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  1. HE PvP build?

    so does any one have a good idea or experience with a HE built specifically for PvP? a group im in is getting ready to do a PvP tournament. were starting off with level 15 toons and I want to be prepared so thanx for any help
  2. Is there a quick way to farm runes?

    I agree with hunting kobolds. I get tons of runes out of the camp north of the starting area. I just make a new char get the kobold chieftan quest and go mow down some kobolds and there boss and get a ton of runes and decent drops of the chief. then put all the runes in my chest for my main toon. HE make quick work of this method
  3. I picked it up on the 12th for the PS3 and its great. very few issues with pop in and lag, few load screens when entering a city or dungeon. I was very worried this was gonna be like two worlds but its not even close, that game was unplayable and this is beautiful. I have not played online yet though. I have read a few reports of data loss on the xbox but no reports of that on the PS3. thanx to all here for posting some great info thats helping me on my way
  4. I got the PS3 version and I love the game. yes it is free to play online. I got it on PS3 cuz my second xbox is broken. the game looks great and I have yet to see any of the "problems" that many reviews of the xbox version talked about. only bugs ive noticed are slight load times entering dungeons and towns and very little pop in when entering some buildings. I would also like to thank everyone here for all the great info about the game, kept me interested while I waited through the delays for the console release
  5. im just excited for the 3.0 softwear. copy/paste finally, still no video capture with out jailbreak tho
  6. tonight was supposed to be the eve of my entering the sacred world but alas it has been postponed till may