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  1. haydn983

    New here - how to change my profile name

    hey becky once I have figured out how to play online I could join u online
  2. haydn983

    New here - how to change my profile name

    welcome to the forum
  3. can I start a character in singleplayer and use that charater for free roam mode on mp
  4. I play free roam on multiplayer then I got on to single player, player is saved but the quests will not be saved
  5. how do I play a free roam mode, I have played on multiplayer free roam but I can't use any of my characters for singleplayer it says character saved but campaign not saved, is there away to play on a free roam mode and campaign on singleplayer Cheers haydn
  6. is the mentalism a good aspect to take and what should I mod after RoP (runes of protection)
  7. so I guess no one plays online as much?
  8. I can play online but can't find players
  9. I have tuungle aswel but I don't know how to conect them, I have had sacred 2 on pc before but I would only get 30mins and then it would cut out, so I have been playing on the ps3 version, now that I have my on pc, I got sacred 2 gold off steam and I can play it with no worries but I like playing with other players
  10. how do I use hamachi to play with other players
  11. haydn983

    Sacred 2 is Awesome!

    oh my bad welcome mate
  12. . 6th of march 2013 is when I joined DM . about 10 months, I have been on wiki getting builds . I found DM by search in google, I view other forums but they were like dead so here I am
  13. haydn983

    Sacred 2 is Awesome!

    I have had pc and ps3 versions but the pc version keept quiting, so I snapped it with anger, I was at eb games one day an noticed it was for ps3 so I got it, I have had it for about 3 years maybe, same for diablo 3 but I got it for ps3 and I played that for awhile until it got boaring so I picked sacred 2 back up