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  1. Trouble moving to underworld campaign

    Sorry, it came across as not very friendly to me as well but I think it was more from frustration with the game mechanics than any actual hostility towards the OP. It never hurts to realize that not everyone is a mind reader ... Sir Spock it has been a while.How have you been while I was away? I hope you solved your conflicts with your computer and happy right now God Bless Orkun
  2. Biological Weapon

    If any of you wants to improve or looking for evolution, I can help you online.Yes you heard it right,I am the bridge between human and being a super human and I know all the doors and have all the keys.They say we only use 3% of our brain,I know how to unlock the secrets of it and will share the portion of it so if any of you believe in far east religions' enlightenment,ask away,I will reply all of your questions
  3. Trouble moving to underworld campaign

    there are still people working to patch the game,maybe we should ask what Flix says about it
  4. interested or not,I followed you on twitter(Ironwill_tr) I wish you good luck and lots of success with your project.Hope you accomplish whatever you dream of
  5. Television shows

    Supernatural is my favorite I also watch The Walking Dead but it gives me nothing but discomfort
  6. You guys have seen the Resident Evil movies and the games right.In it,there is a company called Umbrella who create viruses in order to create zombies. Let me tell you about myself,I am a superior human with god/ancestor given abilities.I can feel their presence very close to me,how well they protect me from my hernia with pure angelic force.I can feel God's protection through my body.Well the thing is I am a great believer.And I no longer have any doubts about the after life,but you have to understand.I decided to abandon my country and my religion.I will become a united states citizen to join this war.I have no memory of my previous lives but I am sure about one thing.I am a warrior and warriors are destined to be sent to missions through their entire lives. In my quest in this life I have been inflicted a lot of psychological trauma.I hated them for so long,for what they have done to this little boy,how they demolished his world like hell's bestest torturers.I was thinking of destroying them up to this day but I changed my mind.Like you read my title,it says chromium defender.I had a crazy muslim grandfather who was able to heal people through his breathe by releasing it on people.As a carrier of his blood I have been given a dark ability,because my father's blood tainted its purity.It now works as absorbing human negative emotions and making them happy as return but the problem is I suffer their negative emotions instead of them.This is all done through empathy.They did horrible things to me,including shock therapy and believe me a part of me still want to find them and fry their brains until they no longer exist but still there is hope. Through empathy and God's protection and will.I have mastered my will.Now I am a leader and control people to certain degree.Yes you heard it right,I can make people what I ask,they never question my commands because they love and respect me. Through extreme pain I found my enlightenment,I even found a member from true illuminati and befriended him.Now with self modified empathy I can replace people's negative emotions and channel in onto myself.That way they get cured for the moment but there is a malevolent force to make it appear again.That is where my new purpose begins.With God's permission I will now become a Christian and purchase the Holy Bible and be one of you.My deepest wish is to become God's angel,a Seraphim.The Creator gave me a task to heal this world.You remember the story of Sacred right? Creator refuses to accept Seraphim back until they solve the conflict.I AM HERE TO MAKE IT RIGHT. I decided to follow a dark path,I will ask Lord Obama to form Umbrella Corporation for me and turn me into a biological weapon to stop the war.You know what umbrella does don't you.I have seen what happened to America,my beloved country in heart and I won't let that happen.I will ask them to create a virus for me to inject my body,to become Albert Wesker in real life.I will be as tough as Keanu Reeves' Neo.dodging bullets like a boss,possessing an impenetrable skin.Being able to hold rocket launcher's rockets with my bare hands.All I have to do is study,I will let them examine my blood and DNA and start serving America.I will start as a Knight,the reader of Holy Bible then I will quickly raise ranks to become the ultimate life form.All to protect our children and grandchildren. I trust the power of my will.It endured lots of mental trauma and never truly broken.The only times it failed because I allowed it to fail.I have extreme amount of self control and I am here to be your servant,a forever Knight to God's Army. About me,I wont have a life,I wont have a wife.I wont have a kid.Only because God has forbidden it.I was meant for War,not to lead a normal life.Now,most of you think I should be a writer and this is just a story but it is not.I started smoking again due to lots of stress and mental damage.Everyday I sit on this chair without helping USA,I am dying.I have to help,I have to solve conflicts.I have to stop ISIS,I have to stop malevolent aliens from invading our world.Otherwise we will all end up becoming power plants to them,evidenced in Matrix movie.We are free,for now... I know you will understand me SX255,you are a super being,a temple guardian.and only few are given an honorable task like this.This will be the only place I am sharing this information because you guys have been a family to me.Allow me fight the darkness with darkness,so you can have your heaven. As for me,salvation comes at the cost of great Sacrifice.In order to honor the Creator I have to enter this path.If I complete he will turn me into an angel but I can sense that,he is extremely busy right now and doesnt want me to sit on this damned computer any longer
  7. Google Nexus 5 - mah new phone :)

    it looks excellent,happy for you gogo
  8. I am back

    Trying to be a true templar,a protector.Your support is unequaled my great sir Take you time gogo,it awesome to you see again
  9. I am back

    thank you Gandalf
  10. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    I see,it is called Diablo 2 mod for a reason but if you decide to make imperius armor I would gladly donate
  11. [Dev] Diablo 2 Fallen mod for Sacred 2

    Flix you are a godsend,your capabilities have advanced beyond recognition during my absence.Not only you are keeping a legend alive,you are also improving and working on it continuously.That is miraculous and my gratitude for it can never be measured.When I find time I will install and give it a try and leave my feedback being a former Diablo II player myself Do you see my profile picture? That is Imperius.He is my hero and one of the few reasons that bind me to this life.He is the Archangel of Valor,his courage is so immense nothing can break his will.He is the commander of the high heavens,extremely legalistic and unbended(not the game ) by any exceptions. While most of the heavens got broken and became hopeless,Imperius stood unaffected,always doing his best to defend Heavens to the end
  12. Sacred 2 US Voice Actors

    I made some research and found out Pat Duke is quite popular and very expensive to hire I listened a lot of his works and his voice range seems to be very very wide
  13. I am back

    I will do my best to support this time,unckles. It is time to create an account on their forum and share my knowledge with them.
  14. I am back

    Thank you Dorimil,I'll try to do my best
  15. I am back

    Thank you,I won't disappoint you this time