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  1. ameaeth

    About Sacred 2 Gold Maps.

    After death survival bonus is reset to 0 and you have to start accumulate it again. Survivalbonus increases couple of things, e.g. stats.
  2. ameaeth

    Advice on spell caster setups

    I fully agree with what has been said so far. Building on that, for a high elf hybrid build (spell CA + rph with weapons) using Magic Coup as Hybrid Damage Based Combat Art which has built in attack value based on CA level is an excellent CA. 1. With Target focus bronze mod you have a flat added chance to hit - very powerful 2. With Steal Mana silver mod you have percentage rph, I.e. if you master Combat Discipline (20% reduced reg time), stack 'chance to halve regeneration time' to 100% chance (50% reduced reg time) and bring Steal Mana to have at least 30% reg time stolen, you come to a total of 100% reduced reg time, I.e. instant regen of any CA regardless of regenartion time in higher levels (even if only one target is available). 3. Stray Damage gold mod to get mor reg during low level phase from multiple enemies Since you do not want to damage with Magic Coup and likely want to have a high level Grand Invigoration, you may take only Delphic Focus and bring it to a high skilllevel while skipping the lore.
  3. ameaeth

    Advice on spell caster setups

    Hi bassgun. For a pure caster you might not need Tactics and/or Weapon Lore skill since your damage comes from spell damage based CA's. This would free up two skill slots, e.g. for a general skill. If you require a specific item bonus unlocked by a Waepon Lore skill you can consider taking it. Besides that it is a solid single aspect caster setup from my perspective, just take armor earlier. Cheers
  4. Hi friends. From the Wiki: Pestilence - Increases the chance to transmit the poison plague to more enemies. Does the poison plague work like Dryad's Viperish Desease, I.e. non-resistable damage or is it regular poison DOT that is spreading? Cheers
  5. ameaeth

    Poison ivy : Up to date guide?

    Hi Narjnaar, I did not experience the effect the exploit had at its time however, I played around with VP Dryad and while it does not clear entire maps I found it still a very powerful CA. Going with VP as main dps CA from scratch though can be quite exhausting and had required quite some patience from me. ^^ That being said I'd guess the build of the guide should still work decently. An option might be to switch the two Tinwora's Curse to wearing Staff of the Blood Dryad, sacrificing one blacksmith slot and +all CA to free up two more skill slots and get Combat art range +X%.
  6. Hm that is indeed news, I played Sacred 2 via Hamachi in March this year.
  7. Hi Pavlo. o/ Did you and your coop partner(s) make sure that Hamachi network is at the top of the list? Win 10 Hamachi Guide
  8. ameaeth

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    Thanks Flix for the heads up. Is there a way to read CA parameters directly from Sacred 2 files so to avoid creating all classes and test all CA's? Edit: I'd offer to test CA's and post their parameters if reading from file takes too much effort. Edit2: This turns out rather difficult since level up already impacts the values. To get CA modifications Focus/Lore skills also change values. I'd need an editor to directly add CA modifications. Any recommendation?
  9. ameaeth

    Diablo 2 Fallen on SacredWiki

    Hi friends. I noticed some differences between CA parameter on D2S Fallen Wiki and tooltip information ingame, e.g. Necromancer's Corpse Explosion (Wiki: 5 meter radius + 0.4m per level, Game: ~2.8 meter radius +0.02m per level). Similar with Poison Nova. Tested with a level 10 Necro. Is this just the tooltip being wrong or is the information on the Wiki outdated? In the latter case would it be possible to have Combat Arts on D2S Fallen Wiki updated to their current parameters? Cheers
  10. Hi friends. I got an idea today an therefore a question for all knowledgeable in the field of IT. Would it be possible to have one or two server running with for example Hamachi and/or similar, functioning as a hub for all people interested in playing coop? Players would connect to that Hamachi server and could then see and join each other's games. Like that it would be centralized and more convenient to spontaneously play coop. Cheers.
  11. ameaeth

    Multiplayer or singleplayer?

    Perfect, since you're from Europe as well, timezone should be no issue.
  12. ameaeth

    Multiplayer or singleplayer?

    Hey Oni, I'm actually looking for someone to play multiplayer with, not hardcore though since I'm too inattentive sometimes. Would you also join a D2S modded game? Edit: I successfully played via Hamachi a short while ago Cheers
  13. ameaeth

    Sacred 2 - Auto Save [AHK]

    Hi everyone, after an inspiration hit me while I was working on a script for another game (Legends of Aria) I finally got the auto hot key 'Sacred 2 Auto Save' script to work. If anyone is still interested in this, you just need to have auto hotkey installed, copy & paste the code below into a newly created ahk script file and run it. Starting/stopping the auto save function works with page down key. Ctrl + Escape key exits the script. The script simulates pressing the default save key 'F7' every 5 minutes. If you want to change the repetition rate of auto-saves, change the large number 300000 (default, in miliseconds), I.e. every 60000 represents one minute on the timer. #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 #Persistent SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;----Sacred 2 Auto Save----; ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; ;1: start/stop auto save with page down key ;2: Ctrl + Escape key to exit the script ToggleS2AS := False PgDn:: ;page down key to start/stop IfWinActive, ahk_class Sacred2 Main { ToggleS2AS:= Not ToggleS2AS If ToggleS2AS SetTimer, S2autosave, 300000 ;300 seconds between saves Else SetTimer, S2autosave, Off Return } return S2autosave: IfWinActive, ahk_class Sacred2 Main { Send {F7 down}{F7 up} ;save default key } Return ^Esc::Exitapp ;Ctrl + Escape to exit script Cheers
  14. Hamachi works for multiplayer. Not too long ago I played with two very nice people from South Africa. One of the core actions to make it possible was to put Hamachi at the top of your network connections priority. I also set up router and firewall rules for Hamachi. Here is a link with some usueful steps one can take when setting it up: link
  15. ameaeth

    Sacred 2 - Auto Save [AHK]

    Hi friends. I hope this is the right place to post this. Since Sacred 2 is not the most stable of games for me espacially in multiplayer which to play I like best, I thought an auto-save feature would save me and my friends the possible trouble of lost main quest progress. So I tinkered a bit and created an AHK Script. However, at this point I have no Idea why the script won't recognize Sacred 2 running. (AHK complied script running as admin). #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. ; #Warn ; Enable warnings to assist with detecting common errors. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. #MaxThreadsPerHotkey 2 #Persistent ; Not really needed with this script, but included anyway. ToggleS2 := False $PgDn:: ToggleS2 := Not ToggleS2 If ToggleS2 SetTimer, S2Repeat, 2000 Else SetTimer, S2Repeat, Off Return S2Repeat: IfWinActive, AHK_CLASS Sacred2 Main { Send F7 } Return In essence I'm really just looking for some kind of auto-save so if anyone has a solution I'd be happy. Cheers