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  1. Hello all. Drinks are on me. Not much to really report from my camp. I had to get a lift into work with my dad today because we got pretty heavy snow and I didn't want to rely on busses in that weather. The manager gets back from holiday tomorrow, so the mood in the shop will likely drop a bit. He's not most popular there it seems. Something about creating more work than he does. Sales are above target as it is anyway, we don't need him Plus a big delivery of anything up to 40 boxes to deal with wont be fun. Still, it'll be nice to have money come the end of the month. It might be minimum
  2. Just got back from staying with the girlfriend for a week. Sucks not being with her anymore I'm trying to set myself up with a job near her in England for a bit then, all going to plan, in a little under a year we'll both be back in Edinburgh. Me back to uni, and her off to art college. She already has the entrance requirements, so I think she'll mostly be building up her portfolio over the next year. Picked up a bottle of Laphroig quarter cask at the airport today. Good stuff.
  3. One more resit today, then I'm off on holiday for a few weeks. Drinks on me while I'm gone. Don't miss me too much
  4. Gogo, I hear "life" is supposed to be quite good, but I'm not sure I have the system requirements Locutus, yeah that was pretty much when I got cracking. I had a list of traders to thank when I posted my goodbye hit, but if I started dropping names of people who have helped me in one way or another I'd have never finished the post (and invariably annoyed someone I missed ) And yeah, this is the end for TLA too. The alliance can't soldier on without its members.
  5. http://board.ogame.org/thread.php?threadid=454587
  6. Anyone? If it helps sway anyone, there's a nice HOF waiting to happen 2 systems away. I just don't have the time to observe. Online times easy to figure out because he's on the buddy list, despite me launching at him and probing him a few times
  7. In a week's time I'll be off for a couple of exam resits/going to see girlfriend/old flatmate flying over/holiday with friends, so I'll be away for about a month. Last time I was in VM that long my account dropped around 150 ranks. Inconvenient. I'm wanting someone who I can trust to fleetsave competently to take over while I'm gone this time. Doesn't matter if no one's able to use the fleet, just so long as it's kept safe and the mines are kept running. The mines alone are good enough to sustain a decent rate of growth. No moon, and a couple of players have me under phalanx, so you're restric
  8. For the first time in a long time, I laughed so hard at a forum thread I was actually fighting back tears. Naturally it got locked 54 minutes of lulz. Here is the carcass, if anyone wants a laugh.
  9. I'm with Anestty on this one. Looks like Cam just screwed up. The only thing to make me really think different was the "noob came back" comment, but that could easily be explained simply by Cam falling into a ninja trap, which should be damn near impossible with the current activity system. I preferred when I could refresh my overview without letting everyone know I'm online. Luckily Gamestats likes to ignore the existence of one of my planets in uni 36, so I use that for staying hidden there.
  10. I don't know. If you look at the top fleets, they're (almost) all in the same alliances. It's damn near impossible for smaller players to get in on the action. Hell, 2 straight months of building probes only got me up to fleet rank 35. There's just nothing to keep the smaller players interested in uni 9 anymore. Short of PAWNZ, PurpleD, Others, and maybe MOB getting into a big war, I really don't see anything of interest happening in uni 9 again.
  11. 102 RIPs is pretty damn impressive. Anyway, I'm done with uni 9 so that gives me less to talk about. I've just been lazy getting out of VM and doing the goodbye hit. I know Yaga is fleeting in uni 36, but that section here isn't too active. I could talk about my perpetual bad luck with moonshots, but I don't really see what that would achieve
  12. Half Man Half Biscuit - National FECAL MATTER!e Day I try to put everything into perspective, Set it against the scale of human suffering. And I thought of the Mugabe government, And the children of the Calcutta railways. This works for a while, But then I encounter Primark FM. Overhead a rainbow appears. In black and white. FECAL MATTER!e Day. I guess this must be National FECAL MATTER!e Day. This surely must be National FECAL MATTER!e Day? Don’t tell me, it’s National FECAL MATTER!e Day!
  13. Gimme something strong. I'm so shattered, being awake just isn't fun anymore. Not that it tends to be much fun anyway. So much to do, so little time.

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