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  1. Rune Stacking - Yes or No?

    It would be a nice feature. The problem with different runes up- or downgrading only appears when u change the difficulty AND u want to forge runes into your weapons/armor. So its really REALLY circumstantial. And u could always upgrade runes anyway at the rune guy. Ofc it would cost some gold, but gold isnt really a recource that matters in sacred. The only time it matters, is when u create a new char and need a mount. I also dont think, that many people forge runes, most will just increase the CA directly. And higher tier runes give the same +1 to the CA as lower runes do. So there should really be no problem. The change would reduce micromanagement and save time.
  2. oh yeah, sacred is back again thanks for keeping it alive and continuing the work I´m gonna head over to mantis and help out, when I have the time.
  3. havent been here for a while, but now I had a really good lough with all the new pictures and comments. oh I just love your comments hooyaah! keep it up!
  4. Totem Only - Voodoo Build

    did u guys try the new Glaurungs Head? I wonder how good that one is...
  5. The CM Patch removed the "extra" bosses in the jungle area
  6. Shadow Step "Vanish" modifier

    "et_invisible" of 100 = 100% is definetly wrong. I didnt test it with the high elve yet, but I played with Daniat yesterday night and we did a guardian run. And the guardians saw, fallowed and attacked my SW (stealth valiue <400), which doesnt happen when I kill them alone. This means, that "et_invisible" doesnt calculate the chance of beeing decloaked alone. "et_invisible" is compared to one (or more) stats of the opponent. And its one of the stats, that increases, when more players join the server. This is kind of a breakthrough in my opinion. Now we can narrow the calculation down to only a few things (hopefully). Unfortunately I only know of a few stats that increase that way: HP, energy shield, damage, attack value, def value?, armor and XP per kill. Looking at the balance.txt "intensity" is also modified, if I understand that correctly. Does that mean "spell intensity"? So maybe "et_invisible" is compared to spell intensity. This could then also be modified by EP. Something like this could be the result: A cloaked char becomes visible to the enemy if "et_invisible" * aspect lore bonus < enemy spell intensity * chance to detect (from EP) But its just a theory again
  7. Shadow Step "Vanish" modifier

    Thank you Mibbs. @Flix: okay so the numbers for invisibility are also really small here. Do you think "et_invisible" of 100 = 100% might be correct? I think I´m gonna test it with a high elve when I have the time. U can do the same with the assassin.
  8. Hi y'all

    Hey B*, if you´re interested in playing multiplayer, I can help u to set up tunngle, if there are any problems. would be nice to play with another german player again. small talk gets so much easier
  9. Shadow Step "Vanish" modifier

    So I went on testing with a lower Shadow Warrior (level 34-40) At 34 he had a stealth value of 390. So its definetly not a % value (with 1000=100%), because I didnt get decloaked the whole time. I tested my range theory and got as close to the opponents as I could. Even the bosses (all campaign bosses and a few mini bosses starting with holos and then finishing the campaign) didnt see me. I think this disproves my theory. Too bad, because enhanced perception could have been implemented into this theory easily. I thought of 1000-(Stealth*(1-Detection Chance from EP)). What did u mean with "it went out of the window with I&B"? And how high did u set the stealth value in the diablo mod?
  10. Shopping Strategy?

    hi tasharil. I´m also just getting started playing a shopper again. I had one a few years back, but dont remember much of it. I read through some forums though and since gogo is was really active there, I´ll pass this one to him Daniat should also be able to help u, he´s the one, who convinced me to play shoppers again I´m very interested in what they (or others) have to say
  11. Shadow Step "Vanish" modifier

    The "et_invisible" value is called "Stealth" in the Shadow Veil tooltip. It is also modified by Astral Lord Lore (WIKI says so, but I also checked it myself). I also have a level 72 SW and he only has a stealth value of 957. Which would be 95.7%, if your assumption is correct. Despite it beeing under 100% I have never been revealed. And the value must have been much lower, when I started to play with Shadow Veil somewhere around level 30. So I´m not sure about %-values. If range is also a factor in this, maybe it is some kind of range indicator? I have no idea how range is measured in the game, but it might be something like this: usually enemies see u from 1000 range. with "et_invisible" the range decreases. in my example it would be 1000-957=43. so they would see me from 43 range. but its just an idea Also: how does Enhanced Perception influence this?
  12. Shadow Step "Vanish" modifier

    oh I totally overlooked "et_evade_detection". I thought the "et_invisible" modifier was the chance to stay undetected when using CAs. as it seems I got to the right conclusion with the wrong argumentation. btw. I have a level 156 SW with Shadow Veil (Avoidance - Fade - Sinister Pact) and I didnt get revealed once (even fighting level 180 niob guardians). I only have 25 runes in it (for 100% "evade_detection". So u really dont need to enhance the "et_invisible" modifier, which u could with the bronze mod "Creep". Also I dont think u meant "this latter property", because enemies wont see and attack u, if u have "et_evade_detection" at 100%. and if u have it below 100% the cloaking effect does break. So do u refer to "et_invisible" with your statement? If so, it would answer my question, which influence the differetent numbers on the different CAs have: Cascading Shroud: entry7 = {"et_invisible", 10, 5, 4, 41 }, Shadow Step: entry6 = {"et_invisible", 990, 10, 3, 41 }, Shadow Veil: entry1 = {"et_invisible", 25, 10, 0, 41 }, entry2 = {"et_invisible", 25, 10, 1, 41 }, So do u think, that u need a high value of "et_invisible", so nobody can see you, or are the numbers doing something else and the invisibility is always granted?
  13. http://www.sacredwiki.org/index.php/Sacred_2:Shadow_Step Hey guys, taking a closer look at the high elve and her combat arts, I came across the Vanish modifier on Shadow Step, which makes her invisible. I also looked at Cascading Shroud with the Inconspicuous mod, which can do the same. BUT: Cascading Shroud decreases the CHANCE to be detected, while Shadow Step scales with TIME. At least the WIKI says so. I was curious and looked it up in the spells.txt. Both spells use the same modifier: "et_invisible" So one of the WIKI pages has to be wrong, right? Shadow Veil from the SW uses the same modifier. And its definetly the CHANCE to stay undetected while using CAs, which increases per CA level, there. So the same should apply to Shadow Step. entry6 = {"et_invisible", 990, 10, 3, 41 }, means, that the HE is 100% (99% + 1% per CA level) invisible after using Shadow Step. The actual duration should then be entry1 = {"et_duration_sec", 400, 2, 0, 8 }, I did a quick test, but its really hard to tell. What du u think?
  14. haha I just listened to that one few minutes ago!