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  1. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Elaborate? I'm completely unaware.
  2. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    oh is it? Haven't used it in a year. Guess that's telling in and of itself.
  3. Sacred 2 and Hamachi works! (confirmed)

    Seems tunngle is still the easiest and best option.
  4. Currently Watching...

    Yea they're trying. I use showbox. Its an ad driven app for Android. That's where I saw it.
  5. Currently Watching...

    Yea YouTube Red is the paid side of YouTube. I've never heard of them doing series until now. No idea what I've missed. But this show was excellently done all the way through.
  6. Currently Watching...

    I just binged a new show that was really good and it was from an unlikely source. It was actually filmed for YouTube Red. Its called IMPULSE. I don't want to give anything away so wherever you watch your shows see if you can find it. Season 1 was 10 episodes of 40-50 minute episodes. Totally worth the watch.
  7. Hal, I'm no expert at computers but my easy fix for playing sacred underworld in full screen with no issues, and I tell this to everyone, was to save an old HD/partition a new HD, with win XP32, solely for older games that are no longer updated. I also have the original cd's not steam or download. For whatever reason I never had any issue with neither of the sacred games or their expansions like other people do. Unless thats not probable or viable for you. Just my experience.
  8. Omg it was so good lmao. I can't imagine a better fit than Ryan Reynolds for Deadpool. Some of it was a little slow paced for me but over all I loved it. I can't say much I don't wanna be a spoil sport. I loved the end and very happy with the mid and post credit additions.
  9. I'm more of a Deadpool 2 guy, myself lol. I loved it. So funny. And what a lead up for the next movie. Never was a huge star wars fan though. I liked the originals but not like real fans do.
  10. Nope. Had to come home after work today when it was 80 outside and tomorrow is going to friggin rain. Holy Hannah!
  11. Friday was kind enough to dry up in the afternoon so I was able to play ball from 530-730pm. But today and Sunday and Monday are supposed to rain still. And wth happened to spring?
  12. Me too. Especially since we've essentially skipped spring
  13. Now long island is due for rain all week through Saturday. I can't get a break.
  14. Rain all weekend. Couldn't ball and couldn't do yard work. Completely useless weekend. Back to work tomorrow
  15. Third garbage Saturday in a row. So disappointing.