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  1. You're welcome to put my regards in this thread. Then everything is together :) Overlooked it in the beginning... sorry.
  2. GoldenGirl

    New Mod: Sacred Reborn

    Is the new balance mod "ReBorn" also planned for the German version?
  3. It's always a pleasure for me to do everything I can to keep the Sacred Community alive. Thanks for your positive feedback. I see it too... yes... it comes with very big steps
  4. Hallo @all I hope you had a wonbderful Thanksgiving A healthy start into the New Year
  5. Wow, it's a very ingenious Backround for the Page I think this is one best of all. I love this! If this post should be in the wrong place ... please move.
  6. GoldenGirl

    Dual mage staffs a ranged weapons

    I love Sacred since the beginning of time, I still love it today and I will love it forever Thanks for your great work arround sacred 2 and... the new Titel
  7. GoldenGirl

    Dual mage staffs a ranged weapons

    Excellently *thumb up* Yes, now we can that too THX very much
  8. What I wanted to say ... I'm very happy that the Special-Mount Mod was integrated into the Cm Patch. A question: Designs Czevak a logo for the v0160 again? Have a look - News Sacred Legends - https://www.sacred-legends.de/ Edit: Is the Patch not compatible with the Sacred 2 Enhanced Spells Mod? Hi Dorimil, how are you? The community is not responsible for your leisure time. You make your own luck
  9. Yes I am looking forward and many thanks for your commitment from our community
  10. Ok, thx for the info. You can chat with Sacred Legends when something new is coming. We are always hot on updates regarding the CM patch Thanks for the nice compliment ? I have really a most fun to created this wallpaper of Sacred 2. My nickname has been 3 years now Crow Girl but my loggin here is much older Sorry for my bad English
  11. Hi there is this upgrade compatible with german cm patch v150? Is that patch exclusively from your team or is czevak & marcus in the process too?
  12. GoldenGirl

    [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Is these mod also in german?
  13. GoldenGirl

    Sacred 2 Enhanced Edition

    Well, this mod has now finally reached us in the German forum, too. Better late than never I am absolutely thrilled. In particular, the Buffs Wow, really great job. Thank you, for so much more gaming fun.
  14. Hey there This Set is absolutely phenomenal, respect for this work