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  1. Hey there, So I played the first two releases of this game with tons of fun. I got myself a copy of the 3th release. Its titled "Sacred" though its a way different game than part 1 and 2. that did not bother me till I start playing in coop mode and used the mouse and keyboard. The controls are terrible, no they are even worse than that. specially on boss fights with lots of effects and monsters around. Let me tell you why I think that is. First of all the cursor will stay at its place so when you run/walk or get pushed away the distance between you're char and the mouse pointer increases. Really? who made that up? So when slammed away you will lose sight of the pointer location on screen. (where is my mouse......)That will also cause sometimes that you're attacking in the wrong direction Second playing with MKB will force the player to keep track of the pointer at all times. With lots of things going about on screen playing with MKB will give a huge disadvantage over a regular controller. Its really really terrible!