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  1. Shiko8121

    Dryad Rare Shrunken Head

    Hey uhm does anyone know all the rare shrunken heads cause I have been looking around and I found a Rare Animal Shrunken head from the Boss Bear during the quest "Can Christmas be Saved" so I was wondering what all Rare Heads there were (I also have the one from the Orc boss as well the minatour).
  2. Shiko8121

    New Sacred 3 will be like what current game?

    my overall opinion it should Sacred 2 (different story and such and map) but it should have better graphics and some other stuff, but im hoping it wont have NEARLY as many bugs as Sacred 2 did... and im really hoping its as great game as the previous sacred's were ^^
  3. sweet I appreciate both your responses if anyone ever decides to make a wiki ill be MORE than happy to help I have a lot of free time and currently spend almost all of it on Sacred 2 Gold (took me forever to figure out how to make my zoom go farther LOL)
  4. If this thread type has already been discussed I apologize for I am new to this site. First every time I click on a guide like thing it says 404 not found so I was wondering if there were any new site like the old wiki, if anyone has a link to it I would be highly appreciative of this new info. I can't seem to find any myself and it seems this is all there is.
  5. Shiko8121

    Sacred 3 not to be an MMO

    I have to agree with all of you pretty much I am still to this day playing both Sacred Gold and Sacred 2 Gold (both from steam) sure its frustrating at first to get the games going properly but w/e oh and for the one who said something about games of all times http://www.filibustercartoons.com/games.htm theres a link for em, also I would like to not that I told my cousin the other day (who also still plays Sacred 2 Gold) that I would be just find if they basically did Sacred 2 Gold with better graphics and everything up to todays standerds of quality games lol but if they enhance the game overall that would be nice ps sorry I dont care to create proper literature lol.