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    Indy's anime thread

    Well, I was trying to pester gogo on MSN with some youtube videos mostly related to anime, but he was too busy and he just kept refusing to watch them. So I told him that I'm going to pester the forum instead and he said ok. First of all I'm going to start with the definition of what animes are. Most people would just say that animes are japanese cartoons, but in fact the term is much more than that. And since I might not be able to provide an exact definition by my own I'm going to post something from an anime-related wiki page: Now that we got that sorted out it's time to say what exactly this thread is about. What I am going to do in this thread is post from time to time information about some of the animes I watched, providing for each anime a few words of my own, a link to wikipedia and a link (or more) to a youtube video of it. (usually an opening or ending, or if not an animated music video of it. I wont be posting any download links for full episodes) So that's what I'm going to do, now moving on to what everyone else can do. Well you can discuss about animes you've seen as well, or about the animes that have already been mentioned here and you would like to find more about them. If you have doubts about this then feel free to send me a pm about it and I'll do my best to provide the answer you are looking for. Now moving on to the next topic, why am I doing this you might ask? Basically because I like animes and because I usually like to share information about what I like with other people. Also if you're wondering so far I've watched more than 150 animes totaling up to over 5000 episodes. Before you say "woah! freak!" , I'll just add that in fact more than 60% of those I actually watched as a kid on tv, without knowing back then that those were in fact animes and not just regular cartoons. Eventually, as I'll start posting information about older animes, you'll probably realised that you've watched more animes than you thought you did in the first place. As a final note I don't know how often I will be updating this in terms of adding new animes but the first ones should come in fast in order to provide a starting point. Dictionary: AMV - Anime music video, a music video containing images from one or more animes. While there are some official AMVs, most of them are actually fan-made. Manga - Japanese-style comics, basically a comic made in Japan. Mecha - Walking human-piloted robotic vehicles, usually built in a human-like shape, only bigger OVA - Original video animation. OVAs are animes not released on TV or at the cinema, but instead directly to video, such as on DVDs. The majority of OVAs have multiple episodes, though there are some made of a single episode. One of the main characteristics of OVAs is higher budgets than TV series. . Anime list: Aa! Megami-Sama! (Oh! My Goddess!) OVA Basilisk: Kouga Ninpou Chou Bleach Ergo Proxy Full Metal Panic! Hyper Future Vision: GUNNM (Battle Angel Alita) Koukaku Kidoutai (Ghost in the Shell) Mononoke Hime (Princess Mononoke) Noir Samurai Champloo . Post history: v1.0 - 22.03.2007 - post created v1.1 - 27.03.2007 - added dictionary and anime list
  2. Just as the topic name says, it's time to show everyone how your desktop looks like. ^_^ So here's mine.
  3. Indy13

    Do you play your games windowed, or non-windowed?

    Definetly windowed, that way I can play on one monitor and chat on the other.
  4. Indy13

    Requiem In-game names

    I hate gogo soooo much.... ;_; Character name: Youko Class: Rogue once I hit level 10 tomorrow.
  5. Time for some older stuff.
  6. Well to be honest I've always been more of a D2 fan than a Sacred fan and as long as the game is just as good as D2 was I'll be happy. I guess that somehow the thougth of having the same feeling as the old version appeals me more than having a completely different game. As such hopefully they wont bring in elements from WoW (which is a really bad game IMO) and keep it just like it was. Eitherway I'm still looking forward to Sacred 2 as well and will play them both. Also surely I can't be the only one that reinstalled D2 as soon as he heard the news, now can I?
  7. Happy birthday Claire! Hope you have a wonderful time.
  8. Indy13

    Llama v3

    And thus the llama population grows once more Congratulations mate, those are big news indeed. And I know it's kinda early, but have you started to think about a name for the little rascal?
  9. Aww, sorry to see that it didn't end quite as you planned it, but in the end all your past actions against his account makes you overall the clear winner of this fight. Enjoy your newly gained free time in RL and continue putting as much effort into everything you do. Respect to a great man.
  10. Hmm, it seems I haven't posted in either of the too threads, though I know I was certain I posted this before, guess it was on the SIF. When I was a kid I really liked the Indiana Jones movies and games. And so one day 8 years ago (I was 13 back then, though that's just a coincidence) I was creating my first e-mail account and somehow ended with dr_indy13, dr_indy being Indiana Jones related and 13 being my lucky number. As time passed by interest in Indiana Jones began to wane and the nick kinda lost it's meaning eventually, at which point I dropped the dr_ part. Now whenever Indy13 is taken, or if I feel like it, I use DarkIndy13 as well as an alternative.
  11. I won't be playing anymore. Not yet 100% sure of what will happen with the account.
  12. My fleet: 45.000 LF 16.071 HF 5.625 CR 3.000 BS 1.098 DEST 1.452 BCR 1.552 BMB 10 RIP 1.500 REC 3.200 SC ~1.350 LC ~250 ESP I'll gladly help with this as I was planning on destroying my fleet anyway. However sadly my fleet composition isnt' that effective against spanky's type, it's more suited against fleets with more big ships and less fodder.
  13. Should have posted earlier, but again I've been busy (eeek! exams ). What can I say, I'm somewhat surprised that you made this thread, while in a different way I was sure you'll make it eventually. I know you've never been an aggressive type of player, nor did you want to play for countless hours a day. Yet you wished to keep playing for everyone else's sake, so in a way I kinda expected you to stop playing when everyone else decides to do so. But oh well, it's been fun, however 2.5 years is kinda too much time spent on a single game, isn't it? I do agree that those that don't really wish to play as much as they did in the past should move on (which is what I've decided to do) as in the end they'll find more satisfaction that way as they can focus on something else. As for those that continue to play ogame they should know we aren't abandoning them, it's just that we won't be able to support them ingame anymore yet we will continue to do so wholeheartly on the forums.
  14. Well, I know I've been absent lately and it's time to explain why. At first I was somewhat busy with university stuff, but after that I went on vacation to Rome. Two lovely weeks in the eternal city which were really nice. Now I'm back and I should get somewhat active again, though I still have uni stuff (read exams ). And guess it would be nice of me to share some of my pictures from my vacation, so here are some of them. I might upload more, but picking the nicest ones out of 2000+ pictures is really tedious work so this bunch will have to do for now. (also as I was writing this post some pics were still uploading so you might want to refresh later on if you opened the page right away). Clicky here to receive pics P.s.: happy now, pantless french maid guy? >_<
  15. On the 5th of November 2007 Ascaron announced another great step forward for Sacred 2 by announcing their collaboration with one of the leading power metal bands, Blind Guardian. The band will contribute to the game's soundtrack and will record a song to be released as a single the next year. The single will have its own videoclip featuring sequences from the game itself and the game will contain an unlockable video bonus of the band performing the song live. So that being said, metalheads and non-metalheads alike are sure to be blown away by the music that Ascaron and Blind Guardian have in store for us, so look forward to it. Full article can be found here.
  16. I'm going to delete one of my planets today (which I've been planning to move for quite some time) so I'm going to drop a couple of points (~80k, luckily I haven't developed it that much). Just so you know that the drop isn't because of me getting hit.
  17. I'm lazy too! that's why it took me almost a year to move one planet. >_<
  18. *cough*thread resurrection*cough* I miss stage6. better quality video here (if you click "Watch this video in higher quality.") but screwed aspect ratio. >_>
  19. Well my planets' locations at the moment are kinda blergh. >_< (no one to blame but myself there for positioning them like that when the game started, lol) So I've been planning for a very long time, as in from when I got the account back, and procrastinating for the same amount of time about moving them. So far I only plan on moving two planets (this one and another) but I might end up moving almost all of them in order to get planets and moons in all the galaxies (except 9). The new planet has 232 fields which is more than enough for me considering that I haven't used more than 200 fields on any of my planets so far and as I'm not the miner type like llama it's unlikely that I ever will. Going to ask for moonshots pretty soon, after I pump up the mines on this planet to decent levels.
  20. Indy13

    Google now a part of SacredWiki

    Hoorah for google technology! Well, lets face it, the wiki search is just... urghs... there are no nice words to say it, so lets just say it sucks, big time. I mean come on, usually if you don't search for the exact title of the page you are looking for then the odds of finding what you want are rather slim. There are even times when even if you enter the exact title in the search box, you will still receive a list of suggestion, with the exact page NOT being the first in the list >_<. Oh, and god forbid that you actually dare to make a typo. Wiki can't handle typos. Suggest a better search word? In wiki search? Never! Enjoy your never-ending search. [/rant] Google search on the other hand can find what you're looking for with excellent precission, I know I always use google when I want to search for stuff on wikipedia, or even other wikis. So once again, yay for a MAJOR improvement to the SacredWiki.
  21. Indy13

    Sacred Damage/Regen Tables

    Looking at this thread and seeing how much this project has progressed in so little time... What can I say, you guys are doing an outstanding job at this! I really like how the tables look and I'm looking forward to seeing this project done. Keep up the good work guys!
  22. So what happened to omgstuff? I noticed today that his account is now inactive, yet not in v-mode.
  23. Welcome back Crunchie. Nice to have you back with us in uni 9.
  24. Finally! Gratz there Ike! Knew you'd pull it off in the end. So what do you have in store for us next?