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  1. Gilberticus

    Question for the chefs concerning tzatziki

    Gogo, microwaveable tzatziki? Gross, man. I was walking through our local mart the other day, and saw something called Opaa gyro kit. "Authentic Greek flavor" it offered. "Authentic", "traditional"; something like that. Granted, I was skeptical that I would get authentic or traditional or anything else from the frozen section of the deli, but I was famished. I should have darn well known better, it was like the frozen White Castle burgers version of gyros (barf). Perhaps I'm getting pickier as I get older, but good lord, words like "authentic" and "traditional" are just tossed around haphazard these days. I was at a house doing appraisal for a customer's jadeite collection, when the wife offers me "traditional" Hungarian goulash. Awesome! Except it wasn't. You can't dump paprika and cream of mushroom soup over egg white noodles and call that goulash! Granted, it wasn't bad , they fed me so I was damn well appreciative, but I'm very curious what people think goulash is. And that's not the first house that's called that meal "traditional". Lol, like an "authentic" key lime pie that's green. And don't get me started about a "traditional Thanksgiving meal like the pilgrim's would have eaten". Now, granted, I think it's funny when guys get a recipe for baked beans off the back of like a Campbell's soup can and claim that it's their "famous baked beans with an ultra secret ingredient", but that's not the same. Awesome, thank you for that, chattius. And yeah, it's not a good think to make tzatziki with low-fat yogurt, because the tzatziki starts to separate. Young kids often dislike garlic? My 3 year old loves it.
  2. Gilberticus

    Multiplayer or singleplayer?

    I looked it up, I've found a variety of articles stating that Tuungle shut down back in April. However, I've seen two alternative programs, though: Hamachi and Evolve. I don't know anything about them, though.
  3. Gilberticus

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    I never really got to finish Diablo 2; I left it over at a girlfriend's house years ago, and didn't want to pick it up after I broke up with her. I didn't get too far; I was looking for like a staff, a gemstone, and...something else I think. I can't remember much about the game, but if it's as awesome as this mod, maybe I'll pick it up from the Blizzard store.
  4. I had that thought, too, as I just started a Seraphim a few hours ago.
  5. Gilberticus

    Multiplayer or singleplayer?

    Wasn't there an article on here somewhere about how to use tunngle for mp? I could have sworn I saw something like that, but didn't pay it much attention.
  6. Especially when you consider that the "sumbits" that I sell aren't the grade that one would generally grind. Which , on a side note, is a term that my customers love to use; "how much is that big sumbit on display there?" I'm going to have to gently dissuade that; I don't want Connor going to school and telling his class that his dad sells all types of sumbits.
  7. Ya know, someone was asking me something about cristobalite just the other day. I'll be real, it's been a long time since I learned certain conversion tables, temperature tables, I even had to learn about how moisture expansion can cause crazing; things I never would have thought would have been part of my training. So, a lot of stuff that I don't use have been lost in the haze of time. Anyway, they were asking really weird stuff. So, here's a rule of thumb: when things have a skull and freaking crossbones on them, it's probably not the best idea to take a long, unclothed roll in it, just to make sure that the Special Health Hazard Substance list really knows what it's talking about. It's very rational to ask about the potential risk of silicosis from anything I sell; a lot of people in my profession aren't licensed or even schooled. But when people start asking things like "If I grind up this sumbit, what do you think a rational exposure limit would be?", that's when I start to get nervous.
  8. I'm just hoping it doesn't turn on them, the way heated citrine turns.
  9. Oh, sorry, brain's a little slow today. No, spirit quartz is what they were after. But I don't remember anything looking like spirit quartz in the game. They said it was in the Seraphim's region. I remember the area that they were talking about, but I still don't remember anything like spirit quartz there. But the customer was happy, so a happy customer equals a happy Gilberticus
  10. Gilberticus

    Your Location

    Very cool, I'm not quite sure that this is how I would have pictured Norway. Then again, I never would have thought that America's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame would be housed in the state that also has America's greatest percentage of Amish, either. It's always interesting to me to learn of new places.
  11. This was a request today, verbatim, from a customer. Sacred 2 was specifically referenced because that's what customers see me playing these days. I understand that not all of us are geologists or gemologists, but this is one I had to bite my tongue about for a second. After I took a breath, I told them that most of the minerals in my store have that "shimmery, sparkly, glassy" luster, pick a "clump" and waft it in the air a little bit. I was told "no, it looks like the baby of quartz and metal". Until recently, I've only played on a laptop, but I don't remember any metallic effect on crystals and ice. But, if any of you want "one of them there quarts that looks like the baby of quartz and metal", I can give you a suggestion, but I can't give a professional recommendation. On any metaphysical site or in any new age store, look for the words "spirit" and/or "aura". Those are quartz that were sprayed with metal/gold dust inside of a pressurized chamber. I can't recommend them because I don't know what effect time has on them. Dyed minerals fade, and baked minerals look awful after a year or two, baked citrine for example. Anyway, this isn't a gemology lecture, I just wanted y'all to know that if metallic looking quartz does exist in Sacred 2 and ya wanted some, look for spirit and aura quartz, but remember that I told you that they're not natural.
  12. Gilberticus

    Are websites like old-games.com piracy?

    Good to know, thank you for the response. Hmm, I think it's better to err on the side of caution. A few of my customers have told me "no, man, go for it!" but these are the same people that I argue rockhounding rights about. If you're out in the wilderness or a field or anywhere else that you don't personally own, you can't just go pocketing everything you find. It doesn't matter if it's gold, fossils, minerals, or even a grubby sandstone; if the land doesn't belong to you, it belongs to somebody (atleast in my neck of the woods). Unless that land's specifically designated as a free spot for us to rockhound, it means we just stole. Should I be able to steal if it's unclear of who the property owner is, or if the property owner isn't there to tell me not to take it? What if the property owner died and the county/next of kin hasn't claimed the land yet; does that mean I can just strip the property of anything cool that I find in the dirt? What if the property owner is unaware of the object's worth? Or, what if the property owner is unaware that it exists on their property? Should I be able to pilfer a plowed field just because the farmer didn't check his field? Are any of these really "grey areas", or are some of us better at doing the mental gymnastics required to justify theft? Anyway, thank you for the response, Podgie
  13. My wife and I were discussing games of our youth, and of course I'm going to bring up my favorite game, the game that started it all for me: The Faery Tale Adventure. While I was looking for screenshots, I discovered that the game had a sequel: Halls of the Dead. While looking for screenshots of that, I found a place where I could download all of my old favorites; old-games.com. But there's no download fee, no membership fee. Please pardon my noobish question, but isn't that piracy? I'd love to play the sequel that I feel slight shame for not knowing the existence of, but if downloading it for free is piracy, I sure as heck am not going to be one of those gamers.
  14. I can't give an 11 point list quite as eloquently as gogo has here, but what I've told customers lately (because I've started playing again since I upgraded from a laptop to a desktop): " I can't tell you that Sacred 2 is better or worse than Grim Dawn or Diablo or POE or Wolcen or anything else. But what I can tell you is that it's NOT Diablo or Grim Dawn or anything else. Sacred 2 has it's own flavor, it's own je ne sais quoi, that I've never encountered in anything else." With games like Grim Dawn, my focus feels drawn to the destination; finding the best loot and creating the strongest character that I can to continue the story as smoothly as possible. While Sacred 2 has a story, that's not the focus for me; the journey is more fun than the destination. In no other game I've ever played has grinding for the sheer thrill of grinding been so much fun. Part of that is due to attention to detail, especially with character animations. Have you ever really watched the Inquisitor's robes move while he's running? I personally have never seen robes move so fluidly and naturally in any other game. Now, a customer the other day said "But Skyrim..." No it doesn't, not vanilla Skyrim; that's a mod. My god, can you imagine the type of stuff our modding team could create if Sacred 2 (or 1, for that matter) was as easy to mod as Skyrim is? Look at all they've already accomplished, and (if I remember correctly) they're far more hamstringed than the Skyrim modders. Flix explained it once to me, something about modding tools not being released or something, but that was quite a while ago. But damn, the mind boggles if they had modding freedom like Skyrim. Granted, that might be a bad thing a little bit, because if you threw me in the mix, you'd get cyborg succubi tearing through Ancaria on motorcycles while wearing Judas Priest shirts. Anyway, Sacred 2 has a type of flavor, a type of magic, that's all it's own. I'm happy that I wasn't in charge of making a Sacred 3, I don't think I could ever make anything that could recreate the awe of the sacred series (though I damn well wouldn't have stripped all rpg elements away from it and turned it into an arcade button masher). I don't think I could create a Sacred 4 or even a spiritual successor. The best I think I could do would be a Sacred Ultimate: bringing all sacred characters into Sacred 2's Ancaria. As much as I don't like Sacred 3, I watched several Youtube videos. The guy with black wings looks like he'd be great fun to play in an rpg setting. Such a waste.