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  1. Thorin Oakshield

    Need help, stuck in Silver

    Considering I think it was you who mentioned it a long time ago when the game was just released.................................... yeah, it is. Doing a small side step here, but will go back to topic later: Luring the Main campaign bosses out of their "normal" environment is one of the most useful tactics you can use. Lure the Gar'Colossus out of the pit and on the platform and he won't be able to get the T-energy shield up, making him easier to defeat; Lure the Octogallus out of the water and onto the land and you certainly weaken him, Lure the Garganthropod out of his area and into the small hallway between the area and the ditch and once again it's weaker; Lure the Nameless Guardians out of the console area into the corridors - and before doing that, destroy the Temple Guardian spawnpoints along the side of the area - and the Guardians won't replenish their shields, making them a lot easier to kill. So yes, it's a valid and a very useful tactic. Orc cave only works well if you haven't opened any chests in there, iirc. However, during the few hours I played this game in MP, I noticed a lot of players spawned in the Swamp and Desert to do their skiling there. I've personally found the desert being one of those spots having lots of better item drops over the other area's; but that may just a personal experience. Still, both area's got the advantage of being quite open, making it a lot easier to react to spawning monsters, and both area's got some interesting quests to do. Including some mini boss and dragon encounters. Thorin
  2. Thorin Oakshield

    Need help, stuck in Silver

    Easiest way to defeat the final guardians, lure them out of that room they're in as their T-energy shield wouldn't be restored. Once you got them into the hallways, use a Assailing Somersault - Pelting Strikes combo at them to get within range and do as much damage as possible, then run away to make sure you won't be hit much. As long as you make sure it remains in the hallways / corridor, you should be able to defeat them. Thorin
  3. Thorin Oakshield

    Late Introduction

    First of all, A very belated welcome! Second: upload that screenshot to Imgur and you've got the option to select the right code (starting with [ img] and ending with [ /img] (but just without the spaces)) to upload a screenshot here as well. It may be a bit of extra work, but it certainly works. And the latter is all that matters, isn't it? Thorin
  4. Thorin Oakshield

    Some news for something old

    I don't know how far you got by now, but I'm currently running around in Underworld and doing all the quests there as well. If you want to, I could either write them down as a Word.doc or take screenshots from the log to show the how and what. Thorin
  5. Thorin Oakshield

    Sacred Reborn: Daemon Chronicles

    Would be interesting to see how this build holds up when doing the Underworld campaign. Also, D'Cay isn't the first Dragon you can encounter. There's one hidden on the islands south of Crows Rock Castle, which can be accessed by either jumping / flying from the shore noth or Porto Vallum or by taking the dungeon route underneath DeMordrey's castle. Not sure if you plan to take on all Dragons, but the most logical order would be 1) the one from Crows Rock; 2) Tyr-Hadar Twins 3) D'Cay 4) Dragon west of Mascarell 5) Element of Air Dragon 6) Element of Fire Dragon 7) Element of Earth Dragon 8) Element of Wate Dragon 9) Gloom Dragon (either from Mystdale Castle or while heading to that campaign point) All in all, ten Dragons to deal with, meaning ten interesting fights. Thorin
  6. Thorin Oakshield

    Inventory madness (Dwarf 67 GOLD)

    Saw several questions pop up that haven´t been fully answered, so I´ll try to do that. Regarding trading± Merchants in Ancaria refresh their stock after you visit another merchant. It´s one of the beauties to exploit at Bravemart if you´ve unlocked both merchants next to eachother. However, the refreshing isn´t the only thing done, the quality of the items change as well. I´ve written a post about it at the Clan DA forum a long time ago and I believe Gogo copied it here somewhere. But in short, quality of the items go from terrible ( like showing only potions) to bad (some jewelry) to good (jewelry with extra stats) to excelent (jewelry with golden stats) to terrible again. It also explains this: As for eating runes; As mentioned Dwarven Armour and Dwarven Steel don't have that much influence on how many runes you find, so you can keep on exchanging other ones for those. I'm not sure if Warcry is in that list too, but it certainly is a third CA I would reccommend to be used. I shouldn't worry too much about the timers of these three CA's, since they will increase the more you increase the level of the CA; while regen will remain pretty low. One thing you could do is to use keys 8, 9 and 0 for these three CA's, put the one with the longest timer at the 0 and the one with the shortest timer at 8, then activate them backwards. That way, all three CA's will run out of time at the same time or not long after the previous one. That also leave you with two more CA slots, in which you can use flamethrower for close quarter fighting or your cannon blast or mortar for ranged fighting. As for the Underworld campain: The start is fairly easy, even at higher levels. The entire areas of Dwarven Ruins and Fungi Hillock are swarming with easy to kill monsters. Even the Hornets are pretty easy when using flamethrower. I managed to kill some with CB, but perfer flamethrower for them. Mortar may be a better option, perhaps, but not sure. However, after Purgatory you'll get into an area with monsters having a very high amount of WIDD (Wounds Increase Damage Dealt) and you really would like to fight those at a distance. Melee isn't really advised there, unless you're able to deal at least 5K damage with a single hit (not a hard hit), and although flamethrower got its damage over time; even that one needs to do at least 5K damage to deal with these monsters. And to make things worse, the Nuk-Nuk champions got a ranged attack dealing insane damage. I've got a pretty solid Dwarven build using CB and FT, but even that one got 3K hits IN SILVER from these mini-bosses. The next two area's after the Embalmed Forest aren't that hard, but the moment you enter Hell's Ridge and later the Valley of Tears you'll face harder monsters again. Fortunately, XP in these area's is nice too, so it'll compensate a bit. Still, fighting at range would be a better option, with FT as backup, compared to fighting as melee. Overall the Underworld campaign is a lot harder as the Ancaria campaign, no matter the level. I know I've completed both several times in both SP and MP, although the SP games were always hard to do; while in MP it was done with multiple persons as a clan event. Looking at things, I'm having the expression the Dwarf is one of the most suited fighters for the Underworld campain, if you're using CB / Mortar and FT. The main thing however isn't focussing at constitution, trade or concentration, but to focus at Weapon Lore, Dwarven Technology and Dwarven Lore. It's those three skills that make the difference between a killer Dwarf or a being killed Dwarf. Thorin
  7. Thorin Oakshield

    What Are You Currently Playing?

    Now I'm back to working again, I somehow lack the time to play many games. So I won't post the list of all the games I've been playing in the last couple of months. Instead I'll stick to the ones I've been playing since I'm working again. Basically those are: - Sacred 2 (because although I got chars in Niob, I haven't finished the Niob Campaign yet); - Wurm Online (the older version of Wurm Unlimited someone mentioned here) - Foundation (A great city builder in wich villagers got quite some freedom) - Baldurs Gate (Making me wonder why I never bought it before, considering its age) - Sacred: Underworld (When visiting my parents and because not many other games run at my laptop). As for the latter, I started a new Gladiator, moved him into Silver when reaching level 6 and already managed to get him killed twice. Once at the infamous invested Goblin Lawn, once when facing 6 Orc Archers, a bunch of Goblin Shamen summoning too many Goblins and a few Goblin Champs. It also showed that Sacred: Underworld is a lot harder as Sacred 2, considering you don't have a shared stash, so (almost) no chance to exchange set-items between chars. Oh well, I'm still having fun with the game and I may consider starting a Canon - Flamethrower Dwarf next time I'm visiting my parents, as those are a lot more fun. Thorin
  8. Thorin Oakshield

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome to the games that keeps you hooked for the rest of your live. And of course, welcome to our group of dedicated fans. If there's something you'd like to know, there's most likely a guide for it. And if there isn't we'll write you one. Just ask and we deliver (not me, coz I never played anything but Dwarves, seraphim's and Gladiators in Sacred Gold). Thorin
  9. Thorin Oakshield

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    One tip on Flaring Nova: It got an option - I think it's the first one - to choose between a long rage effect and a double pulse effect. If you decide to use FN in a combo with Assailing Somersault or Pelting Strikes, using the double pulse effect is a better choice. Main reason for that, you've got a chance to stun anything attacking you. And personally I don't see any use of stunning monsters far away, if the ones close to you are getting killed and the PE stops after that. Thorin
  10. Thorin Oakshield

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    I'm pretty sure you're not the only one playing this game, although not everyone is seeking advice here. Occasionally I'll see people asking for advice at the Steam forums as well, so there's still a player base. However, to call this game outdated...... Personally I think the only outdated thing of the game is the fact it's 32 bit. When looking at gameplay, environment and graphics, this game is still top-notch; meaning it's been ahead of time when it was released. And that was also one of its problems. Anyway, I strongly advise you to download and install the CM patch, as it removes quite some bugs, add some other..... no wait, those are cm-patch quest related; add new items and even new quests. It also makes it easier to download and use the items I got listed in my first post. The only "disadvantage" of doing so, you need to switch chests and start / safe your character quite a lot. And speaking of saving, a little trick I use - and I'm not certain even some of the vet's here know it - is to use the save option (I think default is F7) before logging out. By doing so, you start at the spot you were when ending the game, instead at a resurrection monolith which is always "at the other side of the map". And one piece of advice which was given to me as well not that long ago; try to keep Tactics, Armor, DW and Exalted Warrior equal to you level, so you're able to master those four as soon as you hit level 75. Having them equal to your level also helps a lot with dealing damage and dealing with damage. Thorin
  11. Thorin Oakshield

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Given that I've downloaded a lot of my gear, the stats I'm looking out for the most are the - +X skill] items; because they boost your skills and thus the damage output, regeneration time of your combat arts, increase your combat art execution speed as well as the CA's itself and its damage (if you have the lore part) (I think there's a list in one of the posts about where to download the amulets. Socket them in half of your armour slots) - items having Regen per hit; because each hit will reduce the cooldown regeneration of your CA's, meaning you are able to use 7-10 second regeneration CA's and still having them active again within 1 second. Yes, it works thàt good. - fire and ice modifiers as well as the +Z% physical damage increase rings; With these I'm not only meaning the lava chunck and ice shard, but also rings offering +Y% to either fire and ice. I.e.: a weapon doing 200 physical and 25 fire damge, got a 50% conversion lava chunk and a "Fire damage +20%" ring socketed. That means that the physical damage is reduced to 100, while firedmg is increase to 125 because of the lava chunk. However, with the +20% ring, the fire damage is increased with another 25 points because the ring increases your already high fire rate. If that ring happens to have a 2 sockets, adding a +Z% physical ring, would increase damage even more. - Rings and amulets increasing your resitances against damage over time, chances to wound etc. One of the reasons I said to use the+X skill items in only half your armour sockets. Because these rings and amulets (the ones having all the nice coloured stats) are put in the other half of the sockets. - aspect increasing items like rings giving a bonus to your main CA's or giving a general bonus to one of the aspects you're using. I.e. a ring giving +5 to Pelting strikes is nice, however a ring giving +2 to Exalted Warrior Aspects may work better as it reduced the regeneration time of the CA's, while at the same time increasing the CA's too. - If I'm able to socket them; rings giving points to Dual wield. The reason, the higher that skill, the faster you swing your weapons (capped at 150%), but more important, the higher the chance you do a critical hit too. And we all know, crits kill. The list of items I'm using is in my first post; as well as the reason why I'm using them, so I won't explain that here. As for your question about investing a single point into swordlore to unlock the "special" benefits of those weapons; I've always been reluctant to it as it would also mean - imho - that you would need to do the similar thing for hafted weapons; as you're using both as a Dual Wielder. That is, I am, as there's no use to dump a good hafted (hammer, axe) weapon in favour of a bad sword or dagger. That also means you're dropping two skills to unlock a feature you're only using to unlock benefits for the first 74!! levels, as it won't do a thing after your character hit level 75, since you need Sword Mastery for that. Or, if you're aming at getting the bonii after mastery (and for the other 125 levels) as well, bascially wasting 75-150 skill points into two skills you don't use at all; simply because mastery only works if you reach the hard cap (75) of a skill. Not by getting the soft cap. which may be well over 75 skill points at some point by using +X skill items. Not to mention, the attackspeed and crit hit chance are based upon your DW skill, so no use to invest in sword and / or hafted lore as well. But that's my opinion. Other players think the benefits of having the last modifier of a weapon unlocked for the first 75 levels works better, even if you're dualwielding, because the higher DW skill will override the lower attack speed and crit chance Sword lore is giving. Plus the fact they drop only one point in it, makes their build stronger as they can invest more points into the other skills. So yes, when using Dual Wield only, the other bonii based upon sword lore or hafted lore won't work. However, if you're using the community patch you've got the chance to find (or download them if you want to) items that use Dual Wield as modifier. Disciples of the Architect (staves) is one of those sets, the Flesh eaters axes are another, the Remnants of Drizzt are a DW sword set and the Night and Silent Water are the DW "unarmed" weapon DW set. Personally I found the axes and swords weak compared to those I'm currently using, so I decided to drop the idea of using the modifier in favour of the better damage I'm still doing with the weapons I'm using. And since I've downloaded most of my items, upgrading my weapons / armour when the minimum level unlocks isn't a problem anymore. Anyway, I hope I've been able to answer some of your questions. Have fun with the game and the build! Thorin
  12. Thorin Oakshield

    Been ages since I played

    Welcome to the club. I've been doing the same thing for years, playing so many games and coming back to either Sacred or Sacred 2 for some time. Never managed to get a char above level 110-ish, although I have been able to get a (shopping) Pyro HE, a (Smithing) SW and a Dryad in Niob and currently working at getting a DW seraphim in Niob as well. I dunno if I'm ever able to get any of those characters to level 200, but if I do, I'm certainly going to pop a bottle of champagne. More important is, that we're still having fun with a game that's 10 years old already. IMHO that shows how well Sacred and Sacred 2 were and how very underestimated they were at the time they were released. And in a way still are. Thorin
  13. Thorin Oakshield

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Managed to get the lady to level 60 today by doing lots of quests. Sloeford and Twainbrook area are done now, I'm currently in Thylysium and doing quests there. I noticed I got orange rings under the feet of my opponents the moment I had leveled up; meaning I'm not that far from getting the easier targets. Disadvantage is that the moment I encounter new spawns, they're having leveled up as well, resulting in purple rings under their feet again. Yet, with the slightly better equipment I'm able to use now - level 75 weapons and armor can be used - things are slowly improving. As for stats: Thorin
  14. Thorin Oakshield

    New project: Getting a DW seraphim to Niob

    Decided to dust off this project yesterday, but to say things went well.......... No, they didn't. I ran into the same problem trice within the past two days, which is that the seraphim died while fighting some undead. Basically because at level 53 faving level 72 monsters and having the light health potions to help you as well as some low LL simply doesn't work the moment your char is used as a needle cushion by undead archers. Doesn't work well when facing 6 angry buffed Centurion's either as well. The third death was caused by an army of Kobolds combined with some pirates using magic in their weapons. And one of them was throwing a trap at me, which was just the push towards the wrong side of DoT. So, what I did was jumping back to Sloeford, picking up quests there and doing those. It'll mean that my progress to Niob will be slowed down a lot, but the advantage of doing this is that the seraphim would be able to gather more XP and SB to close the gap between her level and the minimum Platinum level she's dealing with now. And at level 55 that's still 16 levels above her; while parts of her gear are still at Gold difficulty as well. So my basic plan right now is to quest and grind, improving her gear when that's posible level wise; which won't be long as she's already able to equip level 70 items right now; and closing that level gap between her and the monsters. It most likely means she'll hit Niob after level 60, but at the same time that'll give me the advantage to use slightly better potions. You know, healing up to 30% in Niob using the normal potions, compared to a very low amount using the light health potions. No matter what happens, I will get this char into Niob and if it can't be done as close to my current level, it'll be done a bit later but she will get there. Will post another update when she hits level 60, will update this post with some screenshots of her current stats tomorrow. Thorin