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  1. If you follow the lake's shore clock-wise, to the south of the isle, you can also just jump there with everyone else, except Dwarf I think
  2. I bought Wolcen a few days ago and sank almost the whole weekend into it, minus some breaks for sleep and such nonsense. Granted, I'm only 40-something levels in, and seemingly reaching the end of Act III, not yet knowing what the endgame will entail... but it's been a blast so far. I just took the biggest swords they drop, clad in bruiser and heavy armor, because it sounds like what a proper warrior would prefer... now I'm jumping and dashing around, dropping the giant magic hammer, thrashing them with huge magic chains and shout a lot, to make them scared and make me stronkh! If the skill wheel fulfills what its huge selection implicitly promises, while endgame gear allows you to push things like Sacred did, I think there's potential for countless builds. Well I'm stoked to play more Wolcen, it's a lot of fun so far. Oooh besides; it runs at twice the frame rate as Sacred on my machine, almost 30, while looking absolutely gorgeous... Hellooooo future!
  3. It's possible you ran into the ancient HC-SC conversion bug. When your HC char dies, but gets back some health via lifeleech by whatever means, it will convert to a Softcore character upon reload, probably because the game can't make sense of a living but dead HC character Could be something entirely different though, I don't know/remember the state of the char's survival bonus in that situation. Maybe check the map, if it still says Hardcore, and your logbook, if it counted any deaths? Would be interesting to know
  4. test what? How can I help you, gogo? Did you check your damage types? Are your reg times within reason? Remember to make the Lv1 combo with Soaring Demon. etc. etc. Speak to me, don't be shy. Kidding aside, is anything wrong?
  5. About runes read: Don't worry about the current state, a handful of runes won't ruin anything. I mainly mentioned it because I'm always thinking towards endgame, meaning level 140 minimum... guess old habits die hard And to be honest, I haven't touched or even finished the campaign mode. Ever. Briefly started it when I first got the game in 2005 or 2006, I vaguely remember having to go to some Cave in Zhurag-Nar, and that was it. I lived on the Hardcore servers, and even today only play LAN (the free-fore-all mode), because once you get used to storage chars, having the nice items ready, moving items back and forth etc., you'll have a hard time going back to fully self-sufficient characters So, other than something like "Do what you must, within what you deem bearable", I couldn't even tell you anything useful about farming, since that's all I do while leveling. edit: However, that veteran mod seems interesting. I think I'll give it a try some time. So thank you for that
  6. Well I mean the Dragon's stats, as well as those of the few nearby skeletons were likely saved into the save file. And Dragons, at least in the campaigns, are static as far as I remember; meaning once you "discover" them for the first time, they'll forever stay as they were at that point of first discovery. (notice how the dragon is only lv40? indicates to me that he's been struggling with it for quite a few levels already) So no need to reinstall anything, just maybe export and restart the campaign with the exported char, or start all over, if Sagittary doesn't want to farm better gear in the current state.
  7. Oh wow, seems like Dragons have no weaknesses at all with that mod Well, whether you want to farm for better equipment first, or restart, is up to you. The best I can offer are some general tips to keep in mind. 1. Click the Attributes bar near the top of the inventory/stat screen to switch between the two - you have a lot of stat points to spend (1 per levelup) 2. I realize it might be hard or even annoying to build up good amounts of non-physical damage in the early game, as the proportions of damage types generally shifts towards non-physical as you get to higher levels. That's true for common, magic and rare items, Sets and Uniques have fix proportions. I'd still recommend, on a purely theoretical basis without crunching any numbers (that's really not my nature ^^) though, to prioritize Fire damage over raw total damage for Infernal Power to boost. If you're in doubt, just check your damage before and after casting Infernal Power and see how it plays out. Even a lower total damage, with a greater portion of Fire damage can be more useful because most enemies tend to have mostly physical resistances, with one or two prominent secondary types. For the Dragon specifically, I would assume it doesn't even make any difference, what damage you deal as the icons seem pretty much equally bright, meaning the resistances are about equally distributed. But considering your current situation there, I'm at a loss to be honest. 3. Don't read all the runes to increase all the Combat Arts. Before you know it, you will hardly get any rune drops anymore because Sacred Underworld has this strange system which nets you fewer and fewer rune drops as you read more and more runes. Granted, this can be marginally counteracted with Magic Find if I remember right, but that's nothing easily accessible in Singleplayer, so always be conservative to be on the safe side; stick to a few Combat Arts and make a priority list about which to boost primarily, secondarily etc. About your initial post; "Using the veteranmod or not, same difference. Could it be a bug?" That's not a bug, but a quirk, a feature, call it what you want, by the save system I think. I don't have any mods, and D'Cay as well as a few skeletons near your save position were definitely far stronger than they normally are. I've exported the Daemoness and tried it out in LAN (with my normal game assets), and it went alright. Still rather low damage and attack though. That's all I can think of, hope that gave you at least some useful pointers.
  8. Well I don't know, could be many things. Do you have a good portion of Fire base damage? The more of it Infernal Power can boost, the better. Mouse-over your damages in the inventory/stat screen and see which damage types constitute how much of your total damage. Do you have Infernal Power boosted properly? The higher you have that (while still having regeneration below duration), the more boost your Damage and Attack can get. Do you have appropriate Attack values after casting Infernal Power? Keep in mind that raw base Attack is usually better than %-bonus to it, even more so as you increase Infernal Power. Mouse-over the last-killed enemy in your inventory/stat screen, or look at your latest enemies killed in your log book to get an estimation how you fare in terms of chance to hit. What's your Soaring Demon level? It does start relatively sluggish, with small radius and not too amazing damage/attack bonus. Maybe it's indeed some bug, maybe you've accidentally changed some overly important piece of equipment., maybe you've just hit some dead end in terms of too low gear... Hard to say going by what little info you gave us But I'd second Flix' notion, and would gladly check it out myself, if you were to upload it. I can't speak about mods though, never tried any.
  9. Well, what happened to the experiment? Is Hamachi the chosen one, or Radmin? Or neither? The topic about Radmin seems to be gone by the way. I'm confused. I'd really like to play with somebody
  10. That generally seems to apply to the open world as well. I've been item hunting on Hell's Ridge for a long time now, always circling the same large plains north of the starting island entry point, over and over and over and over again. And indeed, this too had rounds of nicely high level beasts, 233-234, which then gradually went down to around 227-229 and back up, almost like a sinus wave. (that was with a 216 Daemoness, 97-98% SB) Granted, my view on this may be awfully biased as I was hunting for the highest possible item levels, but here's my suggestion for this spawn behavior: To put another layer of uncertainty to the RNG of drops, effectively drawing out the process of finalizing a character in terms of gear From a developer's perspective, that would actually make sense~ if the relation between char level, SB and enemy level was fixed, absolute, you'd be done gearing up so much quicker! Here's an example: Pandora's set items, or the free weapon sets - they drop at 210, 225, 240 (and theoretically 255)~ Now with your 216 toon, the usual drop would be a 225 one since enemies of, let's say 227-232, are closer to that than the 240 drop. However, as the spawn cycle reaches the top end, 233-234, those hot 240 drops are on the menu! And once you got a few of those, you can't be satisfied with puny 225 ones anymore
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Here's a full zip with all the characters, fresh at level 1, in Hardcore mode. For those of you who miss the old days, or those of you who are curious about this formerly closed net-exclusive mode. Die once and all is lost. Be careful
  12. Fresh HC Characters View File Here's a full zip with all the characters, fresh at level 1, in Hardcore mode. For those of you who miss the old days, or those of you who are curious about this formerly closed net-exclusive mode. Die once and all is lost. Be careful Submitter Therion X Submitted 10/06/2019 Category Underworld Builds
  13. Heya gogo! Awesome to see you're still here, always spreading joy and sunshine I see Well it's not really a build, is it? More like the ultimate anti-build... or is it the ultimate proof of love for your main character? Either way, I hope it will help anyone interested in trying out new builds at the other side of the level curve. I may have other chars in the making too, but they may be soooo much harder to level up ike this Oh and... I didn't even know I could upload anything there, must have missed that huge UPLOAD button there! Thank you for telling me that! There's a few things I could contribute there, a full set of untouched, level 1 HC chars for example. (done ^^)
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Check out this thread for more info: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23826-unskilled-216-daemoness-better-late-than-never/
  15. Unskilled Lv 216 Daemoness View File Check out this thread for more info: http://darkmatters.org/forums/index.php?/topic/23826-unskilled-216-daemoness-better-late-than-never/ Submitter Therion X Submitted 10/06/2019 Category Underworld Builds
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