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  1. Hi YannicRoser and welcome to the DarkMatters forum. Indeed you have to create the character within the multiplayer area of the game menu. Else singleplayer character progress will not be saved. As an alternative to setting up a dedicated server for Sacred 2 on your own you could also use the newly instated open net. Here is a link to the post: link
  2. Personally I tried using downloaded items in the past, but that actually killed the joy of the game for me. In the end these kind of arpg's, aren't they for seeing your character slowly grow stronger, looking for the gear that you theorycrafted for and pondering on how to perfect your character? Well at least that's what gives me the most from an arpg and of course to have that in coop with like-minded people.
  3. I installed Sacred 2 from steam about a week ago and installed CMP160 directly after and it runs smoothly. The only thing I did was restarting after each step and starting Sacred 2 once before installing CMP. Is anything not working?
  4. I see, I found another % reduction reference remaining in Jolting Touch "Recharges combat arts: 5.0% (Regen per hit effect)"
  5. I see, so walking speed is the slowest it gets. I was trying to see them crawling haha
  6. Hi chattius, thanks for researching and finding this. Did you by chance test if there are any bad side effects on current versions.
  7. Hi, I'm currently playing around with Frost Flare and I did not notice a stacking movement speed debuff. Rather the duration is renewed it seems. Wiki pros section says "Reduction in movement speed increases with consecutive casts on the same enemy". Can someone confirm or change the wiki entry?
  8. Hi, is there a separate, I.e. detached from other mods, superspawn that can be used without concerns with vanilla and CMP versions of Sacred 2?
  9. Thanks Flix! Another thing I noticed is a change in the sacred 2 wiki for Magic Coup - Steal Mana and Jolting Touch - Voltage. If I remember correctly those two before got 5% + 0.x% per CA level rph or something like that. Was there a change made to these CA's mechanics?
  10. Another short question, is 'execution speed' from aspect lore skills the same as cast/attack speed (depending on weapons or spell based)?
  11. Borderless window would be really nice. I tried the tool bhav posted as well but the cursor positioning is quite inconvenient. Did anyone find an alternative that keeps the cursor positioning/accuracy?
  12. Hi, Quick question, does Ancient Magic have an effect on physical damage of Spell Combat Arts?
  13. Hi, is there a way to get the community patch to also install en_UK files instead of de_DE, after his has been done?
  14. Hi @xrystal , @NegativeOne , @cocomed and everyone else. I'm speechless and completely amazed of all the the phenomenal work and dedication that is being shown since this topic started! And I'm really exited to start testing the online servers. Since I relocated to the Philippines half a year ago I have to check though how the latency is. Thanks so much everyone! Edit: I tested the servers yesterday and it worked flawless. Played in coop with a character named 'Lady Dank' and saw a few more playing on other servers. So good to have it back. Even latency logging in from Philippines didn't seem too bad, just had to hit the health pot button a little earlier sometimes.
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