a Dimple 15 bottle that was pre-EURO. I almost shed a tear, so so great! Schot would be proud!
  19. Happy new year everyone. I know I'm late but the party yesterday was a bit intense, too much eating I drinking...
  20. Wut?! That is total news to me, it made me chuckle. Though I get the impression that I'd be the single one understanding the joke if was handing out some of those to the people around me. Just today a fellow store manager mentioned that I could use his warehouse if I needed to take a break from the zombies. It really isn't fun when you see people repeating the same pattern year after year. Oh man, Grinch mode is active again... Sorry guys!
  21. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    The T-Energy Dragon has always been a bit moody, don't know why but sometimes it just seems to "stall" (at least without EE, haven't met him yet with EE turned on). Anyway when it bites it bites, you can rest assured. I can appreciate all your hard work Flix, you've done so much for this game already.
  22. Santa Claus arrived at the shopping mall where I work on the 10th of November, and he's been on his throne kissing children ever since. Just for you to know just how commerce influences things, it's tradition for Santa to arrive on this same town (city hall and that jive) on the 1st of December. So yeah, big retail spaces make me feel a bit anti-Christmas with all their rush. Oh, and we only have a couple of days on the entire year where retail closes. You guessed it, 25th of December and January 1st. As far as I can remember the costumes here say that we need to have the tree up and running on early December. When I was in my preteen years my mom used to grab me, my sister and a couple of small axes and we'd go to the forest to grab a real tree. Some moss too to build the Nativity scene. But that was almost 25 years ago so something got lost along the highway. Nowadays having a plastic tree decorated is usually the norm.
  23. Like Gogo said, I'm all about the details. That's probably why the decorations are all symmetrical and well aligned... Anyway, most of the decorations are chocolate figures so come the 26th and I'll start "disassembling" the tree, ha ha. My better half is mighty cool though, she doesn't even care that I play Sacred 2 with voluptuous characters that wear revealing armour! She's definitely a keeper.
  24. I'm also used to it, but you never get used to it per se. All the added rush, noise, work volume... "It's like father, always in a rush, never have any time..." Oh and the week after Christmas is when season sales begin, so it doesn't really stop until mid-January or so. But I guess that my girlfriend has enough Christmas love to compensate for the Grinch in me, ha ha. Case in point, she made me decorate the tree!
  25. Androdion

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Sure, I guess it's a matter of expectations. I "expected" it to be an added challenge all the way from 1-200, but given your point of view I can say that maybe it's not at all like that. I'd very much enjoy something like a "very hard mode" that would allow for the usual gameplay but with enough balancing that would make you still be able to progress and try to get ahead of the curve of the mobs' power, and I thought that Challenge Mode would be something like that. I've seen that it isn't and your point is so right on the money that maybe I should just let it go and see it for what it is. The drawback of the slightly added difficulty on EE is that I can still just storm the main quest with a decent build, even with Supperspawn active. The difficulty curve is not that more pronounced (at least so far).