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  1. So...Is Unbended still being made?

    young padavan....and Döner
  2. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    No, sorry it's not translated to German yet. I would need a volunteer to translate the mod. There are MANY changes to the text so it would require a lot of time and effort. , the mod is not complete yet, only in Beta status, so the text is not finalized. When the mod is mostly complete I will send out a call for translators.
  3. So...Is Unbended still being made?

    Unbended is still in work we´re working hard on some different things...more in 2015...
  4. Unbended forums - No confirmation email

    Hi Lujate, we've found you on the Unbended forum and actived your account by hand now. Sorry for the inconvenience. I've no idea what happened to the emails you've send and the activation email, but we'll certainly investigate the matter. For you, everything should now work fine. You can simply log in and have fun Greetings Frank
  5. New International Community Manager for Unbended!

    The cookie Girl cookie
  6. UnBended IRC Channel - Get your chat fix live!

    IRC is cool... and yes we´re speak English
  7. UnBended FAQ Update - August 11th 2014!

    mid/end of August
  8. New UnBended Forum is here! August 14th

    YES! The new Forum is international English/French (planned)/German
  9. Yes, they don't stack. I don't know if the developers will send you more than one key for multiple donations, so your best bet for now is to just use a different PayPal ID to make the second donation. Keep in mind that that email will be where the key will be sent. Of course I'm not on the dev team, and I could be wrong I send this Question to Franz Stradal.
  10. Unbended? Check. Subreddit? Check.

    pretty cool, start a commericial post on https://www.facebook.com/unbended. Thanks Ryan!
  11. My wife Antje mak all translation, but not on the map, thats Franz Carolyn read proof on all articles (not on the map)
  12. UnBended - The Crystal Mage

    Gambler, blademaster still have bigger images. Crystal Mage next week(s) with new update on website.
  13. UnBended - The Crystal Mage

    Bigger Images in work
  14. I understand the potential confusion, but I generally use whatever game I'm currently playing through at the time so I have visuals to talk over. I showed Dark Souls because of how accessible weapon usage ties into Unbended's crafting themes, and Kingdoms of Amalur because of the crafting exploration mechanic. I haven't gotten any feedback telling me that people were confused by the direction of the game but I will certainly take note of that for future videos. Just like you said Silver, it's hard to keep coming out with Unbended related videos when there's no physical substance coming out from the Crowd-Funding yet. Some more concept art pieces or in-engine screenshots would generate a lot of excitement for us Of course! Next character in august, new story august too I´m working on a dokuwiki because we´re had now over 100 FAQ answer and questions
  15. Howdy frends new updated FAQ (Eng) in next 1-2 days. carolyn read first proof. Thank´s for 11K € mark. you´re all so fu.... great! we´ll be switching to a new forum software with in the next few days I need still an Logo from darkmetters for Frending on unbended