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  1. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    There's good news and bad news again today. The good news, I finished the Epic Office Quest. The bad news, I died. Again. Yes, again. Was distracted while in a fight in the machine hub, when looking for the last employee I wasn't able to find. Before I knew it, a couple of Temple Guardian bosses thrown their traps at me, a few of those Fen Fires cast their spells at me ( and I'm still not sure if they do only magic or only frost damage!) while several other temple guardians were trying to turn me into mince meat. So my healthbar did the same trick as that car hitting the concrete wall: from 100% to 0% in one second. So, after the death (which was #12 on this char), I went on searching for that employee, found him eventually, jumped to Artamark and did the other quest at X-mas island. At least all of that was enough to give me another level plus enough SB to fight monsters 2-3 levels above me in Platinum. Still, I'm wondering what to do now. The way I see it, I got two options. First: Do a full explore of the map in Platinum, do all quests available - including encountering that spider bitch - before moving to Niob. Disadvantage: it will be long and boring to do that. Advantage: I will level up quite a lot, which may be safer. Or: Doing the main quest, HE side quest and the Epic Office Quest in Platinum, then switch to Niob and do the full map exploring, all quests etc again at that one. Disadvantage: I may enter Niob with an underpowered or underleveled character. Advantage: Platinum will be shorter, I will avoid some of the more dreadful side quests, although I would need to do some quests to open certain area's for the Epic Office Quest. IF I decide to take this route, I may consider downloading the Adornment of Nine Hells set as well as the set with that super resitance chest piece to be a bit prepared. Since that's only half of my equipment, everything else may still be depending at what I'm finding. Thorin
  2. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    Did even more slaying as you knew. Was posting about it when you posted your reply. Thorin
  3. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    Revenge can be sweet, but also ironical! Strange line to open a post, yeah, but all so true at the moment. I decided to do the Empty Office Quest in Gold after all, as it would help me in platinum in case I get close to or just over level 100. Well, I got that level 100 before finishing the quest, which means I will have the better (read: strong) potions to start with. But how ironical that not long before I reached the jungle region, my SB has increased enough to give me an eleven level difference. Even more ironical that one of the missing employees is located in the same cave the spider queen is. In fact, he's in the same room. So there I was, wondering if I had to fight her again and if so, if I would be able to lure her out of the way long enough to give me an opportunity to talk to him. However, the moment that room came into sight, the spider queen had an exclamation mark over her head. Which meant I had to talk to her to start the fight again! So I talked to the employee, switched to Shadow Step, turned my camera so I would be able to jump out of the room, talked, pressed OK, jumped away and ran into the hallway as I know - from the vid Gogo posted - that I would have a slightly better chance over there as fighting her in the room or dooropening. First thing I did after that was switching to the Expulse Magic - Meteor Combo and cast that several times in a row. At that point she hadn't attacked me, but her first hit did remind me of switching my orbs to Magic ones as well. So it was hit space, and continuing casting the combo until she healed up one time. After that I realized that I would auto attack the spiders, but that would also mean I would give her a window to heal (and to cast spells against me). So I switched to the CA itself, kept casting it on her until the Expulse Magic ran out, switched the combo and used that to keep any spider casts away from me. At some point I crossed her 2nd healing point and she didn't heal. Which was enough for me to once more switch to my meteors and keep spamming it. More important, it also gave me the time to do a screenshot, as I felt that even if she healed up in that small window, I'd be able to counter it again. And of course, that was the time she had to cast some spiders, meaning I had once more to revert my spells, then do her more damage with the meteors, until I was very very very VERY certain she wouldn't pull another trick from her sleeve. Which she didn't, at least this time I had the chance: Didn't take me long after that to kill her off and "harvest" my loot. Of course I do realize very well that I killed her when she was at the regions level cap, while I had in fact gained 5 levels; making her 3 levels below of what she could be. But at the same time, her hit chances compared to mine are amazing. So I'm quite happy as I didn't just kill off that dragon I didn't know was there, but also the nemesis of my journey through gold. Now it's time to get the last 12 employees, before jumping to Altamark, as it seems I have forgotten about a quest in that region. Thorin
  4. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    I s'pose you mean this: I think I might as well list all my skills and the levels I intend to take them to: (listed as skill, current level, intended level) Bargaining: 99 / maxed Arrant Pyro Lore: 48 / 100 Concentration: 45 / 100 Arrant Pyro Focus: 41 / 75 Armor Lore: 99 / 100 Constitution: 31 / 75 Ancient Magic: 24 / 75 Delphic Arcania Focus: 13 / 14 (which doesn't seem right imho, as I intend to spec Expulse Magic as well) Shield Lore: 5 / 75 Enhanced perception: 11 / al remaining skill points Didn't know that about Grand Ivi, so will certainly turn all my runes into that and eat it to the max. May be very useful indeed to have the max bonus of that one. Got myself a bargaining suit (all the armour, orbs and some rings amy in the top of my inventory), as well as a bargaining slot (the last one) which - if I'm not mistaken - boosts my bargaining close to or even over 200. I'm not certain about it at the moment, as I need to upgrade some of the amulets in it. I was lucky enough to find myself two Necklaces of Greed giving me +4 bargain, as well as some armour pieces giving one or more points higher as the one they replaced. Haven't been shopping since, so haven't tested it yet. Will do that after I finished the Empty Office Quest on gold. With the CM patch is pretty easy to jump to the starter island now, so got a nice opportunity to shop there. Damn, forgot this one was there too: Oh well, it went down pretty fast, although I had more problems with the minions attacking me. Just checked, bargaining with the full suit on is at 212. Thorin
  5. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    First task done: I managed to survive long enough to enter platinum with this character. It's been a close call a few times, including once fighting one of the machine bosses, but I managed it. Gained enough SB to end up with monster level of 108, at my own 99, most of the quests done (flame lord, poison lord and that Spider bwitch are open and empy Office is one I'm still considering) at the main campaign area; not certain if I move her in gold to the Ice and Blood area's or if I'll do that later. Knowing that especially the Blood Forest is having lots of anti-magic critters, visiting those area's later may be a better choice. As for skills and other stats: I got a full list of the points I've allocated, as well as all the additions done to the CA's in an excell file, to keep an eye on them, but also to keep track of what I actually spend where without taking all the items off of her. Won't post that list here, unless someone is interested. That may also the reason why I missed that comment Hooya posted. I started this build quite a while ago, set up my skills and the end-levels in an excell doc and never bothered looking at the post as I got all I needed to know. Or so I thought. Oh well, nothing I can do about that now, unless starting over some day. Perhaps I will, perhaps I'll do an ice build later. For now I'm going to level her a bit in Platinum and wondering if I should do the empty office quest or not (given that I may use the items on a seraphim I got waiting in Platinum as well.) Thorin
  6. Thorin Oakshield

    That moment when you encounter an overpowered boss.......

    Long post ahead, so those who don't want to read, better move to another topic now...................... To start with, I discovered - to my horror, I must admit - that my HE was still wearing some of her Silver items, including a level 39 - most likely because of the socketted ammy or ring - piece. That's kinda asking for the problems I ran into. So it looks the death of my HE was more my own fault as in lacking the right equipment and perhaps being a bit too overconvident after so easily killing the campaign bosses, as it was to the CM patch. @Hooyaah , Thx for the tips. Unfortunately at my current level, Meteor Strike has already been improved, so I won't be able to use the ones you suggested. The improvements I choose were based upon one of the builds I found here; but I also discovered some of the names of the improvements have been changed at some point; which also may have been a reason or a cause for the problems. Anyway, the things I choose were Skull Smash, Smoldering Boulder and Copious Shower. It's listed in the screenshot as well, so no reason to explain why. For Grand Ivigoration I choose the same things you reccommended, although I'm not certain I've got enough points for a full spec yet. I am pretty sure I haven't been able to spec Expulse Magic yet, but your list was the same I had in mind - again, based upon that old topic - so at least I'm certain I took the right choices there. Makes me wonder if my build is based upon an old one you created a long time ago. As for DPS, I'm able to rain down 12 meteors doing 2.4K dmg each at a 1.4s interval. That's over 20K dmg a second; which should've been enough to deal with her. Unless my calculations are off somewhere? @gogoblender Have you seen that this player actually had the time to move his mousepointer away from the spiderqueen to click at a healthpotion? And not once, but multiple times? @Flix: Yeah, that leech option most NPC have is sometimes maddeing. Especially since they got it at both the physical - as in melee and ranged attacks - as the spell attacks; while as a player you only have it for your physical attacks. I do understand why the dev's took it out, knowing how my BM was able to survive a mob starting with 1% HP left, and then casting one or two fire spirals to use the 25-30% socketted LL to heal up. But at the same time, it meant that you go from overpowered in one game into underpowered in the sequel. And now you mention it, that LL could very well been the reason my char got killed. Like I said in my first post, she got hit twice in a row by some super spell or something. I had been able to heal up after previous attacks from her; which didn't take out more as 1/3rd of her health. However, if she did two of those spells, burning through all of my resistances and have LL on top of that; yes, that may be enough for her to kill my HE with two shots. Still, not something I'm happy about though. Anyway, one of the reasons I wasn't happy with the death was the way it happened, but also because of the loss. I had build up a nice amount of SB, making me fighting monsters 11 levels above me. After that death and all monsters at my level, I have been one-shotting them for quite some time. And since SB is based upon my actuall combat time and not - as in S:UW - upon the time you are near monsters, one-shotting monsters doesn't help much in building it up again. There were times I relied to other spells to fight monsters, just to increase the actually fighting time. But it eventually paid off and I'm facing monsters 6 levels above me again. I noticed that even that can be a pain, when encountering Mazzagon's Female bodyguards who were almost shredding me because of their setup. Which is a totem cast from one and rooting you from the other; as well as some other Dryad spells and, again, their spells having LL. Those two things combined can be deadly, so I used my Expulse Magic / meteor shower combo to deal with them until the point they gave up their casting and "simply" switched to melee. After that it was just spamming meteors until they went down. Compared to them the endboss of that quest was a walk in the park with your partner, while eating icecream and enjoying the sun. More important, with those 6 level's because of the SB and my char being level 97 atm, dropped items are getting better as well. I'm not where I should be, but I'm getting to where I used to be, including getting more difficult monsters over time. Still, I got the feeling that the previous two minibosses will be a lot harder as the Facetteleon. Especially since the latter doesn't move around as much and is partially ice / magic based and thus no match to an overdose of fire / physical damage. I hope. Thorin
  7. After being absent from Sacred 2 for quite some time, I recently picked the game up again. One of the reasons why I abandonned it, was because I had 3 characters at near same levels running in the same area in Gold. And trust me, when seeing the same part of sand for the third time when leveling another character, things do get boring. Anyway, I decided to focus at my pyromancer HE for now, as she's also my shopper and therefore would be able to support the other characters later on. I knew I had three quests open, as at the time of starting them, the bosses were overpowered. Yet, after running around counting grains of sa.... erhm, collecting XP, I decided to face one of them: Holos, that minotaur. Didn't take me long to kill him, most likely because I had gained one level and used the five skill points to boost her pyromancer lore focus, concentration and armour, as well as the "fun skill" bargaining. And I think casting meteors at a 1.5s interval, while the 12 meteors do 2.3K dmg each, helps a lot. Even if the HE is at level 94 and Holos was at level 103 because of SB. Did more exploring and had fun wiping out the wherewolf army at the Twitty Tister, despite it was a challenge as you're very outnumbered by champions. So I continued, ended up to the spot where I had to kill the Garganthropod, went in, brought it down to about 50% health, retreated because it spawned those t-mutation scorps; which do lots of magic dmg and thus weaken you for other damage types; killed the offspring, went back in, removed the other 50% health and killed the three new offspring as well. And all while drinking 5-6 health potions maximum. So.... of to the jungle it was. Didn't have many problems there, although the panther champs were able to forcing me hitting space every once in a while. Went in to see Krall; who was at the time 11 levels above me (105 vs my 94), killed him with using two potions and the few things after that managed to get me to level 95. To finish the area I had two (or three) more quests to do. One was the spider queen, the other one the boathouse and clearing the islands connected to that. So I went into the dungeon, killed the champ spiders spawning there with a single meteor strike (still at 1.4s regen, but now doing 2.4K dmg), talked to the spiderqueen and decided to kill her, instead of the seraphim giving you the final quest. Not smart, perhaps, considering my HE does the shadow path; not to mention I know that bitch is tough; but I never expected to happen what happened now. Turns out the spider queen is FAR stronger as the campaign bosses. She was level 106, compared to my HE's level 95; but still. She's able to heal up to full health as soon as she's down to 70% health, unless you're able to hit her hard enough to get below that. And around 30% health she's got this dreadfull healing spell as well. She's also able to debuf you, making you a lot more vunerable to her spells, plus that she's doing 4 kinds of damage, making you pretty vunerable to one kind as you can only fit 3 orbs in the sockets. And on top of that she's also able to summon multiple kinds of spiders. Plus, I'm pretty sure she got something like WIDD, seeing what happened next. I was able to survive all of that, until I got her down to 25%. At that point she hit me with a magic spell killing 70+% of my health, followed by a similar spell doing the same amount of damage the moment I hit my space bar. The end result was a dead HE in that dungeon and me cursing in all the languages I know. After the respawning - thank the Sacred gods I was playing softcore!!! - I finished that boathouse quest; explored the island, killed the earth lord with some difficulty as he wasn't vunerable to fire and physic dmg was low at him (makes sense, since he's got high phys resistance), but wasn't happy at all. Main reason: I lost over 50 Survival bonus, also means all spawns are now at my level or one level above me. It also means I'm getting basically crap items right now (my level, instead of 11 levels above me), XP is crap because all is at a similar level and the entire challenge because of the SB is gone. And that made me wonder; why is it, that mini-bosses in the CM have become far stronger as the campaign bosses? If it's for "fun", then I don't see the fun of it. This game is suposed to be a challenge, but with minibosses having higher resistances and doing more damage as campaign bosses, the balance and fun is gone. I had fun killing the wherewolf army at the Twitty Tister. I had fun killing the Garganthropod and Klar the Flying Demon. I had fun killing Holos and the Earth Lord, I had fun when kiling the Harpy Queen and I even had fun when I didn't pay attention and 6 of those large green scorpion champions tried to kill me (and almost succeeded) and I even had fun killing another boss I aparently had forgotten. I didn't have fun when encountering the overpowered spider queen. Any opponent should be able to down - fast or slow, that doesn't matter - if it's confronted with a hail of 12 meteors doing 2.4-2.5K in damage each and which is cast every 1.4 seconds. Yet, that spiderqueen doesn't and in fact only seems to get stronger. So here's my request / comment: Perhaps it's time to check mini-bosses to make sure they won't be overpowered compared to the main campaign bosses. The latter should be hard, not the former. Especially now there are more mods to make the game harder for those who want it, it may be time to keep the CM patch for what it is, to make sure the community gets their share of fun, not just a group of players who like challenges. As right as it is, that spider queen isn't a challenge, but a certain way to have your char commit suicide. Thorin PS: yes, even a day later I'm still piffed off about this. So imange how I was like yesterday. Edit: this is what happens when I encounter a poison lord (who's got more phys resistance as poison resistance) And the dmg my meteors do: And don't start about being underpowered, as the level 96 champ turtles go down with 1-2 meteor strikes.
  8. Thorin Oakshield

    Hello there.

    And for the same reason I've never been able to try a Daemon in HC. Too busy building Dwarves. Same thing happened with the other characters. I've been busy with a Seraphim quite some time, tried a Gladiator for a Clan-DA challenge (before I got kicked out) and eventually tried a WE and BM as well, in which the BM was the one I had most fun with. Surprisingly, I followed the same pattern a bit in Sacred 2. Started with a Seraphim - and she's still may favorite character - then a Shadow Warrior, Dryad and eventually HE. I never managed to get into the Inquisitor or Temple Guard; so I guess real hybrid buildings are just nothing for me. And yes, I still miss playing these great games in MP. The HC community was great until the point S:UW hit the bargain bins. At that point the item beggars entered the servers, which was a pitty. But considering that I spent more time in these two games as in most other RPG's I got, combined says a lot. Closest may be ESO, but I'm not even sure about that. Thorin
  9. Thorin Oakshield

    Hello there.

    Thx Gogo, but being the "ullti-dwarfer", I dunno. Other's have been posting Dwarven builds at this forum, while I never have. Just running around killing things with some builds I tried. And some failed misserably. I used to have fun with the little fellow, tried several builds with his and found the CA / Flamer to be the one having the best pay-off between damage and staying alive. I've had in mind to write a guide at some point, but as usual, the moment I start with that, I forget to write down when to put points in which skill until I've leveled 3-4 times and realizes I have to do that as well. I do know that I kept trading at a max at all levels in this build I posted that screenshot off. I began using +xWL items (and +y RSM) pretty fast to overcome the lack of skill points in WL. When I finally was able to drop more points in skills (meaning 3+), I maximized WL even before working at Dwarven Lore and Weapon tech. I also remember I've been dropping all atribute points in Phys Regen for faster health regen and higher HP. Constitution is adding to that later, but I think I'll just drop point every 4th level or so in it. But what I found out about being more important: DO NOT focus at getting complete sets, unless it's for trading / forging. Instead, use the set pieces which are giving the best bonus for your build and use normal items if they boost one of the important skills more as a set piece does. So for the build of that screenshot, a summary: - Keep trading maxed out from the start. It'll help you make money and it'll help you getting that yellow item with that high WL boost. On top of that, there's Bravemart............. - WL is one of those skills you keep maxed as well. Early on with maxing trade it'll be hard, but as soon as you got your 3rd skill point, bring it up to max, then keep adding points every level. It boosts both CB and Flamethrower as well as your hand weapon. Being that a single handed, 2-handed or ranged weapon doesn't matter. - Dwarven Lore: One of the essential two skills to reduce regen of your CB and Flamethrower. Drop any left points in it the moment you got your trading and WL maxed. AFter getting more skills, drop one point in it every x levels. (will explain later) - Weapon Tech: the other essential skill to reduce regen. And just like with Dwarven Lore, drop some left over points in it every x(levels) - Armor, Constitution: those two are essential. Either to make the use of higher level armour easier - and you will need it as when all goes well you fight monsters 10+ level's above you because of SB - and to boost your health points. - Forge Lore, Axe Lore: While one of these skills can be useful to smith the Dwarven runes into your armour and weapons ,the other one can be used for a faster attack speed of your main axe. Being it a single handed or a 2 handed weapon, that's even. For those of you who like a sword, simply use sword lore and take all the benefits of that prototype sword you can find at some point. And just as with the above, add points every x levels. As for the atribute points; simply drop them all in Phys Regen. It'll boost your health and will reduce the regen of that Attack CA you started with. One you won't be needing (much) if all goes well. What I mean with every x levels is, that you will have points left after putting them in WL and trading. First it'll be one point, later 2 (and I believe even 3). What I do is spreading the remaining points over the remaining skills. As a result some won't get up as fast as they probably should, but in return you get an pretty balanced build. And the advantage of this, is that you can skip dropping points in Armour and Axe Lore at some point, the moment you're able to get the maximum benefits of it; only to drop point in them when you need them again. I won't do a full equipment list here, but four things are important to know: 1) Near Mascarel is Thain's Axe; a unique that boost WL (and fire dmg) a lot. When doing the campaign in SP, you'll need to move from Mascarel to the north and from there to the desert where you find lots and lots of skellies and undead. Who are VERY vunerable to fire.......... 2) With trading as a skill, equip a weapon and a shield with 3-4 slots in one of your weapon slots and fill those slots up with +x trading or +y skill amulets or rings. it will help you boosting your trading skill a lot 3) and in addition to that, Thar Erross armour is giving you a boost to trading. Whenever you find that piece, keep it for your trading suit. The entire set will give you a boost to forging as well, while the gauntlets are having a very high amount of LL. So whenever you can, use those. 4) Life leech is your friend in this game and that's true for this Dwarf too. While you may not need it with CB, it's very useful when needing the flame thrower. However, with the setup of this game compared to Sacred 2, having 20-25% LL is enough to keep you alive. Thorin
  10. Thorin Oakshield

    Hello there.

    First of all: a - very belated - welcome from me. I'm quite certain you're going to find all you need about these two great games over here or at the Wiki. As for "solid" builds, in Sacred: Underworld a cannonblast / flamethrower combo Dwarf is able to rule them all. It'll take some time to get the build going, but once you manage to get that CB close to 1 second regen and your flamethrower close to duration (which starts at 3 sec, if not mistaken), your little fellow is able to kill most opponents in 1-2 hits. The three key skills for him are Weapon Lore (= damage output), Dwarven Lore and Dwarven Tech (both cutting on the two CA's regens). I'm running an occasional game with a build having that and am enjoying it for the easy killings. Even dragons went down in 4-5 shots maximum. Just to give an idea about the dmg he does: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1518131747 A Fire spiral BM using meteor as backup spell is working well as well. I had lots of fun in MP when casting flameskin on myself, then run around to lure all the monsters to one spot, before casting firespiral and vavorizing them all in one go. As for Sacred 2: it's been a while since I played that one, but I still got very good memories about my pure melee seraphim, a Fire High Elf and my Dryad. Especially the Dryad can be fun once you got her build going and using the blowpipes as they have the instant hit bug / glitch. But no matter what you choose, make sure you install the CM-patch for Sacred 2 before playing the game. It'll add wonderful new items, some new quests and removes quite some bugs Ascaron never got to kill because of their bankrupty. But most important: No matter what you do, keep enjoying those two great games! Thorin
  11. It's been a while since I faced the GC with a char, but if I'm not mistaken the trick was to destroy the rocks he throws at you. These rocks boost your damage output, making it a lot easier to kill him. Another trick is to lure the GC up to the stairway until he's at the 2nd or 3rd platform. That way he won't be able to use the leaking T-energy to heal himself and his shield. When you're able to stand a bit above him, you're able to take him down with ranged attacks, while he won't be able to hurt you. Good luck! Thorin
  12. Thorin Oakshield

    The dungeon spawn unravelled

    I checked it with another dungeon today and noticed the same pattern. With a level 38 char I encountered level 40-41 monsters first, followed by a spawn of level 41-42 and a level 44 miniboss, followed by a level 42-43 spawn, followed by a level 39-40 spawn. My character is having about 50% SB, so minimal level 41-42 spawns should be normal as an enounter. It's what I encounter outside dungeons too. So it looks like the merchants and dungeons use the same spawning system. Several times going up in level, followed by a reset point where you're facing monsters close to your own level. This already makes me wonder how much I can level once getting to the Orc Cave. Thorin
  13. A long time ago, when Sacred: Underworld was still "hot", I'd spent some time checking how the merchants of Ancaria worked with their offering of items. More about that can be found in this particular thread. Today I've spent quite some time with two of my characters in the Undead dungeon near Faeries Crossing. I remembered it was one of those spots ppl in MP liked to level a lot. Similar to the Orc Cave in the Khorad Nur desert. After a few runs I noticed something odd. Monsters that were level 32 in a previous run, were level 35-36 in the next one. And that was without leveling up my character, as that would automatic increase the monster level by +1. So I decided to do a run with another character and I've experienced the same thing. The level of the spawns change every time you exit and enter the dungeon to have them respawning. Visiting the merchant or blacksmith to adjust gear doesn't matter; the level changes nevertheless. For what I've seen - and I intend to do some more testing, including by adding some other dungeons to the test as well - the spawns will be level to your character's level, then go up a couple of times according to your SB, before "resetting" again with a dungeon close to your character level. That also means that at level 32-ish your XP will vary from 1.5K to 2.5K, depending at the monster you're killing. Not to mention, it certainly is a nice spot to grind a few levels before continuing the main campain in SP. Thorin
  14. You're not the only one doing that. I've seen more comments in the Sacred Underworld section referring to Sacred: Fallen Angel instead. I doubt you're also the last one making that mistaken. In general content: I've found and added the link to a page explaining how to change the colour of your character's name when creating one. It turned out Night Wolfe's site is still up, having that very important information. The rest of the site might be very useful for players as well, I think. Thorin
  15. For a lot of the old players, MP was the only thing there was. I've played SP for a while, the moved to MP, kinda abandonned the game when Sacred 2 was in devellopment and I joined the BETA-team, played it a bit every once in a while until a Win10 upgrade made that possible and only recently have returned to the game. IMHO, playing SP gives you a much better insight of the game, because you're lacking sets and often the char special uniques. Some items, like Thar's Axe, are available for all characters, helping you with builds, but even that one is limited to one per difficulty, unlike MP where you could do a run every time you log in. I'm just hoping this little guide of mine will help some players returning to (imho) one of the best games of the past 15 years. Yup, that's most likely the biggest disadvantage this game has compared to its successor. Fiding that one single piece you so desperate need at another and unable to give it to that character. However, if I'm not mistaken, you could load both characters in LAN and use the starting island to switch items; although I'm not sure if you also did safe them in the progress of doing that, or if you needed to export the character. And thus forcing you to start all over again. Thorin