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  1. Thanks for the kind words, Gogo. I have several reasons to post longer build topics. One of them is that I like to teach things to others and just reading "put 100 points in WL" isn't really helpful imho. Related to that, I prefer to give more details, as it makes gameplay easier for others who would like to copy the build. And last but not least, I like writing stories, although I haven't finished many. So writing long posts here is one way to satisfy that need. As for the name, is there any better? I know Dredbanger used to have a Dwarf called "vertically challenged", but having a nice pun in a character name is always fun. So far I had in the old HC days a Gladiator named Eugene (reference to a Pink Floyd song), a BM called "Fire Fighter" (so guess what his main CA's were...), a Vamp named Bat-girl (but she didn't live long) and a WE named Poison Ivy (who didn't live long either). So for a Dwarf using cannonblast I though of using Bombur; although that name would fit for a Mortar Dwarf too; or eighty-eight as a reference to that German FLAK / Anti-tank cannon; but given that 8.8 also is a refrence at the dark-net to a certain person who has been responsible (the) for mass murdering (of) millions of people, it would've been a tricky reference. So I prefer Bombur, although "heatwave" as a name would've been a nice reference to the use of the flamethrower. Thorin
  2. Did two sessions in the past two days and managed to get to Timberton - yesterday - and Crow's Rock Castle - today - without dying or even needing health potions. Considering I invest nothing in strength and constitution so far, I can confirm this Dwarf is actually stronger as my Seraphim. So what do things look like by now: Skills at Faeries Atributes at Faeries Looking at those, I think I know why the Dwarf is a lot stronger as the Seraphim; basically the way I have diverted the skill and atribute points. With the seraphim being a hybrid character, I had to put points in Strength, Phys Regen and Mental Regen; while the Dwarf, being a pure CA-build, only has the points dropped in Phys Regen. Skill wise there isn't much of a difference, as I dropped most points in WL and the skill to lower the CA Regen (concentration on the seraphim, Dwarven Lore on the Dwarf) Anyway, I started today's session at Faeries Crossing. I did the quests there too, managed to complete one I failed on the seraphim earlier and heading to the North East to cross the bridge. But before that, I decided to spend time in the Undead Cave in Faeries Crossing; where I managed to get enough XP in three runs to gain a level. From there it was up to the north to Timberton, where I did most of the quests, before setting out to Brave Rock Castle. Up to that point I had some problems with ranged characters, but nothing too serious, since a CB-dwarf got a much better ranged weapon. Doing one hit kills is fun, as long as you don't have split equipped and low armor ratings. Despite that I managed to do all the quests near and in Braverock, before talking to DeMordrey. On my way back I took a right turn and explored / cleared a large dungeon, eventually taking that particular portal to that particular small island south of Crows Rock. The reason was that I had in mind to face a certain giant lizzard. So I faced it, told it it was a lot uglier as my 4th mother-in-law; at which it became angry. So I decided to turn it into a corpse with some huge holes in it. Something I managed to succeed, although it nearly killed me with its dying breath. But the XP I got from that kill - somewhere over 40K!! - was enough to give me another level. After that it was "just" heading out of the dungeon, leaving the city and moving on to Wolf Dale. But that area will be done another day. Thorin
  3. With the build plan laid out in the first post, here's how things went so far. First thing I did this time was altering the settings file to make sure I would start with two blanc skills at the start. This time I managed to get that done and started by choosing Weapons Lore and Dwarven lore as my first skills. I also gave my guy a somewhat fancy looking name tag, but you'll see that when I post a screenshot. The adventure started by creating a Hack & Slash LAN game at a private server; which would have me ending up at the starter's island. From there it was a short trip into the tower dungeon and moving on to Mascarell, where I brought the Nun back to where she belonged. That quest didn't give me XP, but it did give me a rune: Wrath. Not one I intend to use, but still useful to be exchanged with a few others for a Cannonblast or Flamethrower rune. After getting the portal, I once again went to Haven's Island, entered the tower dungeon and went to Braverock Castle. In Braverock I took on three quests; of which one is very rewarding, but also the most dangerous one; 1) Fluffy Bunny; in which I have to find and bring a lost bunny back; 2) The Axe of Galadius; in which I have to pick up and take an axe to a Gladiator 3) The delivery quest for the guy next to the market merchant. Out of the three, this is the most dangerous one, as it would actually take you far enough outside the city walls to trigger agro from the (level 21-22) monsters. I managed to do the first two quests, ending up with gold, XP and another rune. The third quest proved to be a bit more of a problem, as I indeed agro'ed the AI and got a Sakkara priest twin and their twin marauder cousins chasing me. I wasn't able to get rid of them as the priests used those tangle roots to root me on the spot, so I died.... twice. But, I did manage to get past them eventually, picking up a ring and another Wrath rune. Plus enough XP to end up at level 5. At that point I saved and exported the little fellow and started a silver game. In silver I did my usual Bellevue run; starting at a slightly different spot. Meaning, picking up the Arogarn quest, heading into Bellevue, picking up and finishing the Sheep in Bellevue quest, heading out to Romata and picking up the main quest, the blacksmith, the paybook, the revenge and the messenger quest. From there I took the small portal to the spot above the Arena, from which I went north to continue the blacksmith quest, as well as getting the first load of hearts, plus to pick up and finish the quest at the monastery; before heading out to find that goblin with the sword. Once he and his minions were down, I entered the cave to save the novice, moved south to get to Silvercreek to pick up some quests there, as well as completing the Messenger quest, before heading back to Bellevue; this time passing below the Arena to get the lost sister and war bear quest. Finishing the lost sister quest is a piece of cake, so I went south, got the other angler, saved the kiddo from the cave, before heading back north and into Bellevue again to enter it over the bridge, after talking to the other novice for some extra gold. After that it was just heading through bellevue to pick up the pay book, finishing the blacksmith quest - and ending up with a sword I won't use - heading to the graveyard to kill the war bear, before continuing north to the dungeon the Seraphim was in. When she was free, I went on back to the area with Romata to finish the revenge and paybook quests, talked to lady Lintari for the extra XP from here quest, before taking the portal to the area above the arena to finish the war bear quest and having the area at peace. Next stage was moving on to Silvercreek to pick up all quests there. As I didn't get any Cannonblast and / or Flamethrower rune as quest reward and / or drop, I had to do the combo master quest first. After that I switched from using an Axe to using the CB, as I had three slots available by that time. And it certainly did make a difference! Having WL maxed and DL close to my level, the regen was slightly over 2 seconds, with enough damage to already do one hit kills. Being more ranged meant I was able to take on the goblin groups from a distance, also meaning I was able to reduce their numbers a lot before they got to me. With several quests available, I picked them all up, brought Adelina home and looted the cave for the shining light quest; before making a stop at the merchant outpost halfway between Silver Creek and Porto Vallum, I've picked up the Green Plague quest there; one I can do while heading back to Silver Creek to turn in my completed quests and picking up the merchant needing an escort to PV. As for skills: At level 13 I have WL and DL maxed; Armor and Constitution got 1 point in it for now, while Trading has 2 points in it. Constitution is set at 5 points as I got Thodran Amfist's Cap to boost it by 4 points. Not to mention the 13% WIDD (wounds increase damage dealt), meaning my damage would increase even more the moment I got hurt. Physical regen is at 64, with one additional point from a ring. As for drops; I noticed a Dwarf got far better drops right from the start as my Seraphim did. I have been ending up with multiple blue items - especially rings - which gave me nice stat boosts right at the start. I also got the feeling I found more runes; which I can turn into the needed runes for socketing into my gear to boost my CA's, making this little fellow even stronger. And I'm certain things will only get better over time. Thorin
  4. As said in another topic, after I found out that me Seraphim isn't as strong as I hoped she'd be, I decided to focus at playing a Dwarf. And as usual, picking the Cannonblast / Flamethrower build, as I consider that one to be the most fun and strongest there is. In general my build is based upon this dude, when it comes to skills and atributes; with the exception that I'll add trade and forging to his list. Meaning I have to skip one skill at some point to get Forge Lore added. The reason I aim at both supporting skills, is that the dwarven Forge Lore has a better bonus, as well as the option to add MF - or Magic Find - compared to that of the "regular" ingame blacksmiths. So here's the skill list I have in mind: lvl1: Weapon lore ( for damage on Cannon Blast) -> 50. After that you'll be able to max it out using items. One of those items is Thain's Axe; which gives a boost to WL. lvl1: Dwarven lore ( for lower regen ) -> 100; you need this one a lot as we're basically working with 4 CA's from the same tech tree. lvl3: Armor (for better protection) -> 50 should do, as the rest can be maxed out with items lvl6: Constitution (for more HP as that's always good) -> 100 ( as you will make sure the enemies won't even come close) lvl12: Trading (to get those better items at a shop) -> Keep this maxed; although it'll be hard to do at the start. lvl20: Parry ( for more defence and you use a shield) -> 50 ( no more is needed) lvl30: Axe Lore ( as that skill is required to use Thain's Axe.) -> No need to max it, but drop spare points in it to have at least 20 points when reaching Mascarell lvl50: Agility/Sword lore/Range combat/Forge ( you choose) In my case, Forge Lore to make in field forging easier, plus to add that MF bonus. -> you choose ( your choice to level this) Attributes: all points to goes to Phy Regen so you can fire like crazy with yea Cannon! ----- Combat Arts: Cannon Blast (your main CA) Flamethrower (for close defence) Dwarven Steel (To reduce the monster's Physical resistance) Dwarven Armor (to improve your fire and poison resistance) Equipment the equipment posted here is what I aim on getting. However, as there aren't guaranteed drops - as in the same item at the same quest for all characters - in this game, a lot will depend at what I find or can buy. Head Ridget's Stumel's Coif ( for WL, far sight and end boost +Combat Arts) Torso Kabelrint's Unwavering Armor ( for Dwarven lore boost) Belt Ridget's Stumel's Girdle of Repose ( for phy regen, rsm and + skill) Shoes Some with high Wl boost + rsm and + ca ( thier are not dwarf sets boost worthy for this build. Shoulders Kabelrint's Unyielding Shoulder (for str boost, dwarven lore boost and + skills) Arms Dwarfs can't wear anything here Hands Goilomn Gilisfon's Gauntlets of glory ( for +ca and crit ) Alternative is Thar Eross Gloves (for ll boost) Weapons Ornate Axe of Resting( for rsm, Phy damage % based Phy regen, ll and xp gained per kill) Alternative is Thains Axe ( for wl boost and widd) Shields Ancient Defender ( for + ca and + skill) Alternative is Thar Eross shield. Legs same as arms dwarf can't were anything here Cannon Kabelrints Blazing Howler Rings/Amulet's Goilomn Gilisfon's Broch of Diligence x2 ( Wl and xp gain per kill) I usually use + skill / + atribute rings to boost my stats even more. With trading added as skill, I will look out for +WL and leech rings to be socketed into gear. And of course, to get that a nice amount of LL, I'm also going to socket some Vamp runes into my gear. Over time I may start adding amulets giving extra skill points and trading skill into one particular suit; thus creating a "trading suit", making it easier to get better items at a shop. Of course, amulets giving +x to all skills will be socketed in my combat armour, while sometimes I may add the Dwarven MF option to a spare slot to boost my chance to find better items. That's the plan; now, let's see how things work out...... Thorin
  5. I tried to access Tyr Fasul with this seraphim yesterday, but gave up when I had to swallow several potions in a row to survive. Knowing I have to kill a Dragon to continue the main quest, I've decided to put her on halt - or even stop completely - until I've worked out a better way to deal with her lack of resistance and health.j However...................... *drumroll* *longer drumroll* *even longer drumroll* *Smacks drummer to stop the drumroll* Right; However..... *eyes the drummer to make sure he won't start another drumroll* Good boy. Now, however.... *faint drumroll* I've recently started a Dwarf using my favorite Cannonblast / Flamethrower combo. This time I may actually give him both trading and forging to see how well that build may become. Also means I have to drop a defensive skill, but knowing how strong that build can be, I think he'll survive. So more or less to be continued in a new topic. Thorin
  6. New update: Not a long trip today; just from Porto Draco to Mascarell, but enough to get me two more levels. And irony oh irony, I've begun to find magic and special (blue and yellow) items. Not that many to know things are getting better, but at least an improvement over what I had before. I even found an unique ring; which I even didn't notice I picked up, until the moment I was going to sell some stuff. Needless to say that ring is now equipped. And last but not least, I picked up Thain's Axe; imho the best one handed axe in the game; if it wasn't for that 20 AL requirement. Which means I need to find a ring doing either Concentration or WL as requirement to override that. Going to be fun, without having bargaining as skill. Skill wise things are improving too, now I got 4 skill points to spend. Two are still dropped in WL and Conc, but the other two are spend at Cons; thus increasing my health a lot better, making the use of potions a bit less of a mandatory action. But I still think she isn't strong enough to face a dragon, although things slowly are starting to look good. Quest wise things progressed well. I did all quests in the Porto Draco and Mascarell region - took the unknown warrior to Tyrr Fasul and am currently considering to move into the Ice Elf region or not. Given that this seraphim isn't strong enough to deal with one dragon, I doubt she'll be able to deal with twins. But then, there's the option to kite a dragon out of that area without alerting the other..... So, for skills, atributes and other stats; they're done in safe area's only from now on, as I prefer to show the "undressed" skills: Tyrr Fasul skils Tyrr Fasul atributes Tyrr Fasul SB Tyrr Fasul general stats Thorin
  7. I just notice I hadn't updated after my previous session, yet there isn't much to tell. After the conversation to De Mordrey I decided to visit his pet dragon a visit. Well, that was a bad choice I barely managed to turn into a bad mistake. The trip through the dungeon was done while using about half my health potions. Four more pots were consumed before I even managed to get to the dragon and attack it; while Wimpbur passed out twice during that small trip. By the time I was able to attack the dragon, I didn't even scratch it. That is to say, over time I scratched it, but it took me way to long to do actual damage. So I decided to leave it be and retreated, knowing I may have another chance in the future, And while typing this, I realized that "in the future" I must kill a certain dragon to continue the main quest. Anyway, instead of killing oversized lizzards, I went on to Wolf Dale, doing the quest there, taking the cave to Slater's Grave, doing quests there and eventually continuing to Ice Creek Dale to contact the captain of the Sharuka guard. After that........ ..... end of Act I, thank you Wimpbur for being cannon fodder for some time and off to Act II. So I ventured south by taking the portal to Porto Vallum and doing some serious shopping. After having upgraded my weapons and armour, I moved on to the west, turned south at Wyvern Pass and discovered that my upgrades weren't enough. Yet, the Urkuk portal was found and added to my list, I managed to find the waterbottle and even managed to get out of the desert alive, before I finished in Porto Draco. It's there I began checking a few things and noticed that my Seraphim is very underpowered and "under defenced". Main reason; The item quality. While she got 50% survival bonus by now, the item quality of drops is in one word: awful. About 98% of the drops are white items; gold or potions, about 1.5% are blue items and the other 0.5% are yellow items. Or perhaps it's even less as that 0.5%, as up to now I've found TWO! yellow items. Yes, I've found set items; even got out of the desert with an Eggil's X-bow, but I only got 2 seraphim items so far. And those are getting out classed as they're around level 15; while my character managed to get to level 30+. Same thing can be said from the shops. Since my seraphim doesn't have bargaining, the items in shops remain white. Most items don't even have slots, making it even harder to find good items. And if I see a blue item, it doesn't have slots at all, meaning it's either a choice of going for the bonii or for the slots. Fortunately I got some easy quets to do in Porto Draco and Mascarell; but I don't think I'll go out and look for a certain dragon. Not even with most of my inventory filled with health potions. Despite having WL maxed and having quite a high number of strength and physical regen, this seraphim's too weak to face a dragon right now. But things can chance, so who knows what happens after I travelled to Tyrr Fasul to see Valor...... Thorin
  8. Hold the [shift]-key when being in town and they won't follow you. They may still be annoying the moment you enter the town running, but will leave you alone the moment you start walking (which is what that key does). Disadvantage, since you're walking, some things may take quite a lot longer. But it's just a matter of choosing the best of two weevi..... ehm........evils. Thorin
  9. That name is a bit of a mesh-up of the name of a former female co-worker I've liked and still like a lot. I used it once - and with her permission - in a story I wrote several years ago and thought it was having that bit of a mistique touch to apply to a Seraphim as well. Orignally I had in mind to use the full name Brafika iz Hrvatske, but eventually decided not to as I found Brafika to be enough. And yes, it's indeed a nostalgic visit to Ancaria. The Seraphim was the first character I played in MP, after having tried a Gladiator in SP. I've always had great fun with a seraphim in MP - and if not mistaken you too with your Celestial beam build - and especially with a similar build as I'm currently working at. Only difference, with all those people playing MP, I usually was able to upgrade her set items every 15 or so levels; while in SP I really have to rely at drops or what's being found at merchants. Since I haven't picked my final skills yet, I may actually add shopping to the list. At least that would make getting better items a bit easier. But at the same time it would make it impossible to choose some defensive skills, so I haven't decided about it yet. I still got about half the levels to go, before I hit level 50, so we'll see. Thorin
  10. YW. To start with something I forgot to do yesterday: Skills plus nice drop Atributes and nice drop That nice drop was one of the first things I got today after defeating several monsters. It was more or less the prologue to several set drops, although nothing for a seraphim. I did eventually end up with Jacquaires shield, one or two Vamp armour pieces and a WE ring. Plus lots of gold and several blue items. Oddly enough, nothing yellow, but what hasn't dropped can always drop later. I continued the quests in Timberton, save for one as that was somewhere far in that Orc region and I wasn't in the mood to head their. Besides, with all but one quest completed, I got the region at piece, which was my first goal. With the Timberton portal unlocked, I continued with a shopping trip to Porto Vallum; where I upgraded most of my weaponry and some armour pieces. Yet, for now my seraphim is stuck with the two set pieces and the unique until I find something really better. Good thing - for me - the set pieces got slots, so it's possible to "upgrade" them by adding better amulets. Not the most ideal solution, but one that does work. After Timberton it was off to Crow's Rock Castle, where I did several quests as well, plus updated my main quest, bringing me to the point where I have to decide to take a side turn and exterminate an overgrown lizzard, or continue with the main quest by heading to Wolf Dale, then to Ice Creek Pass and Slater's Grave, at which point I'll have to do a large part of the main questline alone. Seeing the amount of SB I've gathered - it's somewhere around 31% right now - I know that lizzard will be 1-3 levels above my own. I also know Wimpbur is still going down easily, although he is quite useful as distraction or to eat damage away. I also know that my RBoL and 6% LL are good enough to damage that lizzard, plus that I got the right weaponry for it. But I wonder if I got the potions for that encounter, so perhaps shopping for those would be a better idea. So for now: Crow's Rock skills Crow's Rock atributes Thorin
  11. I'm playing the Steam version and unmodded. Been a while since I played anything else as my Cannon - Flamethrower Dwarf and I realize now how powerful that one was. Thorin
  12. I finished the quests in Florentina and Faeries Crossing today, however I failed one because I wasn't fast enough to kill a mage. I've decided not to reload my game to re-do the past after the save, simply because getting a perfect score wasn't my goal anyway. While being at Florentina I got two set drops not long after another. In total I got one Vamp, one Dwarven, one Daemon and one Wood Elf set piece, as well as two Seraphim set pieces. And with those I was lucky, as both items were having a nice bonus to Magic Lore, boosting the damage my RBoL does, without having invested points in ML yet. Uriel's Helmet Talia-Mel's Wristbands With the increased damage from my RBoL, the effect it has at my - now - 6% LL and the fact I'm doing more damage with my two weapons, surviving gets a bit easier. Even when my opponents do have a dark red ring around their feet. The only problem are the ranged characters, as they can do a lot of damage before I even got to them. And quite often they move in packs and attempt to turn my seraphim into a pin-cushion! Fortunately I got that CJ + 3xHH and a CJ + 3x Att combo for that, usually turning those annoying bunch into a dead bunch. All in all I got up to Timberton by now. Deed the quest to find the two rangers, tomorrow I'll head out to do the other quests, as they will be a bit harder to do. So for now, this is the last screenie I got; giving you an impression how my seraphim looks: Bad arse blondie... Thorin
  13. That quest used to bugged or a timed one - I'm not certain which of the two - sometimes resulting in being unable to rescue that novice because she's dead. So by triggering the quest the moment you enter the cave system is more safe. Same thing goes for the Adelina quest and a few others; triggering it by accepting the quest may occasionally result in a dead subject and thus being unable to complete the quest. Another one I remember which is timed, is the quest to deliver eggs to someone in the desert; a quest I believe you pick up in Porto Draco. Fastest way to get there is to get to Maskarel and take the portal there, however usually I'm so busy doing side quests that I notice I had that quest when the "Quest failed!" shows up on my screen. As for DW weapons, it doesn't really matter how you equip them. This game got weapons with additional poison, but also a poison-magic and poison-fire option. Same goes for magic and fire; the Enlightened Iron for instance is having both. So you could set up weapons using only one additional damage in three slots and use the other two slots with combinations to your liking. That's the advantage of having 5 weapon slots; you got quite some combinations; including single handed weapons and shields, 2 handed weapons or even ranged weapons. However, with the last three you may lack some attack speed, as you will focus at Dual Wield. Thorin
  14. Went from Porto Vallum to Urkenburgh and eventually Florentina today; which wasn't the best trip so far. But...... ... I managed to save Wimpbur, gave him a bow and got a piece of cannon fodder with me for the time being. While being on the rescue mission, I also picked up all quests in PV, finished them all so I got another area at peace. And with the two merchants there, having a small market is always nice. That is, as long as you have some gold to spare, as I ran out at some point. However, while spending my gold, I managed to get me some nice axes, some rings and a few pieces of armour, giving me better stats, but more important, better offensive and defensive capabilities. And since I got another Vamp rune, I got 6%LL right now. Still isn't much and I certainly lack some of the seraphim's set weapons doing LL, but it also means I'm doing some additional damage on top of my normal damage, thus killing any opponents faster. And since that area is crawling with ranged oponents amd goblin shamans, having some extra damage is quite beneficial. My next goal - other as visis the Bloody Baron in Crows Rock Castle - will be to bring Florentina at peace, moving on to the north and either stop at Faeries crossing or take a break there and use the Dungeon Spawn trick to gain some additional levels. Disadvantage of that trick, when I die I'll most likely spawn at the last save point or - worse - at the last campaign save point. Either way, I'm certain I'm able to get to level 25 at that point. As for my current points: Florentina skills and modifiers Florentina Atributes Florentina journal overview Thorin
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