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  1. Jessica Jones season 2

    I absolutely love Jessica Jones but I don't know if I could pick a number 1 between it and punisher. Punisher was just so well done and well written. Even with the over the top violence the show was executed in such a way that I wasn't turned off by it. So they might be tied for first, to me.
  2. Just left for work in 28 degrees F. And apparently it's supposed to snow again this week. I Am not happy.
  3. Jessica Jones season 2

    I can't see how it wouldn't get a 3rd season. They need to stop with iron fist and Luke cage. Whoever wrote those just didn't live up to dare devil or jj.
  4. In America we only got fallen angel so I had to install the expansion via a method we do not discuss here. Of course I didn't know about gog and steam because I'm a noob. Using xp32 and the cm patch I had zero crashes with the full game so I've always kept a partition or separate hd just for old games then just cold swap if I'm feeling nostalgic. But I've never experienced these crashes people discuss.
  5. It certainly feels when playing new games like they took inspiration from sacred 2. Skills being learned by finding their item. Allocating skill points to specialize in certain abilities. If I think about it POE's skill tree is just the visualization of the sacred stat allocating system. Its just path progression instead of numeric progression. I love sacred 2 but I lost my last system with I&b on it. And I don't have the discs. Its a shame but I'm into path of exile anyway. Hardly have time for even the one game let alone multiple. Sacred 2 is definite my #1 though and I always felt slighted that I missed out lb the closed server days. I started playing just a few months before they shut down. Big shame
  6. Wow the dedication here is beyond anything I've seen for any game ever. And it's nearly 20 years old. So impressive.
  7. Not so sure a yankee new yorker would be welcome in Texas lol.
  8. I'm in ny. I hope this isn't a shared weather system. I'm so done with winter on long island. I hate snow
  9. Jessica Jones season 2

    That was a flashback to their college days. I think that scene was supposed to be intentionally appauling, in line with her addiction and stuff. I think the actress is doing fine with the material I just don't like the direction the writers took her.
  10. Jessica Jones season 2

    I don't like what they're doing with the best friend but all the actors are doing fantastic.
  11. Jessica Jones season 2

    She's doing an amazing job playing this character. Big fan of the show
  12. Jessica Jones season 2

    The long awaited follow up to an amazing first season, now released on Netflix. I only got to watch the first episode but I'm so happy its back. Iron fist and the defenders were not worth putting off the second season of this show.
  13. Altered Carbon? Anyone?

    from what I gathered the legend of envoys kind of preceded them a bit. I think the opening episode did a bit to show they had some preternatural mental abilities. They also were known for being loyal to a fault and couldn't be swayed from their goal. I also think part of it was in that society there wasn't any enemy that could defeat an envoy and that's what the meth wanted to pay for. I also think the meth was hoping for the element of surprise since the "perpetrator" wouldn't know an envoy still existed. He was supposedly the last one, thought to be dead.
  14. Currently Watching...

    So the current show at my house even though I try not to watch at this point is "shameless". Its hard for me to get too emotional about tv but I've never hated every character in a show the way I do with "shameless." I loath this show and yet I listen to it in the back ground as my gf watches. I figure I don't have to dedicate myself to it but if she's going to watch I want to know the progression. Even she admits she doesn't know why she continues to watch it. I guess she just wants to see how it ends. Anyone watch this garbage?