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  1. Gilberticus

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    Flix, if interested in warrior babes: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1146670/Beauty_And_Violence_Valkyries/ I've been waiting for this to come out for quite a while now.
  2. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    Logan's Run taught me two things: 1)bras become extinct in the future and 2) It looks like you could be far more liberal with the "PG" rating in the '70s compared to now.
  3. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    I don't see the Expanse on Netflix, must not be in my region. However, while looking for it, I came across something that looks like I should have seen it but missed it somehow: Logan's Run. I think I'll give that one a whirl.
  4. Gilberticus

    Red-Headed Warrior Babes

    I'm sorry, I'm having a rough morning; a little difficult to focus. Are we supposed to be guessing these? First one's Grim Dawn, Second one is Victor Vran, then Grim Dawn, dunno, pretty sure that the fifth one is female but I can't remember what game (Grim Dawn I think), and the last one's Van Helsing.
  5. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Can I post videos? I've never done so before, let's see if this works Happy Day, it did. But look at this; an underwater base! This is exactly what I was hoping for from Empyrion and Planet Explorers! Dudes,....... I'm home... Thank goodness, after all the searching, years of games that turned out to be not quite what I was hoping for, I've found my signature game
  6. Gilberticus

    Currently Watching...

    I've seen Living With Yourself, which I liked, I loved The Witcher, just finished the new season of The Magicians, and waiting on Season 2 of Dead to Me. I wish Netflix would bring back Lexx and Farscape. And The League! And It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia! It will be a sad, sad day when they yank Haven.
  7. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    You never have to worry about offending me bc you asked a question. I always encourage open dialogue; without it, forums would be nothing more than one person making a statement, then ten or fifteen people liking it, then the first person makes a comment about liking that people liked his comment, then ten or fifteen more people would like that; that's not too much fun To answer your question, resource gathering, building, survival, and swimming will always catch my eye. But stupid stuff (usually fickle) turns me off. I loved Rimworld. And the mods! Oh, man, I had working toilets and showers, children that I could teach different professions to in school; just a ton of stuff. But sometimes, I go overboard with mods, can't remember everything I've downloaded, and what was once leisure becomes a chore. That wasn't the case w Rimworld, though. In Rimworld, I downloaded all this stuff to really make my corner of the world a home. But after a while, I started to feel a pull in the game; I learned that making the planet habitable wasn't the goal of the game, it was to survive long enough to figure a way off the planet. And that stopped me dead in my tracks. I'll be the first to state that that's a very shallow reason to stop playing, but that's what happened. I built all that stuff just to eventually leave it? I didn't want to leave it; I had fishing outposts, mining outposts, classrooms to teach the next generation, barracks and military installations fine tuning my guards, rec rooms that had poker and chess tournaments, a clothing store I named "Forever Gilbert" (instead of Forever 21), a restaurant I named Ohio Fried Gilbert instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken (just now do I realize that the name sounds cannibalistic), all this stuff. Now, what would be cool in Rimworld is if, at the end of the game, you can blueprint your base, pack it all up, and then take it with you to... I can't remember the end, are you going to a new world or your home world? Either way, if you could continue your adventure on a world where you are planning to stay, I'd be all about it. Maybe if they make a sequel, you can transfer your characters from the first game to the second. I love Minecraft, I love voxel games. I also have several voxel games that look a little more realistic than Minecraft, and I love those too. Astroneer looked a little too cartoony for my taste. I can't make a more precise statement about what draws me in to a game, because it's kind of a case by case scenario
  8. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Happy day, it did! On a side note, holy crap, do I have to dust! It's wild that cameras show dust that the naked eye doesn't see. I think I might need a new filter on my furnace. Anyway, resource grinding is boring? Dude, I am KING resource hunter! Some of those in the picture I spent days hunting for. Most of these come from other countries, except that little cross section of amethyst, that comes from a sluiceway in Emerald Hollow Mine in Hiddenite, NC. So, blah blah blah, I love resource gathering, so I'm about to dive into No Man's Sky and try to figure out how to make a pool. Now, a person might say "don't give a crap about the rocks, don't give a crap about No Man's Sky, but Breitenbach sounds interesting!" That's a taste of home, an American red wine from my general neck of the woods, by Sugarcreek.
  9. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    For years, people have told me to stay away from No Man's Sky. I've never heard of it, but no worries, because the title doesn't sound like something I'd be interested in. Over the holidays, a family member was also telling me it sucked. I can't remember exactly what he said, because I had a few glasses of Breitenbach, so it was something like "blah blah endless resource gathering, blah blah exploring just to grind materials blah blah". Hold the phone, mining and gathering are what deter people? Have you seen the back of my living room computer desk? Every one of these have been pulled from the ground/sea by yours truly. Minus the bottle of contact solution (forgot to remove that), I braved the wilds of Rite-Aid for that. I'm going to stop for a second because this showed the picture instead of the link, I want to see if it actually posts.
  10. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Short answer: building a casino named The White Wolf for Geralt. The long answer: through the years, I've made many Sacred 2 characters. Sometimes, it's not enough that my Seraphim is destroying the Great Machine for the light; I'll give her a backstory, family, hobbies, etc; all written in a folder on my desktop. So, sometimes I spend as much if not more time with these little stories as I do with point allocation and character development. With all that time spent on a character, I'm not very enthused to just stamp a proverbial "The End" stamp across their forehead. Someone might say "that's easy, you just find a new game, and try to find skills comparable to your Sacred characters". True, and that's exactly what I do. But sometimes, it's not quite that easy. Transitioning Sacred characters into Inquisitor Martyr, for example. There are two male classes and just one female class. I don't think some of my Seraphim would have a hard time being an Assassin with the subclass of Sniper or Infiltrator. However, I think some of them would prefer to be a Crusader, who's a big, bald dude. So, how do I swing that? The answer I came up with for myself was making a world in Rising World that I named "The Undying Lands". Men and women are born in a castle that I've named "The Academy", since every type of workbench is present in the basement. They try their hand at a variety of professions, then go off and build a home to practice the skills they've learned. When the proverbial call to arms is issued, their souls leave their bodies, which then grow whatever body that the land in distress needs. Some might say "dude, that's a lot of freaking work just to explain to yourself why your Seraphim is now a male". Yeah, it was. But I also did it to justify impulse-buying Rising world years ago. Normally, I don't put much stock into reviews and forums; everyone knows that you watch people play it on Youtube. But I got myself all excited because I saw someone on the Rising World forum clam that the game was like Skyrim combined with Minecraft. I saw a few nice-looking pictures, and thought "how freaking awesome is this! My character'll wake up, kill a few warlocks after breakfast, have lunch in a woods where I gather a few alchemy ingredients, then come home and build my own castle! No more Hearthfire crap, no more downloading mods that aren't fully navmeshed; I'll build my own!" Rising World is nothing like Skyrim, nothing at all! But who's the bigger putz; the person who claims that Rising World is like Skyrim, or the guy who impulsively buys Rising World without doing the proper research? And of course it took me more than two hours to realize that the claims I read were total crap. So, the scenario I created above is the only enjoyment that I get from rising World. Of course, one could say "you spent $15 bucks, man, let it go!". I can't do that, because it means I spent $15 on something that I'll never touch again, where I could have bought a mineral and enjoyed that bugger every day til I die. And that's exactly how I roll; my grandfather bought me a quartz cluster over thirty years ago, and to this day, I look at it with the same amazement that I had as a child. Anyway, I've done about every possible ending that I can on Witcher 3. I don't want to give many spoilers away for those who haven't tried it yet, but there are several endings where Geralt retires. Sometimes, in some endings he still does a contract or two, sometimes he retires away from adventure period. Sometimes, he hits the road again, and one ending is open-ended. So, I thought to myself "what if Geralt found himself wandering around my Undying land and decided to stay?" As I understand it, Geralt's hobbies are 1) women 2) pugilism 3) cards, and 4) Dice. So, I'm building him a casino that encompasses all of those things. Phew, that was a crap-ton of typing for me. Y'all have a safe and happy holiday season
  11. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    We got an Xbox 1, with Minecraft on it. Not too stoked with Minecraft, so I'm looking at the free category. I see something on there called Neverwinter; I think I've seen that title mentioned here, I might give that a try.
  12. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    No, it's fun. But the little crap trips me up, like DOC. I'll be zooming along, until I get to ones like those, and think "alright, I've got a three letter space left, all I haven't tried is D-O-C, but doc isn't a word!" No, but it's an abbreviation. So, then I wonder how something so simple could have tripped me up for like five minutes. That is the first iphone game to make me feel simultaneously smart and stupid.
  13. Gilberticus

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Freaking Wordscapes! And then there's Wordscapes Uncrossed, Wordscapes In Bloom. I discovered those little devils while in the waiting room at my son's physical therapy. So, that's cool, right? A fun little half-hour time killer. Only it didn't stop there. Games don't interfere with my real world hobbies or obligations, but Wordscapes interfered with pc gaming time. You know how it goes; "Fallout 4 got a new quest mod, totally excited about that..... but just gotta get through this level". And then you get on a roll, and the next thng you know, you've used up your whole allotted gaming time by playing a damned little crossword game on your phone. Darn you, Wordscapes!
  14. Witcher 3 has mods? I'll have to do some research.
  15. Gilberticus

    Currently playing

    I've recently purchased Din's legacy and have about a dozen hours in it. I don't think I'm going to do a write-up for this, as every Soldak Entertainment game has a free demo on Steam. What I can say is free demos are a stroke of absolute genius; I wish more developers went that route