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  1. Got away because of work, so surprised seeing some of the answers. Ah, si. At first I thought it was the fireball. Then I realized that the villager were holding the same thing as well. Funny enough for me. My favorite bugs is the black caballero (Korod-Nur? forgot the name). Kill him first, the horse should die first. But the horse persist and run away, but I still got XP and I have no Split. Seeing the old players' posts her give me one regret. I always play solo. When I connect to battle.net, the honesty would only last for few months. As soon as Buriza bowgun was introduced, fake items
  2. Hola a todos, buenas tardes I have been playing Sacred since 2005. In truth, Sacred is the second RPG in PC that I played (Diablo II fue la primera). Back then, I just got my first PC. Sacred was given to me along with my first PC by my primo. At first, I thought this is just another game like Diablo II. Well, I was wrong. Sacred has so many differences in both gameplay and mechanics with DII. I have to admit that I came to enjoy Sacred more. Much more. Until now. Okay, the plot could not be more flat, and the quests could not be more (what was that word?) "same". But the real joy lies i
  3. The Vampiress was known for her Attack (Torn Claw) combat art. The reason for this acknwoledgement is because her Attack has a much lower cooldown time in vampire form thanks to her Vampirism skill. Find full suits which give +Attack, put 4 Attack in a combo, wait until night time, and see Dragon (any Dragon) fall like twig.
  4. I have never played a Seraphim before, but I believe Whirling Hit is Multi Hit? If so, then Seraphim is similar to Dark Elf in which both thei Multi Hit knocback and stun the targets it hits. Yes gogoblender, Multi Hit with Disarming is very good. I once had a Dark Elf with and weapons were flying around. The problem was the disarmed weapon is very weak (mostly white, got blue once). If you would like to reduce the cooldown, why not you try to socket Gladiator's Multi Hit Rune? Since it gives +10% regeneration time.
  5. Gracias por repuesta y un placer conocerte, essjayehm. 1. Hm, so "Weapon [Elemento] Damage : +xx% [stat]" will give me the most damage, am I correct (for Vampiress, at least)? 2. Ah, so I was not misinterpreted it! Glad to know that 3. So increasing attack speed is the only thing Bloodlust does? Does it decreases the animation as well? 4. Hm, guess I will have to try it out myself. 5. Ah, no problema. I appreciate your answer
  6. Hola a todos, buenas tardes! Foremostly, I would like to greet all of the members here since I am new. Un placer conocerte! Now, there are few things I would like to ask: 1. What is the difference between "Fire/Magic/Poison Damage : +xx%" and Weapon Fire/Magic/Poison Damage : +xx% Strength/Endurance/Charisma"? Which will give me the highest of damage? 2. Now I have these rings which gave me "Weapon Fire Damage : +8% Physical Regeneration" and "Weapon Fire Damage : +29". What are the differences? 3. I know Bloodlust decreases the regeneration time of vampiric arts (Bites, Bats, etc), but it a
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