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  1. So I've been running this cheesy Paladin build recently with damage mitigation Charge and Holy Fire + Conviction aura. However Carnach and his Fire Spirits won't get any damage from Holy Fire even though their armor and DM should be lowered by Conviction. Conviction runs at level 8 and Holy Fire at level 17 with 728 fire damage. Any idea why this is the case? Do they have 130%+ damage mitigation?
  2. Wow this guy I forgot how hard he can be. I restarted in D2 Fallen. So far I did not manage to create one character (of 3 so far) that was able to not be killed by him. I even prepared and farmed for set items and went only at level 25 to 30. Maybe I should focus more on damage than defense and don't give him a chance to hit me at all. Edit: Indeed a damage focused skill (socketed runes or blacksmith arts) + a mount to kite him helps alot.
  3. ameaeth

    Quest recommendation per region

    Thanks guys,
  4. Hi. Yesterday I started a new D2F Cursemancer and so far he's doing really good. I was hoping that I could get some quest recommendations with good chance of nice item rewards for Elf and Human territories from the Sacred 2 veterans here, like "Good Address" from this thread about Gar'Colosuss. Cheers
  5. Did I understand it correctly that according to Mibbs Damage Mitagation is calculated before everything else while according to wiki it is calculated after everything else?
  6. Thanks. So if I get all that right: 1. Hit calculation / Chance to evade 2. Block 3. Reflect 4. Armor/Resistance 5. Damage mitigation 6. E-Shield flat damage aborbtion/mitgation 7. E-Shield percentage damage application 8. Hit point remaining damage application Not sure if DM is being applied before E-Shield.
  7. Hi. In which order are damage, block, reflection, e-shield, mitigation, avoid etc. calculated to get to the actual damage value received? Particularly I'm interested at which point the damage mitigation introduced by E-Shield Lore is placed. Thanks in advance.
  8. ameaeth

    Skip start up screens

    Thanks desm works like a charm!
  9. Hi. I remember that there was some way to skip NVIDIA, Ascaron etc. start up screens for a faster start of the game. How can that be done again?
  10. ameaeth

    Installation of CmPatch with Steam?

    I watched a Sacred 2 twitch stream stream today. The steam version of Sacred 2 Gold was played and I recommended the community patch. After the installation the game crashed every time when it came to load the autoexec (one of the start screens with a small logo and all the text on it). Any idea what can be done to get it started normally with the patch? It's on win 8.
  11. I will try to figure out a way to play coop with my computer, notebook, maybe a vpn and my limited IT knowledge. ;)
  12. Hey gogo, a happy new year to you as well! So far no one showed interest in starting a coop campaign. Maybe the prerequisite to figure out a way to actually play coop nowadays is too big a hurdle. Cheers
  13. So if anyone is interested in tinkering with coop playing Sacred 2 with D2Fallen mod just give the word.
  14. I want to start a new multiplayer self-found campaign, ideally with D2 fallen mod. I haven't tested multiplayer with the mod yet though. Any experiences with that or interested to join me? - new characters - only self-found and bought gear - scheduled play time - start in Jan 2019 I'm based in Germany I.e. UTC +1. I've played multiplayer via Hamachi in March this year but not since then. In the thread here Evolve was mentioned but I havn't tried that one yet.
  15. Yeah it's a nice change and challenge to start from zero from time to time. Although I can understand all (me included) who spend hours upon hours on shopping, grinding and even trading for sets and uniques and want to use these fruits of hard labour to steamroll everything. :D