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  1. The Black Death

    I like this, but I got myself all psyched up to play with others to find...... not really anyone playing. So, I've also bought the Warhammer 40k inquisitor Martyr, I'll give that bugger a whirl.
  2. The Black Death

    As far as graphics card, I have an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050. I don't know if that's good or not, I used something called GD Hardware scan, and it told me I could run the game. I got the game, believe it or not, because of a dream. I dreamed that a Dragonborn was using my computer, and said "this is such rubbish, how you people romanticize the Middle Ages. Do you know what the bubonic plague actually looked like?" And that's why I love this game: you're not a super-human, who can bring down castles and even dragons with the sheer power of your voice, you're a plague physician, during a period where everyone is.... effed. People are puking and dying and scared sh*tless, and they're looking to you for answers. I got a few customers lining up. So, real quick, I can totally respect you for not wanting to play a game like this. Me, personally, I like it because I find that period to be a credit to the human spirit: that people of that region weren't completely wiped out, that people didn't just throw in the towel, lay down, and check out, that we didn't go down without a fight.
  3. The Black Death

    This isn't a review, it's a request. I got so excited when I saw The Black Death that I purchased it without researching much. I saw "professions" and "surviving the Black Death", and that's all she wrote, I'm in. Plus, it was bundled with some Mech fighting game, I'm sold! What ole Gilberticus didn't see: "Large scale multiplayer, with up to 50 players per server". Dang it! I've never done an MMO, have always, always been a lone wolf. So, I'm going to have to bite the bullet and actually be like social. I'm a social bugger in the real world, but when it comes to gaming, I play solo. So, ........ crap. Anyway, I was wondering if any of y'all have the game, and what server you play on.
  4. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    Not all of us have tongue twisting names like Ryan
  5. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    I'm not sure. Pronunciations are sometimes a head-trip, man. For example, my friend's name is pronounced scythe, like the cutting tool. However, it's spelled Sbddb. Seriously, man, in what world does that make sense? And that right there is why I'm happy I'm not a college English prof (which was my first course of action). I'd be the prof, standing in the front of the class the first day, "Holy crap, how in the world am I supposed to pronounce this, there's like sixteen consonants and one vowel? You know, if it's cool with you, we're just going to call you........ Thunder cat. And this young man, I'm not even attempting that, we'll call you.... Skittles."
  6. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    I like the character customization, and I do indeed use it. Some might say that it adds very little. A few hair styles and eye/skin/hair color, but big deal. You can change their weight, big deal. I personally like it, for role playing purposes. I can make a character completely emaciated, morbidly obese, and everything in between. That, for me, is great. As far as adding anything to the game, no, it doesn't. A skeletal figure can swing a giant claymore just as easily as a big burly beefcake. But that's not why I like character customization. I like it for the fact that all of my characters have backstories. All of my characters start off as slaves in the gladiator arena of Exanima. Each character has a very specific body type, for a variety of reasons. So, body customization is greatly appreciated by me, as it visually aids in me transitioning my characters from the arena into games like Skyrim and Wolcen. So, while the general player might not have much appreciation for it, I do. However, I hope they tweak that aspect a little, because as it stands, all of my characters look the same in the face. So, I'd like my characters to look different, rather than just the same man and woman at various stages of weight/muscle gain/loss.
  7. Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

    Now, I've told y'all before that I consider "good" and "bad" to be subjective, which is why I don't often use those terms. I also don't like comparisons; "if you liked game A, game B will totally blow your mind". Often times in the past, I've purchased "game B" because of statements like that, and while I've loved game A, I've found that game B did blow, but not my mind. With this in mind, I can make a few statements about Wolcen. In early 2017, I made the switch from laptop to desktop, for the sole purpose of playing Wolcen. My laptop ran and did everything else I needed it to. But this is a purchase that I not only have no regrets about, but would also go back and do a second time if need be. Now, you might think "Gilbey, that's not saying much , man, how could you regret an upgrade?". Well, coming from me, that's kind of a big deal. I spent hundreds of dollars to play something that I bought for $20. In addition to that, I have a three year old, so y'all know how that goes; I don't have a lot of "me" money right now. So, when I make a purchase for myself, I don't do it lightly. Even before that, I've never made purchases lightly. I have a lot of hobbies, but the very first and foremost of them are minerals, which some don't understand "what's the big deal, it's a rock, I bought a half ton of gravel to fill my driveway." That's not something I can really debate; ya either get it or ya don't. Anyway, I weigh all purchases against minerals. Regardless of how much or little a purchase costs, I can guarantee you that I can find a mineral of equal monetary value. And the thing with me and minerals is I never grow tired of them. I have the very first mineral I ever mined, and the awe and appreciation I have for it has never diminished. I take it off it's shelf and go outside on my patio and look at it in the sun almost every day. I can't say that for pretty much any other form of entertainment. My favorite book is A Separate Reality: Further Conversations with Don Juan, my favorite movies are the original Terminator and Hot Tub Time Machine, and my favorite game is Sacred 2. However, with all these things, I've read, watched, and played them less and less, until they eventually sit on the shelf and gather dust. Not minerals, man. Heck, I have a rutilated quartz sitting next to me right now as I'm typing this. So, long story short, my motto is "when in doubt, buy the rock". Wolcen is one of the times where I've bought the game instead of the rock, even though I had my eye on a nice smoky amethyst cluster, and have no regrets, even though the smoky amethyst had been sold when I went back to V Rock later that week. So, friends, take from that what you will. The only feature of Wolcen that I don't have much use for is the house building concept, but I think that feature has been temporarily put on hold. It was kind of cool, but if I wanted to build a house, I'd play Rising World. But that's another game and another conversation for another time
  8. Last week, we saw a snowstorm that left us with a foot of snow on the ground. A day or so later, it was High 60s . High 50s today, with a lot of rain. In nine hours, we're going to be like 38, with more snow. The last time I saw a back and forth like this was when I was tinkering with a mod in Rimworld and made it too imbalanced. I'm kind of digging it, though, because summer will be here very soon, which mean mowing season bc my lawn grows at a beastly rate. Dang, a dude gets a little over zealous one time with weed n seed, and he's got to pay for it for the next ten bloody years!
  9. I love Backdrop, but not as a game. In the 90s, there was a late-night avante-garde tv show; that is the form I could see Backdrop shining in. Y'all remember those? Half your friends didn't get it, your parents thought that it was one of those programs that you had to be inebriated to understand, but you were able to understand the sheer brilliance of it. But as a game, I don't dig it.
  10. Enoch: Underground

    Yes, hardcore, one life. It looked promising, but it felt so terribly clunky. I was looking for something to play while I wait for the Exanima update to go public, but Enoch isn't it for me. However, now that Rising World has spawnable NPCs, I have a lot of planning to do. I've made over 230 home blueprints, but I've never given a thought how I want to tie everything together. I like modern and contemporary architecture, but do I want a modern city layout? I could make just one gigantic city, being that Rising World is an infinitely generated open world. Or I could make multiple cities. Or, I could make little walled City-states. I could make each home independent, with all crafting tables, a garden, and a stable of farm animals. Or I could make some type of Wal-Mart stores, depending on independent farmers. We're getting electricity, trains, and transportation , so I have to factor all of that in , too. I'm not sure if we're getting sea creatures, so I may have to factor in Sea World and Ripley's types of places. Updates take a while, as this is kind of a one man show, but I sincerely feel that this game's gunna blow the pants right off the competition when all the smoke clears.
  11. Enoch: Underground

    Never mind, it looked fun, but wasn't quite what I was looking for, so I refunded it.
  12. Enoch: Underground

    Sweet, I did do the link correctly I'm getting better at this computer stuff day by day
  13. Enoch: Underground

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/703400/Enoch_Underground/ I think I added the link correctly. I'm very excited about this one. The bad part is I can't report on it for a few hours yet, because Jenn is at work, and I have her take my personal credit card. For those of you who don't know, I run a type of mineral boutique out of my home. I'm kind of obsessive about minerals, and have a small compulsion about buying my own stock. Which obviously means I'm not making money; I'm just shifting money from my personal account into my business one. Anyway, I'll give report on this one in a few hours once I actually get it.
  14. Ohio. From now til next Wednesday, we're going to bounce around from 19 to 60. This is either the raddest or freakiest thing I've ever see, not sure which one yet. Have you ever prematurely got an ice cube from the freezer and it has a little water pocket in it? That's what snow is doing here. I hit a patch of that just today in my back pasture, luckily I was wearing a pair of Rockies, gotta love those boots! Who knew snow could have little encapsulated pockets of water under the surface? Not this ole boy, and I've lived here most of my life.
  15. Good God, it sounds like nature has some of your areas bent over a barrel, that sucks!! We don't get terribly adverse weather. What we get, especially during this time of year, especially during the last five years or so, is wild weather fluctuations. What we get is all season packed within a week, pretty much every week. So, it literally fluctuates between like 14 degrees one day and 70 the next. Personally, I think it's kind of rad; I've never seen snow and thunderstorms happen at the same time before.