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  1. ^ I finally took your advice and installed all of my mods (including the Elite Textures) in the correct order, rather than my usual roguish manner, and the textures all appear to be in order now. It's amazing to see all of the extreme details. For instance the wild boars even have bristly skins. It doth verily blow my mind as well, Sir Flix of Modimus Primus. If I may ask, how should one install the mods and have the Elite Textures show up without issue? I currently use Enhanced Spell Mods, Items Mods 1.2a Hotfix, Reduced Fog and Sacred 2 Nude Mod that I believe was updated for Enhanced Spell Mods use. ​I didn't know if you install things out of order, Elite textures won't show properly/correctly.
  2. Uncharacteristic builds

    Hmmm... you know, the High Elf is also kind of on the low end of the spectrum of abusing the Magic Staff skill exploit. Her only option would be Magic Coup, since that's her only weapon attack. Plus, she can't dual wield. Take the gold mod Stray Damage and you should see the effect when the splash damage triggers. You have to be wielding a magic staff and have the Magic Staffs skill learned. For the other characters, the key attacks would be: Darting Assault Scything Sweep (possibly also Frenzied Rampage) Ruthless Mutilation Pelting Strikes Battle Extension Note that most of these characters can't learn the Magic Staffs skill without the CM Patch or Enhanced Spells installed, which is probably why said exploit has gone mostly unnoticed. Ooooooooh, I'll keep this in mind when ever I decide to play someone else, very cool, I'll be my own little mini-God, killing all those nasty enemies on the screeeeen, Mauahahaha!
  3. Uncharacteristic builds

    I'm really curious about this, how would I go about achieving such a .... world breaking feat with a High Elf. You mean playing melee with a HE? It's very cool. I intend on making a guide for my version of it but I can help you get started if you will. Oh no no no, I'm more curious about the exploit that kills everything super easy =). At the very least, it seems to fun to play around with, kind of like using Cascading Shroud as a permanent buff, though makes the game unbelievably easy :3.
  4. Uncharacteristic builds

    I'm really curious about this, how would I go about achieving such a .... world breaking feat with a High Elf.
  5. Sacred 2 and modern machines & OS

    I do believe the game utilizes two cores, but not more than that. Older processors are definitely a bottle-neck for this game, when Sacred 2 released, I'd wager it was just as difficult to run as Crysis was back in the day, especially with all the effects and PhysX too. ​It's strange to read others who have issues with the game, and although I've never gotten far, due to quest fatigue and exploring every nook and cranny possible, only Windows Vista played badly with Sacred 2 for me. I don't get many crashes at all, especially when I use modest settings on my rather legacy PC.
  6. Sacred 2 and modern machines & OS

    I run the game on Windows 10 Pro 64-bit, never had an issue with the game and I'm pretty sure it's ridiculous to even say things like that. Steam sells the Gold version of the game only, so it's not the basic version of Sacred 2.... ....
  7. I check this page practically once a day, I love to see Hooyaah's screenshots, very funny, but you brought up Honey Crisp.. ... .... My favorite apples on this planet! They're seriously the best thing ever, regarding apples. Delicious, incredibly crispy and very juicy apples. Good on you for having some!
  8. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Nice job on the update Flix; makes me want to play the game and more types of characters too, still enjoying the High Elf as it is. I did do a little modification of changing the Cascading Shroud as a perm buff that I saw another member do in the forums, it's probably a good thing you didn't do that, it totally breaks the character, 100% invisible to like every single mob, hehehe. I do like the changes though and I'm sure they'll be even better with a new character too =).
  9. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    This...is.... awesome!!!! Very excited to test the latest version of Enhanced Spells Mod. I like the changes made and it'll be really neat to see how much better weapons are for the High Elf. Oh man oh man oh man, thanks so much Flix!
  10. Hey everyone. I remember reading a while ago about a mod that desaturated the colors of Sacred 2 because people here found them to be a little too cartony? I can't find the link to the mod or anything, but I know for certain that it exists. Well... last week I bought myself a colorimeter to use for my displays since I wanted to.. well... you know.. calibrate them to a standard that most/everyone in the professional content creation business should use. ​I used freeware software named ArgyllCMS with DispcalGUI to create calibration profiles and things and came across the ability to create a 3D LUT for ReShade, an injector of many effects. Well ReShade has the option to use a png texture file to "fix" the colors for games. This is pretty awesome, because I've read around that many games that use DirectX have a special type of "call" that will reset the "curve" of the display and force one the developers wanted, typically something absolutely linear. ​Anyhow, I don't entirely understand all the terminology or aspects of it, but what I do know is, with the ReShade injector, I can apply my 3D LUT (Which is more like a 2D gradient texture) to fix the colors. ​Point of this topic is, with a calibrated display and the 3D LUT, the game actually doesn't seem to be so cartoony, like at all. Problem is, I can't exactly screen cap and show you guys the difference, since it's a local thing, but I did some quick tests around a few places near the beginning of the game. That super vibrant green grass is actually supposed to be duller and more of a mix between green and yellow, almost as if the grass is dying or something. The general landscape is browner and so many other things. It's really pretty awesome to see how different the game looks. Felt like sharing this information with you all =). Thanks for reading.
  11. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    I see, that's a shame then. I know the performance issues and crashes many people have, but I seem to be lucky and I typically don't play for long stretches of time. If you ever do have the time and are slightly curious, I'd be happy to help test it out or something, though this is beyond not necessary and I'm pretty sure many people wouldn't use it, so it's okay if nothing is done about it. Some PhysX is better than none.
  12. Enhanced Spells Mod (Sacred 2)

    Silly question, but I think this is the best place for it; is it possible to give spells the ability to react with PhysX? For instance, the Blizzard spell for the High Elf affects the trees and grass, but not the leaves that blow around or the rocks that can be lifted. Is there some variable that allows this customization or is it an engine file that would require some reverse engineering or something (using terms I don't entirely understand, but I think you may). It's kind of a shame most spells don't mess with the PhysX stuff (I love PhysX for the grass and things, fun particles too).
  13. ReSpec in UnBended - Yay or Nay?

    I think the problem this forum has is everyone is so focused on the HC experience and having some insane punishments for messing up a characters build. From my experience of playing games, I typically don't replay them; I do all the side quests (I really do mean all of them) with a character I think I'll like and finish the game wholly, sometimes on a normal difficulty, sometimes on a harder difficulty depending on the game/genre/how much I like it. I think there should be re-specs, but not in the way your thinking folks. Instead of a stupid hard quest or absurd amount of money (which will probably be hacked anyhow), how about having it on a timer. Lets say you're level 10 and playing the Gambler, you put some points into having a more efficient skill tree (don't know if I'm doing this right) "Gogo's Cards of Ascension". The moment you click "accept" or dock your points in, you have a range of time (10 minutes? 30 minutes?) to play with the skills you just put in and if you level up again or the time passes the mark you are locked in (this also limits the potential to respect later since you can only redact the points your given for the level). This would only work on the level points too, if Unbended is going to use those Combat Arts skill books from mobs method, you're screwed if you mess that up. It doesn't have to be for every level either; every 5 levels early on and then 10 and eventually never; gradually you'll make the character you want and there are still chances for messing up and having to reroll. (The method in which levels are allowed a respec can of course change, but I can tell people here would be extra piffed-off if it was available every level and I think I would be too). :Thinking: I'm obviously in the minority here about respecing, but I play solo most of the time anyways. I understand the concept everyone brings up on why it should not happen, but you people need to take into consideration the "peasants" of real life. Putting 300-500 hours into a game and then having to replay it all again because that Gambler you made ends up playing like crap is a surefire way to put people off the game. Sure you can argue "well, this game will just be for the HC folks anyway", but lets be realistic, it's expensive to make games nowadays and they need to sell. More thoughts: If playing on a closed HC server have the option to disable respecting entirely, it'll never affect you and you'll never notice it. More options are always better than no options.