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  1. Putrescine's Hybrid Dryad build

    After you get capricious hunter focus mastery (level 75 earliest), you can eat runes to the certain amount of reg time you are comfortable with. Mine is level 105 with dust devil at level 30 ish. If you have a correct upgrade your aim would be a chain castable.since adding level to the skill will add duration to match skill regen.
  2. Looking for "left-click" ranged Dryad

    Hi, I am an old lurker and I have been playing (again) sacred 2 in PS3 I am really sorry for not contribute sooner, but I am a newbie and I learn a lot from all the senior member here. this is my build for ranger. I am at level 64 now 1. Tactic Lore (at char level) 2. Enhance Perception (9 ish) 3. Capri hunter Focus (at char level) 4. Range Weapon (1 point) 5. Concentration (1 point) 6. Combat Reflex (5 for unlocking armor lore) 7. Armor lore (10 or so) 8. Reaver Focus ( 9 point for fully mod ancient bark) 9. Constitution (almost at char level) 10. Reaver lore (I was thinking about bargaining for self sustain) Please give me an input, now I am at gold.....and have a lot of death on the last guardian (I beat it a few times but now I am farming).
  3. Where's The Darn Harpy Queen In Bangaresh?

    My guess is that you were too high of level compared to the dragon's level. Sacred bases XP on comparing character level and monster level. isn't your monster level goes up with your char as well ? and in plat or niob should always higher than your char ? no ? sorry I am newbie, but I read this forum a lot.