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  1. Gilberticus

    Question Game

    1) Favorite Class? Inquisitor - He's dark - I love Area of Effect spells, and Clustering Maelstrom is my favorite. - because of the quests involving his daughter, he's the only one that feels like he gas roots in Ancaria (to me) - the white standard "Magic" set reminds me of a piece of lace onyx that I own, which is my favorite of all my minerals 2) Length of time played? Since early October of 2008 3) Favorite thing? It never gets old for me. In most games like this that I have, I eventually run out of options. Now, sometimes, that takes a year or two, but it happens. Eventually, I run out of weapon arts/weapon/armor combos; I've exhausted everything I can think of and it goes into my "completed" category. It took years, especially with our mod team cranking out new weapons and armor and whatnot, but I got there with Sacred 2. I have so much time in Ancaria that there should be "Gilberticus was here" carved into the outhouse walls. And that's normally when I close the book on games. Sacred 2 does go uninstalled on my computer, because I can't have too many games installed without suffering lag. But it never stays uninstalled; I'm like the stubborn stray that you made the mistake of feeding too many times, now it's skylarking on your porch. You might not see it for small chunks of times, but you can rest assured that it's eventually coming back. 4) Recommended class? High Elf shopper and Shadow Warrior blacksmith. If you get a proper shopping and smithing network going, any class can feel bad ass. 5) Blind Guardian fan? No. Not that there's anything wrong with that band, but it doesn't fit in with my life. - Sometimes, I like to reflect on my life, with a glass of Scotch or 19 Crimes - reflecting on my life in general : Skynyrd - reflecting on my teen years: Alice in Chains, Sponge, Belinda Carlisle, Tool - Sometimes, I have quality alone time with Mrs Gilberticus: Journey, U2, Simon and Garfunkel, Richard Marx, Pat Benatar - Sometimes, I have a few beers with friends/fellow veterans: Motley Crue, - Sometimes, I need to calm down (I deal with the public ALL day long): Pink Floyd - Sometimes, I like to pull out my guitar and rock/thrash: Motley Crue, Deftones, Pantera, Sepultura, Coal Chamber, Meshuggah
  2. Gilberticus

    Grim Dawn 2nd Expansion Announced

    Grim Dawn is single figure price range in your country? Hmm, it isn't here, I see Grim Dawn for $24.99, and then a package that includes all DLC for 48.96. But that $48.96 doesn't include the base game. Even if I weed out the fluff items like Crucible and the loyalist upgrade, Grim Dawn plus Ashes of Malmouth and Forgotten Gods would run me over $60. That, to me, isn't worth it, but I wasn't as impressed with Grim Dawn as others are. But that's just me. If I look at it objectively, $60 for a game plus two DLC isn't that bad of a price. However, I sometimes have crappy impulse control.
  3. Gilberticus

    How’s your day going?

    Sorry for late response. Gogo, a friend bought tickets and couldn't go. I can't go anyway, it'd be foolish to bring a four year old to a place like that. Aside from that, I'm kind of torn as far as whether or not I'd go.
  4. Gilberticus

    Grim Dawn 2nd Expansion Announced

    Personally, I'd wait, especially if you're buying it from Steam. I don't know how many times I've bought expansions for games like this the second they hit the store, then about a half year or so later, I see a bundle deal that has the base game AND all expansions cheaper than what I bought the base game for.
  5. Gilberticus

    Pillars of Eternity

    This is a great game that I'm majorly enjoying. However, I'm about to type words that I never thought I'd be clacking on my keyboard: I need to take a break from quests and armor and RPGs. I'm in the mood to shred stuff up, I think I'm going to buy the DOOM game that came out a few years ago.
  6. Gilberticus

    How’s your day going?

    I was offered a free trip to tour Chernobyl. Besides a few video games and movies, I'm fairly ignorant as to how dangerous that place still is. I looked at a variety of tour sites. One blurb said "radiation levels in most areas are low enough that visitors can safely spend a day or two in the exclusion zone with less exposure to radiation than on a transatlantic flight". Ok. But dude, Chernobyl is a nuclear freaking disaster zone. "thousands of construction workers, support staff and engineers rotating in and out of the now-defunct plant to ensure its radioactive contents don’t seep further into the land and air." Cool, but that doesn't make me feel much safer."Be warned, wear long sleeves and long pants, and don’t touch or sit on anything (radioactivity collects on the ground). Note that visitors need to pass through a final radiation screening before leaving the exclusion zone. If your pants register high levels of radioactivity you can leave, but your pants can’t". And then some dingy journalist says blah blah blah, had to carry a geiger counter blah blah, could only stay at the abandoned hospital for a tiny time because the winds picked up blah blah" but under the next paragraph, it shows a picture of her holding what's supposedly a stray dog that she found haphazardly milling around. Naw, man, that's conflicting info. Too much conflicting info. "It's safe enough that 40,000 each year visit"....... nope, you can live out your Fallout: New Vegas and Commonwealth fantasies, my butt's staying on the beach this summer, watching a few dolphin shows, and going to a few gem stores, where I don't have to worry about whether or not my pants will be too radioactive to come home with me.
  7. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    Two words, man "The Dirt", been waiting quite a long time for this.
  8. Gilberticus

    Pillars of Eternity

    Awesome, thank you for this If I'm not mistaken, I see Ciri's portrait in there, too
  9. Gilberticus

    Pillars of Eternity

    The first time, I rolled a human mercenary. I'm not sure of the specifics, because I didn't pay attention. I'm not used to games where point allocation really matters much. I steamrolled through on sheer blind luck until the drake on the fifth level of Od Nua totally handed me my butt. This time, I rolled a Coastal Aumaua Paladin merchant. Now that I know better, I'm going to pay closer attention. The last time, I sold every single piece of loot I found so I could upgrade my stronghold. Long story short, I was a complete and total dingus the first time around. Now that I'm actually paying attention, I love the game even more. Next time around, I think I'm going with the Godlike race, for the sheer fact that horned races are always fun for me to play. I do have both parts of White March. The steward of Caed Nua never notified me, though, probably because she knew I was playing like a moron. I think she'll forgive me, though; I'd imagine being the soul of a dying woman bound to a marble throne would require a decent amount of patience.
  10. Gilberticus

    Pillars of Eternity

    I see atleast two more times for me. I've already killed Raedric, I want to see what happens if I take out the other cousin in the next game, then I want to take out both of them after that.
  11. Gilberticus

    Pillars of Eternity

    The game's been out since 2015, so there's not really much I can say that's new to you. This isn't really about the game itself; more that I've discovered that I love CRPGs, at least this one. I like to have two games that I play at once; one is a fast-paced game that I can leave on pause and interrupt without a fuss, the other one is slower, for when the shop is closed and wife is at work and kid is in bed. My fast-paced one's Fallout 4. Due to mods like Project Valkyrie, Sim Settlements, and Outcasts And Remnants, I'm going to be in Commonwealth for a long time. However, I need a slower-paced game. Until recently, that spot was taken up by an early access building game from an indie developer. I love indie developers, especially those who try to build their own engine. Not that there's anything wrong with Unity and Unreal, but I was told that developing your own engine is like trying to reinvent the wheel, and I tip my hat to that. But dude, I am so tired of having early access games for five years, when updates are quarterly at best and some of them are nothing more than "look, you can now change the color of your pickaxe handle! Mind-blowing!" Not that all of them are like that, but I seem to purchase the ones that are. I'm done having to wait a decade for products to finish. Again, not all of them are like that, but the ones I've bought are indeed like that. So, I had a slot to fill. I was looking at the Steam store, and Pillars of Eternity was all over it. Looking at some of the forums, people were like "blah blah blah Pillars of Eternity blah blah". A few of my customers have even been like "Blah blah Pillars of Eternity blah blah!" And I thought "nah, man, I can't stand those party-based CRPGs. But I can't remember why I dislike them so much. I know I played something that I loathed like ten years ago..... Avadon or Averdadon or something like that, but that's kind of a poor excuse. So, I rolled the dice with Pillars of Eternity, and I'm totally enthralled. Not much else to say, just really happy that I bought Pillars of Eternity.
  12. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    I haven't seen Fargo. I think you might like Supernatural, gogo. Granted, I don't know you very well, so correct me if I'm wrong. You seem (to me) to be the type of person who doesn't enjoy the "abandon all hope, because hope is nothing more than a candle in the wind that can be snuffed out at any given moment" types of shows. Supernatual is the story of two brothers , Sam and Dean (I personally like Dean). Stuff gets dark sometimes, and the brothers get slammed against the wall multiple times, but they never throw in the towel. I love Ted Danson. But the cool thing for me about The Good Place is that even though it might "just be a comedy", it really made me think about some of my actions. There was a scene where Kristen Bell's character, Eleanor, was stopped by an environmentalist who asked her "Do you have a moment to talk about the environment?" Her reply was "Do you have a moment to eat my farts?" There's been times in my life where my actions haven't been very dissimilar to Eleanor's, I've done a lot of soul-searching as of late because of that little comedy. The Magicians hasn't caused quite the same effect in me, but damn do I love that show! For me, Eliot and Margo kind of make the show, I'm not quite certain that the show would be anywhere near as enthralling for me without those two.
  13. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    I'm patiently waiting on new seasons of The Good Place, The Magicians, and Supernatural. I used to like Walking Dead, but the whole thing with the baseball bat and the guy from Watchmen........ congratulations, Walking Dead, I've never used the phrase "unnecessarily gratuitous" before. Poor Abraham and Glenn.
  14. Gilberticus

    My laugh for the day

    The ones around here usually sell whatever kettle corn is. I didn't like it, it was like almost sweet and almost salty, but not quite either. Of course it might just be the brand they use, but I didn't like it. This ole boy likes a little zip to his popcorn.
  15. Gilberticus

    My laugh for the day

    Sorry, been a busy day. Now, amethyst having power, I genuinely don't know. My beard: I was going through my morning routine earlier this year, and thought "you know, I've shaved every day since I was like 14. Why not let it go for a few months? Just let it go wild for a tiny bit" So, this is what I look like when a razor hasn't touched my face since January. I'm not sure what "ayahauasca" is, internet said it's like a psychoactive drug from like Brazil.. I'm pretty ignorant on matters of that nature. Lol, gogo, don't get me started on the subject of diamonds! They're pretty, but that's the industry's biggest con! Diamonds are as common as quartz, and it cracks me up when "rare" is used in the title for any diamond. There are so many diamonds on the market that if I came to visit you, I could pave every road I used with diamonds, even the water ways (bc I'm pretty sure there's an ocean or two between us ) Would you like to know of something that is indeed rare? Natural citrine, most of it is heat-treated amethyst.