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  1. Community Patch 160 Bug Reports

    I've been away from this game for a while, so I might be mistaken, but..... I seem to remember that in one of the previous versions an attempt was started to make sure all followers got a "protective" state, meaning they won't be attacked by monsters. If this project was abandoned, never mind my post. If it wasn't, I lost a few followers - and thus failed quests - in the Desert area because my followers were attacked by monsters. First quest was the soldier who got his sword stolen near the southern end of the desert, more or less between the archaeological site and the entrance to the jungle. The second quest was the one where you had to take a person and a lamb to another city / camp in the desert to end a long lasting feud. I can't remember both quest names for now, but will check and edit my post after playing a bit more. Also, wasn't there a special console command to bring up the codes of quests and / or items to make it easier for those working at the patch to solve the bug? If there is, please mail to to me in PM, so I can use those codes to speficy the bugged chars a bit easier. Thorin
  2. Although this isn't really an introduction, as the title says, it kinda is, considering how long I've been away from this site and Sacred 2: I&B. Yup, it's true; being one of the very first persons to ever play it - way back when even Windows 7 wasn't released yet (Damn! I'm getting old. And distracted ) - when the game was in Beta, I now have the intention to be one of the last persons to ever play it. Although by the looks of things, that might take a while. I guess we all know the feeling of having played a game for so long you get bored with it; even if you don't want to. That happened with me and Sacred 2:I&B. Somewhere in 2014 I got bored with having 3-4 chars running through the same part of the map, doing the same quests, hearing the same screams of death, the same comments etc. I forced myself to finish Gold with my Seraphim, even managed to do a bit more in Plat, but gave up when she had too many problems with her gear that certainly wasn't powerful enough to deal with red circled monsters. I really needed my shopping HE at that point, but just couldn't bother anymore to level her. And thus, Sacred 2:I&B slowly died. Occasionally I tried to lanch the game, but too often the steamversion just played in the background, meaning closing it with taskmanager before doing something else. And something else I did. Over the years I've been playing Skyrim with all its add-ons, Skyrim special edition with all the add-ons - and both with mods to increase the joy of those games, Ovlivion and Morrowind were played too, though not as much as Skyrim, I ventured along in The Elderscrolls Online (Euro-server), all Dragon Age and Witcher games, some Assassin's Creed and even Diablo 3. Yet, from time to time when visiting my parents, Sacred:UW was started and played. That is, if the launch didn't freeze when loading the fonts. And with that old game, another old Ascaron game kept my interest as well: Patrician 3. The last two years I've been spending most - and sometimes all - of my time in Wurm Online. I won't explain exactly what kind it is, but basicaly it's a similar game as Minecraft, except with a skill tree and less pixelated graphics. Notch - the dev of minecraft - used to work at Wurm Online before starting his own game. Anyway, while playing WO, someone brought up a quote from Patrician 3; which made me wanting to play that game. I tried a lot of things, but it didn't work out. At that point, I thought it might be nice to start Sacred:UW again, just to have some other experience for a while. Unfortunately, that game froze when loading the fonts, so eventually I decided to give Sacred 2:I&B a go. However, knowing that game would run in the background for some reason, I searched the steam forums for a solution. Which led me to - surprisingly - the latest version of the community patch. I have to admit I was a bit surprised seeing a new version of the CM patch. But more important, it also sparked my interest. I remembered we had some contest for new weapons which were implemented in the CM patch, but I never found any of those. Or at least can't remember I found any. So now I had some desire to play the game; however even the new CM patch didn't work. Eventually I managed to get the game running, after changing it to Win7 compatibility and running as admin. I was asked to test the settings; resulting in playing the game for about 10 hours. That's quite some test, eh? In those 10 hours, I managed to do some quests in the desert with my Dryad, as well as mapping some spots and kiling the minotaur boss. But I liked it and the next day I played the game again. And the day after it again. Today's the 4th day since I managed to get the game running and I'll start with my Dryad at her home island, 6 levels above the one she had when I left her about 4 years ago and I'm determined to have her finish all quests an enter platinum as well. If I'm still in the mood after that, my bargaining HE will be next, since both my Dryad and seraphim will need better equipment, not to mention that I still got a SW needing to enter plat as well and......... OK, I got some work to do. As said, I'm back............................ sort off. Thorin
  3. How could this game (Sacred) be so underrated?

    The way I see both games, is that they're having a combined storyline, which eventually falls into place. And for Sacred 2, those storylines are more written for MP-coop as for SP. So, let's split things up a bit. In Sacred 1 your main char wakes up after a nightmare, showing Shaddar the Necromancer summoning a demon, who in turn breaks free. You don't notice much about it, but during your main quest, you do encounter the effects of it. Which mostly are the undead you encounter at several places; as well - if you did that particular side-quest - one encounter with the Sakkara demon summoning the undead, before leaving again. Then there's the main quest; which has been split in two parts. First part concerns Prince Valor and his father Aarnum, who's about to die. While looking for him, you notice the undead rising from their graves, but you don't have a particular assignment to find out what's happening. Instead, you are pulled into the civil war tearing Ancaria apart, until the moment you discover the prince; acompanied by a sorceress; who sends you on a mission to figure out why the undead are rising from their graves. Don't ask me why it's done before finishing the usurper, as that would have made a lot more sense. So you're off to the desert, where you discover the Sakkara horn, which in turn is taken to Braverock, where finally the usurper DeMordrey is overthrown. End of the 1st part of the main story-line. Now the second part of the story-line starts: the search for the elements. The sorceress sends you on a journey to capture all elements; which are needed to capture and destroy the Sakkara demon. Something you manage to do, but while doing it, Valor gets killed and his g/f the barroness kidnapped. It now turned out Shaddar has planned the destruction of the demon all along, just to make sure he could summon it again; and controll it this time. And as savior of the kingdom, it's once again your task to find the Necromancer and kill him; something you manage to do, but it just starts the "Underworld-story line". The Sacred-2 storyline are in fact 7 main storylines; which are all working together - or against each other - to get to the ultimate goal: to control, or the destruction of the T-energy. Some of those storylines quit before getting to the Great Machine, and some continue all the way to the point where you encounter that last Inquisitor, or to a point close enough to it, where human curiousity takes you to the last steps to finish the main quest. There are also some bridges between both Sacred; they just have to be seen. In S1 one of the scrolls tell about a great war between humans and demons, in which dragons were used. And what do you encounter in the Waste Lands: A war-torn countryside, with lots of dragon skelletons. In S1 you learn - when playing a Seraphim - that the Seraphim were actually articifial creatures. With the UW-expansion we also learned about the Ice Elves; while in the original game we already faced the Dark Elves. And while the Ice Elves are using a lot of Seraphim technology, the Dark Elves are led by one! In Sacred 2 we learn that during the war, Seraphim were ressurected and turned into "Dark Seraphim". When playing a seraphim you even have to encounter one. This is the bridge to explain parts of the Schifm of the Elves. Both the Ice Elves and the Dark Elves were led by a Dark Seraphim. And while one faction adopted the seraphim thechnology, the other one didn't. It's also very likely that the Ice Elves in fact did embrace the T-energy; as it would explain partially where their power came from. The schism of the Elves is a bit harder to explain, but here's what I think happened. There were in fact 2 (TWO!!) schism's. The first one occured not long after the end of Sacred 2, where the Elves using, and willing to keep, T-energy split from the faction who wanted T-energy destroyed. At some point the first faction got in contact with a Dark Seraphim and fled to a region they were safe, as the other faction was still stronger. Perhaps there were some sources of T-energy left in that icy region, I don't know. The other faction returned to the nature-loving ways of their ancestors. Perhaps under guidance of the Dryads, perhaps on their own, I don't know. But eventually something happened, splitting the community again. One group remained true to the ways they've lived for the last hundreds of years, the other faction turns to a darker path, led by a Dark Seraphim, and become the Dark Elves. As for the Dwarves; they are present in both games, but only from the side. As in: You see them, but you won't encounter them. In S-UW you're able to play a Dwarf and it turns out he's using quite better technology as the rest of the people are doing. The fact that his "Flying machine" - which is a Gyrocopter, I think - crashlanded; while its design isn't even known to Ensign Weston, explains some things. We also know the Dwarves used to live in some underground cities, which were captured by the Dark Elves; where most Dwarves were killed. What's left of the Dwarves fled and didn't set foot on Ancaria until the one we play in UW. So where were the Dwarves in Sacred 2 and the period between those two games: Simple: they were hiding under the mountains, minding their own business. There are only two pieces of evidence prooving that. 1st is a small book with a poem about a Dwarf; explaining how a Dwarf looks. But ingame all encounters show that no-one has seen a Dwarf. 2nd is that cave in Grunwald where you can kill a dragon. There's a huge sealed door at the end of the cave, mentioning something about Dwarves. Thàt's the entrance to their stronghold. Now, if I was a Dwarf and I got a huge dragon at my doorstep, I wouldn't be going outside for a while either. But of course, I would try to mine me another way out at some point. Leaves me one thing to mention: When comparing both maps, they don't match. Even when turing the Sacred 2 swamp into a large lake - as it will become since it's a lot lower as the rest of the country - the maps won't match. Unless.......... There are 2 explanations. 1st: The S1 and Sacred 2 parts of the map are at one another's oposite. Meaning the southsea at both maps is more likely a large inland see. However, according to some S1 scrolls, the first humans settled in the area along Silvercreek and Bellevue and they don't have a sea-coast line. And even sailing up-river from the southern sea isn't possible, since there's a mountain range between that area and the desert. 2nd: The two game-worlds are actually next to one another; sharing the same southern sea and the same mountainrange at their border. That'll mean the Sacred 2 map is actually to the east of the S1 map, explaining how the Dwarves got from one part of the world to the other - the hiden door actually leads to Verag-Nar - and the humans travelling East over the mountains, through the Gloom to the Bellevue - Silvercreek area. Thorin
  4. OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    At least HE knew what the spelling of the word was. Thorin
  5. OK. What's a Shneeple? (sp)

    This subject was addressed at the SIF a long time ago and I believe it was Mirko who ansered it. According to that post, the Dev's had decided to keep the orriginal (German) babbling of the Goblins in-game after switching to English for the international release. Partially because of the comic relief, partially to show that the Goblins were something different. Another phrase you hear a lot is "Hack seinen Kopf ab, Ich brauche einen Aschenbecher" (Cut his head off, I need [can use] a new ashtray). I dunno where that post is at the SIF, but perhaps someone with more time at his / her hands might look for it...... Thorin
  6. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Limping patient easily escapes sanitorium! Catch Thorin
  7. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Eric the Red stashes silver. BEAST Thorin
  8. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Al's Magical Enhanced International Teacups. *off the record* Hmmm, sounds like an add or something. *On record* Delta Thorin
  9. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Tiny Tim got inflatable hats. Minion Thorin
  10. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Does Vanessa Always Initiate Dangers? Quick Thorin
  11. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Celeste hates ugly looking Nikes. Hates Thorin
  12. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Is Gunther really eating pears? Total Thorin
  13. Make a sentence from 5 letters

    Stella got all men executed. Patch Thorin
  14. Back after a long break

    WB. Thorin
  15. Help killing bosses

    To kill the GC, wait for him to throw some rocks at you. Dodge the rocks, smash them to pieces with your weapon and use the gained buff to damage him big time. Another thing to do is to lure him up to the sidewalk. He can't regenerate as fast as at the bottom when using the T-energy, making him an easier kill. To kill the Octo a bit easier, lure him out of the water at dry land. Sorta works the same as the T-enerypool the GC was using. Thorin