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  1. Hello all

    Thanks everyone, very appreciated
  2. Hello all

    Just wanted to pop in, and say hello to everyone since I'm new to this forum, and the Sacred franchise. I can tell this forum is a good one, seems laid back with lots of helpful, respectful folks. So, thanks for having me along
  3. Ah, thanks again for the heads-up Flix! Those items look interesting & fun, so I gave the Community Items Mod a download. I think I'll run with that and the CM patch from my first playthrough, much appreciated. Oh, since I'm here, are there any other optional files that any of you guys recommend before I start my first game, by chance? The Steam forums seem sort of discombobulated for this game comparatively, heh. (edited for grammar, for better or worse)
  4. Ahh. Thank you for taking the time to clear that up for me. It seems I was just making it harder than it really was then. I appreciate your time, and answer very much
  5. So, I'm new to Sacred as a franchise in general. Being in the U.S. I overlooked them I suppose... Until I saw Fallen Angel on a more obscure gaming DL service--I HAD to have it. Anyways after waiting for Blood & Ice to become available in the U.S.--I have it! So I'm new here, and a Sacred 2 noob. So my question follows: I am seeing these great-looking armor sets, and other items on the Wiki along with DL links (awesome btw!) what I wonder is this; If I have the CM patch installed, what am I going to miss with regards to those awesome-looking armor sets/items I see on the Wiki? ie. which ones are NOT added by the CM patch? I thought I saw where *some* of those sets are listed as CM required, but some did not seem to say one way or another.[s2wiki][/s2wiki].. I just want to confirm I must separately DL those then, no? Also, I was reading the description for one of those sets after clicking the DL link. At the bottom of the description, it gives instructions to backup my chest file, install the one from my chosen set, login to my game, and that set will be in what I assume is my storage chest? Does this mean they do not drop random in-game? Sorry for the long-winded, and noobish 1st post, but I just didn't want to comb through all those DL for those awesome items and armors if not necessary! Thanks everyone in advance for your time!