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  1. This sounds perfect and of course I'll wait for your notes patiently. I was sad that multiplayer wasn't really available anymore but if it works with a VPN maybe there is an option also to eventually have a Dark Matters community VPN for this purpose.
  2. Hi xrystal, do you by chance have a guide or similar that'd enable people to set up such VPN in order to play Sacred 2 coop? Or would any VPN guide from the web will do? Best regards, Martin
  3. That worked. Thanks so much Flix!
  4. Hey, I installed D2F on a new Sacred 2 installation. Afterwards the menu buttons were all blank. I experienced that before so I did what I did in the past and added to optionsCustom.txt locale = { language = "en_UK", speech = "en_UK", } However, that didn't work. In this thread I found an advise to replace the default global.res in the locale en_UK folder with D2F's global.res, which I did next. Still no change. Any ideas what else I can do to get the menu buttons back? Best regards
  5. Hi Is it possible to get Sacred 2 to save files at a custom location, rather than the OS drive?
  6. When I am running Holy Fire and Prayer the fire's smoke causes some flickering with the Prayer light. Would it be possible to remove the smoke effect from Holy Fire?
  7. Thanks Flix! Does that mean the VD plague poison will always affect all mobs directly hit by the thorns?
  8. Very nice build! And I love the explanation of mechanics in it. I am playiing kind of a similar build I call 'Cheezy Paladin' with Sublime Combat Focus added, going with Charge modded for Vigor+Resist+Resist for a very high damage mitigation. I noticed you did not list Armor Lore in your build. I'd be really interested for your perspective on Armor Lore and it's usefulness, when you need it and when it's okay to leave it.
  9. Hi, very good topic! Regarding this, it'd be really really convenient for character planning and min/maxing if we'd have this kind of information for all CA's values. I know this would be a huge project but with enought support of volunteers willing to take one or more skills to check, I believe we'd gather the data in no time. All we need is a standardized approach that everyone follows, I.e. same game version, CMP, etc. Edit: Mechanics question: Does Ancient Magic have an effect on physical damage of Spell Combat Arts?
  10. Very late follow up. Flix do you have the base chance for plague poison to be triggered and the increase per CA level available? Is that triggered with normal hits or only with critical hits?
  11. So I've been running this cheesy Paladin build recently with damage mitigation Charge and Holy Fire + Conviction aura. However Carnach and his Fire Spirits won't get any damage from Holy Fire even though their armor and DM should be lowered by Conviction. Conviction runs at level 8 and Holy Fire at level 17 with 728 fire damage. Any idea why this is the case? Do they have 130%+ damage mitigation?
  12. Wow this guy I forgot how hard he can be. I restarted in D2 Fallen. So far I did not manage to create one character (of 3 so far) that was able to not be killed by him. I even prepared and farmed for set items and went only at level 25 to 30. Maybe I should focus more on damage than defense and don't give him a chance to hit me at all. Edit: Indeed a damage focused skill (socketed runes or blacksmith arts) + a mount to kite him helps alot.
  13. Hi. Yesterday I started a new D2F Cursemancer and so far he's doing really good. I was hoping that I could get some quest recommendations with good chance of nice item rewards for Elf and Human territories from the Sacred 2 veterans here, like "Good Address" from this thread about Gar'Colosuss. Cheers
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