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  1. AriesSantiago

    What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    Thanks Thorium. Sorry about my last post. My fault. I currently own two copies of Sacred 2 because I was unable to activate my first purchase. I'm not sure if it was the fact that I was initially installing in Vista. Things I like in Sacred/Sacred 2 and wish they would remain: - The Seraphim. - The massive and varied world filled with tons of quests. - Useful items given by Quest Givers. - The level up system. - The skill system. - The awesome mounts. Things I wish to be in Sacred: - Can we have Sacred 3 font readable when installed in a laptop with 1366x768 resolution? I tried installing Sacred 2 on my laptop before, and I was not able to read the fonts . - I hope the backtracking gets reduced. When solving quests, you get to be pulled away from exploring or the action because of the need to get to town for the reward, then run again to the same area to continue exploring. Some ideas I've seen in other games include: a. Having some power to open a portal to the nearest explored town and having a portal to return to it after. b. Having multiple accessible waypoints. In Sacred 2, the resurrection shrines need to be activated first to be able to return to it. Portals are also available but they are quite few. - It would also be great to provide other means to spend money. At high levels, the only useful merchants in my opinion are the blacksmith and the one where you can convert other skills to your class. A gambling merchant which sells non-identified (possibly unique or set) items which gets identified after purchase might be nice. I was thinking it might also be good to improve the existing blacksmith merchant, by being able to extract materials from loot to enhance existing items. Just to add an additional purpose to collecting loot instead of just selling them to the nearest merchant.
  2. AriesSantiago

    What do you want from Sacred 3 ?

    I hope Sacred 3 will have a better DRM tool as opposed to Sacred 2. I've encountered some really frustrating issues with Securom and it is not cheap to call them from where I'm located. I also wish for Sacred 3 to be more friendly to laptops. Playing it from my laptop is very difficult in the eyes. A more memorable and engaging story is desirable. More in-game cutscenes to highlight important developments in plot. Maybe a spell like Mark and Recall (Morrowind) would be really useful. More unique monsters, less wildlife. I'm giving Sacred 2 another whirl, with a different character class.