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  1. I am hoping I could get some advice around fliers. These were trivial with my Wood Elf, but seem a lot tricker with the Seraphim. My current Seraphim is clvl20 (almost 21) and has just finished doing the side-quests at Faries Crossing (about to move onto Crow's Rock Castle). It has been slow going and difficult, but this is the furthermost I have taken a Seraphim before. I had some difficulty with the Family Ties quest. The wizard and harpy went down easily enough, but the little dragon-thingie was a PITA. Once it would start flying I would take huge damage and was uncertain whether or not I was doing any damage to it. I ended up taking a slow approach to it. I would run away until it focused on Wilbur. Once the dragon-thingie knocked him out it would land, so I would use my 1 x Combat Jump/3 x Heavy Hit Combo to jump in and deal some quick damage. It would take off again, so I would run away and repeat. It took several minutes to defeat, and this strategy will not work when I fight more fliers later in the game. There would obviously be a better way to deal with these guys. What is the way you are supposed to deal with flying enemies?
  2. I have tried every class except Dark Elf and Gladiator. Basically, they are the two classes that look least interesting to me. Both are primarily melee-focused classes, and I never enjoy melee-focused classes in this genre. That is ultimately why I became bored of the Vampiress very quickly too.
  3. I have found myself doing most side quests in Sacred (not so much in Sacred 2). They are generally quick to do, and the rewards feel worth it. I have always picked-up the Rescue the Novice quest, however. Why is it best to trigger it by entering? I knew you could get health potions from wells; I did not know an NPC gives you one in Bellevue. I will speak to him next time! I also did not know you could configure when the low-health prompt appears; I will change that next time I load (I always felt it was too low). I started the Seraphim over and finished the start of Bronze (just shy of clvl7!). This is the first time I have tried Dual Wield in Sacred (I used it plenty in Sacred 2). I have a couple of questions about this. Firstly, my perception is that the dual wield attack speed is the same for swords, axes, etc. Am I right? If so, any good single-handed weapon would be a legitimate option, right? Secondly, is it better to stack weapons with the same damage (eg two physical+magical) or mix damage types (eg a physical+magical with a physical+fire)? I read somewhere that dual wield averages the damage for both swings rather than using the individual weapon that is animated. I have no idea what that would mean when the damage types are different.
  4. Thank you for the advice. It seems like it would take an awful lot of grinding to get her back on track. It would probably be faster (given how early I am in the game) to just restart her. I will use the Seraphim you are currently playing as a template this time.
  5. I am mostly playing my Wood Elf (cruising through Gold), but keep coming back to my Seraphim. I struggled through the Goblin Lawn, but finally managed to reach Porto Vallum. I am still struggling with the goblins, however, and Orc Champions are out of my league. I wanted to check if I have completely messed up and need to restart, or if this is salvageable. She is clvl19 in Silver. I *think* I have split her attributes 14 Physical Regeneration and 5 Magical Regeneration, but I cannot be certain. Her Skills are: Magic Lore (5), Weapon Lore (15+1), Concentration (14), Heavenly Magic (5+1), Constitution (9+4). I was going to pick up Armour at 20, Agility at 30, and Meditation at 50. Her Combat Arts are: Attack (1), Celestial Light (1), Combat Jump (1+2), Hard Hit (1), Rotating Blades of Light (2+1). I was planning to add Light when I reach Undead and likely Strength of Faith when I have a fifth CA slot. My play is to start by casting RBoL. I keep mental track of the duration and pause fighting when it is close to running out. When I enter combat I use Attack against most enemies (it regens right as it finishes) and Combat Jump against archers and casters. I intended to use Celestial Light against groups, but currently the regen on it and RBoL are too long for that to be practical. I picked up Hard Hit with the intention of later making a 4xHard Hit Combo (with lots of runes socketed) to use against tough enemies. My biggest issue is staying alive. When I fight three or more enemies I usually need to use a potion, sometimes two. I still keep running out of potions all the time. I tried fighting an Orc Champion just before, but used all my potions and only managed to knock-off half its health. I keep socketing Vampire runes whenever I can, but have only managed 3% or 6% Life Leech at a time. That said, I just had a sword drop with a lot of LL, but I am currently below its level requirement.
  6. I started the Wood Elf in Gold, and there was definitely no need for me to be concerned about her level. If anything, I am finding the start of Gold easier than the start of Silver. I should be able to visit the Desert with her soon, so that will be a very interesting experiment. I have obviously completely misinterpreted the Goblin Lawn! Because it is mostly Goblins, and they are one of the first enemies you encounter, I assumed they were not worth the effort and try to get my characters to Porto Vallum ASAP. Based on this information, that is likely half the problem I have had in the past. What should you do when the Goblin Lawn feels too hard, as is the case with my Seraphim? I pop a health potion with every group of Goblins and keep running out of them (a lone Vampire Rune + RBoL does not seem to make enough of a difference yet).
  7. I can hardly believe it. I finally beat Sacred on Silver! When the game prompted me to do so, I exported her to move into Gold. I have a few questions. Two are very straight-forward, but the other may be trickier to find answers for. The first is simple enough. I was at clvl46 (almost 47) when I finished Silver. Is it OK to start Gold at this level, or would I find myself struggling and should grind in Silver first? I have a save from just before I exported that I can use if I need to grind. The second is a little longer. My understanding of the skills in Sacred is that the diminishing returns on skills is such that it is usually not worth raising them past 50, with some exceptions. I know that Trading is special and needs to be at clvl. Most guides suggest leaving the weapon skills (eg Sword Lore, Ranged Combat, etc) at lower levels, often around 20. Guides then tend to suggest some skills to raise to 100, but other guides may say leave those same skills at 50. When is it worth raising a skill past 50? The third may be a little trickier. Before starting Gold, I thought I would like to try and get a second class through Silver. I have started and given-up on perhaps four or five hybrid Seraphim, but I still find it the most exciting-sounding build. Is there anyone around these days who knows the Seraphim well-enough to help me out? I always find that, very early on, I feel extremely weak --- she has a glass jaw (I use potions like crazy). I usually push-through to the Desert, but give-up there. My last attempt only got to Silver Creek, in Silver difficulty. Their current build is: clvl14, alternating attribute points between Physical Regeneration and Magical Regeneration (up to clvl10 I put them all into Physical Regeneration). Magic Lore 3, Weapon Lore 12+1, Concentration 11, Heavenly Magic 3, Constitution 4+3. Attack 1+1, Combat Jump 1+2, Rotating Blades of Light 2+1. At present, I am alternating each level between Magic Lore/Heavenly Magic or Weapon Lore/Concentration and the remaining point into Constitution. Going forward I intend to pick: Armour, Agility, and Meditation. I am casting RBoL before entering combat, then using Assault; I use Combat Jump to deal with archers/casters. When I unlock another CA slot I will add Celestial Light, and when I start facing Undead I will add Light to use in place of RBoL. When I get the fifth CA slot I was thinking maybe Strength of Faith. I was thinking at some point I would make a Combo Suit with Hard Hit runes to use against bosses. Is there anything obvious that I am doing wrong? How do I get a hybrid Seraphim past this early game and into a point where they start to feel effective?
  8. I currently have three bows: one with physical & magic damage, one with physical & fire, and one with physical & poison. My gear mostly has a mix of +skills, +CAs, -regen, and +speed/attack speed. I currently have a Vampiress rune socketed too for some life leech (I do not feel like it makes a huge difference, however). I recently gained a +7 Multiple Shot item, which has slightly blown the regen out, but otherwise I have kept it at duration. Exploding Arrow regen is not too bad and I use it as my every second attack at the moment (regen is marginally longer than attack time at my current attack speed). Companion of the Woods seems fine too. I keep the unicorn's level at the level of my opponents (roughly) and it usually regens shortly before it dies. My Penetrating Arrow Combo has a huge regen, but I only use it for bosses and just use Concentration Potions to spam it. I definitely intend to finish the game, if possible. I know from Sacred 2 that it takes all of Silver for your build to take form, then it only gets good by the end of Gold. I presumed it was the same in Sacred. If I can (I almost gave-up at the Frost Dragon), I aim to get this Wood Elf to Gold. I am then torn on whether to get her through Gold, or return to the Seraphim and try to work out how to get her working (I still like the *idea* of that class, even though I am struggling with her).
  9. I have tried most of the classes, mostly several times in the past. In the past I usually played as far as the desert where I would find the character usually gets stuck (those desert Orc groups of a Leader, three melee, and two archers chew-up my characters, and often spawn 2-3 groups near each other), but when I reinstalled this time I made a whole bunch of starts (about 1.5-2 hours each) and quickly gave up on all bar the Wood Elf. I quickly gave-up on the Battle Mage (Bronze/clvl7) as I was finding him too hard (fragile + regen times). The Daemon was strong but I was finding it dull to play (Silver/clvl12). It felt very passive constantly casting a Daemon form, then a buff, and then a spell that feels no different to a buff, then maybe, occasionally, having a few seconds to do something active. I skipped the Dark Elf. The Dwarf was OK but I was not overly excited by him (Silver/clvl14). I do not generally enjoy melee-focused characters, and I found his guns less satisfying than bows. I skipped the Gladiator I like the idea of the Seraphim (and she is my favourite in Sacred 2) but gave up because I was struggling in Silver Creek (Silver/clvl14). Every group of goblins was causing me to use a health potion or two, so I kept running out (and the store would run out forcing me to backtrack), resulting in me making no progress. I found the Vampire OK but again not overly excited (Silver/clvl14). Again, I just do not enjoy melee-focused characters. I enjoyed her more than the Dwarf, but I still got bored of pure-melee after a while. I tried the ReBorn mod, but quickly uninstalled it. They seem to have shifted the balance to suit the most-skilled players, as I kept getting bodied around Bellevue. I managed to get past the Frost Dragon yesterday. On a hunch I backtracked to Bravemart, spent an hour buying gear with more fire armour (halving my physical armour in the process), then bought a bunch of gear with sockets so I could give myself +16 Penetrating Arrow, which I made into a Combo. The extra armour reduced the Frost Dragon's damage to half my health, and I was doing 1/4 of his every time I used the Combo. The Fire Dragon ended up being trivial, as I had the room to circle him (the Frost Dragon fight was in a narrow corridor) and he only took two of the Combos and a couple of Exploding Arrows. I am just about to enter the Dark Elf city for the third element. How do you finish the game without fighting the bosses? I know there are optional dragons and things scattered off the main path, which I do intend to skip until later, but I thought these main quest fights were necessary. The way I have been playing is roaming from town-to-town as I follow the main quest, doing most of the side-quests I find there before I move on.
  10. I have played Sacred Gold many times, but I have never finished it. Most characters I get to the desert, find it too hard, and give up. I once before got a little further, but similar problem. I have just gotten a character up to the Frost Dragon and, prior to this, was thinking I may finally finish Silver. I was not making any meaningful headway, however. I am playing a Wood Elf archer. My build, if relevant: Level 36, every attribute point into Physical Regeneration (gear is boosting Dexterity and Physical Regeneration). Agility 18+2, Weapon Lore 36, Concentration 18+1, Constitution 17, Ranged Combat 10, Armour 8, Moon Magic 1. My plan was to get Constitution and Armour to 1/2 my level (the same as Agility and Concentration) before level 50, then keep that proportion going forward. At level 50 I will pick up Parrying, which I will gradually raise with Moon Magic. I am using Multiple Shot (6+1), then Exploding Arrow (1+1). Against bosses I have been using a Combo of 4 x Penetrating Arrow (1). I also use Companion of the Woods (5+1) as a meat shield. I have not raised these higher yet due to regeneration times. I had a little trouble approaching the Frost Dragon (Level 40), but was able to kite my way there. Once I engaged the Dragon, however, it was quickly hopeless. Every time it nicked me I was down 2/3 of my health and my Multiple Shot->Combo->Exploding Arrow was barely scratching it. What should I do? As a side question, I have a spare Combat Art spot and nothing to use in it. Looking over the remaining options, however, nothing seemed terribly appealing. I had originally planned Quick as a Flash, but by the time I had the slot for it my equipment had obsoleted the spell. Is anything else worth adding to this?
  11. Thanks for the help! I did the Evocator quest-line, then went to the desert where I ended up doing most of the quests. I only gained marginal gear improvements, for the most-part, but I gained +1000 HP (from +life, +Vitality, and +Constitution) as well as some +Dual Wield (for more attack speed). I then set up a Combo of Hallowed Restoration+Assailing Somersault+Pelting Strikes, switched to Poison Relics, and did some hit-and-run. I only dropped below 50% health a couple of times and never had any difficulty healing back up. I got a bit worried when something bugged and I found both the Guardian and myself walking through walls, but that seemed to correct itself ;) I have gotten to the first town in Gold and am now ready to start building-up my Map Revealed% on this playthrough ;)
  12. Thanks for the replies. I will try the hit-and-run combo, but I will try and improve my gear first (more HP, attack speed, perhaps block:stun). What would you suggest is the most efficient way to improve my gear? I would imagine, lacking Bargaining, that shops are unlikely to help. I could keep running the first three Guardians (which were easy enough) and then save/quit, but the first time I hit them up I only got a pile of trash so it may not be efficient. Would the Orc Cave be a good plan?
  13. I recently reinstalled Sacred 2 Gold (Steam) with the CM Patch. Having changed PCs since I last played, I had now lost all my characters (d'oh!). I decided I would just restart them all, beginning with what had been my only Platinum character: a hybrid Seraphim (I used Rocker's Celestial Dual Wield guide). I have got through most of Silver with little difficulty, but I have hit a massive roadblock with the Nameless Guardians. I killed the first three without any issue, but cannot make a dent on the fourth. He does about 2/3 of my health per hit and kills me faster than I can heal. My Seraphim is lvl42 with 2,165 HP. I have three pairs of weapons (one set each for Magic, Fire, and Ice damage); I intend to make a fourth once I have two more decent weapons. Against the final guardian I was using my Fire set. So far I have put every attribute point into Stamina. I typically use either a Combo of Radiant Pillar+Pelting Strikes, or a Combo of Hallowed Restoration+Pelting Strikes (always the latter against bosses) and typically have Battle Stance active (unless mostly fighting Undead/T-Mutants). Against bosses I used Dashing Alacrity when it comes off cooldown. When buffed my Attack is 531 and Defense is 321, Spell Intensity 128 and Spell Resistance 155. My base weapon damage is 546-688 and my armour is 779 Physical / 434 Magic (I was fighting him with my magic Relics selected). I have 1.2% all damage mitigation, -14.6% all reduced DoT, +40 life leech per hit. My Skills: Tactics Lore (42+5), Armor Lore (42+9), Dual Wield (8+5), Celestial Magic Lore (42+3), Combat Discipline (1), Celestial Magic Focus (1+7), Exalted Warrior Focus (1+3), Constitution (1+5). My Modifications: Pelting Strikes (2+5): Succession, Enfeeble, Precision. Dashing Alacrity (1+1): Bloodlust. Battle Stance (1+4): Premonition, Flexibility, Retaliation. Radiant Pillar (2): Hypnosis, Brightness, Ordeal. Hallowed Restoration (3): Recuperation. Cleansing Brilliance (3): Distract, Purify, Illuminate. Any suggestions on how I can get over this hump and get into Gold?
  14. Just adding that I found a thread that confirmed this to be what I suspected. You get 1 point/level at the beginning, 2/level from clvl3, 3/level from clvl 12 and 4/level from clvl30. I took a Wood Elf through to clvl12 in Bronze and Exported so she is ready for Silver, but I found her a little dull. Could just be because it is too early (or just Bronze), but I think I will try getting a Daemon to clvl12 today to see if that is any more engaging.
  15. I played Sacred Gold a year ago. Put in 100+ hours, had a lot of fun, but burned myself out. In all that time, I made absolutely no progress in the game. I kept starting new characters, trying them out, then moving onto a new idea. I want to give this game another go, but a little more focused. It looks like my old characters have disappeared (may have accidentally deleted them), so I have to start again based on my memories/feelings of the classes. Just a simple question to begin. I wrote down the builds I used at the time, but there is something in my notation I do not remember the significance of. I note something about skills at levels 3, 12 and 30, but cannot remember what that was about. Is that when you start getting extra skill points (eg 3/level from lvl12)? To recollection, I did not much enjoy the Dark Elf, Gladiator, or Vampiress and, while I enjoyed mucking around with the Battle Mage, Dwarf, I do not think they would be a good choice for focusing on play The characters I most enjoyed playing were a Hellcaster Daemon, a Hybrid Seraphim and a Ranged (Bow) Wood Elf. I just want to check my ideas with them are good ones: Daemon: I was primarily sitting in Battle Form with Infernal Power as my buff, running around with Blazing Discs and Hellspheres (to recollection, they were each better suited to different circumstances) and using Abysmal Chior as an Area of Effect. To recollection, this was fairly powerful in most situations. Seraphim: My original concept was using Attack, Lightning Bolt and Celestial Light with RBoL as the primary buff. I recall finding this extremely hard going and eventually gave up due to the insane difficulty. Was this flawed at the conceptual level, the player experience level, or just a matter of tweaking build/equipment? Wood Elf: I used Multiple Shot as my primary buff, then spammed either Explosive Arrow (single target) or Penetrating Arrow (Area of Effect). I used Companion of the Woods, but seem to recall it being super-squishy. I also used Spider Arrow situationally, to distract especially difficult opponents. I made the most progress with this character last time, but kept wanting to move onto something more varied. I love the Seraphim in this series and would love to start with that class, but am a little hesitant given how much difficulty I had the last time. I am fairly split between Daemon and Wood Elf, not really able to pick between them (assuming my build concepts are solid).
  16. As this may `possibly' be `slightly' more than just a graphics enhancement, I have a question about compatibility. Will this be safe to use with existing saves, or will the results be undesirable or even potentially disastrous? I will start the speculation with the Seraphim Soul Hammer has an icon of... a hammer, so it is probably much the same. Pelting Strikes shows multiple blades, so it is presumably still a multi-hit attack. Assailing Somersault shows a jumping Seraphim, so the basic mechanic seem unchanged. Dashing Alacrity has speed lines (?) so possibly the same, but seems more open to interpretation. Battle Stance has a battle-like icon, so presumably similar mechanics. Baneful Smite has a Zeus-bolt icon, so probably a similar spell. What used to be Radiant Pillar looks more like a Zot (perhaps the returl of the Sacred 1 Lightning Bolt?), while what used to be Instill Belief looks more like Radiant Pillar. The location of Hallowed Restoration looks pretty open to interpretation: it could be a heal still, but it could be a buff (ie CRPG term buff, not Sacred 2 term Buff). Cleansing Brilliance still shows a light, so I am guessing the basic mechanic is unchanged. Archangel's Wrath looks quite different, more of a lightning-type spell than fire? Flaring Nova still looks like a circle-Area of Effect, so perhaps pretty similar. Divine Protection looks like, well, a divine protection, so probably unchanged Warding Energy is clearly a T-Energy shell, so obviously the same basic mechanic, while the BFG is clearly a large blast of energy, so obviously retained.
  17. Wow, they look spectacular! The images really pop off the screen.
  18. I have a few more questions related to classes/builds. For reference, I will list things x/y, representing hard-points/total-points. My Wood Elf is in Act III and going from strength to strength. My current build is as follows I run with CotW active most of the time as a meat shield, usually have MS active and mostly spam EA. I have a 4xPA combo I fire into large mobs/tough opponents, and use SA on tough opponents while the combo recharges. Currently I am going well with gear and mostly not having too much trouble (the Ice Elves were tough, and I ran away from their two Dragons), but I am swimming in runes (more than half my stash space). Should I use those runes to add another Moon Magic spell to my repertoire, or just keep trying to save them and hope I do not run out of space? My Seraphim is in early Act II and it continues to be slow and hard. My current build: I keep either Rotating Blades of Light (vs melee mobs), Light Shield (vs ranged mobs) or Light (vs undead) active most of the time (long cast time keeps me from maintaining them if they drop mid-battle). All buffs are in Combos, so I can cast and immediately use other Heavenly Magic. Against ranged mobs, I spam Lightning Bolt. Against melee mobs, I drop Celestial Light and spam Attack. Gear is pretty average (still mostly white) and killing has been slow and regularly involves a lot of potions. Some of the things I have encountered with my Wood Elf I seriously doubt my Seraphim could hope to deal with. Is my build a complete mess, or is the Seraphim just really slow to build up and heavily reliant on good gear? I like the way this build plays, but am finding it exceedingly slow-paced. My Daemon is at the end of Act I and mostly going OK, but still definitely a lot weaker than the Wood Elf and I am not confident it would deal with the Ice Elves. My build so far: I use Battle Form most of the time, Fire Daemon when dealing with high physical resistance (eg ghosts) and Soaring Daemon when I need mobility; I keep one form active most of the time, but the long cast time keeps me from recasting if it drops out mid-fight. I recently added Infernal Power, but with its low duration I only use it when I see a situation I expect to need the extra boost. I use Blazing Discs for my main spell, but use Hell Spheres instead for ranged mobs or in caves (where the discs often get stuck). I throw in Abyssal Choir when I get a decent number of melee mobs on me. She has much better gear than the Seraphim (blue and yellow) and kills more quickly/easily, but still nowhere near the power of the Wood Elf. Large groups of archers or casters can be a nightmare and progress is extremely slow, as I can only effectively harm a single mob at a time (even the Seraphim has Celestial Light for a solid Area of Effect). Am I doing anything wrong here? Does the Daemon just take time to scale up and I need to persist a little longer? I also keep looking at other classes, but have had no luck getting going: * Battle Mage: I tried to make a Shard Mage, but gave up upon reaching the Goblin Lawn in Bronze. I was spending more time recasting buffs than playing the game, was far too squishy and seriously lacking in offensive power. The slow drip of runes early-game was really hurting! I usually like casters, but found this one far less enjoyable than other games. Perhaps I just did something wrong? * Dark Elf: I was hoping for something like the Diablo II Assassin, but found this one far less enjoyable. Melee was effective, but boring (the Assassin was way more fun). Traps were really disappointing, being nowhere near as fun as Diablo II Traps. I gave up around lvl10 because I was not having any fun. * Dwarf: Not tried. I cannot really make heads or tails out of this class. I am not sure whether or not I would enjoy it and really have no idea what kind of build I would even try. * Gladiator: Not tried. I never like the melee bruisers (eg Diablo II Barbarian, Sacred II Shadow Warrior) so I am 99% certain I would not like this one. * Vampiress: Tried a couple of times. I love the concept, but something is not quite clicking. Perma-Vamp/Attack-spam is far too boring, and I am not interesting in a zookeeper build either. From what I read, most of the vampire spells scale badly and are useless (eg Bats, Master Bite, Blood Bite, etc), while other combat arts are often buggy (eg Multi Hit). I like the idea of a warrior Knight by day, `hybrid' Vampire by night, but it sounds like most of the class is non-functional. Based on those experiences, is it worth giving any of those classes another go, or just forget about them?
  19. I tried Path of Exile some time back, but really did not like the game. I honestly enjoyed Diablo III more, and that was a crap game. I am finding Sacred (original) quite interesting. It feels more like the original Diablo than any other game I have played. Even Diablo II was hit and giggle, but Sacred gets that difficulty right. One on one? Sure. 10 on one? Ehh, I think I will run Oh, I fully intend to keep taking the classes further, but only the ones I enjoyed. Most of the classes I stopped early because they did not fit my play preferences. The Wood Elf, Seraphim and Daemon, on the other hand, I will definitely take further. None of the three have Chance of Finding Special Items and the Seraphim's Survival Bonus is the highest. The Wood Elf and Seraphim almost never find blue items; the Daemon gets more than half her drops as blue or better. There has to be something more than luck at play here. The Daemon also often sees blue items for sale; something I am yet to see with any other class (no Trading either).
  20. Ooooh, I assumed quests would be like in Sacred 2: 99% unrewarded. I was skipping them. Wow, Runes, good stuff I have my Wood Elf and Seraphim both to 30 now, and swimming in Runes. The Wood Elf has 4 arrows from Multiple Shot now, which is hilarious to use, and Companion of the Woods is now able to take more than one hit, making it useful. I have also made a 4xPenetrating Arrow combo, which I have targeted on Leaders in large groups (with Multiple Shot, of cause) for devastating effect. Yeah, this class is beginning to roll very nicely now! The Seraphim is still struggling a little, but I recently gained some lucky +attack% drops which has helped considerably. Some more levels and better gear will clearly go a long way here. I have also now tried the other classes and, other than the Daemon, did not enjoy them. The Daemon, on the other hand, is fantastic and a class I will definitely continue playing (only 18 so far). It seems like she gets enhanced drops compared to other classes, however. My Wood Elf and Seraphim are still in mostly white gear and rarely see a Blue, while my Daemon is head-to-toe in Blue and Yellow and finds Yellow items all the time.
  21. The extra damage from a critical is calculated before armour reduction, and IIRC armour reduction is based on a ratio between damage and armour, so it is possible that the critical could put your damage ratio high enough to make the armour less effective, therefore applying far more final damage (ie after armour) than a mere 20%. I hope that explanation makes kind of sense, as I only sort of understand what I am trying to explain I notice crits most with my Ice Elf, as Shards scores many hits at once on the same target. For her, the crits are almost 1.67 to 2 times the damage of the normal hits. When factored over the many hits I score with that spell, it is a pretty darn significant damage boost.
  22. I have a few more questions, so I figured I would piggyback the original thread I played a Wood Elf through to lvl20 then took her to Silver, where she is lvl22 and very early Act I. The class is powerful and effective (though I stupidly lost my survival bonus when I underestimated Silver Goblins), but I am unimpressed with many of the combat arts. Explosive Arrow is insanely good and Penetrating Arrow is fun, effective and the perfect mob-clearing skill (I guess I can safely keep them both at lvl1 too and still maintain awesome effectiveness). Multiple Shot seems like it will be good once I level it up, as does Companion of the Woods, but I am beginning to understand how precious runes are in Sacred and they are both currently too low of a level to be useful. Everything else I have tried seems pretty underwhelming, especially on the Moon Magic side of things. This lack of options is making things pretty boring at the moment. Should I try to farm runes to get Multiple Shot and Companion of the Woods into the game? If so, how? Are any of the other Moon Magic spells worth using in a bow-primary hybrid and I have simply underestimated them at low level? I then decided to try a Seraphim. Got through Bronze with only a little difficulty, and am now lvl23 in Silver. Compared to the Wood Elf, the Seraphim is far weaker and harder to use, but also more varied and interesting. A proper gish, so also more appealing to me than the Sacred 2 Seraphim. I am using Rotating Blades of Light (in a combo), drawing mobs (individuals or smaller groups) with Lightning Bolt and using Attack to deal with them. I also throw up Celestial Light for extra DPS if I pull too many, and use only Lightning Bolt/Celestial Light against ranged mobs I cannot effectively melee. I feel pretty under-powered, however. Presumably because of my Survival Bonus, everything is 4-5 levels above and has a 20% chance to hit me, while I only have a 55-60% chance to hit them (Attack is obviously hitting a little higher). I thought of Strength of Faith to raise the attack rating, but it only brought me to 70% and did not seem to raise my overall DPS higher than Rotating Blades of Light. It takes three Lightning Bolts to kill a Goblin, with a 2 second regen between them, and the cooldown on Celestial Light is only slightly shorter than the duration (though its killing power is very satisfactory). I needs me some more skill points >_< Short of suicide to take out the survival bonus, is there anything I can do to even the fights out a little until I gain enough levels to bring all the pieces of the build together? Are there any other Combat Arts worth using in conjunction with Attack (since everything else is on a spell or combo timer)? The others struck me as pretty pointless in comparison. I also tried a Vampire and a Dark Elf, albeit both only very briefly on Bronze. They both seemed to be well designed and powerful, but very clearly not my play-style. Even without trying, I am sure the Gladiator is not my play-style and am unsure about the Dwarf or Battle Mage. I may try a Daemon at some point, but want to stick with the Wood Elf and Seraphim for now.
  23. I have started the Wood Elf. I can see the potions are going to bug me. I keep pressing buttons that are hotkeyed to them that I have hotkeyed to other things in Sacred 2. Oooh, loot: 'Q'. #$%^ Hmm, want to check my combat arts: 'E'. ^%*& Loving Penetrating Arrow, however. Way better than my expectations. I did not realise it would be live for a period of time. Using it constantly already. Explosive Arrow is also quite fun, but not seeing as much use at the moment. Just a few questions that have arisen so far: * I started with a Torch in my inventory. Is that something I will need later in the game as a light source, or is it just a melee Fire weapon? * Does Sacred have damage type conversion items like Sacred 2, or do I need to find weapons that already do different damage types? * I started in Bronze to get some basic gear and combat arts, with the plan to switch to Silver at lvl20. I did not realise that the game would save in such a different way (numerous save files, rather than per character saves). How do you change difficulty? * On that topic, with no Resurrection Monoliths, what happens when you die? There is a survival bonus, so the answer is clearly not that you load your last save. * I noticed that the game is tracking how much of the map I have revealed. Is there any mechanical benefit (like Sacred 2), or purely for interest's sake? * About when do people find they know if a class/build is going to `click' for them? In Sacred 2, I found I usually knew around lvl20-ish whether or not I was on the right track (though my Dryad was a little slower, due to poor early-game choices).
  24. This forum is pretty low activity these days. I would leave a thread for a day or two before expecting a reply I have never tried a melee Dryad, so I am afraid I cannot help you on this one.
  25. I would presume it works the same as other modifiers. Attacks of the person with EP will have the benefits of it; attacks of characters without it will not. In other words, if one person in the group has EP, their kills will have an enhanced chance of better quality drops, but kills by the other players will not. Similarly, each player's kills will only be effected by their own chance to find valuables. If one player have +10% and another has +100%, the second player would be more likely to get better quality drops from their kills.
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