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  1. Yes, as you have expected, "Life leech +4" means that the weapon in question is leeching 4 points of health from your enemy the moment you hit them. IIRC the leeching is also done when you hit your enemy with another weapon, meaning you are able to do twice the leeching as you thought you would. The only thing having - a small - influence at your amount of leeching is actually your weapon skill, as that would increase your attack speed. And the higher your attack speed, the more hits you can do, which results in more often leeching being done as well. There are some ways to increase the leeching, btw. Some rings and amulets have that modifier as well and if that particular weapon does have slots available, head over to a smith and add that jewelry to your weapon or wear it. And keep an eye out for weapons doing "Life leech +x%" as those actually leech a percentage of the maximum health of your opponents. Which can be very useful when encountering one of the campaign bosses. Thorin
  2. If that translation is correct, it could very well be a reference to a song done by "The Who", called Eye sight to the blind. And the full lyrics: Thorin
  3. Seeing how many references to movies there were in Sacred 2 - think about Star Trek, Star Wars - and knowing it's over 10 years since the game was released, I hink references / Easter Eggs pointing to the last Star Wars movies (well, I think that's the last 6!!), the passing of both Leonard Nimoy and "Mr. Scott" (sorry, having a real bad day in remembering names today as another topic also shows) and probably the success of GoT and Vikings would be something that could be mentioned. I'm quite certain that everyone knows the meaning of a tombstone saying: "Famous last words 'Mesa don't like' ". Thorin
  4. There's plenty of goblins to kill once you crossed the bridge to Silvercreek. The area north of it was called "Goblin lawn" in MP for a reason. Simply kill them there - just don't forget to pick up some other goblin related quests in both Silvercreek and the unnamed trade post on the way to the next main quest city - collect the hearts and turn the quest in when you got the next portal unlocked as the quest giver is close to the Bellevue portal anyway. Thorin
  5. What I forgot to add: The shield / circle thingy is only for Sacred 1. For Sacred 2 the easiest way is to hoover your mouse pointer over a dropped or bought item and pressing the [alt] button. The description should show from which difficulty it is. Also: In Sacred 2 runes from various difficulties don't stack in your inventory. So when playing a seraphim for example, the Assailing Somersault runes from Bronze and Silver form two "piles". Use the hoovering / [alt] button I mentioned above and you know immediately which difficulty you're in. But in general, you're even able to see that in the main screen the moment you select a character........ Thorin
  6. Easiest way, head to a shop and check the small shield / circle in the top right corner of an item. Bronze has a quarter filled circle, Silver a half filled circle, Gold a 3/4 filled circle, Platinum is completely filled and Niob is a full yellow circle. Also, healthpotions do less healing in higher difficulties. Thus when it shows 100% it's bronze, when it's 70% (I think it is) it's Silver. Thorin
  7. I used to play this game when it was released on Steam and quit playing it not long after the first major patch was released some 6-8 weeks after. Although I like(d) the story of the game, my main concerns were A) the fact each and every boss - well, I made it to the 2nd before giving up - was able to summon summoners, who were then able to summon more summoners who were able to summon minions, so eventually a BOSS-fight turned out to be a fight against an army of drones and the occasional hit at the boss. And all that while the boss itself also casts AOD, making it even harder to avoid being hit. And B) the fact that for the game only one or two builds were strong enough to deal with the above, basically resulting in players cloning those builds and not using their own imagination. I "think" the main reason for the above two problems was that the game was developed with SP, MP and Co-op in mind, meaning that with a party of 4 it'll be a lot easier to control minions spawned by a boss as it was in SP. I dunno if that has changed yet, but perhaps over time I may give the game a try again. Or not, depending at my mood and the fact I'm currently up to my neck in FO-4 and Skyrim SE. Thorin
  8. There's a Sacred Character Editor which can be useful if you want to play both the light and dark campaign with the same character at a later difficulty. It also has the ability to reassign skill and atribute points if you think you'd done something wrong, as well as reworking your combat arts. While for some -I was one of those - it may be considered cheating to respec your points, I've also found it can be very useful to do so if you realize the buildplan you had in mind doesn't work out and you're not in the mood to start all over. Anyway, all info as well where to download it can be found in this topic. Hope you have fun with all of this! Thorin
  9. Sacred 2 Gold is the "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel" game plus the "Ice and Blood" expansion and probably also the last (2.56) patch. The game and the expansion are still sold as hard copies, although hard to find, but certainly are available as digital download. But now you got it, I do reccommend you try to download and install the Community Patch, mostly due to its bug fixing. Yet, even if you don't, I wish you all the best with your PC Ancarian experience! Thorin
  10. Glad to hear you give the game another go using a different approach. Hopefully it'll be enough to let you slowly explore more when entering the next difficulty after finishing silver. As for the character editor: Here's an entire topic about it. Another thing you may consider to add is the Community patch as it offers several bug fixes, as well as new content, which may be fun to use for some characters. Since I don't know which character you want to play I can't help you right now. However, since this community is very helpful and I got experience with the Dryad, High Elf, Seraphim and Shadow Warrior, I'm most like able to help you a bit. Either way, have fun with the game and hopefully it'll be a very nice experience! Thorin
  11. Being the "Sacred Guru" and all, I'll try to give it a shot to help you enjoying both Sacred games a bit more. Since both games have a similar background, but also different characters, as well as a different approach of the main - and side quests, I'll split my reply into two things. And yes, wall of text ahead! So, Sacred 1, aka Sacred Underworld; When this game was released, it was actually named a true successor of Diablo 2. Since I've never played D2, I can't say if that's true, however I do have experience with D3, it's RMTH and all crap related to that. Sacred 1 is different, but it's not because of the gameplay; it's because of the atmosphere. First of all, all characters start out with a special quest, which evolves into the main quest, but occasionally have a return to the character's background. Which that's interesting, it's also confusing a bit when seeing something related to that. So, when starting out, I suggest you DON'T start in Single player. Instead, open the MP option, start your own private LAN game and use that one to gain more experience. The reason why? Because in a LAN game you start at a different spot, with multiple portals hidden underground, which in turn take you to several spots in Ancaria where you're able to do some quests without risking your character - yet. I've written a full guide for that, which you can find here. When you've done that, it's possible to save and export your character and start with an improved character in Silver. Given there are a multitude of build guides out here, I won't give you any advise on that. What I can do is this: There is only ONE main quest and hundreds of side quests. Do the main quest, don't explore too much and do the occasional side quest when it's at the same heading the main quest is. With the main quest finished you'll be able to understand a lot more about the game and in the higher difficulty it's actually more fun to do the exploring. Also, use the Sacred Wiki as backup. Either from another computer / laptop or your phone if you're able to use WiFi, but use it. It has the entire game map on it, it got a lot of easter eggs at it and it has a lot of quest being written out. Including side quests in which you need to escort people. And speaking of escorting quests, you can select the current active side quest in your log book. Minor disadvantage is that quests are listed in the order you picked them up, mixing finished and unfinished ones; which in turn can be a bit troublesome. So it may take some time to get used to it, but once you do. Now Sacred 2, aka Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, Ice and Blood To start with the most obvious; this game is a lot larger as the previous title. Things have changed in the game with several combat arts - CA's - being turned into permanent buffs; which in turn also have an effect at the regeneration of the CA's. You once again have a choice between multiple characters, ranging from melee to ranged to magic to hybrid and anything in between. While that's one of the charms of the game, it's also one of its drawbacks; too many options which even got worse considering most - except two - characters are able to run the main campaign in both a light and a dark "setting". Or a "good" and a "bad" approach, if you prefer that. There are however a few changes compared to the prequel which - imho at least - are a major improvement. First of all, each character got their own quest line, which gives them a nice look at the background of that particular character. Especially when doing those quests in a Light setting at one difficulty and a Dark one in the next. Above that, each character also has one specific quest for them, meaning a bit more diversity. On top of that does Sacred 2 have a few interesting chain quests; letting you end up with some interesting items and even a nice video you can watch later And then there's the main quest, of course. What both games have in common are the easter eggs - including an quest related to that! - the somewhat wicked sense of humour and the long quest lines. Now for gameplay I'm going to reccommend to use a somewhat different approach as for Sacred: UW. There's no need to start a LAN game and do some quests in safe area's, as the starting area is pretty easy to deal with at Bronze. So instead start there, do the quests in that area and when you get to level 10-ish, save your character and start over in Silver. You'll notice the fights are harder, however you'll also get a lot better items for both offense and defense, not to mention; quest rewards. Just do the side-quests in the starting area, then keep continuing the main quest and the personal quest for your character until you have finished the entire campaign. There's no need to explore the entire map, simply because by doing that you will outlevel the monsters at some point, making the game boring and the loot terrible. However, when running the main and personal quest only you may instead run into monsters that are to hard to deal with. At that point, simply do some exploring and / or side quests until you notice you're able to deal with things again and continue doing the main and personal quest after that. By doing that, you'll keep the game much more interesting, plus gives you a good reason to play at a higher difficulty and actually explore things a bit more. Of course, just like with Sacred: UW, using the Wiki would be a good idea. Lots of items are described there, giving you a good idea about which weapons / armour pieces to use. It also has a very nice map of the gameworld, and in the download section you'll be able to find the items you need in case you don't want to wait for things to drop. And finally, there's a Character editor download as well, which makes it possible for you to adjust even skills, atributes and path you play without starting a new character. For me, all of this is enough to keep playing this game. Hopefully for you too, but even if it isn't, the fact you keep trying it, says more as you think it does. Especially since I've noticed that Wolcen and Grim Dawn may be considered Diablo Clones, but imho are still inferiour to the first to Sacred games. Thorin
  12. From what I remember the hard copy "Sacred 2: Fallen Angel" and the "Ice and Blood" add-on was having some DRM on it. Not sure if that has been removed, but if it hasn't, it also means you need to update it over the internet. Which in your case could be troublesome. I do know that Vista was the main OS at the time Sacred 2 was under development, so in the light of that I don't see a problem. One thing you could do is check the digital stores for the system requirements and see of your computer fits to that. If not, check which parts - like memory banks and GFX-card - are obsolete and replace only those while saving money for a better computer and / or better internet. Another thing you may consider doing is to check for an internet cafe and download both the 2.56 patch and the community patch at a USB-stick over there. Yes, I'm aware that'll most likely gonna cost you some money, but with that patch you'll be able to play the game with less bugs and content several members here have been adding. Thorin
  13. The Underworld portals are shown as the RED circles at the map. The cave close to that merchant and combo master is where you enter the Dryad forest when running that campaign. For the Dryad forest it's close behind the Dryad village of Esotopia, a bit out of the way for those who only want to do the Underworld campaign, but easy to find for those who like to explore. Edit: There isn't a portal in the cave. Thorin
  14. infinite => Human stupidity. Could be the galaxy too, but just like Albert Einstein I'm not certain that's infinite. Thorin
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