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  1. Currently Watching...

    My gf and I only saw 1 & 2 so far. She gets up at 2am. It's ultra violent but so far it's pretty good.
  2. Currently Watching...

    More episodes are already in the works. It seems like it was a test run.
  3. Casual diablo 2 LOD walkthrough

    Diablo 2 is still supported by blizzard's battle.net, yes. They still reset the ladder every six months. There's less patching now after 17 years but it's almost bug free at this point. Its a dungeon crawler, arpg, just like sacred but the skills and attributes are a bit more simple. It's kind of a predecessor to path of exile. It's 3 Difficulties with 4-5 acts depending on whether you play classic or expansion.
  4. Since I have to wait to upgrade my potato computer in order to play the new path of exile expansion, I decided to do a little nostalgic gaming and do a d2x play through. If anyone is interested in joining, my acct is veracious just like here. It'd be cool to have some company. If you can't add my acct then my toon is VeraciousWind. I'm making a hurricane druid. GG
  5. Currently Watching...

    We just saw it... what a terrific movie... bravo!Definitely one of the best super hero movies I've ever seen... Love Gadot...she's fresh, humble, brave and strong I hadn't seen a single trailer since I'd heard this was going to be released, and got to see it in AVX today... what a wonderful, imaginative and exciting experience... Chris Pine from Star Trek in it too? Awesome ! gogo p.s.. just love it when she goes Full Goddess at the end ...outstanding Hahaha spoiler alert? But since you mentioned it already I nearly cried at her reaction to the plane exploding. I almost literally felt my heart break for her. I've never had that visceral reaction to a movie before. It was unexpected to get hit that hard. Gadot did a phenomenal acting job.
  6. Currently Watching...

    What a well done film. .. I loved it. My gf and her kids loved it to. One of my top 3 comic movies personally.
  7. I hear a lot of areas like yours also make it illegal to collect rain water. Is that true? Because that's ridiculous
  8. Looking forward to the 80° weather this weekend!
  9. We finally have hot weather here on long island. Almost eighty on Easter Sunday. Too bad the rest of the week looks to be crap
  10. I'm done with this weather and mother nature. It reaches 70 degrees and now we have a blizzard. This is garbage, dang.
  11. Mother nature is having serious mood swings. She's really starting to damage my calm.
  12. Sixty degrees today. Tomorrow? Aaaaaand back to snow!
  13. Hearing you and inner cheering on that climate change... but folks tell me we'll get bitten soon enough... is it wrong to hope that summer starts now? gogo I'm all for longer summer. I just know it's a bad sign lol.
  14. It's getting scary over here. 65°f in the beginning of February? Nooooo, climate change isn't real at all. Lol
  15. fifty shades series

    Lol that's funny. And I heard the second one was basically skinimax or softcore adult.