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  1. Buenas one question

    Anyone would be so kind as to answer me questions from the main post? PLEASE -.- temple guardian and that stats need strength, intelligence or that I put all full? what are your top 3 spells / skills?
  2. Buenas one question

    Not only does it support simply wanted to download to try and if I like I buy it obviously
  3. Buenas one question

    Please can you help me? 'm noob ... and this community is very good and has some very good players answer if you do not know all Please
  4. Buenas one question

    Buy no, I want to first download it from internet then try if I like maybe if the purchase
  5. Buenas help me please

    No entiendo lo que quieres decir vida sanguijuela al robo? absorción? or the ability to mount?
  6. Buenas one question

    Where do I add I can download Sacred 2 expansion (with dragon mage) to pc?
  7. Buenas help me please

    Thanks again, when I do not go shooting these Xbox orange lines: ( and indeed to serve trophies and scrolls? xDD
  8. Good I have a few questions if a game expert could help me, I'll start with them Is it better Canuto / Cervatana or bow for dryad? Are there places / quests or NPCs (mobs) that dropeen (throw) green items or legendary? What is the class of all which is stronger? What is the skill or magic classes ALL THAT HAS MORE DAMAGE? What are the top 2 Skills / Magics best attack dryad for PVM? Any quest with good rewards? Are there tricks / chetas for Sacred 2 Xbox360? and last but very important or CLASS What should me more to make FULL Critical? appreciate if I answered in Spanish thanks regards, Kumbaya.
  9. Buenas help me please

    Okay thank you very much then in sacred 2 xbox360 could not throw as many arrows as throws that man in the video?
  10. Buenas help me please

    my god, thank you thank you very much but I'm afraid I can not use this ability as a sacred 2 game xbox360, and does not sound like or know anything about'' Lore'' Could anyone tell me which is Lore? thanks before hand and forgive my Spanish
  11. Buenas help me please

    Buenas my from is Spain Quisiera saber en este vídeo que Skill / Habilidad usa el personaje de este vídeo en el minuto 3:41 / 3:42 ¿Que Skill o Habilidad es? gracias de ante mano.