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  1. Friday was kind enough to dry up in the afternoon so I was able to play ball from 530-730pm. But today and Sunday and Monday are supposed to rain still. And wth happened to spring?
  2. Me too. Especially since we've essentially skipped spring
  3. Now long island is due for rain all week through Saturday. I can't get a break.
  4. Rain all weekend. Couldn't ball and couldn't do yard work. Completely useless weekend. Back to work tomorrow
  5. Third garbage Saturday in a row. So disappointing.
  6. I've been out a few times playing ball already. It's wonderful lol. And congratulations on evicting your snow lol
  7. New York finally hit the 70's Fahrenheit. bright and sunny. I'm ecstatic.
  8. Long island was 70f on Friday then 80f on Saturday. Sunday? 40f again. And today it's raining. Oh joy
  9. I don't remember exactly word for word but my understanding is that pieces of gear inherently have a regeneration penalty, either slowing or quickening combat arts regeneration time. Then armor lore affects the penalty on the armor itself by reducing its slowing effect. Maybe I don't remember correctly. Also I think the number displayed on the gear actually changes as lore goes up. You might be able to see the effect. Haven't played in years so you'd have to verify next time you level and get a stat point.
  10. I Was a professional driver and I can't tell you in the slightest how that could've happened
  11. Summoner question

    Going off memory I probably misquoted the build I was referring to. It's possible he said they were lack luster instead of broken. Your info helps regardless. Thank you!
  12. Summoner question

    So these mods work now? That's awesome. The guide writer said the build was a boss melter. And I like summoner builds.
  13. Summoner question

    So I remember reading a build guide on the international forum for a skellies build. The author said the only playable aspects were the additional summon options because the extra damage nodes didn't seem to work and aschron had already gone under. I'm curious if that is accurate and if any of the amazing coders who have done the community patch were able to or even knew to fix these issues? Or Is it something that would have to be fixed in the hard coding that we don't have access to... Thanks for any replies.
  14. I believe he was saying they abandoned unbended for a new project. I was wondering what that new project was that they thought was better use of their time.
  15. So I got my sacred disc from game stop in its original US release package. It was white cardboard with the gold logo. I also got the underworld original US release which was a red cardboard box with gold logo. And I got fallen angel in its plastic snap case. If I find them after moving ill post photos.