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  1. Hello everyone Clan D.a.r.k Sacred is a growing clan. As such we would like everyone, candidate and full member a like to wear their tag in this way [D.a.r.k] Once everyone has their tag formatted this way Csaszar will also be running a ladder thread for everyone in the clan. Due to the way the search works the clan tag has to be the same for everyone. The idea isn't about raising competition within us but to inspire all the clan members. This thread can give us all valuable information - through accessing Sacred International Highscore about our chars. Seeing which type of chars an
  2. DarkMatters proudly presents the hottest guides in the land. The Index of all submitted guides at DarkMatters has met with success here and around the world. In our hopes of inspiring and encouraging the writing and submission of guides, we now present the hottest Sacred Guides in the land. They have been arranged from most popular downwards and are each representative of how many "views" they have received. We hope you enjoy this little tour through the most popular and most read Sacred Guides and happily await any new and wild builds that you think are great enough to be published and shared
  3. The Witch: German WE Guide (translated) by Gelu Guide: The Witch (Poison is Queen of Faeryland Wood Elf Guide) by Gelu The Witch Contents I Prolog II Skills III Combat Arts IV Equipment (Ausrüstung) V Tactics VI Epilog I Prolog The witch is a pure Magic Woodelf. It used only spells and it is times an alternative to the ranga. In addition the witch is designed for mobkills and not individuals. II Skills First off, you need to disable default skills in your settings.cfg file in your Underworld program directory. Your line should be: DEFAULT_SKILLS: 0 level
  4. The Grotesque Choir Girl Guide Having experimented with the Daemon for a few months now, I've decided to go against the norm and build an "Abysmal Choir Daemon". This is by far the most enjoyable magic daemon I've made since it requires more strategy and input and it is a refreshing change from the more passive Blazing disk and Hell sphere builds. I play single player and all my characters begin in silver. This guide assumes you are fairly familiar with the game. CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT: Attributes Put all your attribute points in to mental regeneration. No more needs to be said. CAs: Abysm
  5. Thanks to Frosty for permission to post this here This guide is made up of things I've read, things I've been told, and things I figured out for myself. Often, these are opinions. There are many ways to skin an onion, and Sacred UW is no exception. Any contructive comment or criticism is welcome. Save the other kind. In the age of music videos, personal mp3 players, dvd rentals, file sharing, we want things quick... and we want them now! So, the summary comes first: Survive Damage comes in four types: physical, fire, magic and poison. Life leech runes (about 1/2 of vampire
  6. Coming to China in time for the Peking Olympics. View the full article
  7. Melee Battlemage Guide While browsing these boards for a while all I ever see are posts about Ice Shard mages, Meteor Shower mages, Fire Spiral mages, Gust of Wind mages, etc. So a while ago I decided to try something different, a melee mage. Sure you can melee far better by choosing a class that is inherently suited for melee, so if you want to race through the levels and difficulty levels with ease go play one of the other classes, if instead you want a challenge for a change, read on. My character is currently level 100 and almost ready to finish Platinum (although I might need some more l
  8. 1.8 Shard Mage Guide OK, I think I got a pretty good build going, so I thought I would share it for the community at large. The shardmage is a Battlemage who will primarily rely on Ice Shards for his early leveling, until going to platinum where he will branch out a bit for additional safety. First let us discuss the skills to take, and how to place the points as you level up. Skills: Magic Lore Meditation Water Magic Agility Trade Constitution Air Magic Parry Ok you'll start off dropping points into Magic Lore, and Meditation. I like to keep this up till they're a
  9. Many thanks to Zinsho for this build which was originally posted on SIF Hunter-Seeker Seraphim Hunter-Seeker Hybrid Premise: Up until now most Seraphim guides have recommended the use of Attack as the primary melee CA be it for a Hybrid or a Melee toon. Multi-Hit is too hit-or-miss with regards to it's hit ratio, Hard Hit is quite effective but is not the attack of choice for a seraphim. Attack is because of the number of attacks you get per volley. Regardless of the weapon, a seraphim positively shines with Attack, not to mention she looks great. If you want details about Attack
  10. Hello and welcome to our applications Centre! The following guidelines here will help you through your process of applicancy as quickly as possible. First, you will need to post your application in the Clan Applicants Lounge after having made a minimum of fifteen (15) posts,then wait while you hopefully win a positive vote in your favor on our discussion/vote thread which will be opened up for you internally. You will also need to state which one of our sponsored clans that you are officially applying for.. Sacred, Ogame, Vendetta...etc... After you have done this please state your
  11. r00sters Gladiator Guide The Gr00 Guide This guide is dedicated to my gladiator Gr00, as he taught me all I know. Foreword: This guide is intended to help make the most powerful gladiators. It is not intended for power-levelers, experience sockets, or magic find. This guide is also not for players wanting to use only one weapon as it is not an optimal method of play. Switching weapons is easy and effective. If you don’t like hitting keys, video games may not be for you. This guide will require you to play. It is also not intended to tell you exactly what to do. I will not be giving you e
  12. This is the Official Indexed List of all the Guides and Builds available at DarkMatters. The Index comprises guides regarding player builds, Tours of Ancaria, Important lists, Maps and other miscellaneous but important reference information regarding this game. The index is made up of links to every guide that has been submitted here at DarkMatters. It is the culmination of innumerable numbers of people that have worked hard, donated their time and played Sacred over many years. Many of these people are now gone but their work remains and has been recorded here on this site as testimony toward
  13. Many Thanks to FrostElfGuard & Tharkane for permission to reproduce this guide here on FDM and gogoblender for Table 1.1 The Dracobane written by: FrostElfGuard & Tharkane The Dracobane The Dragons of Ancaria are fearsome beasts of tremendous size and power. Their powers are manifold. They may summon huge stones from the sky to smite the would-be dragonslayers who trespass in their domains. With a breath they may unleash torrents of incinerating fire, utterly consuming all unfortunate enough to stand before them. These mighty creatures also enjoy ripping their victims l
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