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  1. Project Zomboid

    Timo, should you decide to pick it up again, I highly recommend trying the Hydrocraft mod. Now, I still love this game. While I enjoy the gameplay, my favorite part is still character creation. Specifically, I try to create occupations that aren't in the game. For instance, I tried to pick traits that an Ensign from the Public Health Service Commissioned Corps might have. When I go with red traits, I try to go with ones that might fit my character's personality, rather than just trying to balance out my greens. Or, something else I try to do (which I admit... might be kind of nerdy) is recreate some of my favorite characters from shows I like. How would Dwight from Haven behave? Or Duke Crocker? Or a challenging one (since we don't know much about him) : Agent Howard? I don't like Nathan, so heck with him. Or, sometimes I try to recreate real people. How would Robert O'Neill act if he suddenly woke up in Rosewood? Or Chris Kyle? Granted, I don't know either of these men very well; we weren't/aren't exactly drinking buddies, but I think I have a good feel for those two.
  2. Project Zomboid

    I think I made the right decision. Sheltered sounded kind of fun, until I saw some of the negative reviews and went to Youtube.
  3. Project Zomboid

    Alright, after 100 hours of the game, I think it's time to try a mod or two. Hydrocraft seems to fix every little nag I've had about the game, as well as some I was unaware that I've had.
  4. That would be the post of a certain Gilberticus
  5. Project Zomboid

    I'll tell y'all one thing: it's the little things that impress me about this game. I had my base set up: garden, water collectors, compost piles for fertilizer, shelves stocked with canned food. However, I didn't really feel like transitioning from my starter base to my self-made one yet, so I started playing with the cooking mechanics. I was able to make: spaghetti, bacon cheeseburgers, hot ham and cheese sandwiches, coffee, tea, BLT's, just a variety of stuff. It impresses me that the game recognizes that you get more comfort from cooking a meal rather than just cramming ingredients in your mouth. I don't know if y'all have been in any survival types of scenarios, but it doesn't take a stretch of the imagination to believe that a fresh cup of tea improves your mood far better than having to suck on a tea bag (I've been there). Little comforts go along way, man
  6. Project Zomboid

    It's always perma-death. Now, there might be a mod that changes death into like a knock-out scenario, where you lose parts of your skills or inventory or some other penalty, but I'm unaware of those. The only mod I'm rolling with is "Knap a rock", because the game doesn't offer it and that's a skill I've acquired in the real world. The game does have hardcore mode , though. I'm playing with normal conditions, where I start with a baseball bat, hammer, a bottle of water, and chips. Hard mode starts you with just food and water, while hardcore starts you with nothing. In addition, there are different sandbox scenarios. I play in the initial outbreak scenario: zombies are slow, houses are unlooted, and electricity and water are still on. There's the first week scenario, where water and electricity are about to shut off, and houses are unlooted. Six months later scenario has electricity and water off, houses are ransacked, and the zombie horde is large. And then, you have hardcore mode, with a giant horde and death is waiting at every turn. There is also a challenge mode. In one, you only have a day to reach safety. In another, you're defending your cabin in the woods against endless hordes. In another, you have that cabin, but you earn money to upgrade things and skills. There are also a few other challenges, but I haven't played those. If interested, Project Zomboid has a free demo on Steam, but it's not the sandbox survival mode, it's the Last Stand challenge (if I remember correctly). Now, if you like the "man versus nature" type of survival games, I can recommend several; none of them feature zombies. One of them does feature cannibals: The Forest. Subsistence is an escaped convict versus nature and other humans. I know the humans can be shut off, but I don't think the wolves and cougars can be shut off, as that's the main source of meat. My warning there: it's bloody. You see blood splash as you plunge your knife into a wolf, hear the knife cutting through meat and stuff. However, you might be thinking "I like crafting and building, I like hunger and thirst dynamics, but I want it in a scifi setting." My recommendation there: Eden Star. But what if you're thinking "I like building and survival stuff, but I don't like the first person perspective. I want a third person perspective. In addition, I want a squad; nature can be lonely at times." One word there: Kenshi. I also have Survivalist, Judgment: Apocalypse Survival Simulation, Empyrion, Force of Nature, and Conan: Exiles, but I can't recommend them, as I forget why I stopped playing them. Finally, what if you like hunger, thirst, building, and crafting, but don't want such a hardcore experience? What if you want a little more of a relaxed vibe, without a 'smiley, happy, good time animal friends bobbing up and down in unison' type of deal? What if you're tired of "twelve sticks plus twine equals small shelter" type of deal: you want to build your shelter brick/block/rock, and stick at a time? I feel you there, that's how I like to build, rather than choosing a bunch of prefabricated buildings. There's a game I have for that, which is 1/3 building, 1/3 exploration, and 1/3 survival. That would be Rising World. The cool part about that: crops can fail, rot, freeze, and be destroyed by hard rain. You have to dress in accordance with the weather, otherwise disease ensues. There are critters, like bears, cougars, and wolves, that will maul you if you're unprepared. Also, death isn't permanent, but you do lose your items, requiring you to find your body. There are a lot of cool other features: pirates, factions to befriend or alienate. There's an electrical component that's as simple or complex as you want. Then, there's trains and vehicles. The bad part: most of what I've mentioned isn't implemented yet. This is made by a one-man team. While I have total faith that the game will be finished, it's been in early access for four or five years, and updates are slower than cold maple syrup. If this game sounds promising, I'd put it on your watch list and wait for it to finish UNLESS you love building as much as I do. I love city building games, but I dislike the fact that all I can do is place buildings: I want to build them myself. That's where this game shines right now. I've built everything, brick by brick. I have every type of home you can imagine: Modern, castles, Victorian, Georgian, Mediterranean, fantasy types of things that look like wizards live there amidst an enchanted forest, cabins; everything. I have every type of store you can imagine; fast food (like Gilbey's, Kentucky Fried Gilbert, McGilberts), police stations, Gilberticus university, Gilbey's Believe It Or Not (an aquarium), just everything. The bad part there; I don't have them built in survival mode, I've only built them in creative mode and saved them as blueprints. The reason: there's going to be world-breaking updates soonish. Another aspect that some might consider "bad": just because you can build all this stuff doesn't necessarily mean you can have people actually living in them. There's a possibility that when the game's finalized and I lay all of this crap, it's going to be me walking around an empty town. I don't have a problem w that. Now, finally, you might be thinking "Dude, I asked you one freaking question, and I got paragraphs of crap I didn't ask about." If that's the case, sorry I'm trying to be a little more social online, plus, I like to give options. Plus, I'll be real with you: I'm procrastinating cutting a bunch of thundereggs I got in Oregon the other day.
  7. Project Zomboid

    I can tell you one thing, though; negative traits aren't what's killed me, stupid mistakes combined with a lack of preparedness does. My "worst" character has outlasted my "best one" all because of a stupid mistake. I had a sweet, sweet setup; out in the woods, low zombie traffic, plenty of canned foods, rainwater collectors, this dude was in it for the long haul. There were two little items keeping me from being self-sufficient; a shovel and a gardening can, that's it. Luckily for me, I knew exactly where the hardware store was. I had a big ole vehicle in pretty good shape and a spacious trunk, so I was going to make one final run and load up the trunk with every tool and nail I could find (tools do break). I normally have a backpack full of food and medical supplies, but I left it behind in favor of an empty hiking bag, so I could cram that one full of anything else I'd need. One last run, and I'm golden. I made it to the hardware store just fine. There was even a rack of beef jerky, so I could stave off any hunger on the drive back. Vehicle's totally loaded, I found my shovel and watering can; I'm pretty stoked. I get in my vehicle, cruise off, and a tire blows. I hit a tree at full speed; deep wounds full of glass. That's still not a biggie, because I have tweezers, needles, and thread. Now, I don't have any bandages, but even that's not a big deal. The weather's still nice, so I can rip my pants up for bandages. The bad part: I forgot to wash my pants after I had been foraging in the woods yesterday. I even had plenty of soap back at my base; I just plum forgot to wash. So, I had to wrap my wounds with dirty bandages, which means infection. I don't know whether infection or bleeding out kills faster, because I also didn't have enough bandages. So, my big lumberjack survivalist mountain man is shuffling the streets of KY, with all the other zombies, just because he was so impatient that he tried to combine three excursions into one.
  8. Next game?

    The problem with guilds or even with multiplayer function in the games I have is that everyone wants to be self sufficient. The day that they make one where people have to cooperate ( bakers depending on the farmers, smiths depending on the miners, etc), sign me up
  9. Next game?

    Wolcen has a potential to really shine here. When I first purchased it, they had a video of the armor customization mini game. I miss games where I could customize armor appearance instead of just stats (like S:EA). If it's not scrapped, I can imagine guilds walking around in matching armor that is actually distinguished from the same chainmail that everyone else is running around in. Since we have the option of customizing our homes, I see the ability to have a customized guildhall. If I'm not mistaken, some cosmetics in Wolcen carried bonuses to certain stats, so I see the potential of different guild memberships carrying different perks, instead of the same lame plane Jane "if you joined one guild, you've joined them all" type of deal. Of course, this is all speculation, but I see the potential for guild creation to really shine in Wolcen.
  10. Sacred 1 sucks

    My thoughts on S1 are the same as my feelings about this community. I'll venture off for something else for maybe 4-6 months, maybe even a year, but I always return to both the series and the game. I always return. To the OP, sorry you had a bad time with S1, but this whole community's built around the series, ya ain't gunna feel much love with statements like "Sacred 1 sucks". Lol at podgie pulling out the "Hello Kitty" reference.
  11. Controller for pc

    Personally, I just use an 8-10 year old wireless Xbox 360 remote, I've never had to calibrate it for any game. However, I'm not a fan of controllers for most games. Games like Skyrim and Inquisitor Martyr feel weird with mouse and keyboard, and I don't think Destiny 2 can be played with the mouse, but to me, rpgs = mouse. I tried grim Dawn with the controller, and it just felt out of place.
  12. Listening to Alien Weaponry. A friend called me up " You like that Sepultura stuff, you gotta listen to these teens from New Zealand". I'm not quite sure what they're saying (as I'm Lakota, not Maori) but I kind of dig it. Granted, I think my friend's wrong, I don't think Kai Tangata can even hold a candle to Roots Bloody Roots, but I still kind of dig it.
  13. Project Zomboid

    Alright, I was gunna give another run through, a few successful builds that I've made, and a few tricks I've learned. However, the more I play, the more I discover that learning what does and doesn't work is half the fun. Deaths have been more educational for me than my successful builds. One might say "but isn't that every game?" Not for me, it isn't. When I first started Sacred 2, I darn near threw the controller out the window because I couldn't get my Temple Guardians off and running no matter what I did; I needed a guide or two for them. But with this game, if the reader is interested in the game, telling too much would deprive them. But because y'all have been cool, reading while I blather on and on (often about minerals), I can tell you one thing: this is a game to be played at a slow pace. In the beginning, I had read a review that made it sound like you make a mad dash from your starting base to the woods, as power and water were inches from shutting down and hordes of zombies were about to descend on you. That's not the case at all; the only time I make a mad dash is when vehicles/houses have alarm systems. Once , a zombie was wearing a digital watch, the alarm went off and took me forever to figure out what it was; that was a mad dash.But besides that, every excursion from my base has been slow and planned. Sometimes, I've never really moved on from my starting base. I have the river not too far to the north, I expanded my home so I could have a little garden on the second floor, I'm trapping the heck out of the woods next to me; life's good.
  14. Project Zomboid

    I've never had as much fun as I'm having with this and Rimworld. Now, ya gotta keep in mind that I'm completely burned on arpgs, so that might factor in (wish I would have realized that before I bought the Grim Dawn expansion). I kind of fizzed out on Rimworld. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but I had to build a whole field of solar panels to fuel one little sunlamp. I'll have to come back to Rimworld later. I contemplated Sheltered, but chose Project Zomboid instead. I was also contemplating Eco, but I'm not a fan of community-based games any more. So few of my friends from the real world play games, and not very many communities are as chill as y'all. I think I might do another run. Hmm, either lumberjack or park ranger.
  15. Project Zomboid

    Upon reading this, it dawned on me that I never explained why I'd pick a doctor profession yet also have the hemophobic trait. While I loved what I did while I was in the military, when I came home, I didn't want anything to do with what I did while I was in the service. It took me a few years to even pick up a gun again, and I never wanted anything to do with the medical field, even to this day.