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  1. Thorin Oakshield

    The dungeon spawn unravelled

    I checked it with another dungeon today and noticed the same pattern. With a level 38 char I encountered level 40-41 monsters first, followed by a spawn of level 41-42 and a level 44 miniboss, followed by a level 42-43 spawn, followed by a level 39-40 spawn. My character is having about 50% SB, so minimal level 41-42 spawns should be normal as an enounter. It's what I encounter outside dungeons too. So it looks like the merchants and dungeons use the same spawning system. Several times going up in level, followed by a reset point where you're facing monsters close to your own level. This already makes me wonder how much I can level once getting to the Orc Cave. Thorin
  2. A long time ago, when Sacred: Underworld was still "hot", I'd spent some time checking how the merchants of Ancaria worked with their offering of items. More about that can be found in this particular thread. Today I've spent quite some time with two of my characters in the Undead dungeon near Faeries Crossing. I remembered it was one of those spots ppl in MP liked to level a lot. Similar to the Orc Cave in the Khorad Nur desert. After a few runs I noticed something odd. Monsters that were level 32 in a previous run, were level 35-36 in the next one. And that was without leveling up my character, as that would automatic increase the monster level by +1. So I decided to do a run with another character and I've experienced the same thing. The level of the spawns change every time you exit and enter the dungeon to have them respawning. Visiting the merchant or blacksmith to adjust gear doesn't matter; the level changes nevertheless. For what I've seen - and I intend to do some more testing, including by adding some other dungeons to the test as well - the spawns will be level to your character's level, then go up a couple of times according to your SB, before "resetting" again with a dungeon close to your character level. That also means that at level 32-ish your XP will vary from 1.5K to 2.5K, depending at the monster you're killing. Not to mention, it certainly is a nice spot to grind a few levels before continuing the main campain in SP. Thorin
  3. You're not the only one doing that. I've seen more comments in the Sacred Underworld section referring to Sacred: Fallen Angel instead. I doubt you're also the last one making that mistaken. In general content: I've found and added the link to a page explaining how to change the colour of your character's name when creating one. It turned out Night Wolfe's site is still up, having that very important information. The rest of the site might be very useful for players as well, I think. Thorin
  4. For a lot of the old players, MP was the only thing there was. I've played SP for a while, the moved to MP, kinda abandonned the game when Sacred 2 was in devellopment and I joined the BETA-team, played it a bit every once in a while until a Win10 upgrade made that possible and only recently have returned to the game. IMHO, playing SP gives you a much better insight of the game, because you're lacking sets and often the char special uniques. Some items, like Thar's Axe, are available for all characters, helping you with builds, but even that one is limited to one per difficulty, unlike MP where you could do a run every time you log in. I'm just hoping this little guide of mine will help some players returning to (imho) one of the best games of the past 15 years. Yup, that's most likely the biggest disadvantage this game has compared to its successor. Fiding that one single piece you so desperate need at another and unable to give it to that character. However, if I'm not mistaken, you could load both characters in LAN and use the starting island to switch items; although I'm not sure if you also did safe them in the progress of doing that, or if you needed to export the character. And thus forcing you to start all over again. Thorin
  5. There were a few players who'd use the "undead army glitch", then teleport to the island to be safe and logged out. Leaving those zombies around for some reason and killing anyone trying to enter the island. Either by logging in, or to move quickly between two spawnpoints. That island can be entered by some characters having a jumping, teleporting or flying CA (not skill, Podgie ), but the underground area with all the portals can't be accessed in SP anymore. Still, having access to a smith, combo master and trader very early in the game and before you've unlocked the first two through their quests can be very useful. Reason why I mentioned it. It should still be accessable in LAN-games and perhaps I'll check that at some point. Might be a good time to rewrite that MP starter's guide I did a long time ago. Thorin
  6. Introduction: Since a lot of the members here have experience with Sacred in MP, I thought it might be a good idea to create a guide for this game in Single Player. Yes, that’s right, the “dull” version. The biggest difference between SP and MP – other than the lack of someone joining your party – is that you’ll going to miss the support of other players. A lot. I even dare to say, an awful lot even. And that changes the entire gameplay, as completing and using sets is making things a lot harder as well. To counter that, you need to rely on unique (golden) and rare (yellow) items a lot more as you did in MP and often that killer-build you used in MP isn’t possible because of that. However, at the same time this offers a far more challenging gameplay as MP had; despite that in MP the enemies got stronger the more players had joined the server. Then there’s the fact that SP is done in Soft Core. I don’t think I need to explain that, do I? The next difference is that you won’t be able to use the starter island portals to get to several spots in Ancaria, giving you access to easy to do quests and XP. Instead you start at some fixed spots near Bellevue, depending at which character you choose to play. That also means, that depending at your starting position, you got an easy (Dwarf) or a hard (Seraphim) start. The good thing about this, however, you’ll be starting in Bellevue, meaning you got an abundancy of merchants to visit. That is, if you got the gold for it. The last difference is that you’re able to pause the game. That’s right, you can pause the game. And although it sounds useless, it’s a very useful feature when you must go AFK for a bit. We all remember from MP all to well that the “safe spot” we were using turned out to be not that safe after all, making us loose our character. Starting your game: Before we launch the game, we're going to adjust one thing and change another for that smoothier game experience. First thing done is to open up explorer - or any other program designed to browse your game folders, and head to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Sacred Gold\*.* This will open up and show all files in the Sacred Gold folder, of which you're going to work with two. First we're going to launch the Config.exe file. This file lets us choose an on/off option for some settings. Right now, the only thing we have to do is making sure the box in front of "32 Bit Color Depth" is checked. Click at [OK] after that to safe the settings and it should auto close. Second thing we do is opening the "Settings.cfg" file. This can be done with Wordpad or Notepad, so it's not a real biggie. In this file we'll find a line close to the top, reading DEFAULT_SKILLS : 1 Replace this by DEFAULT_SKILLS : 0 and then safe the file. What it does, is changing the two default starter skills from the ones the Dev's have set, into the option to choose those skills yourself. Which in turn gives you the ability to choose for instance Trading as a skill for your Dwarf or getting rid of that non-used Magic Lore at your Melee seraphim. When you've changed the skill setting, safe the file and close it. You're now safe to launch the game. Another one of those things I don’t think I have to tell you, is what to do next. It’s simply choosing a character, give him / her a name, select difficulty and go. I did a little search for the colour coding of the names and came up with something that is in fact far more useful: Night Wolfe's Sacred Site. It contains lots of good info, including how to use the colour and symbol codes. For that, use this link: Colours and symbols in your character name What is important is the difficulty. I know Bronze is considered “baby mode” because it’s so easy. Yet, bronze is the difficulty we choose because it’s easier. Starting at Silver is challenging, perhaps very challenging and I dare say, most likely too challenging. And since you start with only 3 health potions, bad weapons and no armour, death is waiting around the corner. In both ways of speaking in some occasions. So, Bronze it is and when that’s set, start the game. Depending at the character you have chosen, you start at different spots. - The Battlemage starts north of Bellevue at the stone circle. His first fight is pretty hard and demands a lot of running around and waiting for a spell regeneration. On top of that, after his first fight he’s got to deal with quite some goblins nearby, making the first trip to a merchant (west of his location) or picking up a quest not that easy. Yet, once he gets rolling, he’s able to survive the starting area easily. - The Dwarf, Wood Elf and Dark Elf start close to one another at a location to the Southwest of Bellevue. The two Elves at the plateau, the Dwarf a bit more to the Southwest of that plateau. Although being confronted with opponents soon, it’s one of the easier starts because the opponents are in general far away from each other. - The Deamon starts at the graveyard near the old manor, east of Bellevue. She can have an easy start if you don’t open the graves immediately. If you do, be prepared to fight a trio of undead at some point. It would be better to keep the graves as they are, since one quest would take you back to this location anyway. - The Gladiator starts in the Arena. The first fights are easy, the next one a bit harder, but after that he’s free to roam Ancaria. He’s also the only one basically starting next to a merchant, making his life a bit easier too. - The Seraphim starts to the north of Bellevue at the monastery. She’s got one of the harder starts, mostly because her starting quest is asking to kill quite some opponents. Fortunately for her there’s an easy to do side quest nearby ànd she’s close to a well, giving an additional health potion. However, one of her starting foes lurks near that well as well, so expect a fight over a health potion. - The Vampires starts at the old manor slightly to the northwest of the graveyards the Deamon starts at. Which gives her more or less the same starting method; do the personal starting quest, but don’t open up any graves….. yet. Exploring and leveling: As said, we start in Bronze difficulty because it’s easier. So, after we have entered the game and done the personal starting quest some of the characters have, it’s time to start looking around. That means walking a lot, picking up and completing quests, gathering loot, selling items and buying better stuff and visiting any dungeon possible. With the exception of doing two quests, there’s absolutely no reason to cross the bridge to Silvercreek right now. Those two quests are “the Messenger” quest and "Book of Wisdom", the quest given to you by the combo master. The first because after completing that quest, talking to the quest giver will reward you with an additional amount of XP. The second because of RNG. Depending at the character you play, you may want to exchange a couple of runes for a jumping, flying or teleportation rune, which can be used to enter the MP starter island and use the merchant, combo master and blacksmith at that spot. For those of you thinking: “But when playing this game in SP I won’t need them after leaving Bellevue”, yes, you’re correct. However, we won’t stay in Bellevue for long. Or better said, in Bronze. Once you have been exploring all in Bellevue and have been leveling up, you’re most likely level 5-6. This is enough to end the game here, by exporting your character first and closing the game after that. A fresh, and harder, start: Now you’ve played a bit in Bronze and created a slightly better prepared character, it’s time to move to the real part of this game: Silver difficulty and beyond. Your adventures in Bronze gave you enough of an understanding of this game - again for some, I think – and how everything works. So once again we’re going to start a new game, but instead of creating a character, we’re going to import one. It’s quite obvious how to do that, so I won’t explain it. When the imported character is chosen, select the SILVER difficulty before starting the game. Otherwise you’d be doing a Bronze game again, something we don’t want to. Let the intro movie play and do everything you just did in Bronze again. Except, this time we will cross the river to Silvercreek and we will venture more north, west, south and east of where we started; depending at where the main quest takes us, that is.. Keep in mind that by changing difficulty, your health potions all the sudden heals up to 60% of your health, instead of the full 100% they did in Bronze. Not to mention that the monsters now scale to your level, thus hitting you harder and occasionally be more annoying. It may be therefore a good idea to change some of the settings, for instance by setting the warning level to 41%. Also keep in mind that once an area is unlocked, you can return to it using the teleporters. While it won’t be necessary in Silver, it may be in Gold. And now I mention it, make sure you export your character before doing the last boss-fight. If I remember it correctly, the game asks for it, however it’s always better to do it yourself as well. As soon as Gold is unlocked, you can import your character to it and start all over. By now you should know how. 😉 Thorin
  7. Thorin Oakshield

    Sometimes they keep coming back......................... Again

    Yup. *Mhuahahahahahahahahahaha *cough cough* ha! And yes, it's really been that long. In fact, I think it's even been 14 - 15 years, as I just discovered some old saves dating 2004!! It actually surprised me too, I've got to admit that. Another thing that surprised me, is how active the game still is at Steam. There are a few guides out over there; although not the best kind of guides, if you asked me. But then, just like those who wrote the guides, I think I'm a bit biased. There are also quite some questions about how to run this game under Win10, often being replied with lots of tech stuff about downloading programs and such, while the tip Tipsterdad (and this really is a case of what's in a name!!) posted over here works well enough for me. But yes, so many fond memories about this game. And a few that weren't. Death of chars you worked hard to get to that level is something no-one likes at all. I think the only two times I was really upset about it, was when I lost my Seraphim because of Clan RUS monsterspawners and the Dwarf I had build up somewhere close to level 120, which died in the Nuk-nuk forest. And not even because of my stupidity, but because I handed my partner in crime in that game some of the flowers you could pick up for a mission. Turned out she never had received any flowers from any men before and she was so perplexed, she forgot about the game. Which; given that some of those buggers in that Nuk-Nuk forest had WIDD in extremis; wasn't a good idea. I chopped my way through them, she didn't support me with her Vamp and before I knew it, it was goodbye one hitter Dwarf. I was in fact so upset about it, that when creating a new character, I forgot to click at the skull-symbol. And thus created a SC instead of a HC char. Another nice thing I remember, all the island drops a group of players - and it includes a lot of the older forum members here - dropped at the lower level starter islands. With some luck you'd manage to get several full sets for your MP-chars within a few days. Partially with your own finds, partially with what other dropped. And with lots of luck, you'd be able to collect the same set for the next server level as well. As for my attempt to level a char to 216; that's a lot harder as expected. I've done several restarts before it felt "right" and even then things aren't easy. One problem - and it's the biggest one as well - is the lack of support of other players like we had in MP. Drops are terrible; well they were in MP as well, but with 100's of players around in multiple servers you didn't notice it that much; meaning you have to rely a lot at white, blue and yellow items. After a few tries, I remembered the trick to reset the starting skills and that made my life a bit easier too. One of the chars I started was a cannonblast / flamethrower Dwarf; who's first chosen skills were shopping and WL. At some point in the game I had twice the amount of WL as I had invested points into it, doing tremendous damage with both CA's at a "reasonable" regen. Meaning about 1K at the cannonblast vs 1.5s regen and 5-600 dmg at the flamethrower and a regen of 4-5s with a char level around level 20 and after picking up Wilbur. Which means I'm able to snipe most of my opponents now and those who're foolish enough to venture close to me are all the sudden at an unexpected BBQ. Unfortunately, the Dwarf died at the Goblin Lawn, so SB is quite low. And being a cannon-sniper, it might remain quite low as well; which is both an advantage as a disadvantage. But then, having shopping maxed out starts to show it's profits in getting better gear in the shops. And I'm going to need it. The Seraphim I created was having a lot more problems. Her start is already a bit harder compared to the Dwarf; especially since her starting weapon is just a piece of rust. So it took me a few times to get her rolling again; but it seems she's finaly able to chop some things up now she's close to level 20. Biggest problem for her is that she isn't able to get good gear. I was forced to do the entire Goblin Lawn with weapons being 5-6 levels below my char's level. And since she hasn't died yet, her SB is well over 40%, meaning a lot of spawns were 2 levels above her. Meaning the difference between the weapons and the spawns were 7-8 levels. Almost as if you try to tickle someone to death. It's one of those occasions you're happy a seraphim has RBoL (Rotating Blades of Light for those who haven't played her) to help you doing additional damage; although it always seem to run out the moment you're encountering a large group. Combined with 12% LL from Vamp runes, death isn't happening that early. Based upon my experiences in SP, I've set up a small guide about how to start. Including how to get rid of the preset skill and use your own skill choices. It's not that difficult; biggest problem are the different starting points, giving some a far easier start as others. A long time ago I had written a nice MP-starter's guide I think I posted either at the SIF or the DA-forum. Or perhaps even both. With the former gone and the latter unavailable for me, I'm not sure if it's even out there. But the SP guide will be posted here. Tomorrow, after I got my sleep. Thorin
  8. A long time ago, but not in a galaxy far, far away, I used to play a game called Patrician III, made by Ascaron. Because of that game, I became a member of the Ascaron International Forum and learned of an ongoing project called "Sacred". At first glance, I wasn't a fan of the game. I'd tried RPG's before but never really liked them; however, what I saw looked good and somehow the environment as well as the few things of the storyline looked interesting. So, when the demo was released - a few days prior to the release of the game, if I remember it correctly - I decided to download the demo and give it a try. if I didn't like it, I can delete it, if I did, I could give the game a go. Well, the rest is; as they say; history. My first attempt was the Seraphim as I liked her looks (after all, MMORPG means "Many Men Online Role Playing Girls") and the idea of combining magic with the use of weapons. However, her start was quite hard due to her location and after a few deaths I was about to give up on the game. Still, I decided to give the Gladiator a go as well, since he was the other "main" character of the game. He too died in his first fight, but by now I began to understand the mechanics, so a new attempt kept him alive. After that, the next fight was a bit easier, escaping from the arena a piece of cake and off to explore I went. With a better understanding of the mechanics, it became easier to face and kill the amount of goblins you encounter. Crossing a brook into another part of the first area was a piece of cake and soon other enemies were lying in the dirt, playing dead as well. Not much longer I began to realise that a blue item was better as a white one, a yellow better as a blue and that extra bonus at those weapons often had a positive effect of what you do. I also learned the hard way that it wasn't a good idea to eat too many runes, since regen time went up a lot faster as the damage modifiers did. So off I went, from Bellevue to the area around it, then accross the bridge to Silvercreek and beyond all the way into the first area. I learned lots of interesting things, exchanged info with some members of a Patrician III board I had joined and of whom I knew they were trying the demo as well, learned even more and realized I had begun to like that demo. In fact, I liked it that much I'd decided to actually buy the game. And so I did the first weekend after the release. And only then because of work making it hard for me to buy it at release, otherwise I'd had it a couple of days earlier. I played if for a couple of days in SP to get a better feeling of the game, the controls and the atmosphere - which is still an important thing to me - and at some point joined some ppl of that Patrician board to do an MP game. We had our fun, but for some of them the game wasn't what they thought it would be, so they bailed out. I decided to keep playing and because of knowing it would be more fun with a community as at a private server, decided to join the Sacred MP community. SC was my first attempt, it was nice, but somehow after reading so many comments at the SIF - or Sacred International Forum - decided that HC would be more challenging and certainly more fun. Or perhaps it was more fun and certainly more challenging? Well, fun it was indeed. I still remember the wolves showing torches at nightfall. I still remember how players died, decided to run to Porto Vallum before logging off and ending up with creating another 20 or so characters because they kept dying in the first part of the game. I remember how Ascaron released a huge patch for free, calling it the "plus" upgrade and changing the name in Sacred Plus afterwards, which solved quite a lot of bugged quests and other bugs. I remember how nice the HC community was and at some point having Gogo run a bank to support starting characters with gold. Usually gold he picked up at the starter's island which was dropped by other players. I remember the item drops and so many other things. And most of them are fond memories, although "Clan-RUS" always left a bad taste in my mouth with their monster-spawn killing of players as I lost 2 of my chars to them as well; including one level 115 seraphim that just had received a few setpieces of another player. But games slowly fade away and with Sacred it wasn't any different. I think I played more hours of that game when Underworld was released and I had a blast! Especially with my Cannon Dwarf. So when Ascaron asked players to sign up to their Sacred 2 beta test, I did and was accepted. I had a good time in that Beta period, even when knowing the existence of Ascaron was about to end if the game failed at launch. And it did - very unfortunately - because Deep Silver pushed for a release, while the bank demanded money. Using another publisher for the NA release certainly didn't help Ascaron either. I've played quite some time in Sacred 2, never did much of multi player mostly because of what happened at Clan DA and I had that clantag in my name, but also because I had to change my lifestyle a bit. Yet, even then I kept playing Sacred: UW and enjoying it. That was, until I upgraded my computer and began using Win7. I tried to run the game, but somehow it always failed at launch and eventually I just uninstalled it, hoping to be able to play it again some day. When Steam had the game for sale at some point, I bought it, knowing that the Steam game was said to run better at modern OS as the old disc versions. And it did, until I upgraded my system to Win10. Same problem I had before appeared, being the game locking at loading the fonts, forcing me to reboot my PC or laptop. So I had kinda given up on the game, fearing the only solution to run it would be using an old PC or - after buying a new one - downgrading the curent one to Vista and run the game on that. That was, until I decided to look at this forum and found this post at the forum: Today I tried the fix and it worked. For the first time in ages I was able to play the RPG I liked so much, which brought me into contact with some great players and a nice community. And while playing the game I realized something else. It's been 12-13 years ago when Sacred was released. I've been playing this game for multiple times in the past 12 - 13 years and usually I have been enjoying every bit of it. Just as I've been enjoying Sacred 2 for the same reason. In those 12 - 13 years I've been playing Diable 3 and although I like that game, I do miss something in its atmosphere. In those 12 - 13 years I've been playing Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim and Elder Scrolls Online. And although I enjoy(ed) all these games, I still missed something in it. I think that "it" is the atmosphere and humour of the game. In both Sacred and Sacred 2 you know you're in a gloomy area because of the atmosphere. Marshes had that gloomy, dark look over them, other area's were people were happy, are bright and light. But it was also the outfit of what you encountered. Sakkara priests wearing dark habits and sickles to harvest the souls of their victims. The comments they made when you encountered them, the things Goblins yelled when encountering them. The inscriptions at tombstones, menhirs, signs or what people said. It was all part of what the Sacred experience made special. For me, Sacred is like that first love you once had. Every now and then your thoughts return to that person and you wonder how (s)he's doing. Perhaps you're even in contact with that person and occasionally doing nice things with him / her. It's been 12 - 13 years since I began playing Sacred and somehow I got the feeling I'll be playing Sacred 12 - 13 years from now. And I'll be enjoying every minute of it, I'm certain of that. And now, if you excuse me, I've got a Seraphim to level to 216. Thorin
  9. THIS!!! Has made my life so much better. I usually was playing Sacred: UW / Gold at my laptop when visiting my parents. And usually that game started or froze; there simply was no other option. And the latter happened a lot more as the first, occasionally making my gaming experience a hell. Having the same problem at my PC, I didn't even care to hope to play this game again. However............. I changed the settings today, tried to launch a game at my PC and it ran flawlessly. In fact, it seemed the black bars at the side were even a bit smaller as they used to be before upgrading my system to Win10. I've been running around a bit in Ancaria, playing a Dwarf of which all of you might guess the name and the game ran without any problems. Looks like I've got some very long nights ahead of me in the future as well as the certainty that I'm able to play this game when visiting my parents, when we're trying to enjoy our various computer games. Thorin
  10. Thorin Oakshield

    Greetings and help request *solved*

    I remember this bug and I also remember there was a non-cheating solution to it, although I can't exactly remember which it was. Big problem with this is that both the International Sacred Forum has gone for a while now and Deep FECAL MATTER!ters never cared about the fanbase in the first place. Meaning chances are they don't have much or even anything about this game at all at their forums. I think - and this is a bit of speculation - that the moment you crossed the (invisible) line between the ramp and the desert at the bottom of the ramp, the quest triggered as completed; no matter where the questgiver was. She would walk a bit afterwards, but usually stopped moving halfway the ramp and thus blocking access to the lava plains. In MP it was a lot more easy as you just formed a party, one person went to the desert and the one accepting the quest teleported to the one in the desert, instantly moving the questgiver to the desert as well. What some players did in SP, was slowing down when they were at the ramp and when moving down, making sure the questgiver kept close to them to avoid her blocking the path. Others solved it by using the "teleportation / jump cheat" by actually moving a bit to the side, jump or teleport down (seraphim, Glad and BM could do this for certain) and walk up the ramp again to get the quest trigger working. Or in case it didn't work, use the same thing to jump over the quest giver and continue the main quest. I hope that the solutions I posted here help you to solve this problem in a future game. Thorin
  11. Thorin Oakshield

    My toon pulsing with white glow?

    Out of all ppl I thought you might've remembered this best, Gogo. After all, it was you who kept running around in pink underwe..... erm armour quite a few times. Thorin
  12. Thorin Oakshield

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    Pitty that the invunerabilty of escort NPC's isn't added, but then, with the extra teleport options we have now, it's barely needed anymore. With the exception of a few quests, that is. I guess that the only solution is running around with one thumb at the spacebar, in case I have a few NPC's in tow. Thx for the heads up. Thorin
  13. Thorin Oakshield

    Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    I've been away from this game for a while, so I might be mistaken, but..... I seem to remember that in one of the previous versions an attempt was started to make sure all followers got a "protective" state, meaning they won't be attacked by monsters. If this project was abandoned, never mind my post. If it wasn't, I lost a few followers - and thus failed quests - in the Desert area because my followers were attacked by monsters. First quest was the soldier who got his sword stolen near the southern end of the desert, more or less between the archaeological site and the entrance to the jungle. The second quest was the one where you had to take a person and a lamb to another city / camp in the desert to end a long lasting feud. I can't remember both quest names for now, but will check and edit my post after playing a bit more. Also, wasn't there a special console command to bring up the codes of quests and / or items to make it easier for those working at the patch to solve the bug? If there is, please mail to to me in PM, so I can use those codes to speficy the bugged chars a bit easier. Thorin
  14. Although this isn't really an introduction, as the title says, it kinda is, considering how long I've been away from this site and Sacred 2: I&B. Yup, it's true; being one of the very first persons to ever play it - way back when even Windows 7 wasn't released yet (Damn! I'm getting old. And distracted ) - when the game was in Beta, I now have the intention to be one of the last persons to ever play it. Although by the looks of things, that might take a while. I guess we all know the feeling of having played a game for so long you get bored with it; even if you don't want to. That happened with me and Sacred 2:I&B. Somewhere in 2014 I got bored with having 3-4 chars running through the same part of the map, doing the same quests, hearing the same screams of death, the same comments etc. I forced myself to finish Gold with my Seraphim, even managed to do a bit more in Plat, but gave up when she had too many problems with her gear that certainly wasn't powerful enough to deal with red circled monsters. I really needed my shopping HE at that point, but just couldn't bother anymore to level her. And thus, Sacred 2:I&B slowly died. Occasionally I tried to lanch the game, but too often the steamversion just played in the background, meaning closing it with taskmanager before doing something else. And something else I did. Over the years I've been playing Skyrim with all its add-ons, Skyrim special edition with all the add-ons - and both with mods to increase the joy of those games, Ovlivion and Morrowind were played too, though not as much as Skyrim, I ventured along in The Elderscrolls Online (Euro-server), all Dragon Age and Witcher games, some Assassin's Creed and even Diablo 3. Yet, from time to time when visiting my parents, Sacred:UW was started and played. That is, if the launch didn't freeze when loading the fonts. And with that old game, another old Ascaron game kept my interest as well: Patrician 3. The last two years I've been spending most - and sometimes all - of my time in Wurm Online. I won't explain exactly what kind it is, but basicaly it's a similar game as Minecraft, except with a skill tree and less pixelated graphics. Notch - the dev of minecraft - used to work at Wurm Online before starting his own game. Anyway, while playing WO, someone brought up a quote from Patrician 3; which made me wanting to play that game. I tried a lot of things, but it didn't work out. At that point, I thought it might be nice to start Sacred:UW again, just to have some other experience for a while. Unfortunately, that game froze when loading the fonts, so eventually I decided to give Sacred 2:I&B a go. However, knowing that game would run in the background for some reason, I searched the steam forums for a solution. Which led me to - surprisingly - the latest version of the community patch. I have to admit I was a bit surprised seeing a new version of the CM patch. But more important, it also sparked my interest. I remembered we had some contest for new weapons which were implemented in the CM patch, but I never found any of those. Or at least can't remember I found any. So now I had some desire to play the game; however even the new CM patch didn't work. Eventually I managed to get the game running, after changing it to Win7 compatibility and running as admin. I was asked to test the settings; resulting in playing the game for about 10 hours. That's quite some test, eh? In those 10 hours, I managed to do some quests in the desert with my Dryad, as well as mapping some spots and kiling the minotaur boss. But I liked it and the next day I played the game again. And the day after it again. Today's the 4th day since I managed to get the game running and I'll start with my Dryad at her home island, 6 levels above the one she had when I left her about 4 years ago and I'm determined to have her finish all quests an enter platinum as well. If I'm still in the mood after that, my bargaining HE will be next, since both my Dryad and seraphim will need better equipment, not to mention that I still got a SW needing to enter plat as well and......... OK, I got some work to do. As said, I'm back............................ sort off. Thorin
  15. Thorin Oakshield

    How could this game (Sacred) be so underrated?

    The way I see both games, is that they're having a combined storyline, which eventually falls into place. And for Sacred 2, those storylines are more written for MP-coop as for SP. So, let's split things up a bit. In Sacred 1 your main char wakes up after a nightmare, showing Shaddar the Necromancer summoning a demon, who in turn breaks free. You don't notice much about it, but during your main quest, you do encounter the effects of it. Which mostly are the undead you encounter at several places; as well - if you did that particular side-quest - one encounter with the Sakkara demon summoning the undead, before leaving again. Then there's the main quest; which has been split in two parts. First part concerns Prince Valor and his father Aarnum, who's about to die. While looking for him, you notice the undead rising from their graves, but you don't have a particular assignment to find out what's happening. Instead, you are pulled into the civil war tearing Ancaria apart, until the moment you discover the prince; acompanied by a sorceress; who sends you on a mission to figure out why the undead are rising from their graves. Don't ask me why it's done before finishing the usurper, as that would have made a lot more sense. So you're off to the desert, where you discover the Sakkara horn, which in turn is taken to Braverock, where finally the usurper DeMordrey is overthrown. End of the 1st part of the main story-line. Now the second part of the story-line starts: the search for the elements. The sorceress sends you on a journey to capture all elements; which are needed to capture and destroy the Sakkara demon. Something you manage to do, but while doing it, Valor gets killed and his g/f the barroness kidnapped. It now turned out Shaddar has planned the destruction of the demon all along, just to make sure he could summon it again; and controll it this time. And as savior of the kingdom, it's once again your task to find the Necromancer and kill him; something you manage to do, but it just starts the "Underworld-story line". The Sacred-2 storyline are in fact 7 main storylines; which are all working together - or against each other - to get to the ultimate goal: to control, or the destruction of the T-energy. Some of those storylines quit before getting to the Great Machine, and some continue all the way to the point where you encounter that last Inquisitor, or to a point close enough to it, where human curiousity takes you to the last steps to finish the main quest. There are also some bridges between both Sacred; they just have to be seen. In S1 one of the scrolls tell about a great war between humans and demons, in which dragons were used. And what do you encounter in the Waste Lands: A war-torn countryside, with lots of dragon skelletons. In S1 you learn - when playing a Seraphim - that the Seraphim were actually articifial creatures. With the UW-expansion we also learned about the Ice Elves; while in the original game we already faced the Dark Elves. And while the Ice Elves are using a lot of Seraphim technology, the Dark Elves are led by one! In Sacred 2 we learn that during the war, Seraphim were ressurected and turned into "Dark Seraphim". When playing a seraphim you even have to encounter one. This is the bridge to explain parts of the Schifm of the Elves. Both the Ice Elves and the Dark Elves were led by a Dark Seraphim. And while one faction adopted the seraphim thechnology, the other one didn't. It's also very likely that the Ice Elves in fact did embrace the T-energy; as it would explain partially where their power came from. The schism of the Elves is a bit harder to explain, but here's what I think happened. There were in fact 2 (TWO!!) schism's. The first one occured not long after the end of Sacred 2, where the Elves using, and willing to keep, T-energy split from the faction who wanted T-energy destroyed. At some point the first faction got in contact with a Dark Seraphim and fled to a region they were safe, as the other faction was still stronger. Perhaps there were some sources of T-energy left in that icy region, I don't know. The other faction returned to the nature-loving ways of their ancestors. Perhaps under guidance of the Dryads, perhaps on their own, I don't know. But eventually something happened, splitting the community again. One group remained true to the ways they've lived for the last hundreds of years, the other faction turns to a darker path, led by a Dark Seraphim, and become the Dark Elves. As for the Dwarves; they are present in both games, but only from the side. As in: You see them, but you won't encounter them. In S-UW you're able to play a Dwarf and it turns out he's using quite better technology as the rest of the people are doing. The fact that his "Flying machine" - which is a Gyrocopter, I think - crashlanded; while its design isn't even known to Ensign Weston, explains some things. We also know the Dwarves used to live in some underground cities, which were captured by the Dark Elves; where most Dwarves were killed. What's left of the Dwarves fled and didn't set foot on Ancaria until the one we play in UW. So where were the Dwarves in Sacred 2 and the period between those two games: Simple: they were hiding under the mountains, minding their own business. There are only two pieces of evidence prooving that. 1st is a small book with a poem about a Dwarf; explaining how a Dwarf looks. But ingame all encounters show that no-one has seen a Dwarf. 2nd is that cave in Grunwald where you can kill a dragon. There's a huge sealed door at the end of the cave, mentioning something about Dwarves. Thàt's the entrance to their stronghold. Now, if I was a Dwarf and I got a huge dragon at my doorstep, I wouldn't be going outside for a while either. But of course, I would try to mine me another way out at some point. Leaves me one thing to mention: When comparing both maps, they don't match. Even when turing the Sacred 2 swamp into a large lake - as it will become since it's a lot lower as the rest of the country - the maps won't match. Unless.......... There are 2 explanations. 1st: The S1 and Sacred 2 parts of the map are at one another's oposite. Meaning the southsea at both maps is more likely a large inland see. However, according to some S1 scrolls, the first humans settled in the area along Silvercreek and Bellevue and they don't have a sea-coast line. And even sailing up-river from the southern sea isn't possible, since there's a mountain range between that area and the desert. 2nd: The two game-worlds are actually next to one another; sharing the same southern sea and the same mountainrange at their border. That'll mean the Sacred 2 map is actually to the east of the S1 map, explaining how the Dwarves got from one part of the world to the other - the hiden door actually leads to Verag-Nar - and the humans travelling East over the mountains, through the Gloom to the Bellevue - Silvercreek area. Thorin