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  1. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    I had just found the 35-entries in spells.txt, so that would have been my next question ;-) I should have time for some tests tomorrow.
  2. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    What do I need to do to test it? Is it enough to change each instance of "fightdistance = 65.000000" into "fightdistance = 45.000000"?
  3. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    Thanks for your quick replies, I am looking forward to the rectification (is that a proper word?) of the problem :-)
  4. CM Patch 1.60 Hotfix

    I guess this is supposed to fix this: This fix leads to a new problem: All combat arts which are meant to affect opponents in melee range now do not work properly, because the opponents can now use melee attacks from outside the range of the combat art (examples are the deathly spears and the derogate mod of the temple guardian's T-energy shroud). Is there an easy way to fix the ranges of such combat arts?