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  1. Thanks! I knew I'd read it before, but I wasn't sure.
  2. Hello modding team, would it be possible to adapt the graphics of Sacred 2 to today's improved graphics requirements? Back then, the Collector's Edition was an elite of graphics. Could you make it an additional compatible modification to S2EE 2.0? Or is an improvement (adaptation) already included in the Community Patch v160 or S2EE?
  3. That will take some time. Was just a question in advance. I still have to translate everything into English. Then I will set a new topic. As I read, you have a lot on your to-do list yourself. That's how long it can wait Yes, I know. He is also responsible for the community patch and various mods I am curious how this will be integrated into the game.
  4. Do wishes come true here @Flix? I also created a new build. This would replace the Inquisitor, which I never play anyway. If it's allowed, I'll open a new topic in due course. It'll just take some time to translate the whole thing into English. @SheHawk a really great build.
  5. Many thanks Flix... now I know about it
  6. Hello all together to the hero statues in the SacredWiki is written does the Community Patch or the Mod S2EE 2.0 behave in the same way or has it been fixed by one of them?
  7. What a pity that so much remained unused. Fortunately, there are people like you who bring to light what is hidden From what patch was she available in this design? Patch 0100? Yes, it's really great. I like the aliens... but only in the game
  8. Yes, I know that but I miss the answer of my Question. When was the succubus added?
  9. Hello everyone With which patch was the succubus integrated? I don't find anything in the changelogs and wiki...
  10. You're welcome to put my regards in this thread. Then everything is together :) Overlooked it in the beginning... sorry.
  11. Is the new balance mod "ReBorn" also planned for the German version?
  12. It's always a pleasure for me to do everything I can to keep the Sacred Community alive. Thanks for your positive feedback. I see it too... yes... it comes with very big steps
  13. Hallo @all I hope you had a wonbderful Thanksgiving A healthy start into the New Year
  14. Wow, it's a very ingenious Backround for the Page I think this is one best of all. I love this! If this post should be in the wrong place ... please move.
  15. I love Sacred since the beginning of time, I still love it today and I will love it forever Thanks for your great work arround sacred 2 and... the new Titel
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