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    Sacred 3 Info

    Hello, Couple of points: The Facebook login icon covers the actual login button preventing me (and others I assume from logging in). Font Colour is defaulting to white, the 'create new account' fields and posting fields are white. Perhaps most importantly: I am absolutely shocked that this was not posted anywhere on here: Here's some actual Scared 3 stuff: Release date is "2014" There's 5 "screen shots" (though I doubt they are true screen shots). And a blurb: "For centuries Ancaria was a land of peace, but the sacred bond between its people and the Seraphim - guardians of the legendary "Heart of Ancaria" - had been forgotten. And so Lord Zane - ruler of the Ashen Empire - allied himself with Demons, striving to open the gates to the underworld. Bound together by the chains of this evil empire, a resistance of Heroes was forged. But who among them will be the one to triumph?" http://www.deepsilver.com/game-view/view/game/access16/sacred-3-2/ Enjoy and Merry Christmas.