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  1. Yeah I am back,I wasn't around for few years.Glad to see you all here again.
  2. I've read the changelog and can't say how grateful I am for these changes. Especially this one Using weapon-based combat arts in melee should no longer make the character run around in circles trying to reach a target that's already in range. Thank you so much Flix!
  3. Sorry, it came across as not very friendly to me as well but I think it was more from frustration with the game mechanics than any actual hostility towards the OP. It never hurts to realize that not everyone is a mind reader ... Sir Spock it has been a while.How have you been while I was away? I hope you solved your conflicts with your computer and happy right now God Bless Orkun
  4. there are still people working to patch the game,maybe we should ask what Flix says about it
  5. interested or not,I followed you on twitter(Ironwill_tr) I wish you good luck and lots of success with your project.Hope you accomplish whatever you dream of
  6. Supernatural is my favorite I also watch The Walking Dead but it gives me nothing but discomfort
  7. it looks excellent,happy for you gogo
  8. Trying to be a true templar,a protector.Your support is unequaled my great sir Take you time gogo,it awesome to you see again
  9. I see,it is called Diablo 2 mod for a reason but if you decide to make imperius armor I would gladly donate
  10. Flix you are a godsend,your capabilities have advanced beyond recognition during my absence.Not only you are keeping a legend alive,you are also improving and working on it continuously.That is miraculous and my gratitude for it can never be measured.When I find time I will install and give it a try and leave my feedback being a former Diablo II player myself Do you see my profile picture? That is Imperius.He is my hero and one of the few reasons that bind me to this life.He is the Archangel of Valor,his courage is so immense nothing can break his will.He is the commander of the high heaven
  11. I made some research and found out Pat Duke is quite popular and very expensive to hire I listened a lot of his works and his voice range seems to be very very wide
  12. I will do my best to support this time,unckles. It is time to create an account on their forum and share my knowledge with them.
  13. Thank you Dorimil,I'll try to do my best
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