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  1. Hanoth

    The Nameless Guardians

    Ah right, so do you load free roam before or after you kill them in the campaign then? I know I read somewhere that if you kill something in a quest it doesnt respawn in a free roam but dont know if thats true or not? Also, are there any bosses, area's or quest lines that are garunteed to drop legendary items? Or is there any specific way I can increase my chances of getting them on a console? Thanx for the info btw
  2. Hey all, So I've had sacred for awhile now, im still on my first silver run through though im hoping to have that done and move on to gold soon. Anyway, I've heard people talking about farming the guardians for legendaries but so far I've either just not seen or completely missed these guys and scrolling the wiki for info is giving me a headache - can find info about them, just not the right info! >.< So I was helping someone here could tell me where these guys are? If they're part of a quest and how I would go about farming them? As in is it a free roam thingy etc. Any info is seriously appreciated as I've had no luck trading for tinwora's curse after a month and if I can get it off these guys I'd be seriously chuffed! Thanx all!
  3. Hanoth

    Looking for Tinwora's Curse

    Ahhh well can you guys tell me how I should be looking for it atleast? Just that for all the info I've read I cant tell if it has a percentage chance of being a random drop anywhere or if you have to farm a particular enemy? Dont mind so much if I cant get it from someone else but would love to try and get it on my own! Thanx all and take care
  4. Hey all, So im hoping that this site still gets some use from any of you guys with Sacred 2 on the xbox? I only picked this game up a few days ago and I already have a level 36 HE and a slight addiction to the game! Anyways, I've been doin my research (from this site mostly) and I've been wondering if anyone has a spare Tinwora's Curse or can atleast tell me how to find one? I've been farming the griffin in bronzer all day so I have rather a few silver sets but yeah, if anyone could help out or atleast point me in the right direction then I'd really appreciate it! Thanx all!