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  1. Brianwulf

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    The only trustworthy reviewer in existance is Yahtze.
  2. Brianwulf

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    It would have helped if they had been able to get at least a few of the original dev team on this. They would have a better understanding of whats going on and possibly what people want from the game.
  3. Brianwulf

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    Ok, now I feel like a dumbass. lol.
  4. Brianwulf

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    The website there has no basis in science, I was more going from the scientific standpoint. No scientist ever talks about devolution, because the process of evolution does not in anyway have bearing on positive or negative changes, only changes over time. Regardless of the meaning that website gives, if you use the word devolve in the context of evolution, you are using it wrong. However, in this case I can be swayed, because we arent actually talking about the 'science' of evolution, we are talking about the evolution of a game, which is not the same thing. I am going to drop this topic now, because it takes away from the main point, which is, do we think Sacred 3 is going to be good? My vote is for no, I dont think so. I think we should make an attempt to perpetuate someone, or many someones, to mod/overhaul sacred2 instead, that would be cool.
  5. Brianwulf

    Good Bye to Sacred as we used to love it.

    While I understand why everyone is talking about Deep Silver, with them owning the rights, what I dont understand is how no one is talking about the actual development company. Deep silver most likely doesnt have a single developer actually working for them, they only publish games, and as far as I can tell, Keen games has never built a game of this scope. While they have some games with good reviews, I dont see them just jumping right in to this and making a great game. I have been taught by the gaming industry to be very cynical, so by default, I never expect good basically until the game is out, and right now, it doesnt sound good. Torchlight 2 is ok, Path of Exile is amazing. If You like this sort of game, I would go with Path and be done with this mess. Though we could alway try and find a way to foster a moderatly good modding community for Sacred 2, which would be cool. wolfie2kX"Evolve is exactly the WRONG word for the situation. DEVOLVE - DEVO - is more like it." Devolve Verb Transfer or delegate (power) to a lower level, esp. from central government to local or regional administration. (of duties or responsibility) Pass to (a body or person at a lower level). Synonyms transfer Just to point out, talking about the word evolution, the word devolve has no meaning, its not a real thing. Evolution would encopass any change, good or bad, even a step backward, technically something cant 'devolve' because the concept people attribut to that is just another way to evolve.
  6. Brianwulf

    Download Sacred 2 Gold - 13.49~!

    Holy mother of something! Finally back. And Sacred gold and Sacred2 gold are on steam!. I bought them both for me and a few friends when they were on sale. Total win.
  7. Brianwulf

    High elf Melee

    Alright, that is very helpful. Now I can actually do me some math if I'm not too lazy. Does anyone know about the riding skill for special mounts? Basically is it needed?
  8. Brianwulf

    High elf Melee

    Would you happen to know which % is applied first, or are they both applied to the base value before bonuses?
  9. Brianwulf

    High elf Melee

    Well, I'm currently running V 2.40. I don't have ice & Blood, and 2.43 did some weird stuff that I couldn't fix, so I reinstalled to 2.40. With that said, here is another question, how does the defense boost from shield lore work with the bonus from speed lore? Because I read somewhere that the speed lore boost was a % and not a base number. Also, would damage lore be a good option? I've also read that damage lore works for secondary effect on spells, I will be using cobalt strike a lot as well as raging nimbus, So I've been wondering about that, though I'm not sure that there is a secondary effect for nimbus. Edit. If you use a special mount, is the riding skill necessary to unlock any abilities?
  10. Brianwulf

    High elf Melee

    Well, I figured I would get this advice from a few people,and it is appreciated, but the thing is, I want to be able to use left click attacks effectively. I also like the secondary effects from sword weapons. Another thing is that I will be using at least raging nimbus pretty heavily, so even though this IS a coup build, It wont be my only form of attack. I have another thing I want to say, but its late, and I cant remember it, I'm quite sure ut was very smart, and would have made a lot of sense, but that doesn't matter if I don't know what it was so, moving on. The last thing I can remember I wanted to say. While I know that combat discipline is highly awesome and very useful, the problem is that I don't really like to use combos, so thats why I don't generally take combat discipline. I do enjoy hearing as many points of view as possible though, so keep it coming, and all advice is appreciated, even if I don't necessarily use it.
  11. Brianwulf

    High elf Melee

    Hi, hows it going darkmatters? I was wondering, knowing that tactics lore has no effect on magic coup at all, if I wanted to make a melee sword wieldiing high elf, is it worth it for the extra damage on regular attacks, or should I take something like damage lore? OH wait, here is skill list 1.Delphic lore 2.Sword Weapons 3.concentration 4.Armor Lore 5.Shield Lore 6.Delphic Focus 7.Mystic Stormite focus 8.constitution 9.Mystic Stormite Lore 10.?
  12. Brianwulf

    What class from past games do you want for Sacred 3

    High Elf. Funniest. Character. EVAAARRRR.
  13. Brianwulf

    Sacred 3 not to be an MMO

    I can't believe that this is even a question. Of course its good news. I challenge you to name any MMO that could be a contender for the top 5, no, top 10 games of all time. MMO's are of lesser quality than real games, considering they are designed to milk money out of you for as long as possible and suck away your life in the process. Also, they are part of the problem with the gaming industry as a whole right now. So, if you cant tell, I dislike MMO's and, in fact, the entire concept of MMO's. /rant off
  14. Thanks guys, by the way, what happened with the site going down?