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  1. yeah, I don't have any +x-x/all skills, I usually just look for +x-x with +damage%, RpH, deathblow, or limit opponent evade. Shopping is fun if only for a little while, any longer it becomes work, and who wants to "work" while playing games, lol I didn't realize that RpH combined with -regen is overkill, I always feel a combination of two bonuses with synergy is better than one, I'm probably dead wrong though. I'm not the type of player that tries to figure out the math stuff, I usually just go with it ok, whew! all those great info has given me a lot to think about (I hate "thinking" when I'm relaxing and playing games haha), now to put all those good ideas into practice...
  2. I kept my concentration at 1 (~30 with all skills), my 2 focus skills are around 60ish (with all skills/ca, my ca level without penalty is 52). I've saved some points to dump into my 10th skill (whenever I pick it). My regen (with both buff on) is currently ~4s for FR (~15 to 20 runes iirc) and slightly lower regen for DB (~35 to 40 runes). I was planning to take both focus to mastery first, but I think I might start to pump more into concentration as the regen bonus is much better per level and it reduces both aspects for the skill points spent. I'm just not sure which skill is better for rune eating/CA level at my level so I just went with mastering focus first. Thanks for the replies, both of you guys gave me some great ideas (and also got me to think about some stuff that you didn't even write in your posts lol). One final question, I've found items with -regen penalty from buff (orange color mod), are these better than -regen% rings/-regen smith stones?
  3. chattius: No, I don't have the CM patch, mainly because it took me some time just to get I&B working and stable enough to play. For CA's, I tend to use +all skills/+CA items to boost CA levels, I do use a bit RpH, but not much. I try to mix eating runes combined with +all skills/ca and maintain regen of around 4~5s. So combined with combat discipline and the couple of RpH items I have, my combos are fairly spammable. wolfie: Good call! How can I forget about the deadly LL% (maybe because as a melee SW, I don't see that modifier much). I'll have to go hunt for some. As for the CA and RpH, isn't 2s~2.5s kind of low if you socket RpH rings? I mean, can I just eat runes where my CA regen is 7~8s and socket 3~4 RpH rings? My chance to hit is pretty high because I've socketed items to limit enemy evade, so recharging with RpH shouldn't be a problem. My problem is that I hit fast, don't miss much, and CA recharge quick enough to spam (while FR is landing those multiple hits), but I would like to boost my damage more, especially against bosses. I would like to raise my CA levels too, but I'm still working to put points into the 2 aspect focus skills so I can eat more runes. Ideally, purely from a char level standpoint (lv110), what number of runes and CA levels should I be at for my Frenzied Rampage and Demonic Blow and my 2 buff CA's? From reading both of your replies, I get a sense that I'm lower than average.
  4. I didn't notice it too much at lower levels, but now that I'm higher level and in Platinum, I'm starting to feel the "nerf" to strengh/attack that I've read about, my pc sw compare to my ps3 sw is 20+ levels higher, and has better skill/mod choices, yet he feels weaker, especially against bosses. It seems SW is more of a tank character now, still uber defense, but much nerfed offense. So how do people maximize attack/damage for Ice and Blood Shadow Warriors? Some of the things I've thought of: 1) More +x-x, +x% damage, +deathblow in sockets and less +all skills and +CA 2) Take Tactics Lore to 200 instead of just 124 for mod points 3) Use weapons with the "+Direct Damage" bonus 4) Take Damage Lore as my last skill, not sure how much this will help (I've left 10th skill open) 5) Socket +x% elemental damage for more DoT (combined with Damage Lore) In regards to #3, what's the best modifier for a dual-wield SW? I usually look for +all skills, +chance to disregard armor, -opponent's evade/+chance opponent cannot evade, +chance to double-hit/critical hit, but I'm not sure if they are better. I figured 2 weapons with direct damage sloted with +x-x/+x% dmg and +deathblow rings "should" be the best weapons, right? So what do you guys think? Thanks in advance for any input.
  5. Good place to farm for items?

    He's on ps3 so probably don't have cursed forest, which is sad...since like you said, those construct soldiers drop a lot of rings and amulets and no weapons/armors that overload your inventory For rings and amulets, your best bet (fighting wise) is still the orc cave, at least 4 champions per run that you can grind repeatedly. But that get boring quickly, so you also find a boss really close to a save point, like Wild Boar (lower char level), Dragon end boss in the Seraphim Island cave (mid level), or the 4 Guardians final boss, then farm them repeatedly while modifying your weapons/gears towards that particular boss(s) for the most damage possible. However, I have found that uniques don't usually offer the best modifiers since they are the same each time you get them, only their item level changes. Unless you are grinding for a specific unique, like artamark's star, I think you will be better off to use bargain shoppers to buy rings/amulets you need, like +x-x rings, +all skill rings, etc.
  6. lol, that's probably it! I didn't think of that. that's quite some work for a level 1 toon, though he is very godly. I thought he might've modded to get the items...thanks, lujate
  7. I came across this old thread while googling Shadow Warrior guides, and since the last post is dated Dec. 2010, I'm not sure if my question will even be answered. Anyway, I downloaded this character and noticed he had some insanely high modifiers bonuses for lv2/lv3 gears, like 7.5% chance to find pendant and +3 enhanced perception relics. Having 28% chance to find on a level 3 Ceremonial Might is just crazy! I made a lv2 shopper to buy stuff for my other characters, but even at 10 bargaining (5x my char level), I have never seen "chance to find" greater than 5.x% for lv2/lv3 gears or more than +1 skill bonus for rings/amulets/relics. How was this achieved? The map revealed and survival bonus I can understand because it just takes time, but these bonuses greatly puzzles me.
  8. Help deciding on Skills for Ice & Blood

    thanks everyone, I'll go with those then. I'll create a backup save at level 50 and use the last 2 slots to test out skills I might like, but I probably won't see significant difference until mastery, like Damage Lore. It's ok tho, after all, isn't playing and tweaking builds part of the fun of Sacred 2?
  9. Help deciding on Skills for Ice & Blood

    If I leave out both Toughness and Spell Resistance and go for Combat Discipline and Damage Lore, will I be too weak for bosses and champion mobs in Niob? I think Constitution and Combat Reflex go well together and for my build, since I'm going for offense, I will most likely look for a lot of offensive bonuses and modifiers in my weapons and gears. Will my defense hold up with just those 2 defensive skills (I will also try to buff up my Grim Resilience and Reflective Emanation through gears)? I really hope I don't have to make up for the lack of dmg mitigation/spell resistance by having to get them on gears bonuses/sockets, because then it would totally defeat the purpose of getting the offensive skills.
  10. Help deciding on Skills for Ice & Blood

    I enjoy playing the high dps, high evade type of melee characters in most rpg's, and normally in other games, the character is made physically weaker to compensate for their overpower. But for Sacred 2, it's awesome that Shadow Warriors can do the assassin-type build but also make him very, very durable. I'm building this guy to be evasive, so GR I modded him Rejuvenate-Discipline-Safeguard, while RE I modded Tough-Antimagic-Reposte. So in this regard, I think I'll keep Constitution and Combat Reflex, I'll evade as much as I can, and when I do get hit, my high hp and hp regen can tank it out. I took Toughness on my PS3 SW and found it was a bit overkill, that's why I was thinking of going for more offense. But Damage Lore doesn't seem to benefit SW that much since his Combat Arts are all physical and I also won't be modding any poison effects in Demonic Blow and Frenzied Rampage. So does that mean I will only benefit from Damage Lore if I have gears with status effects or socket them with it? For Combat Discipline, I'm mainly taking it for the -10%/-20% regen, but it's one of the last skills I will master so I still has to think about it. I never took Combat Discipline on PS3 but almost all the SW builds/guides here calls for it, so I thought it was good on PC. Also, from what you guys are saying, it seems that if I can only take either Toughness or Spell Resistance, Toughness is still better for Niob?
  11. I apologize for making a new topic on builds, but I've read several guides as well as some of the threads below and I still didn't find my answer. I'm playing on Ice & Blood PC right now (but I'm more familiar with PS3 version). My build is the dual wield so the first six skills is pretty cookie cutter, Tactics Lore, Armor Lore, Dual Wield, DW Focus, Concentration, and MC Focus. But the last 4 I'm going back and forth on since Ice and Blood changed some things versus console. My original plan was the following: 25 - Constitution 35 - Combat Reflex 50 - Combat Discipline 65 - Spell Resistance I read that Ice and Blood has some strong casters, hence the Spell Resistance instead of Toughness. But I've also read that Damage Lore was much improved on Ice and Blood. Is Damage Lore worth taking for my build or would the secondary effects boosts not matter that much for SW? I plan to run on fully modded Grim Resilience and Reflective Emanation, so my defense should be good, but all 4 of those skills seems essential to me. Also, I saw that Furian's Ultimate Warrior guide did not take Constitution, and Constitution benefited my SW alot on console. What's the reason for it? Was Constitution nerfed?
  12. Question about Ice & Blood

    wow really? that sucks, I made some godly low level equips on PS3. Socketing +10 all skills and multi bonus rings/amulets into lv2 gears was just awesome. I also noticed the inventory/storage is much smaller, due to items using images and taking up grids instead of just a weight limit, I was able to stock up a lot of sets and uniques for various classes just by using storage alone on PS3, not so with PC. Probably have to make a lot of mule toons. The PC version is also a lot more glitchy. I spent hours trying to get it to run smoothly (Win7), but some ingame stuff is still bugged, like loading screen images not loading correctly. But the best thing about the PC version I would have to say are the mods. I won't be doing too much with it since it will totally break the game. But some tweaks are just too good to pass up, like the ones that shrink inventory to 1x1 to make storage bigger and character saves uploaded by generous members of Darkmatters, so I can test out builds (I spent countless hours on PS3 remaking characters because they took the wrong skills/CA mods or overate runes, etc... I think I'm beginning to dig the PC version more after looking past the glitches and other stuff, just comparing it side by side with the PS3 gameplay wise doesn't do it justice. And on top of that, Dragon Mage! Rawr!
  13. Question about Ice & Blood

    yea, I can't wait to play the Dragon Mage and see those new bosses and items! I think I will mainly miss the extra CA slots, it's just so much easier to use the L1/R1 rotation & 4 buttons combo instead of the keyboard hotkeys. I plan to make a Shadow Warrior to start because I'm most familiar with that character. I plan to play around with him to figure out PC gameplay and get him to high level to fund my other toons. I saw a number of older threads complaining about the +all skills nerf and the rune eating nerf too. Probably won't make much difference as I never made it to that high level on PS3. I wish the readme files that came with updated versions listed these gameplay changes in addition to the general add-ons. Anyway, thanks for replaying, those that you guys mentioned were probably the big ones, I'll just play on to figure out the rest. I enjoy the game research part almost as much as playing the game lol
  14. I played Sacred 2 Fallen Angel on the PS3 and enjoyed it very much. After getting disappointed at Diablo 3 but don't want to start/learn a new game in Path of Exile, I decided to give Sacred 2 PC a go. My question is with the Ice & Blood expansion 2.64. It seems that PS3 version is on par with PC's 2.40, mostly. But are there threads that summarizes what the Ice & Blood expansion added/removed and enhanced/nerfed? Like changes in skills such as Blacksmith, Spell Resistance, and Damage Lore, or nerf of melee attack, which from reading some threads here, seemed to merit build changes. I didn't find such info in Sacred Wiki and here, those infos seems to be scattered here and there within individual guides. So my question is - is there a post out there that discussed all these changes in one giant thread or maybe some gurus here summarized these changes somewhere? I mainly play Shadow Warrior, Seraphim, and High Elf if that makes any difference. Thanks in advance!
  15. Thanks for clearing that up, lujate, it's hard to distinguish between console and pc here, and it seems most of the players writing guides are using Ice & Blood and pc as standard. Like I almost took blacksmith for my dual-wield shadow warrior until I read about the blacksmith bug. blacksmith and ep would have made my shadow warrior more fun to play. And Graitful, you are absolutely right about the boredom. I'm grinding my shadow warrior in platinum right now to fund my low level characters and also test my luck with drops (which is pretty non-existent). Boredom is actually what caused me to start this BFG seraphim. Now that I've actually played the BFG seraphim more, I think I can afford to drop RT Lore and WE Lore for both bargaining and EP. Bargaining is so useful, but I just don't how I'm going to keep the goodies coming w/o +all-skill socket items. Other than BFG and DP, I don't use RT combat arts at all, except maybe FN for mob control, so RT Lore now seems more like a luxury I don't need. Thanks for all the help guys, you were all very, VERY helpful! ps. I need to start putting more time actually PLAYING the game instead of reading sutff on Sacred Wiki and here on the forum