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  1. Thank you. That, Excelsior, is just a tiny tip of the iceberg, though. If interested, I suggest checking back once or twice a month, as I'll probably be adding a lot more
  2. Thank you, I can do that https://postimg.org/gallery/2ncxov1om/
  3. I was playing a game with the afterschool group I run; I thought it might be fun to take a few pictures of some of the minerals I've bought/mined, just to see if they could name them, spot the difference between natural and heat-treated, and spot fakes. Late last night, I remembered that at least gogo had expressed an interest in gemstones, so I thought it might be fun to post a link to my postimage.org gallery in my "about me" section. At the time I didn't see a problem, as there's nothing that should offend anyone; all it contains is pictures of minerals. However, before I start adding more, I wanted to double check that it was ok for me to have it. If you're curious, what I have there is a few quartz, smoky quartz, a few amethyst, citrine, smoky citrine, a piece of slag that I like, blue lace agate, celestite, silver onyx, crazy lace agate, carnelian, sagenite, mosquito agate, moss agate, a tiny piece of chalcopyrite, and #35, my mystery rock. I have no flipping clue what that little gal is. I want to say ulexite (better known as tv rock), but I've never seen it grow in a haystack formation like that. It's too delicate to do the Mohs test, I can't do the gravity test, as I'm not sure if it's water soluble. Selenite would also be a realistic guess, but it's too delicate to be that. So, for now, I jokingly tell guests that it's smoky gilbertite. If there's an interest, there's a ton of other stuff I can put up there. I know I have a few pieces of kyanite somewhere, I'm sure I have at least a few tv rocks. I just carved a fluorite pyramid for Jenn, I've recently tumbled some citrine for my brother; stuff like that. However, I figured I'd be safe and ask if I can have the link up before I start throwing a bunch of pictures on there.
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    I have a question, and I figured this was the place to ask it. I took a break from American Horror Story to watch Legend of the Iron Fist. I'm not too familiar with Marvel characters. Is Danny Rand supposed to be so Bohemian? Because the character in Legend of the Iron Fist show doesn't seem to act like much of a super hero, he looks more like someone I'd see playing hacky sack or selling glow sticks at a Grateful Dead cover band concert.
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