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  1. I recently updated the game to cm patch 1.60 and installed the s2ee as well. I had the previous version of enchanted spells and I had some personal tweaks for some of them which requiremed me to edit the global.res file. I had no problem with the spells.txt file but I cant seem to be able to edit the global.res file What I did was: 1. Run s2rw in the locale en folder. 2. Decode and get a notepad with all in game texts 3. Replaced in notepad whatever needed replacement for my tweaks 4. Encode with the "all texts" option. 5. Make a backup and delete the old global.res file, renamed the new one as global.res However when I enter the game none of my changes appear and if I decode the global.res again its just like the original one. Is there something im doing wrong? NOTE: I found one of my old edited global.res ( the one with new EN etc in its name ) and it had a + sign ( unlike the one I did today ). I dont know what that means. Beside that, I tried to copy the classic icons from the first enchanted spells mod and they dont change at all. Id appreciate any help. Thx. EDIT: Managed to solve the global.res problem after checking all the posts about it again. I didnt run the encoding from the system folder. Still trying to change the icons with no result. EDIT 2: unlike in the first version of enchanted spells, the spell and runes icons were in a zip. Didnt notice that in the first place. Everything is solved now.
  2. Updated to cm 1.60 with s2ee. So far no crash, not even with physx enabled.
  3. I currently have cm 1.5 and the old enchanted spells. Ill try to update now and see if there's any difference.
  4. I dont have problems with fire demon , only mages familiar ( grand invigoration replacement from enchanted spells mod ).
  5. I see you guys released the cm patch 1.6 as well as the corresponding enchanted spells mod for this cm version. Ill try to update to 1.6 and get the sacred 2 enchanted edition mod and post if it solves this issue.
  6. I have a major problem when playing high elf. Everything goes nice and smooth up until I activate the mage familiar buff. After that I have under a minute till the game crashes. I really have no idea how to solve this. Any idea of why this might happen?
  7. I have 194 right now. ye, sure, I could make a video. and sure I will complete writing everything about it as soon as I can.
  8. Hey nice to see you again and thx for the reply. I dont know why I have a white background behind kinda everything. must be because I copied some stuff from the dryad build so it would have the same layout and because I was lazy lol. ill fix this as soon as I have some time. hope to finish this build pretty soon.
  9. Im probably a little late but with some %LL , I kill the guardians with a dryad in like 1 second. Just get close to them and spawn darting assault 2-3 times and that should do it. So overall - seraphim for sure. One aditional item ( 2 aditional in comparison to dryads if you dont count the shrunken head ) is a lot. Still, launching 15 arrows per second is also a lot ^^
  10. Im not sure if this is a know fact. I have a level 200 dryad with 98.9% survival bonus. So because monsters have much higher level than me, I usually drop higher level stuff. My highest was lv 245 stuff UNTIL RECENTLY. I was farming the nameless guardians today to help my little brother complete his draco set and I dropped a dryad's mutation item of level 250. I got pretty hyped because I spent a lot of time to make my character perfect ( and my actual set was lv 240 ) so I kept farming but the bosses dropped a lv 240 item. So then I realised that in order to get a lv 250 item, you need to kill the temple guardians that spam out of the portals from the nameless guardians since they have much higher level ( purple circle around them ). I farmed 2 dryad's mutation items today from them so I guess I was pretty lucky lol. Just wanted to let you guys know this if you didnt already.
  11. WORK IN PROGRESS!!! Hello everyone, this is Alex, the author of the Hybrid Dryad Build and im going to try and make a Necromancer Shadow Warrior build ( I mean post it since I already did it ). Here, listen to this so you wont get bored while reading. Like the dryad one, it may take a while to finish. So, to start from the beggining: I had the idea for this build when I was playing on my dryad and I dropped a Signet of Thunder. Since it has almost a minute regeneration per hit, I thought "what if I could raise all the combat arts to level 200, make them powerful but with huge cooldows, and just use this hammer and spam a level 1 ability to reset cooldowns instantly?" And this is pretty much what I did. And it turned out pretty well, and I'll post my build below Description: This build is designed for a casual gameplay but the items themselves may be challenging to find. Its mostly summon based so while its easy to play, it tends to get a little boring sometimes. First of all, why would you use this build? Pros and Cons: Pros: Easy gameplay. Very very high resistance. You dont care about cooldowns. High armor and high hitpoints. Flexible, customizable equipement. Its consistend from the beggining till the end. Perfect fit in any party if you play with friends. You can have a lazy playstyle and get rewards by doing nothing. Your decaying corpses army will do all your dirty work. Cons: Buffs make a lot of lag. Kills bosses rather slow. Some items are hard to find. Not very interactive. Kinda lacks damage. Dependent on a legendary item. No replacement for that unless you want to fill all your sockets with regen. per hit items. NOTE: Please read requirements before anything. I suggest you install the enchanted spells mod even if you dont use this build because its very well made. It brings balance in the game. Mods also revive your desire to play a game and so on. Table of content: Class. Build explanation. Requirements. Character creation. Stats. Skills. Modification points. How to put points in skills depending on your level. Combat arts and runes. Items. Tactics and Combos. Notes and tips based on my experience. Purple = Finished Blue = In progress Red = Not started Yellow = Read before anything else 1. Class: Shadow Warrior As a champion of all forms of combat, the Shadow Warrior is proficient in hand-to-hand battles and has mastered powerful armed techniques. Having come into contact with the underworld in the past, he can also call upon fallen comrades to assist him. Shadow Warriors can make use of three aspects. Those are: 1. Death Warrior : The fighting specialist. No subtle conjuring, just raw strength and violence. In this aspect, the Shadow Warrior fights solely as a behemoth of a fighter and does not weave any kind of magic. His main characteristics are pure strength and stamina. He will bellow a mighty battle cry every time he lashes out at an enemy with one of his powerful combat arts. 2. Malevolent Champion : The Shadow Warrior is also capable of applying a more strategic and agile close combat style that relies less on sheer strength and armor and more on dexterity and tactics. The Shadow Warrior of this aspect is a skilled, agile and battle-hardened warrior, disregarding magic use in favor of physical attacks. 3. Astral Lord : The Shadow Warrior’s link to the afterlife allows him to call forth his dead comrades in order to fight for him. The warrior who becomes an Astral Lord commands the spirits of the damned, summoning them forth and overseeing the battle from his ranged vantage point. To lead the charge into close combat, the Shadow Warrior must also follow either of the Death Warrior or Malevolent Champion aspects. 2. Build Explanation: ( see section 4.REQUIREMENTS for information about the combat arts from Flix's mod , link in requirements tab ) . Our main focus is the aspect Astral Lord ( and when I say focus I really mean it ). And we will use ALL skills from this aspect. Those are: Spectral Hand ( not for damage, but to reduce the regeneration time of combat arts. Fruther explanations later in the build ) - Optional : I am also considering raising this combat art to level 200 for damage and using basic attacks to decrease the cooldowns of skills, but im not sure what impact would have this on the build since it will mean you need to get close to your enemies. Sometimes, this is not possible due to the high number of undead allies surrounding the enemies ). Skeletal Fortification for damage; Railed Souls for damage ( and meat shield in early game ); Shivering Miasma to buff our champion as well as our summons; Nether Allegiance ( Buff ) for damage. Even if Astral Lord is our main focus, we will make use of the other two aspects as such: Death Warrior: Rousing Command for the same reason as Shivering Miasma ( this will be one of the combos ); Labyrinthine Warlord for damage. Demonic Blow ( Optional ); We might use this as a substitute for a level 200 Spectral Hand but it wont do as much damage since Spectral Hand benefits from a high level Astral Lord Lore and Focus. Its pretty much your choice. Malevolent Champion: Belligerent Vault for mobility; Augmenting Guidon for Skeletal Fortification combo and to help our allies; Reflective Emanation ( Buff ) to boost our resistance as well as to boost our allies. Killing Spree ( Optional ); only if you took Combat Discipline ( see 6. Skills ). 3. REQUIREMENTS!: This guide is useless unless you have ( or get ) the following: Latest Ice & blood version ( for the CM Patch ) CM Patch 1.50 ( for the items - no need to explain this - http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/files/file/91-community-patch/ ) Enchanted spells mod by Flix ( http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/21916-enhanced-spells-mod-sacred-2/ ) - PS: I will use the CA icons found in Flix's mod for this guide, and not the classic ones - I recommend you use the challenge mod inclided here for a more challenging game. Otherwise you will be too OP and you will get bored. -CA = Combat Art. Assuming you got all those... we can get to 4. Character creation There are a thing or two you should note before creating a character. 1. Hardcore? yes or not: I guess everyone knows what a hardcore character is but I will explain it to you anyway. If you create a hardcore character and you die it becomes unplayable. You will lose all your progress and items. My recommandation is that you DONT make a hardcore character with this build ( yes, you are a demi-god in late game, but in early I died around 20-30 times ). You will see the hardcore icon at the bottom of the character creation window ( red arrow ) with the expert touch icon just beside it ( blue arrow ): If the icon is not shining: It means your character is not to be set on hardcore. If the icon is brighter: It means your character is set to hardcore. To change between hardcore or non-hardcore just click on the hardcore icon in the character creation tab. Note that this can't be changed later in game. If you already have a character and you don't know if its hardcore or non-hardcore try to die and you will find out ( NOTE: If you don't treat this as a joke its not my fault if you lose your character). 2. Expert touch? Yes or not: "If activated, combat arts regenerate faster but draw their energy from all aspects. This mod is especially useful for characters who focus on a single aspect." The explanation is rather vague - understanding of expert touch: "Expert Touch will decrease the amount of time it takes for you to be able to use a combat art again after you use it (that is, its regen time), but causes a global cooldown for all of your other combat arts. Normally, without Expert Touch, the cooldown only applies to other combat arts within the same aspect as the combat art used." - quoted ( link -https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=176900274 ) One particular trait of this build is this: IT DOESNT REALLY MATTER IF YOU HAVE EXPERT TOUCH ENABLED OR NOT! 1. Expert Touch enabled ( my recomandation ): Why I recommend this? Because that's how my character is and I dont know how would it be without it. No difference probably. 2. Expert Touch disabled: It shouldnt be any big difference. At least not in high levels due to the Signet of Thunder. As explained before, the expert touch icon is next to the hardcore icon. If the icon is not shining: It means expert touch is disabled. If the icon is glowing: It means expert touch is enabled. To toggle expert touch on or off click its icon in the character creation tab. Note that this can't be changed later in game. If you already have a character and you dont know whenever you have expert touch on/off, there is a simple way to find out: Enter your character and cast an active combat art. If you have expert touch disabled, it will draw power from a single aspect, like here: If you have expert touch enabled, it will draw power from all aspects, as such: 5. Stats: My recommandation is every 2 levels/points: 1 point in Vitality; 1 point in Inteligence; We need no Strength because we dont deal weapon damage. We need no Dexterity because we have enough Attack Rating from buffs. We need no Willpower because we have enough resistace. We need no Stamina because we dont care about cooldowns. 6. Skills: Astral Lord Focus. The most important skill since we want ALL Astral Lord Combat Arts to have as much level as they can have. Death Warrior Focus. We only need this to enable modification points for the skills we are going to use ( those explained in 2. Build Explanation for the Death Warrior Aspect ). Concentration. So we can have 2 buffs and 3 buffs in late game. Malevolent Champion Focus. Again, we only need this for modifications and to raise max. Combat Art level for the Malevolent Champion Aspect. Armor Lore. Because we need resistance. Constitution. For the extra HP and regeneration. Toughness. Amazing synergy with Armor Lore. Astral Lord Lore. For Cast Speed, Railed Souls armor, Skeletal Fortification damage, Shivering Miasma damage, Spectral Hand damage and cast speed etc. and 10. COMPLETELY OPTIONAL. You can go with Ancient Magic for some damage, Combat Discipline , again, for damage and also include Killing Spree in Shivering Miasma + Rousing Command combo, Hafted Weapons for Attack Speed and Attack Value etc. or just a forth defensive skill of your choice. 7. Modification Points: Astral Lord combat arts: 1. Spectral Hand: - Free Choice. - Chill. We have low critical chance. - Free Choice. 2. Skeletal Fortification: - Rapid Fire. We dont need cooldown reduction since we will combo this with Augmenting Guidon. - Free Choice. - Scatter Shot. To maximize damage. 3. Railed Souls: - Armament. Because Astral Lord Lore enchances the armor. - Vivification. Because we can instantly reset our cooldowns so there's no need to revive more at the same time. - Free Choice. Furor for bosses, Contagion to kill groups of monsters faster. 4. Shivering Miasma: - Corrosion. - Free choice. Numb is better tho since it benefits your summons more. - Aura. So our skeletons, revived corpses and warlord take advantage of it as well. 5. Nether Allegiance ( Buff ): - Sharp Blades. Why we dont take Squad: because 4 skeletons with 100% damage means 400%. 3 skeletons with 140% damage means 420%. - Commander. If we took Squad, it would mean 5 skeletons x 100% damage = 500% damage. Like this we have 4 skeletons with 140% meaning 560% damage. - Elite Equipment. This scales with level so we will get some value out of it. Death Warrior combat arts: 1. Rousing Command: - War Song. Because we will use this to boost our summons and we want them to deal damage. - Impulse. Same reason. - Leader. So it affects all allies. 2. Labyrinthine Warlord: - Free Choice. - Champion. - Belligerent. 3. Demonic Blow ( Optional ): - NOTE: Didn't test this one yet. I will test it and post the results after. - - - Malevolent Champion combat arts: 1. Belligerent Vault: - Free Choice. - Free Choice. - Free Choice. 2. Augmenting Guidon: - Free Choice. - Healing. - Leadership. 3. Reflective Emanation ( Buff ): - Backlash. We will encounter projectiles more often than stuns. - Antimagic. Solid reflect chance for spells. - Idol. Because extending this to other allies is amazing. 4. Killing Spree ( Optional ): - Control. This is the only one we need here. 10. Items: 1. Weapon: Signet of Thunder Sorry, no replacement for this. NOTE: This is a legendary Ice & Blood item so therefore it will only drop from slain campaign bosses and only if you have Ice & Blood installed. 2. Shield: Khorum Reflector NOTE: This is a legendary item added by the CM Patch Iso therefore it will only drop from slain campaign bosses and only if you have The CM Patch installed. REPLACEMENT: You can always go with the old but gold Glacial Defender. 3. Armor: Tallin's Garments of Mutation. While this armor is the best, my oppinion is that you can use whatever you want for this build since you wont have big problems surviving. 1. Head: Tallin's Relic 2. Shoulders: Tallin's Revenge 3. Hands: Tallin's Prank 4. Gloves: Tallin's Heritage 5. Chestplate: Tallin's Memory 6. Sash: Tallin's Wraps 7. Legs: Tallin's Destiny 8. Boots: Tallin's Ways Tallin's Garments of Mutation full set bonus: NOTE: Mutation sets are added by the CM Patch. Therefore those items will only drop if you have the CM Patch installed. 3. Jewelery. Here I will post a bunch of useful items you might equip or socket into your items. Feel free to use whatever you want if you have a better idea or like it better in some other way. This is purely orientative. 1. Gruma's Talisman. By far one of my favourite legendary items. BIG damage mitigation for all types of damage and some solid evade chance. NOTE: This is a legendary item added by the CM Patch. Therefore it will only drop from slain campaign bosses and only if you have the CM Patch installed. 2. The Second Ring. This ring is too good to not include it here since it boosts everything we need for this build. 3. Silithar's Finger Hoop. Another one of my favourites. Since our Spectral Hand tends to miss while we dont have our buffs active, this will help a lot , along with the sweet cast speed. 4. Celpidide's Talisman. This one is amazing in conjunction with Khorum's Reflector and Reflective Emancipation. Wearing/Socketing one of those with a high level Reflective Emancipation and Khorum's Reflector will give us a sweet 85% of reflect close combat and projectiles.
  12. I have a problem that I dont kinda understand. Leveling Mind Strike on Dragon make actually makes the damage lower. This only happens if I have draconic ally summoned ( if I have it my mindstrike is 4500 dmg and shows 4100 for next level. Without the draconic ally the damage goes up by a little - from 1509 to 1570. I also use flix enchanted spells mod tho im not sure this is the cause because even without the mod its exactly the same thing. Any ideas?
  13. Thanks. Finally did it. If you or anyone else notice something wrong like mistypes or anything be sure to let me know please ^^.
  14. Oh I see. Thanks then ^^. Ill check back in a couple of minutes.
  15. LIttle help if someone can. I know its been a long time ago but I decided to finish this today! Problem is I cant find the edit button anymore :S.
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