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  1. StricklandA

    Best free Defragger?

    Smart Defrag is good. I've been using it for years now
  2. StricklandA

    What Phone Do You Have?

    I've bought Samsung Galaxy Mini after my Sony Xperia was stolen
  3. StricklandA

    Programs you cant "live" without

    uTorrent I think this one doesn'ty need any explanations :)And I use it not because I'm greedy but because sometimes it's the last resort when I'm trying to find certain software or media content.
  4. StricklandA

    Bacon Cake

    If you don't eat bacon with a bunch of ingredients which calorie content is only exceeded by their deliciouceness, you are wasting your bacon!
  5. Enter Shikari. These guys rock
  6. StricklandA

    Whats your favorite movies?

    The Matrix series! I've heard they are making The New Matrix. It's still a rumour though but 'm excited
  7. StricklandA

    In the hospital again.

    I feel for you man, hospitals suck. I used to spend a lot of time in hospitals and truly hated them