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  1. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    Ya know, I was told by a customer that there's less and less of a distinction these days between consoles and computers. I'm told that I can go to places like the nexus and download Vortex and have the same mods for the console that I would for the pc. I can surf the web with a console just as easily with a console as a pc. "You can do virtually everything that you do on your pc, without the worry of updating graphics cards and blah blah blah". Cool, I respect that. But there are still indie developers offering pc exclusive games, which is why I stick to pc. I myself started my lapidary journey with nothing more than a wing, prayer, smile, a few hopes, a few crates of minerals, and Gemstones of the World tucked under my arm. So, having been there, I try to sponsor indie studios when I can.
  2. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    I love RimWorld. But that goes on the shelf for now, as I just got Fallout 4. I was hesitant, as I've seen so many nasty Youtube videos. But I got it on impulse, and discovered something: I can build houses and settlements, how absolutely brilliant is that? And I can scrap any structure I see in the game and make my own!!! How is it that none of the videos I've seen show this?! Perhaps not everyone loves building like I do.
  3. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    I piffed a customer off real bad while making new characters today. I landed on a colonist with the wildest hair I've ever seen, must be from a mod. So, I named him Pseudo "Ufo-Nerd" Scientist. A customer was almost in tears; "how dare you make fun of Giorgio Tsoukalos!! What if someone did that with you:)" Sorry, I guess You could do that with me, hell, I'd be honored. You'd take a burly body, shoulder-length hair with a fairly noticeable bald spot on the crown, and an aptitude for mining, and call him something like Ryan "Gem-Dork" Gilberticus. But then, I have the ability to laugh at myself
  4. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    As far as how much love the game is still getting, it's a good game in it's own right, but that's not why I play it. Games like Kenshi, Rimworld, and Subsistence are the second stage for my Light characters. I see T-Energy as the magical lifeblood of Ancaria. By destroying it, you destroy the magic and lifeblood of Ancaria. I don't picture the peaceful valley in the end video for the Light path, I picture a world that was just stripped of magic and life. And not only is the land like that, but my characters are like that, too. My Seraphim, for example, are no longer angelic bad-asses able to summon energy shields and bfg's and swirling attacks; they become mere mortals. No magic, no special skills; they now have to worry about hunger, hygiene concerns, old age, illness. Rimworld, Subsistence, and Kenshi are perfect for this; very ordinary human beings struggling with sheer survival. And my Dark path characters; by getting zapped by T-Energy, they become gods, as the video suggests. However, my Inquisitors can't handle that type of power. In their power lust and narrow-minded hatred, they destroy everyone and everything, to the point that they're just sitting there, floating in an empty void. However, they discover that number 1 really is the loneliest number, and use their power to create instead of destroy. So, my Inquisitors each get their own world in Rising World, which is kind of like a Minecraft clone with better graphics. Alright, I just put my son to bed,so I'll finish this up for now.
  5. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    Yes, it's very much like Tommyknockers. However, I don't think I'll be using that mod for this playthrough; something tells me that my Jedi wouldn't be thrilled with liquefying the problem-colonists. I did try it with a methadone addict that had a mental break and started trashing my geothermal generator, and my colonists were bummed by that. However, the same guy that made the Star Wars mod also made a series of Lovecraftian mods, too. In one of them, you play as the Elder Things; those are the guys I see liquefying people for biofuel. Maybe I'll look for a mod that lets you try to calm colonists having a mental break instead of liquefying them. I wonder if the mind trick power could calm a freaked-out colonist? I'll have to try that.
  6. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    Holy cow, there's a Star Wars mod for this game! Not just some "here's a lightsaber and a cloak, now you're a Jedi!" type of mod, but a leveling force power system, factions, races. And all of it meshes with the mods I already have. So excited.
  7. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    I just found a delightfully disturbing mod; BioReactor. If I understand it right, I can put my prisoners in there and turn them into living batteries. That's going to take me a while to play around with, as I have a brand new colony, and it requires Biofuel refining to be unlocked. But how awesome is that! I take a lot of prisoners in this game. I also have a lot of people who like to set fires when they have mental breaks from drug and alcohol dependencies. I always wondered what to do with those colonists. Now I know; turn them into human batteries. Awesome!
  8. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    Alright, I've played long enough to understand how to tend to my colonists needs and desires, as well as what to research first. But one thing I'm NOT good at yet is efficient base building. I have all of my rooms as separate little buildings; a food hall, a recreation lounge, etc, and I've learned that my designs aren't efficient at all. All of those separate buildings need their own heat , air conditioning, lighting. So, now I'm experimenting with base layouts. And that's what I love about this game; it's never become mundane or tedious for me, there's always something new that I'm learning. I'm just wondering if I can salvage my current base, or if I should scrap it or even start a new game. I have a good crew that I'd hate to lose, but that's part of the fun.
  9. Gilberticus

    So much more fun the second time around.

    I can totally understand people having different levels of income. I'm not criticizing those who use laptops, I'm criticizing myself for not being smarter about it. In 2010, my Xbox broke, which meant I had to go without Sacred for a bit. While researching where to ship my console, an ad popped up: "Get the greatest gaming laptop of all-time, for just $3,200. Never need another laptop again!" I knew nothing about laptops beyond the fact that my little Acer couldn't handle sacred 2. So, wow, thirty-two hundred bucks, I can have this fancy Alienware, and never have to worry about upgrading or getting another laptop ever again (snort, a sucker is born every minute!!!!) That Alienware m15, straight from the factory, stuttered with anything fancier than Minesweeper. Last year, my wife bought me a desktop for two hundred bucks. It has an i5-2400 core and a GeForce GTX 1050, and I think about 8GB of ram. So, she spent $200 for a machine that can do what the machine I spent $3200.00 on can't. Of course someone told me that they could get me a desktop that would blow that stupid Dell out of the water, for a quarter of the price, but I was too stupid and impatient to listen. $3k lesson to learn that just maybe, sometimes, some people know what the hell they're talking about, and that when it comes to computer, I am vastly out of my league.
  10. Gilberticus

    So much more fun the second time around.

    Now, don't get me wrong, set items are the shiz, especially the ones that the modding team made. Not only did they painstakingly make them, but they also created lore for them, like the Disgraced Gods set. But it's easy for me to collect that set, send them to my blacksmith, then puff my chest up bc my Inquisitor steamrolls over everything. It's a whole different ballgame trying to steamroll through things with a simple cloth set. Even shopping for it is a pain in the rear at times, since a few of the Inquisitor's sleeves look similar. The character guides are also awesome. Many people have painstakingly created guides for us, some of them are very elaborate. Now that right there's a labor of love. But I'm also a stubborn cuss, I don't want to just play a toon that's a photocopy of someone else's hard work, I wanna build my own. Of course someone here told me years ago that desktops were better to game on than laptops, but I had to learn the hard way
  11. I've played Sacred 2 for years, until I beat the game with every character using every aspect mastery. The bad part is I was playing on a laptop which only let me play for ten minutes at time before either ctd or complete freeze. Ten little minutes at a time isn't enough to experiment really with anything. I couldn't really get a feel for point allocation or anything, or even explore. What it boiled down to was me downloading set items and going off of character guides. Which meant that none of the characters I made felt like mine, they were just photocopies. CTD also meant that I'd also lose any map progress, so you can imagine the frantic beeline I'd make to the next town/quest. And a ton of other frustrations you can imagine with being only able to play in ten minute little spurts. A desktop changed ALL that. I never knew how much fun shopping was on this game. Before, standard sets were just the garbage I wore before leveling enough for set items. Now, I have at least a week's worth of shopping to make matching standard sets. I also would have never guessed that standard sets could be just as rad as the set items. I just slaughtered the White Griffin with an A.S focus Inquisitor clothed in just his grey Blood Poison set. A desktop made all the difference in the world, it's like a whole new game for me!
  12. Gilberticus

    Question for the chefs concerning tzatziki

    Oh, yeah, I bought some, gogo, I tried it, almost got sick, and then tried a second bite just to make sure it was as disgusting as my initial assessment. The second bite was worse. I love caramel, just as I love all sea food. But my God, those two flavors combined was the most disgusting thing I've ever had. The next statement shouldn't be read by the squeamish. One of my Marines and I have the type of relationship where we feel free to walk right in to each other's homes and just raid the fridge. In fact, we'd consider it an insult if one of us asked the other before going to the fridge, it's just one of those things. Anyway, one day, it was right after the New Year, and I pulled some eggnog from his fridge. Now, I had never had eggnog before then, so I had no clue of what it's odor or texture should be. Long story short, the nog was old, his daughter was doing an experiment for school. I would rather have another sip of that than eat more caramel halibut. Interrogators should bust this candy out while interrogating.
  13. Gilberticus

    Indy's anime thread

    I stopped by just for a second, just to say I tried to watch an anime today, primarily because I saw this thread.. The result: I have absolutely no interest in anime or even Japanese culture at all. But I'm proud of myself, because I made a sincere effort. I tried
  14. Gilberticus

    Sacred 2 Textures

    Oh, really? Then I stand corrected, thank you I never really tried the mod myself, the blurb about realistic and serious tones sounded to me like what Neemis was looking for. I'll have to look for something else.
  15. Gilberticus

    Question for the chefs concerning tzatziki

    It's all good, I bet many of us have made mistakes like that; it's hard not to with a full-blown case of grumble-belly. Or got a little too adventurous. I was at a world food store, and saw "caramel halibut candy". So, I'm standing there debating about this. I love caramel, and I love halibut, but together? But I had halibut with mango salsa just the other day, and that was awesome. So, we're staring at this stuff like it's some type of alien artifact, checking the internet. It can't be Actual fish in there....... maybe we're reading it wrong, maybe it's like a Swedish fish candy, I love those. Or, maybe it's just like a fish-shaped Snickers. Oh, it was like Snickers all right, if the nougat was fish flavored. For the life of me, I still can't find it on the internet, as no one believes me that there was fish-flavored Snickers. Who the hell is dumb enough to think that those taste combinations would be a good thing? This is coming from the man who not only bought the candy and took a bite, but was also dumb enough to take a second bite, just to be sure that it was as disgusting as I originally thought. God, it was bad, they should have had that crap on Fear Factor.