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  1. Depending on class, I used to play bronze to get some gear and then restart in silver and not even bother doing half the quests in first play through as you easily out level the areas if you do. If I was playing a Shadow Warrior I would just start in silver as I had about 20 mules and lots of spare equipment for that class. So many spare swords. But then I only played single player and never got past level 150ish without dying. One character only died as he was first into one of the CM areas when it was released and had no idea what hit him. It wasn't a glitch, was the boss. I had a backup copy of him but I knew he had died. Takes months to get to that level. Fun game, might reload it again. Just need to get it to run on 4k monitor and not be a tiny window.
  2. Having played a few times recently, the ghost cave is before the mines, you can generally find it before the first warp location in chapter 2., It is filled with ghosts only and has at least one purple and three regular bosses. As well as a shrine which always produces one boss. They don't last long against my current Sorcerer. I don't play HC but I still don't like dying, its a fail to me. Even though there is no survival bonus, I just know. I only play mixed classes, Soldier seems to lack attacks but then most are added to default, and its hard not to include soldier in a mix as his defensive skills are so handy for casters. Occultist is, like shaman, a pet class or a caster... though the similarities end with pets, the shaman can also be melee... I guess there is probably a build for a melee occultist mix somewhere. Its so hard not to include arcanist or soldier in a mix, their buffs are just so nice... Highest I got so far is level 48, Battlemage. Soon to be eclipsed by a warlock. Almost at 200 hours, but only had game two weeks How do you get empowered gear? (Nevermind, seems it just falls after a certain level)
  3. So that's what the smuggler does, I had to find a video to confirm it
  4. So I got this game... where is the stash? Maybe its not in first region? I am not sure what I am looking for, I assumed a chest of some kind? Not much info out there on this game yet.
  5. I will look at Grim Dawn, I have been busy doing a Diploma in Information & Library Services so haven't had a chance to look at many games at all the last 2 years. I think I bought about 5 all up. Once I got my new PC after 9 years using the last one, I had lots of games to try that I could finally run but I had missed a few it seems. TL2 on my pc now is very colourful. Sacred 2 looks about same, just bigger area around me. I thought about Path of exiles but never liked the way melee combat feels. Didn't even give D3 a thought... since I would need expansion on PC and have it already on PS4. PC: Intel I5 4690K Asus Z97 Pro Wifi AC 16gb Corsair DDR3 Asus Strix GTX 980 Samsung EVO 850 250gb SSD Seagate 2tb HDD Seasonic 760 watt Gold+ PSU Silverstone FT02 Black Fortress Midi Tower Samsung UHD 4k monitor I didn't think to try the mouse button, not since I got it running in windowed mode anyway, I tried to highlight it when cursor wasn't working but that was impossible. I wasn't sure if it might have been fixed with community patch as I hadn't installed that at time. Colif finds out who made Grim Dawn, buys it on Steam.. Titan Quest, I had forgotten that game.
  6. The link I used is http://xmas.ancaria.net/patches/cm-patch0150.zip Its off the wiki I just added an exception to the whitelist for the short amount of time I needed it and then removed it once file tfr was complete. I will scan folder with AV before installing it. I scanned folder with Malewarebytes and Bitdefender once it was downloaded so it was a false alarm after all. So I have a 4k monitor, and its a bummer. I would love to play Sacred 2 on it but half of me wants to see game look as good as it can be (I have a GTX 980 so I suspect I could play it at max at 1080p) but reducing the screen size also makes it a tiny box with a text size so small I can't read it since I have to play in windowed mode to get the mouse cursor to move. Other half of me thinks, I just play it in 4k with low details but that is just a bigger version of what I had before. Another fun thing is the box for screen size doesn't scroll and the 4k setting is now below the bottom of the screen. I might play with screen sizes and see if I can get it to reappear again. << Never mind, after installing CM patch the screen reset itself to 4k, I will just play at that setting. My current pc should run Sacred 2 in its sleep but the age of the game is throwing roadblocks at me. Off topic but I wish Unbended was out, there are just no good games like Sacred around any more.
  7. So I got Sacred 2 again on my brand new pc and after finding I need to work in windowed mode to get the actual cursor to move, I am now trying to get a link to the community patch that isn't blocked by my AV program. The link to Ancaria.net is blocked by Bitdefender, so I can't use wiki or the links shown in thread here. ... I would have it on my old pc but its too slow now for me to even contemplate starting, I am amazed that Sacred 2 actually has support for 4k... I don't think my pc can run it at that resolution though, might stick to 1440p. I now just want to play it again. Not going to try without patch though as I think characters were converted... Hi btw, hope you all having a great holiday season
  8. I don't like the swamp on my pyro HE, she got very thirsty due to the spitting spiders. On a SW however, its just a wet stage with no real dangers - life is easy living behind two buffs. If there were debuffing mobs there, it would be another story.
  9. That is a nice feature, now to get more than 1 part for each set.
  10. Yes that is about normal and since we talking here, I will link this as an example of him liking a game. However grudgingly. I like the style of his videos too, not overly animated.
  11. I looked, my 3 buff SW never got past level 28. Considering every other type I have is over 100 before I decided something needed changing, its a big gap. My current SW is so heavily defended he can stand in fights and not notice unless its a boss. He lacks attack strength though, what you get relying on 1 CA for damage. I should continue playing him but I decided to look at other classes and see if any of them were more fun. I guess I never got far with the magic user type SW either. Probably more viable now with the extra sets, the first three in game were rather limited. Each matched a theme but none really matched hybrid builds. Without bargaining as an option, SW have to rely on drops and without 19 or so other characters with gear stored away, its hard to get the right set for the build you are playing. So I think my 3 buff guy mostly got stuff that matched the other two lores. I generally just sell any Astral Lord gear I find now, so remaking one would be interesting. I just don't think the build is right. Maybe I should retry another Astral Lord but without 3 focus skills, just getting concentration to 75 instead and getting them that way. Apart from a ranged SW, Unarmed is the only SW I never tried but I can see how build works, I assume you swapped in shield lore in place of a weapon lore. Shame all the fist weapons use sword lore or I would have gone for them too
  12. Judging by the table on wiki, about 89 is right time to stop Lore as the increase starts to reduce around there. So since I have extra levels anyway from gear, I will probably stop it at 75. Not sure about focus as Incandescent skin is only buff I need to worry about number of runes read in, and I am not even near the max level I can use yet. So migth stop them both on 75 and start to work on the others. Thanks for your help
  13. How do you get a 5 part bonus on this set since you can only have 3 equipped at one time? Does game still count them as equipped even if the slot the item is in isn't currently equipped? I guess I could test it, I have a few parts of these around. If true, I didn't know it was how the game dealt with set parts...
  14. its about surviving more than dps at moment. I haven't died but she sure hates those scorpions in the desert, and the spitting spiders in swamp didn't help much. Resistances are a problem I guess, I never have to deal with them on SW as he hides behind his buffs more. HE buffs add damage, not much defence (but I can understand why). It is too late for me to change anything in build besides the last choice. I wouldn't have pumped 140 into the focus without confirmation its a good idea. Lore I can see being helpful as its more damage. I have gotten to level 141 on SW before so I sort of know what I am doing. It is why I asked here really, as there was no clear sign what to do besides try to get three skills to 75 by 75 (not going to happen, I am not as regimented with my skill application as some, bargaining got more than stamina got before 50. I had been adding to concentration too, along the way. She is fragile but she kills things without trying. My SW wouldn't mind that ability.
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