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  1. Chrona

    Next game?

    Hey sry, long time not log in here. Still playin Grim dawen, Guild wars 2 and starbound
  2. Chrona

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    Finished gr93 , now RANK 200
  3. Chrona

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    Season 7- first time in leaderboard!
  4. Chrona

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    gameplay is still the same-> run to level 70, grab your "free" set, farm 1 week for BIS gear -> try to reach a good position in the leaderboard but this time you can get lots of new transmogs, 20 pets and 2 wings-> the best part for me yes, seasons are pc only
  5. Chrona

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    Season 6 is a lot of fun
  6. Chrona

    Diablo 3 anyone?

    started again with season-> lots of new transmogs, 2 cosmetic wings and 20pets witchdoctor works really well with patch 2.4.1 failed by 6 sec...lol
  7. I really enjoy my vitality conjurer, you're immortal- except undead nemesis (forgot the freeze duration potion...lol)
  8. Fabius is lot of hard work for my pet build easiest nemesis for my vitalitycaster is moosilauke
  9. mp works for me...most of the time... hehe my gf activated piercing aura and I died... (happens from time to time ->hope they'll fix it)
  10. you can craft dynamite now
  11. Patch1.0.0.2 www.grimdawn.com/forums/showthread.php?t=35385 looks good so far intrested in the armor / devotion changes will run first tests in SC
  12. this season I did the stashtabrun with demonhunter -> thrill+avarice easiest way for wd thrill (did it season 4)-> jerams, both petrings, tasker and kukri ,aquilacuirass, mojo-> use whatever you've in ancient cube: unity good luck
  13. oh, sry.. playing with the german communitypatch... it's the blueprint for the empowered version https://gracefuldusk.appspot.com/items/8915-Blueprint%3a-Empowered-Black-Grimoire-of-Og'Napesh mission complete -> time to reroll this build in hardcore=> coffee ->fresh start - selffound - solo