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  1. Oh bugger, but thanks everyone, for all your help
  2. OK, thanks. I think the character was created before the patch. If this is the case, then I have to start all over again. Is this correct?
  3. Yes I did speak to the quest giver
  4. Yes, I’ve done that and the quest had opened and the blue rings marking the location of the employees are on my map but when I click on them (the employee) nothing happens and they don’t talk. I have the community patch.
  5. I can't get my any of the characters for the quest to talk to my high elf. What has gone wrong?
  6. Ok, it's all good. Found it and I'm up and running.
  7. So, I've downloaded everything needed but I can't find the pak/fonts directory in the mod. Any suggestions or help?
  8. Hello, thanks for trying the mod. It sounds like you didn't install the fonts as instructed. Thanks, I feel like a complete idiot. Totally forgot to install the fonts. All good now. And by the way, the mod looks awesome. Thanks for all your work on it.
  9. So I've downloaded the D2F mod and when I open my start screen there is no text. and no text in the game. Any suggestions?
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