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  1. Ranged attack doesn't break Shadow Veil

    I tried to register there, but it says: You do not have permission to create this user account, for the following reason: You have followed a link to a page that does not exist yet. To create and add content to this page, please register at DarkMatters.org and send a request to an Administrator to be given wiki contributor permission. So... no, I can't edit it out I would have to say there probably isn't too much that a bow can offer that Spectral Hand doesn't already do better, other than maybe being "different". And when SH works with 2H weapons, and the damage is boosted by Astral Lore (along with the damage of the summons when the appropriate mods are applied) IMO, it would lead back to the 'typical' summoner for Niob-play. But it would be different, and so I like it BTW, have you ever tried Frenzied Rampage with an energy gun? Pew-pew ftw Yet again, I could swap some skills so that I could focus on Frenzied Rampage and other CAs which can be used while ranging. And no, I haven't tried it out (yet)
  2. Ranged attack doesn't break Shadow Veil

    Nope, I couldn't. It says that "uhkam" doesn't exist. Anyways, this opens a build ideas like the pure summoner with a bow (though I need to change at least in my build my Stamina into Dexterity for better damage). I just need to edit my build some more then to get possibly stronger CAs from other aspects.
  3. I read from an old thread here that the normal ranged attack breaks the shadow veil. However, when I tested this thing, I had to disagree: ( sorry if the pic is too big ) At least for me, it works at any range as long as the weapon is a ranged weapon (throwing liquids and bows worked at least). Spectral Hand works, too. Should I add this info into SacredWiki?