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  1. I will, one photobucket stops upgrading itself.
  2. So this is as close I it will get to the original this time. Now I will color it black, add hair, and put a sieve over eye slots.
  3. Yes Nononono. I still plan to convert the 3D data into a 3D printable action figure eventually. But that has taken a big back burner, because I had no luck with conversion of hollow meshes to 3D formats. But 3D is way too expensive and long to get in my parts. What I'm aiming for now is to recreate a mask/helmet that looks like that in real life using paper mache, to wear this Halloween to the office party. But TG head structure is tricky, given its dog shape and I don't want the muzzle looking down. Hence the upper pic with Centurion vs TG head structure, where I put a human hea
  4. I fail to see how you can help me make a Halloween mask. How would you?
  5. Dam that chin. This is going to be tricky. I have bitten too many projects for me to chew, but dam it, if I'm not going to try and make at least a TG shaped mask for Halloween.
  6. Huh. Turns out you can just put converted to OBJ meshes into Unity, then use PNG textures to make materials that go right onto the mesh fully mapped. Neat.
  7. GOOD! What the taff is this "answer this census by mail or email, or we drag you to jail" lazy work?! In Estonia we designate official census representatives to do house calls. We only had like 2 in total in my whole life time, and they were only aimed to just to figure what population Estonia has. And no one ever said anything about giving false answers would be a crime. So frak this. They want my honest answer, they can just ask me to vote on it.
  8. This one if my favorite. And now I'm living it: Ok, I lie a bit - it was just a picture of another bug report. But that quote was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the email.
  9. Didn't. Paid someone else to do the whole picture from start to finish. It was very good deal. I understand your confusion and missing the link - the work is that amazingly distracting. My resent works don't even come close to it:
  10. My work is killing me... Or at least my free time to lerk here. So have some narcissistic fan art I commissioned from some guy.
  11. And then they made her a descent grave with a nice tombstone. Or do all Kobold refrigerators look like graves?
  12. Don't get too excited - there is a lot more to be done. As I found out the reason Solid Edge is so resistant is because it doesn't like working with none solid and hollow objects, which meshes are. I tried some tools to fill'em up, but to no luck at this time. So for the time being I am stuck to tracing. Additionally, just leaving the models as is is not a good idea - no assembly points. I need to add custom made joints, holes and such in order to make something worth printing and easily assembling. Otherwise I will just end up with the toy model with in default T pose. Lastly, I do not hav
  13. Well, you guessed my cunning little plan. Yes, I have been looking into cracking the 3D printing possibilities of GR2 for a long time now. And so far this GR2->SMD->STL is the furthest I ever got. At this time I am stuck with not being able to make anything out of STL for yet unknown reasons to me. But unlike GranyViewer I have a stable 3D model that I can measure and convert into a schematic manually. At this time am using SolidEdge V20. I do have a copy of SolidEdge ST6, but that interface seams alien to me, so V20 it is for now. But I'm not picky about the tools to use. If you co
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