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  1. Recommendations for Dual wield Shadow Warrior Build?

    Hey guys thanks for the warm welcome. Its better than the welcome I got on the YuGiOh Forums.. Anyway back to buisiness I am using Malvoent Champion.. Havent thought about taking the focus yet although I do use the banner alot and both buffs. Im thinking about taking Danderan Armor Set when I get to the correct level and if I can find it. I am using Sword Weapons as well. Most of the Skills you have listed I am already taking so im glad im going down the right track.
  2. Hey everyone, Im new to Sacred 2, im building a Shadow Warrior, hes level 20 atm with Tactics Lore, Armor Lore, Dual Wield, Death Warrior Focus and I cant remember the other perks and combat arts that I have. Does anyone have any recommandations for a Dual Wield Shadow Warrior Build?