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  1. PilaPis

    Sacred 2 Combat arts on horses

    Thanks for your great help guys, really appreciated. Gonna try staff and shield let's see what's gonna happen Again, thanks a lot
  2. PilaPis

    Sacred 2 Combat arts on horses

    Thank you guys. Looks like I'm stuck with HCA I don't want to use SW's unique mount because it looks anything but horse I just want to try a Knight :/ Btw, since DM's unique mount is kinda horse, I can give a try but there is a problem which you might help; is getting Sword lore + Shield lore as DM any good or wasting skills? Thank you again
  3. Hello there people! I'm currently playing as SW and want to fight on horseback but since it's a regular horse, we can use only Horse Combat Arts. But, there is line under Riding skill which says "Additionally, special abilities may be unlocked." is that mean after a certain level can I use SW's combat arts? If not, what kind of special abilities can we get? Thank you
  4. That was just my opinion guys, I'm not forcing anyone to change main language from German to English
  5. Thank you for welcoming sir. Yes, adding different languages makes forums richer but I'd prefer English as main language on forums.
  6. PilaPis

    Hello people

    Thank you good people! Really glad to be here with you all
  7. Whats wrong with the current one? They have an International section on it - UNBENDED International. And many German fans don't speak English. And there is no shame in posting English stuff in German parts of it. How would you change it for the better? Yea, I know that there is international section but making whole forum International would be better, since German Language isn't as popular as English.
  8. It is good news! I hope they make new forum international.
  9. PilaPis

    UnBended - Top 5 FAQ Responses

    Thank you for the reply SX And, sorry for that rubbish question. I heard this game just a few days ago and I was very excited
  10. PilaPis

    UnBended - Top 5 FAQ Responses

    Is there any in-game screen or video from this game?
  11. PilaPis

    How do I build Vampiress

    I'm currently playing as Vampire but mostly as Knight not Vampire. So, not sure if that helps
  12. I played Sacred 2 with Windows 7 and Ati Radeon card without a single problem for years. I'm playing Sacred 2 since release and I didn't even know that game doesn't support Win 7, until now. Weird...
  13. My windows was damaged so sent them to format my PC. Btw, I uninstalled Sacred 2 because none of those solutions worked. Also, I have a new problem now, my Sacred 3 running in windowed mode now and Atl+Enter doesn't make it run in full screen.
  14. Tried all solutions but game still doesn't run