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  1. Hey guys, long time without loging in nyehehe. Sacred 2 fever has awoke on me again and I'm willing to play it again. But last post was in 2016. Is somebody still working on the CMPatch?
  2. I saw that in sacredwiki: Usage StrategiesUse a Polearm (highest damage weapon a Seraphim can use) for maximum damage, though Archangel's Wrath's damage is based on weapon damage, it is not affected by Tactics Lore. Also, when Dual Wielding only the damage of the first weapon is used, despite the Inventory screen showing otherwise.
  3. Well, they are the default icons from sacred2. If you dont know them, you are not real fans x) I've chosen Toughness and my armor was increased by +200 points. That was a good option. The problem is now the final skill ;p
  4. In your opinion, what offensive or combat art skill should I choose? Combat discipline it's the best option but I think I'm wasting a skill slot choosing that, only for increasing 10% of my combat art damage. Celestial magic Lore can be replaced by Ancient Magic. Offensive skills are useless in my opinion, except Tactics lore, for BFG...But I wont use that buff...
  5. Hello friends. I'm playing Ice & Blood +150 CMP with a pure caster seraphim, using technological aspect. Her skills are 50% magical and 50% defensive. I've some doubts about her two ldefensive ast skills. Can you help me, please? imagen jpg
  6. Hello Can you do "ancaria Airlines" quest? (Sloeford, Bigest house) When you complete the quest and take your reward, save and close sacred. The next time you load your character you will have 1 atribute point and 1 skill point. I don't know if that's a part of your request or a bug.
  7. Hey guys, have you played recently the new quest of 150 CMP? I started a new character and I've played them. Today I can't play with my seraphim because the game doesnt works, it crushes. I can play another offline campaings, but not the seraphim's one and I thik it's because I played those quests. I've been looking the savedata folder and my seraphim's files are hero08saves (last modification 28/10/2014)) and hero08stats (last modification 26/10/2014) That's weird
  8. Thorin, I'm agree with your feeling. Many times I thought it: higer level your character is, less "special" items you found. At the begining I used to find more set and yellow items. Then when you are 45 to 75, that rate decrease. Ironwill, If I'm not mistaken, "chance to find secret compartment in chests" is the EP mastery, doesnt it? I though it was dissabled. And something important. Do you think you can do something for seeing the chance to find valuables that EP gives you? It really piff me off waiting for see it only when mastery was reached.
  9. So, are you agree with that dropping rate? Even having more than 75% SB and more than 100% finding valuables (not enharced perception)?
  10. The shadow warrior is level 25 but a dragon killed him. So SB is low. He doesnt have EP. Anyway, my high elf is level 48, playing in silver, no EP and a very high survival bonus, and enemies drop the same ridiculous items.
  11. With WinRar, I can reduce script folder into 34 MB. I can send you the .rar via e-mail.
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