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  1. Gilberticus


    https://store.steampowered.com/app/1013540/Evospace/ I sprang on this the moment it came out. Not bad, especially for the money I spent. I love to build; I'm the type that... well, while on the forum today, I saw an ad for a hotel named ME Cabo. I visited the site, and got excited, because I darn well bet I could build that in a game. Evospace isn't bad, but it's only been on Steam, in EA status, for a few days, so there's not a tremendous amount of content yet. As far as building games in general, I'm getting frustrated, because I have a crap-ton of them, and while all of them have a different aspect that I'm looking for, none of them have ALL that I'm looking for. So, I think I'm done until someone creates what I'm looking for. I don't know if there's too little demand for it, or technology isn't progressed to this point yet, but I have a feeling I'm going to be waiting for a long time. I love Fallout 4; I love questing, foraging, and the fact that I can have settlers running around doing stuff. But I want to build log by log/brick by brick, like in Minecraft /Rising World/ Alchemist Awakening and have a few pools. I also want to terraform, which I know is a pain in the butt with NPC navmeshing and whatnot. I also want to grind to improve crafting ability, like in Wurm. Finally, I want to build vehicles from scratch, like in Empyrion. I know that I'm potentially asking for the sun here, but I'm hoping technology advances enough for it to happen, and demand for such a game to be high enough for a developer to consider it. I've been looking for that for 30 years; that's the end-all, be-all game for me.
  2. Gilberticus

    Another "Getting to know you quiz"...

    I want to do one, if that's cool. Slow day, and Jenn worked third shift, so she's snoozing. 1) What color pants are you wearing? Charcoal grey suit, because the business is open 2) What are you listening to right now? Nothing. Business is slow. I have a playlist for the shop, but I hear it like ten hours a day. Sometimes, it's fun for me just to listen to silence. 3) What was the last thing you ate? I cooked breakfast for my son, but just wasn't in a "breakfast" mood, so I ate a cold teriyaki flavored spam sandwich 4) Do you wish on stars? No, I don't believe in wishes. If I made wishes, I'd wish upon a gemstone. 5) If you were a crayon, what color would you be? I don't want to be locked in to just one color, that's like only being able to wear the same clothes, and I love variety. 6) What is the weather right now? Weather's slightly chaotic. February (where I live) is the month where we experience all seasons packed into one little month. Sometimes it's awesome, sometimes it plays havoc with sinuses. 7) Favorite drink? At the moment, it's Bebida De Savila, which is an aloe drink. 8) Favorite sport? Hunting: deer, turkey, and minerals/artifacts (arrowheads, thumb-scrapers, that type stuff) 9) Hair color? Dirty Blonde, baby! 10) Do you wear contacts? Yes 11) Siblings? Younger brother 12) Favorite month? I don't think I have one 13) Favorite food? Don't have an "all-time favorite" food, I love variety 14) What was the last movie you saw at the theater? Escape Room, wasn't bad, liked it. 15) Favorite day of the year? Valentines Day, my rose quartz sales go through the roof. 16) How do you vent your anger? In an optimal day, I have time to remove myself from the situation, and imagine myself on a boat in the middle of the ocean, writing whatever bothers me down on a concrete tablet, dropping it overboard, and slowly watching it disappear. Sometimes, I use a punching bag. Some days, I barely have time to make it to my soundproof "anger room", where I scream myself hoarse. I grew up in a very angry environment, and I'll be damned if my wife hides in the bathroom with my son the way my mother and I did. My dad's a good man. But when my grandfather died, he turned into a beast, for years. I love my dad, but I'll be damned if I have a household like that. 17) What was your favorite toy as a child? Legos and an amethyst my father bought me. 18) Summer or winter? Either, as long as neither is too extreme 19) Hugs or kisses? Depends on who I'm hugging or kissing. 20) Chocolate or vanilla? Both, please. 21) When was the last time you cried? Tears of sadness? The day my daughter was delivered stillborn. Tears of joy? The day my son was born. 22) What is under your bed? I don't have space between my bed and the floor, because I don't have a bedframe right now. So, carpet is what's directly under my bed. 23) What did you do last night? Watched The Magicians (Damn, do I love Margo and Eliot), and put my son to bed. 24) What are you afraid of? What, and let my enemies know my phobias? Lol. Seriously, my biggest fear isn't fear itself, but those who sincerely mean they have no fear. This response comes from my time in service. Most of my men told me they had no fear. Some of it was male bravado, don't let the guys see that you're crapping yourself inside. No points lost in my eyes for that. Now, when some told me they felt no fear, what they meant was they were crapping themselves inside, but they've pushed past that, put that on hold, because we had a job to do. There's time later for fear. Those are the men I wanted watching my back. But then, there were a select few who said they had no fear and legitimately meant it. Those were the dudes who didn't feel much of anything, they'd gone numb. That little light in their eyes was gone, and had a mile-long stare. Those are the guys that scared me, and what scared me more was the fact that one day, I looked in a tiny mirror and saw that I myself was almost there, dangerously borderline. 25) Plain, buttered or salted popcorn? Not a popcorn fan. 26) Favorite car? Car's don't have any special appeal to me. I hate driving, so maybe my favorite would be an auto-driving one, like in a few of those scifi movies. 27) Favorite flower? ..... idk......I'm not a flowerologist. Maybe... hmm, anything that adds a splash of color. 28) Number of keys on your key ring? Three. In an emergency situation, I don't want to be fumbling for the right key. 29) How many years at your current job? I'm a gemologist. If I really think about it, I've been training for this job in one way or another since I was 7. 30) Favorite day of the week? Monday and Thursday. My son goes to school Monday through Thursday. So, when Monday comes, I'm eager to shuffle him off for a few hours. But by Thursday, I'm ready to have him home for the weekend. 31) How many states have you lived in? I was all over the world with the military, different bases and whatnot. 32) What is your favorite scent? I don't mean to be vulgar, but skin fresh from the shower. It smells fresh and clean, and my wife's soap..... hmm, it's kind of like a melon cucumber type of smell. 33) Happy or Sad about the direction your life is taking right now? That makes me chuckle, it sounds like a question one might expect to find on like a Scientology brochure. I'm very happy. 34) Any regrets? Yes. I've done some stupid, stupid crap in my day. But that stupid crap was also learning lessons. So, I have a few regrets, but I'm happy that I have them, because they've made me a better person. 35) Sunshine or a Rainy day? A mixture of the two 36) Are you in love? Yes.
  3. Gilberticus

    Warhammer: Chaosbane

    So that's what E3 is, that makes more sense. Thank you
  4. I'm not promoting this one, I have a question. My friend keeps "blah blah blah Chaosbane blah blah". So, I looked at it, and saw that so little is known about it at this point. We don’t know what type of end-game there will be, how good the loot system will be, or how customizable the classes will be in terms of appearance and more importantly distinct builds. We don't know squat, we haven't even seen all of the classes. And yet, on the Steam page, it has some type of award for something blah blah dungeon crawler of 2018. My question is how can a game that's not even on the market have awards already? Is that how that industry works? Because if so, I darn well better rethink about those awards before I buy games in the future. Personally, I think I'm done with rpgs, arpgs, and dungeon crawlers, I like to build and am patiently waiting to get my hands on Evospace. But dang, to win awards before even published/released.... seems odd.
  5. Gilberticus

    What was your first RPG - Action?

    The Faery Tale Adventure was my first, on my Amiga. I never got a chance to play the sequel.
  6. Gilberticus


    Do you have one of those old, familiar vinyls/cds/playlists that you love, but you don't really listen to it any more to get lost in the music, you listen to it to get lost in yourself? That's what "Everything" is like for me. I like the game, but I don't play the game for the game, I play the game to get lost in thought, or lost in myself. A friend said "Like Skyrim, right?" Dang, she and I must play Skyrim very differently! In Skyrim, I love myself in my character, while in Everything, I get lost in thought, lost in myself. I forget that I'm swimming as an angelfish, or hopping around as a marmot. Totally different scenarios.
  7. Gilberticus


    No demo, sadly. Yes, you can be anything. As far as the growing part, I haven't the foggiest, I haven't come across that yet. I can 1) sing to things, to form a friendship and transform into that thing, 2) Join things of my same type, and 3) With a flock of my same type, I can dance and give birth to more of my type. Now, some customers have said "I've seen you run around Skyrim, Ancaria, Common Wealth, even that game where you build houses n stuff. Why would you choose to float around as a butterfly or swim as an Orca? You don't even get to do anything as them (eat, sleep, etc) besides roam. You roam around as different crap, that's it!" Yep, on the surface, that pretty much sums it up. Others: "No, I get it. But, I can get a simple graphics design program and use the lectures of Alan Watts or anyone else as the soundtrack. This isn't anything that I can't do myself!" Cool, you're better at graphic design and animation than I am Others have said "it's like meditation, man, you can do that for free!" People are interesting subjects some times! I understand discussing hobbies, I can even understand going to someone to get an opinion. But what I'll never quite understand is why some think they'll succeed at dissuading you from liking crap you already own. I understand why they try, I'll just never understand why they think they'll succeed.
  8. Gilberticus

    All time scary films?

    Granted, I liked Sinister. But Sinister wasn't scary to me, Sinister cheesed me off. As a single man, you better believe I'd be splicing film reels together. It's a good thing I didn't live in a horror movie as a single man, because I'd have been dead in the first fifteen minutes. "Hey, there's a glowing rock, I'm gunna take this bugger home!", "hey, there's this weird thing at a rummage sale, oh this has my name ALL over it!!", "oops, sorry I opened the gate to the seventh level of hell, everyone, there were glowing runes I found, and you can't not touch glowing runes!". But his character isn't a single man. In the beginning, I understand, he's trying to provide for his family the best way he can, I totally get that. But it becomes obvious that the road he's going on is hazardous to the health of his family. It's not that he doesn't recognize it, it's the fact that he purposely gambles his family's safety for the chance to satisfy his curiosity. And there's ego stuff, blah blah blah. And I understand that that's the point, that's one of the underlying themes, but still,I both love and am cheezed at that film for that reason
  9. Gilberticus

    All time scary films?

    Scariest film for me is Autopsy of Jane Doe. The reason: immersion. When I see well-known actors, it kind of breaks immersion for me. "That's Ethan Hawke attaching all of those old film reels together in his attic." What's the best way to describe it? This film didn't feel like I was watching a movie where an actor was playing a mortician, it felt like standing in a real mortician's home as he and his son go about their day. When stuff turned supernatural, it didn't feel like forced Hollywood tropes to me. The actors didn't remain painfully oblivious until the last possible moment, nor were they instantly on board with this supernatural crap that society and common sense dictates isn't real. At least mine. In my neck of the woods, ghosts and goblins and demons ain't real. So, it doesn't feel real when actors on screen instantly accept the existence of aliens, monsters, and etc. The scariest movies for me are the ones where I forget that it's "just a movie".
  10. Gilberticus


    Have you ever needed a break from quests and loot? Dude, do I have a game for you! A game without health bars and goals and stats. Well, there is two goals, to discover everything and eventually return to the golden gate. Anyway, I present a game that's not really even a game; it's more of an experience: https://store.steampowered.com/app/582270/Everything/ There's not much I can really say about this game; it's an experience that I highly recommend. Some claim that they burst in tears, others talk about transcendental moments. I don't know about that, different strokes for different folks, but I can say that it's the most relaxed experience I've had on my computer. For the next few days (at least in my area) it's 75% off. I can honestly tell you that this is the best $4 I ever spent on a digital experience. A few of my customers have told me about : https://store.steampowered.com/app/872060/Quiet_as_a_Stone/ That might a little more your speed. But I didn't want to create and destroy, I wanted a came where being was the only focus. Plus, I don't like buying a lot of games at once. I've got 7 days left until Evospace releases https://store.steampowered.com/app/1013540/Evospace/ Granted, I already have a building game; Rising World. However, I no longer support that game, I'll never play it again, especially around customers. Granted, I'm not exactly losing sleep over this, but I've backed this game on here until recently, so I'm going to to tell you why I no longer support it. It's simple; I have no respect for liars who can't own up to their own mistakes. I'll give you a scenario using myself: I sell minerals out of my own home, but I once owned a business. In my business, if you came to me and voiced that I didn't have the variety of other stores, and I both eluded to the fact that I was only a force of one person, and flat-out stated as such, one person means one person. But I wasn't just a one person team. I was the only gemologist, but I had buyers and marketing people, etc. There is only one developer in Rising World, but he's not the only person on the team. There's a person doing artwork, someone else doing something else, I think there's a total of four or five of them. No biggie, except both he and backers of the game use the excuse that he's a solo developer. They release on average, four or five updates a year. Guess what? I know solo developers, one person who handles everything, who release a greater amount of updates per year. In addition, the developer used the excuse that Steam did some nefarious act back in October that's slowed down updates. Granted, I don't know what Steam did or didn't do. But I see other indie studios doing just fine. Anyway, if I sold minerals at just one site, like Etsy.com, and they did something to seriously hamstring me, that very well might slow down my volume and variety of minerals. Even then, though, I wouldn't use them as an excuse, I'd tell my customers "I have a few hiccups I need to iron out, but I'll get this stuff sorted out as soon as I can. Y'all know me, ya can't keep this good ole boy down for long ;)" Anyway, the game isn't just sold on Steam; he's got his own site, there's a crap-ton of Youtube videos, articles, etc. There was even several mentions on some radio broadcast. Even then, guess what? Updates have been scant and scarce for five years before Steam supposedly ham-stringed the sales of the game. Why I've backed the game until now; I thought this was one person, doing the best that they could. Four or five updates per year, for the last five years, so what?! But it's not just one person, and I started to see excuses and blame being tossed around, and as much as I liked the game, the developer as well as the Steam community kind of makes me sick to my butt. So, if you look at that game, decide to buy it, or if you already own the game and love it, more power to you. But the reasons stated above are the reason why you'll never see another statement from me about Rising World.
  11. Gilberticus

    Rising World

    So, Ryan, his wife, and his son are in a house that's not theirs. Ryan and his wife were woken by their son, who seemed to have aged 20-some years overnight (because we don't have NPC children). Upon seeing this, Jenn turned to Ryan and said "the hell have you done this time?", which is exactly what she'd say in the real world. 1) Dear ole Ryan is always suspect #1 any time anything weird happens in our house, and 2) the house I build is a little eccentric, similar to myself, so it looks like something I'd build. So, we get up. Jenn makes Connor breakfast, and I step outside to use my electronic cigarette (vape juice or not, I won't smoke it around my son). Upon stepping outside, Ryan sees nothing but nature as far as the eye can see. Being that Jenn is feeding their adult three year old, Ryan explores a little bit (which I'd do in real life). Nothing but nature, with animals running around. However, he does see a few abandoned shacks (which do occur in the game). He goes back to report to his wife, while pulling some cherries off a tree (bc y'all know, if you were in that situation, you darn well bring food or flowers as a peace offering to your wife, if she suspects that you're to blame for them being in that predicament). Back at the house, the first words out of Jenn's mouth where "This house is too much you; fix it". Ryan had experience with carpentry and masonry, but he couldn't just snap his fingers and build a whole house. However, Jenn said otherwise; above the bedroom was a room full of different stations (carpentry, brick-making, etc). All one had to do was approach the stations with ingredients in hand, push a few buttons, and wham; instant object. This was too bizarre; it defied logic. In addition, where the hell was everyone? There were abandoned shacks, but no sign of mishap or disaster or war. Where they dead? Ryan, at this stage of life, had no concrete beliefs of whether or not deities and afterlife and etc existed. However, he saw a few predators running around outside; it didn't fit any concept of afterlife that he'd ever read about. One of the reasons why this is fun for me is because it gives me a chance to be introspective. What would I do in this scenario; I'm in a whole new world where my family and I have all of our basic needs met. What I'd do; if my wife and son are there, there might be a chance that other family is there, as well. So, while I may be looking for natives to see if I can find an explanation, my main agenda is family. Ryan does find family; his brother and sister-in-law, Corey and Jenny (yes, both my brother and I have wives named Jennifer, and both those Jennifers are nurses). My brother is a gun rep who loves hunting, so now I have a hunter. As close as my family is, my brother and I would drive each other nuts after living in the same house for more than a week or so. So, how do I house my family and any other survivor/native I can think of? With no town/ civilization in place, I would indeed try to form one. After all, what else is there to do? Hunting and fishing and whatnot are fun, but I'd get bored, and there's only so much euchre one can play. However, the land is so beautiful, it feels bizarre for me just to start plowing and paving over everything. The solution I came up with; subterranean city. My sister in law has her own office and exam rooms on the medical level, a native named Pete is working on the industrial level, I don't currently have any cooks on my galley level, no one's in my armory level, no farmers yet on my agricultural level; these will come when animals and NPCs stop ignoring walls (because they end up trapped between levels, in rock). And then, I remembered that gogo said he liked reading a few of these. So, congratulations, you're the first non-relative/real world friend to be placed in my game. But what to do with Mr. Rommel? At this time, I was working on my Adult zone, which isn't x-rated, it's just a place for adults to go after they put the kids to bed. I have a pool in there that adults can swim without having to keep a watchful eye on their kids, my bar's not established yet, and I have an R-rated theater, which has clips from the the new Robocop and Hot Tub Time Machine on the walls. So, I gave Rommel a suit, and he'll have an option on working anywhere in the adult zone; playing piano in my bar, or working behind the bar itself, or working as a ticketmaster, or...in the other theater, which I should disclose. The other day, some of my fellow former entertainers contacted me; they're trying to get signatures for some...proposition or something like that to end all adult films of that nature. While I'm not exactly proud of that phase in my life, I'm not going to get on some high horse about it. So, to help me come to terms with my own past, I placed an X-rated theater; it's in the Adult Zone, behind a door marked "Midnight Matinee". Because some underage individuals might try to slip in, the outside of the theater looks no different than my other theater. So, Rommil NPC might be offered that position,as well, which is an important role. Because we all know all too well that if underage kids get in that theater, their parents will find out, which means they'll be beating down Ryan's door (once I install homes inside my residential zone. So, that's a tiny taste of my roleplaying experience in Rising World. It might be a little lackluster for some, but I personally love it. There's always something new for me to add and dream up. Today, for example, I decided to take the roof off my arboretum and instead install a glass ceiling, for natural lighting. I think perhaps tonight I might add homes to my residential zone, or tend to my crops in Wurm Unlimited, I haven't decided yet. Or, maybe a little bit of both. Or, take a break from both of them and watch a new episode or two from the new season of Punisher. Gotta love options
  12. Gilberticus

    Rising World

    This one's kind of for gogo, as he said he enjoyed these. This is the story I made featuring myself in a game called Rising World. Ryan was a man no different than any other man. He had a wife and a three year old son. He had a job and was a military veteran, just like many others. In the military, he saw something or some type of hair-raising, putrid incidents, which was also common. One doesn't join the military and expect to play tiddlywinks or shoot at people in a game of laser tag. Now, his job, gemology, may or not be common, depending on your interests and circles you run in. So, we have a common, ordinary man, who considered himself no better and no worse than anyone else. Not stronger or weaker than anyone else, no more or less intelligent than anyone else, not more or less handsome than anyone else; he thought of himself as just one of the 7.5 billion people running around earth. His day, on December 19th 2018, was also no different, no more or less anything, than any other day. He, his wife, and their three year old son went to a vape store so he could pick up his favorite fluid, seedless freeze (which was a menthol and watermelon flavored fluid. After that, he took them to one of his competitor's store, just so he could say hello to the owner and look at some minerals beyond the ones he sold in his own home. Afterwards, because his son behaved so well in the store (which is hard for a three year old, surrounded by a million bright, shiny rocks), Ryan took his family to his son's (Connor) favorite restaurant. One might assume that the restaurant would be your typical fast food chain. However, neither Connor nor Ryan could stomach fast food places any more, as Ryan's father had his own farm, so both Ryan and Connor were raised on farm-fresh meat and eggs. So, being that Connor was a total nut for lamb meat, cheese, and tzatziki, Connor's restaurant of choice was a place named Papa Gyro's. The rest of the day was no more or less eventful than any other day. However, that night, because Ryan's wife (Jenn) had worked three 12-hour shifts in a row and had some sleep thing (I think it's called like hyper insomnia), Jenn snored so badly that it sounded like someone trying to shove a chainsaw down a garbage disposal. This happened from time to time, so Ryan had a spare bedroom set up for this exact scenario. He went to bed, and watched a few episodes of Lucifer on Netflix. Now, the next day, the 20th, was far from freaking normal. Ryan woke up next to his wife, which sometimes happens. He wakes up to put his arm around his wife, notices that she's not there, and walks his half-sleeping self back to their bedroom. Hey, some of us have been there, right? So, waking up next to his wife when he didn't go to bed next to her was no big deal. The big deal was that it wasn't his home! He, his wife, and son all had beds in a house that wasn't theirs, a house just as eccentric as his own, but it wasn't his. It's dinner time for my son, so I'll continue this in a bit, as I really haven't said anything yet.
  13. Gilberticus

    RimWorld 1.0

    I never thought of Star Wars vs Star Trek, for the simple fact that I don't work that way. Steak vs fish? Why not a little of both? Apple pie vs pumpkin or any other pie? Naw, one of each for this ole boy. Coke vs. Pepsi? I find soda to be like wine; different sodas pair better with different food for me. So, as far as Star Trek vs Star Wars, tbh, neither at the moment. I've had my own passion project for the last 1k hours in a game. The short and skinny on Rising world is it's a reskinned and better-looking version of Minecraft. A game like this doesn't appeal to everyone, and didn't appeal to me, until I got tired of playing in roles that were pre-built for me. Skyrim, for example. You can be a warrior or mage or thief or a little of everything, but I'll never escape being the Dragonborn. What if I didn't want to be a Dragonborn? What if I want to simply be a husband, taking care of his family, with a gem stall/store somewhere? That's the thing with me and most games anymore; I can be anything I want, except me. In Rising World, I can be me. I, in fact am me. So, because you said you liked a few of my write-ups, gogo, I'm going to share my favorite story in my favorite game. I'll start a new thread for Rising World. And, because you said you liked these, when I started this new world on Dec 20th, I named a NPC after you. That's no bs right there, if you'd have Rising World, befriended me, and joined my world, you'd find a Rommel npc. Animals and NPC's sometimes ignore walls, especially when they're placed underground, so he's on the top floor of the home that hides the entrance to my subterranean colony. He's in a suit, due to the job I plan on giving him once I can place him underground.
  14. Gilberticus

    Next game?

    Hang out in Life is Feudal? I haven't played in a long time, but I can do that Which one, Your Own or MMO?
  15. Gilberticus

    Next game?

    Yeah, I do have Life is feudal. I'm currently playing Wurm Unlimited, though.